There is a Knowledge

Many of our readers have asked us for further information about the Knowledge which Guru Maharaj Ji is revealing. We are printing this article, the first in a series, in answer to these requests.

Even if you can trace a river back to its source, if you can climb the mountain and find the wellspring. and then dig in the earth deep enough that you come to an underground pool, and then follow the stream that feeds the pool, digging continuously until you reach the lake which sets peacefully in the mouth of a crater, you still haven't discovered the nature of water. To tell a story. you have to know the plot.

Telling a child that he was created by his mommy and daddy is only a shade better than saying. "A stork brought you." When he asks about creation, he doesn't just mean the nine months he spent in solitary confinement. That's only part of the story: that was the beginning of his body. not his life. Even if you could document his lineage back to the time of Amenhotep Ill, if your child should ask you, "What's life?" You would be speechless.

We grow tired of stories. The heart is no longer satisfied with hearing, "In the beginning this…," or "The way it was was like this…" We need something that we can get a hold of. We want to know who we are.

There was a little kitten
Who climbed upon a limb
And the chances of his getting clown
Were very, very slim.

You might say that Guru Maharaj Ji is offering an elementary course in self-knowledge. More basic than an atom is the energy that holds an atom together. That's what you would feel if somebody exploded an atom bomb a couple hundred miles from your front porch. And yet what Guru Maharaj Ji is saying is that he can put you inside that energy. It's possible because the same energy is holding your atoms together. Guru Maharaj Ji puts you inside yourself. He gives you an experience of the energy that keeps you alive.

It's called "Knowledge" because afterwards you really know who you are.

Bob Rogers is forty-three and owns a real estate firm in Illinois. He describes Knowledge like this: "I have two sons who were getting into what I guess is normal now for kids their age: dope and politics. One day they walked in the front door neat and clean, with haircuts even, and not a revolutionary button in sight. When I finally got it straight, it didn't sound so strange. The boys were into some kind of meditation.

Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge teaches us how to meditate on the source of peace and love inside us. It is not the sort of knowledge we can find in libraries, for it is a direct experience of something within us, not a theory. That is why Guru Maharaj Ji's brother, Shri Bal Bhagwan Ji, said "this is the Knowledge you can't get in college." Guru Maharaj Ji literally shows its how to see the soul, how to bathe in its purifying and health-giving light. The Knowledge is shown to people by close disciples of Guru Maharaj Ji known as Mahatmas. It is revealed free of charge to those who come with an open heart. For further information, call your local Divine Light Mission chapter, or write:

And It Is Divine,
Box 6495 Denver, Colorado, 80202

"It took them about a year before they convinced me to receive Knowledge. My wife thought we were all crazy, but (Wen she can See how calm I am lately. It's just that when you're experiencing something that's absolute. you can't get into being all upset about your coffee being cold."

Janet Croft, age twenty-eight, an intern in Washington, D.C.. "I went to school for twenty-three years. When someone told me that I should receive Knowledge, I laughed. I stopped laughing when he said that it would give me peace of mind. If you have 1,064,230,000 facts running around inside of one head, the chances of having peace of mind are pretty slim. Next to impossible, except maybe on weekends when with a few good drinks and a quiet day at the park, you can stuff all those facts back into the filing cabinet.

"Meditation is the most efficient tool for organizing your mind. It's the difference between sorting through a billion slips of paper by hand, and owning a computer; you've got the same material to work with, but one way means confusion and the other way means peace."

That tiny creature cried and cried
But no one heard his plea,
"Will someone down there on the ground
Please come and rescue me?"

Harry Stein, age twenty-four, window washer: "It's like this: if I meditate when I get up, I don't need five cups of coffee during the clay to feel energy; I don't need a pack of cigarette's to feel calm; and I don't need a good dinner to feel happy. Tapping into your own source of energy is the most foolproof way I know of being happy. It's the only foolproof way I know of being happy."

That's what knowledge looks like from the outside. Those people are experiencing a place more beautiful than Dorothy's Oz. Getting the map to that Kingdom is what we call receiving Know ledge.

Imagine watching the moon rise in the clear night sky. Imagine the music of countless waterfalls, a single note so clear and sweet that your heart breaks to hear it. Imagine the taste of water after six hours in the desert.

You feel a boundless sense of wellbeing, you find that you have somehow been tuned to a vibration inside your body that you have newer felt before. And the more you center on that vibration, the happier you get.

Now do you know what Knowledge is? I doubt it. You will have to experience Knowledge yourself to find out.

"O silly cat," said one small child
"Jump and I'll hold you."
Maharaj Ji catches those who fall.
Don't say we never told you.