Divine Light initiator here

Divine Light Mission initiator, Mr. Jean-Phillipe Lemay is visiting Jamaica until Monday, January 8, during a tour of the Mission's communities in the Caribbean and South America.

Mr Lemay, a resident of Mexico, was initiated into Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge in 1973, and was made an initiator in 1977 by Guru Maharaj Ji, spiritual head of Divine Light Mission. By Guru Maharaj Ji's authority, he is able to initiate persons into the direct experience of "Eternal truth" within the human body.

Guru Maharaj Ji's knowledge, according to a news release from the mission, is a spiritual discipline consisting of meditation, service, and discourse based on direct, personal experience of the “Truth within." Consistent practice of these disciplines and attentiveness to the directions of Guru Maharaj Ji bring the realization and the fulfilment of the true purpose of human life and the lasting peace that is the birthright of all human beings, the release says.

While in the island, Mr. Lemay will be meeting with local members in Kingston and Montego Bay. He will also be speaking in Kingston at a public meeting.