The Rag, Volume 8, Issue 8 - Dec 3 1973

Dear funnel,

When, we saw the last issue of the Rag we smiled, Maharaj Ji would have smiled also for it is only in your minds that you think you made him a fool. Guru Maharaj Ji is the present perfect master. When we receive his knowledge our third eye is opened, we find peace in our selves. No words can describe this knowledge for words are imperfect and this knowledge is perfect. When we receive this knowledge we are very grateful to Maharaj Ji and we understand, among other things, why he receives so many gifts. If you give a gift to your father or lover, wouldn't they be pleased and keep and cherish that gift?

When Jesus said he was the way, the one way, do you think he was talking about his body? Maharaj Ji does not claim to be God, his knowledge is God. God is within each of us, God is pure energy, which cannot be created or destroyed. There's a part of each of us that is the same, it's that part that keeps us breathing when we are asleep. These men who realize their oneness will find peace within themselves. Those who cannot see beyond their own minds, their own noses will continue to suffer in illusion.

A light will come from the sky and there will be heaven on earth. The dawning of the age of Aquarius is truly here, now. Let all those hung up in their own little groups with their own solutions gather together and realize that peace is here and now for those who want it. Maharaj Ji says, try it, you'll like it.

L. S.