A-4 Chronicle-Telegram Elyria, O., Tues., Aug. 21, 1979

Guardianship request denied

CLEVELAND (UPI) - U.S. District Court Judge Robert Krupansky Monday denied the request of a Los Angeles carpenter who asked to be appointed guardian of a former Shaker Heights woman, the member of an Indian religious sect, and that her parents be prohibited from trying to deprogram her.

Krupansky denied the request of Michael Godby who said the parents of Laura Chapman, 27, have imprisoned her and are forcing her to abandon the teachings of the Guru Maharaj Ji.

Godby and Chapman were both members of the cult led by the Indian religious leader.

Krupansky denied Godby guardianship on the basis that he lacked standing in the case because he failed to prove that Chapman was legally incompetent, an initial standard that must be proved before the case can proceed.

Godby claims the deprogramming has caused Chapman to become incompetent and "floating in a state of confusion." Krupansky ruled the contention to be without "support, either medical or otherwise."