Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji's Life and Career

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14 August 1975

Dear Premies,

I would like to bring to your attention the fact that Hans Jayanti is very close and we are all full strength ahead for its preparations.

We want to make this Hans Jayanti a unique festival and something that will be remembered for a long, long time. And for us to be able to make that possible is only by Grace and your cooperation.

You see, this Hans Jayanti has taken a lot of planning, but that's not the end of it yet. There is a lot going on and still a lot more to happen. It's really beautiful.

But at this time, we are running short of finances because many things must be paid in advance which makes it really hard on this organization.

What I would like all the premies to do is to send their registration money now or as soon as possible. Please register so that we can meet these advance payments and continue with preparations for our program. This is really important, so I hope you understand.

I have been taking care of a lot of things in Denver and it has really been beautiful to see this plant grow and take the shape of a tree, growing from just a small fragile plant. It's really incredible to see this Prachar spreading in leaps and bounds.

So I hope to see you all in Hans Jayanti. Keep on doing satsang, service and meditation.

Blessings to all the premies.

I love you all

Guru Maharaj Ji

Hans Jayanti 75

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As this years Hans Jayanti Festival draws near, I felt it to be necessary to send you a mailing about how we can all cooperate to make this festival a beautiful gift for our Lord. Enclosed you will find a new letter from Guru Maharaj Ji and a letter from Lou Schwartz, the Mission's national director. These letters are self explanatory and are helpful in giving us the understanding needed so that we can all participate in the Festival Preparations.

Also, below is some information about Charter Flights from Washington.

Jai Satchitanand.

Love, Randy

charter flights

The cost for one seat on the Divine Light Mission Hans Jayanti '75 Charter Flight will be $100.00 which includes ground transportation in Orlando. This offer is available only to bona fide members of Divine Light Mission and their immediate family. A non-refundable deposit of $50.00 is due by August 30, 1975, and the final, payment is due by September 26, 1975 at the DUO office in Bethesda, Maryland. Only certified checks, bank cashiers checks or money orders will be accepted; no personal checks or cash. Payments should be made out to "Divine Light Mission." Children under 24 months fly free. All others must pay full fare. You can pick up applications at nightly satsang at the Ashram or at public programs or at the DUO office. If the flights are not filled by August 30, 1975, deposits will be accepted after that date. The seat price is a pro-rate share of total charter cost and is subject to increase or decrease depending upon the number of participants." You may call DUO for further information at 301-654-5224.

<<<<=== Maharaj Ji's letter

lou schwartz


26 July 1975

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Jai Satchitanand!

The Guru Puja festival has been a truly remarkable and inspirational gathering. It marked, of course, the first visit to this continent by Guru Maharaj Ji. By this fact alone, we knew it was going to be quite incredible. But what heightened the experience of the love and power of Guru Maharaj Ji's darshan were the premies themselves.

Maharaj Ji really opened up to their efforts of devotion in preparing this festival. For those of us who were privileged enough to serve our South American brothers and sisters in preparing this program, we really were humbled by their efforts. "Ha sido on privilegio". … meaning it has been a privilege - and it really was!

It was the premies' efforts that made this festival so remarkable; all the premies joined together in devotion. Certainly the many premies who served withsuch committment during the festival itself were vitally instrumental. It was really beautiful to see how well these premies performed their service (administrators, food service, security, stage, and construction,etc.) without any previous experience. But it was the cooperation of all the South American premies that stood out so much. They raised tens of thousands of dollars to help cover support costs in addition to the basic individual registration fee - a feat quite noteworthy given the nature of the South American economy. Part of this money was raised by premies who knew that they could not afford to travel to Venezuela.

And when these premies went through the darshan line (some of them for the first time, having practiced Knowledge for two years), it was an overwhelming experience of love. The festival wasn't perfect, of course, but it was significantly pleasing to Guru Maharaj Ji, and that is what's important.

Maharaj Ji started talking about Orlando last night and how personally He is looking forward to it. With registration just initiated and the experiences we had here with Guru Puja, I felt this time to be opportune to talk about how we in America can make Hans Jayanti pleasing for our Guru Maharaj Ji.

