24      The Post-Standard   SYRACUSE N.Y. WEDNESDAY, DEC. 26, 1979

Decade marked by much that never happened

The Washington Post

It was called the lost decade, the undecade, or the decade that got away. Fittingly, some of its greatest moments never happened. They are history, nonetheless.

The cosmic pattern was set in late 1973, when the comet Kohoutek was to light our night skies, portend the Second Coming, cause rains of frogs and who knows what all. It never really showed.

The same year, the Guru Maharaj Ji rented the Houston Astrodome for a rally, setting aside parking-lot space for flying saucers. They didn't show. So didn't 80,000 of the up-to-100,000 people the 15-year-old Perfect Master had expected.

In 1974, Richard Nixon didn't finish his term as president, one of the reasons being 18 minutes of silence on subpoenaed tapes of Oval Office conversations. Then Gerald Ford checked into the White House to give us WIN buttons (for Whip Inflation Now).