Prem Rawat Maharaji - 1979 Press Articles

In 1979 the public controversy about cults was already starting to fade, as were the cults, especially Prem Rawat's with Darshan the major focus.

Bob Mishler was still revealing the "Word".

Ted Patrick was revealing the truth about "Holy Water" but for DLM and Prem Rawat, at least, the days of growth were over, except around the waistline.

At this time most of the premie community focus was inward but attempts at recruitment continued, though not very successfully.

Some ex-premies were already actively telling their stories and denouncing Prem Rawat publicly having found a more rewarding religion.

In the deprogramming stakes, Prem Rawat won some and he lost some, devotees that is.

This small mystery produced the opportunity for a quick joke at Prem Rawat's expense.

As did this look back at a decade's trivia.

20,000 fill pasture to see Guru Maharaji The Orlando Sentinel, 13 Nov 1979, Page 92


The neighbours were so unreasonable - Prem Rawat only wanted to fly his jet helicopter 6 times a year.