Caracas, Venezuela.       -2-      

DLM festivals seemingly have stages of development, paralleled with our understanding of how Guru Maharaj Ji wants us to dedicate our efforts. We've had propagational public festivals (Montrose, London, Copenhagen) that were, in one sense, premature because we were not together enough ourselves to express our experiences to non-premies. Many press reporters referred to Millennium as an "inside joke", referring to the fact that only premies could understand and appreciate the program. Subsequently, we've re-focused our approach to solely premie-oriented programs trying to maximize the intimacy and inspiration so we would then renew our zeal to propagate (i.e., Guru Puju-Amherst, South America, Essen).

This Hans Jayanti signifies another stage in the growth of the American Mission. Guru Maharaj Ji has given agya for a public program, indicative of His acknowledgement of this year's propagational efforts. And this pleases Guru Maharaj Ji - when we're understanding enough to cooperate and organize ourselves effectively enough. to allow propagation to happen in a thorough manner. He told the premies here in South America on the last night that in the future He wanted to hold a program here "when everyone can come" repeating His pleasure of having large prachar programs.

From our administrative perspective, we will try to insure that care is taken to provide a meaningful program for both premies and non-premies. Those of you who asked to do service (and/or volunteer yourselves when you arrive) should really understand how privileged we are to serve the servants of Guru Maharaj Ji. Festivals make it so clear because often we forget so easily what a Grace the opportunity of service is.

But equally important is the service now for all premies to help make Hans Jayanti '75 what Maharaj Ji hopes it to be.

  • Registration and charters: Don't wait until September to make financial arrangements. We need your support immediately to allow us to cover our costs in the time framework budgeted.
  • Housing: We have had notable instances in both Amherst and Toronto of premies "crashing" dorms and hotels. In Orlando we have secured quality hotel accommodations. The hotel managers, however, have told me that they arc taking precautions against our members illegally sleeping on the floors of their friend's room,etc., by having security checks. Do not plan to come to Orlando with the intention of "crashing" hotel space. Make your reservations as soon as possible. DLM has overcome much negative publicity because people have observed and worked with us and have seen how real this Knowledge makes a human being. Let's not jeopardize the work He is doing.
  • AMP: By announcing Hans Jayanti to be held in Florida at Holi (in March) we felt this allowed everyone adequate time to save the additional money needed. DLM depends upon premies' regular support and AMP donations should not be diverted. Yes, money may be a bit tight, but with three full months ahead of us extra income can be secured. Festivals put all of us through our needed changes - by having to be concentrated and diligent in our work, whether it be the countless hours we put into, organizing it or the hours we put in working overtime to get there. It's the same to Guru Maharaj Ji … our efforts to serve Him.
  • Propagation: Although the premies in Florida have a special opportunity because 61-661- state-wide campaign, all of you should encourage your friends or relatives to accompany you, if at all possible. Obviously, this is not very practical in most cases, but there are non-premies who can afford to and who want to see Guru Maharaj Ji.
  • The privilege of darshan: Guru Maharaj Ji has commented on how precious this privilege is. With 10-15,000 premies expected, we are working to make the darshan line as flowing as possible and accommodating for Guru Maharaj Ji. Many premies. abuse this privilege by going through. the line more than once. Guru Maharaj Ji will decide the approach to be used and it is our responsibility to cooperate.

These may seem like minor points in comparison to the work of administering the festival, but the understanding of these basics will reflect the degree of successfulness of Hans Jayanti. Understanding stems from the awareness of Who is the Controller of this life and how we need to respond to what situation is in front of each of us. And for the majority of premies, the above is your service for Hans Jayanti '75. Service should be accepted and performed with thankfulness and love.

Hans Jayanti '75 will be a garland of love for us all who are Guru Maharaj Ji's premies.

"My blessings to all of you and I love you very much," He told the premies at Guru Puja. And he is speaking to all of His premies. He loves us all so, so much. We can never say "thank-you" to the Perfect Master, He said. We can, however, realize our life as service to Him.

Our life is in His hands. As we receive and then realize this precious gift of Knowledge, we all have service to do. I hope this letter gives you the direction He has give me about making Hans Jayanti '75 a real experience for us all. We have our work ahead of us and we need the remembrance of and understanding of Who (and how) we're serving.

See you in Orlando.

With His Love,
your brother in His service,

Lou Schwrtz
National Director

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji's Life and Career Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji's Life and Career