1970's Festivals

Here are samples of festival handouts, programs, etc from the 1970's. There were far more festivals than are recorded here. A list of the festivals that an actual, average premie attended is available here. I knew Australian premies who attended far more than these as they followed the "festival trail" across the USA and Europe in the late 1970s.

  • Hans Jayanti '74 Souvenir Brochure November 9 & 10, Toronto Canada

  • Hans Jayanti 1975
  • Summer Tour Of North America booklet with Agenda for Providence, Rhode Island July 3, 1976 and Maharaji's Satsang of May 19th 1976
  • Birthday '76 Atlantic City brochure for proposed birthday party (December 18 & 19) which became a pivotal event in DLM history

  • Summer '76 Tour Schedule
  • Rocky Mountain High The Festival of Love: February 18-21 1977 - "Across the street, another group is having a religious conference, titled "Crossroads of Faith." Earlier in the week, someone has quipped that this means people will be sitting around talking about God on one side of the street while, across the street, God will be making a personal appearance."
  • Holi 1977: program information, Registration and tentative schedule, March 18-20, Miami Florida
  • Peace Flight '77 brochure: April 29, 30 & May 1, Toronto Canada
  • Guru Puja '77 brochure: Miami, July 29-31. Information, schedule and rules: At Guru Maharaj Ji's request, aspirants are asked not to go through the Darshan line.
  • Guru Puja '77 logo sticker: "I have come to reveal the light."
  • Birthday '77: November 10 & 11: "Three beautiful programs have been planned to sing the praises of our Guru Maharaj Ji!"

  • Holi '78 brochure Washington D.C. community Holi '78 brochure
  • Guru Puja '78 brochure Tucson Arizona, 14,15 & 16 July 1978 information, schedule and rules: "If you have never received Holy Breath, please place your right hand to your right ear AS YOU APPROACH Guru Maharaj Ji"
  • Han Jayanti '78 brochure – 60 showers for 20,000 people. Rawat did not use the public showers or toilets. I was so glad I rose at dawn every day because I could go to the freshly cleaned toilets before the rush.
  • By the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji: Holi '79 – "And so, premies, just to be able to become a part of His magic is so incredible. And you know, we are a part of His magic. He's given us this. We are one of those things that He has created." - Guru Maharaj Ji
  • By the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji: A Festival in Miami September 1,2 & 3 1979 – "And Guru Maharaj Ji comes and fills our life up, fills our life up with love, fills our life up with that kindness, fills our life up with that understanding. Guru Maharaj Ji comes and shows us – through his mercy, through his Grace – shows us his love"
  • By the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji A Festival in Denver Denver Coliseum - February 23 - 25
  • Hans Jayanti '79 Kissimmee Florida, November 4 - 11

DLM released information on their major festivals

Festival PassesPeople on the "festival trail" could collect quite a few passes especially if they were "service freaks" ie were anxious to do volunteer labour especially anything that would give them the chance to get physically close to Maharaji. Sometimes this worked but not often.

Malibu Birthday Photo - Photo From Stage
Mostly premies only got to see their Lord of the Universe from in front of a stage.
Malibu Birthday Photo - Photo From Stage