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Guru Losing His GripGuru Losing His Grip

Ever since Fifth Estate staffer Pat Halley left the guru Maharaj Ji’s face dripping with pie filling in September,, 1973, the fat punk’s fortunes have gone from bad to worsm

The pie-in-the-face-of-god affair created world-wide notoriety for the Divine Light Mission and its 17-year-old spiritual head. Now every time the kid farts, he shows up in "a People and Places" type of column.

This last week brought the DLM’s fortunes to an all-time low when the guru’s /mother, Shri Mataji, denounced her son for living a "despicable, nonspiritual way of life" and says she no longer recognizes him as the "perfect master".

Further, C.L. Tandon, the general secretary of the guru’s DLM in New Delhi said he thinks the Maharaj Ji has become a tool of the CIA in order to shift the spiritual headquarters from India to Denver.

On the legal front the kid has fared no better. In a Time magazine article which refers to the guru as a "well-known lover of sports cars, cabin cruisers and good living," the newsweekly reports on legal attempts to stop a Canadian heiress from donating $400,000 to the Divine Light Mission.

During the court proceedings, Time reports that the guru’s former financial analyst, Michael Garson, claims that the DLM has been in debt to the tune of almost a quarter of a million dollars for the past year and that its weekly total of $35,000 in donations has been declining.

Garson said, "Apparently 60 percent of the gross receipts are directed to maintain the life-style of the Maharaj Ji and those close to him".

"So far as I could see," Garson concluded, "the whole function of the organization was to provide an opulent existence for the Maharaj Ji."

Locally, pie-thrower Halley is continuing to press his lawsuit against the DLM for damages incurred when two high-ranking gurunoids tried to assasinate him in revenge for humiliating their perfect master.

Halley’s lawyer, William Goodman, said that the guru is currently holed up in Malibu, California and "we are making strenuous efforts to get him served, but he’s surrounded by thugs. We’re afraid he might skip to India."

Richard Royal, local secretary of the DLM, has filed a deposition with the Wayne County Circuit Court describing his role in providing the would-be murderers with an official DLM car.

Halley spent several weeks in the hospital recovering from the attack and resulting brain surgery. The international network of the DLM spirited away the two religious fanatics and installed them in positions of authority in Germany as a reward for "a good try."

Wonder what Rennie Davis thinks about all of this.