Los Angeles Free Press January 25, 1974 Page 29


practical experience — not belief


Wow!! 1 just read, for the second time, the article in the Free Press by Chris Van Ness and I must say that I saw a completely different thing. Re: Guru Maharaj Ji, and the Millenium Festival in Houston, Tex. I personally have been investigating this organization with an open mind for the past two years. The negativeness and lack of objectivity displayed by Mr. Van Ness is the really frightening thing to me. I really feel this type of reporting is why the people do not believe the press (any press) in general any more, and he obviously missed the message. As I got the story, it is not a "believe in me" but a practical experience that they offer.

Carl Roles

Editor’s Note:

Obviously Mr. Roles, you got only the surface message. Obviously you were not in Houston and did not conduct the hundred or so interviews I did. Obviously you have not talked with the Guru or his people. Yes, my articles were negative; but they were also objective. I went to Houston with an open mind and was perfectly willing to admit the possibility of Maharaj Ji's claims — until I heard the double talk which came out of his mouth for an hour and a half. You might ask yourself why every other practicing guru has debunked Maharaj Ji’s claims, and you might question your own objectivity. Anybody who is so willing to swallow the hocus-pocus of this charlatan with his luxury cars and private jet deserves to be taken. Anyone who openly declares, "I am the source of peace in the world," must be questioned. Question also the line "Devotees are urged to do service for Guru Maharaj Ji," which begins a long section of the book Who is Guru Maharaj Ji?, and the following explanation in which the kid demands this "service" for "the whole world." Ask also why 30,000 people have given up their worldly jobs to work for the Divine Light Mission. Then ask yourself why you are so insecure in your own life to require the leadership of a 16-year-old fraud. I submit, Mr Roles, that you, like 30,000 others, are one of a very sad, lonely lot of insecure human beings. My condolences; and may you find yourself before your ego is totally surrendered to the whims of a teen-age charlatan. I'm sure you're a much more valuable man than you give yourself credit for being.

disgusted with Divine Light Mission


Please do not feel anger or bad feelings toward Guru Maharaj Ji. If you would be a participator, and not an observer, than after you can see why devotees want to give Guru Maharaj Ji the best we can of this material world. Do not blame Guru Maharaj Ji, blame his devotees who call him God. He is God the same as you and I are God, and He has fully realized God.

My dear brothers and sisters, scientists have opened an atom, and light burst out! This light is energy. Energy is the only eternal thing in this universe. It has no beginning or end; it cannot be created or destroyed. It is within everything and it is moving you and me. "The energy that moves the atom moves you." Energy is light. The light that is within everything and is sustaining this whole universe! That light is God. His name is unspeakable, therefore, beyond all chanting. This is the Knowledge Guru Maharaj Ji speaks of. Thorough one of His Mahatmas, you can actually see that divine light that is within you when you exercise the knowledge.

It was very wrong for that disciple to injure that man who hit Guru Maharaj Ji with the pie. If he had remembered the holy word that is peaceful and everlasting, I seriously doubt he would have done that.

We do not want Divine Light Mission to look like a fascist organization or to have bad emphasis on Guru Maharaj Ji’s physical body. We should be realizing God which is everywhere, not a physical body which is a beginning and an end like everything in the universe, except the energy.

1 want people' to take this knowledge of themselves and realize it, and be grateful to Guru Maharaj Ji, but to look at Him as a brother, not God. I, as a devotee of Guru Maharaj Ji, am thoroughly disgusted with Divine Light Mission!

Peace Always,

Wendy Miller