Premies and the Counter Culture

Counter-Culture Values:

  • Consciousness expansion through the use of marijuana, LSD, and other drugs
  • emotional openess, freedom and variety, liberation, peace, music, communitarianism, sexual liberation, live and let live, tolerance, magic, universalistiv
Exclusivist: only His way
Many paths
Hierarchical, Prem Rawat's Agya
Co-operative decision-making, Equality
Discipline & Regimentation
Freedom & Liberation
Sexual Freedom
No drug use allowe
Consciousness expansion with drugs
Opulent Luxury for Maharaji
Rural Simplicity

Prem Rawat

  • Discipline, regimentation, only one way, exclusivist
  • Exclusivist: Prem Rawat's Knowledge is the only way, all others are worthless
  • Prem Rawat is the only true Guru, all other gurus are weeds compared to Prem as a tree
  • Prem Rawat was a chiseller and a weasel tongue, depending on the audience he woould change his teaching.

There's little doubt that during the brief life of the 1960s-70s Counter or Alternative Culture there was a move in the zeitgeist from public revolutionary rhetoric to personal spiritual paths. This is commnly accepted whether you think the counter-culture was " self-indulgent, childish, irrational, narcissistic," or the portal to a New Age.

Rennie Davis attempted to portray this as the best and the brightest of the "peace movement" becoming members of Divine Light Mission to achieve the goals of the 60s through Prem Rawat's meditation and His Divine powers. Stephen Kent's research published in "From Slogans to Mantras" was able to name only a handful of premies who had any claim to activism more than attending the 1971 May Day Peace March. Gail Winder and Carol Horowitz investigating for the Realist in 1973 found very few premies who had actually had had much contact with, political movements. They were the disillusioned, frustrated, bored, heavily into drugs add dabblers into other mysticaL religions and importantly:

"large numbers of premies have dropped out of the organization, and that D.L.M.'s premie census figures are inflated and exaggerated, since drop-outs are included." - What's Behind the 15-Year-Old Guru Maharaj Ji? The Realist, December 1973

Unlike the Realist, most publications printed DLM claims without actually checking how inflated their numbers were.