Hans Jayanti 75

Hans Jayanti Festival is a time when all premies are given the opportunity to gather together with Guru Maharaj Ji to share in his love and celebrate the birth of Shri Hans Ji Maharaj, Guru Maharaj Ji's own father and spiritual master.

It is because of Guru Maharaj Ji's devotion to His Guru Maharaj Ji, that each of us came to receive Knowledge. "In this whole life there is no one I can give any credit to except my Guru Maharaj Ji, because he has taken me away from all the confusion and put me into such a beautiful spot. Right now, I am doing service, but this service is so minimal compared to the Knowledge he gave me."

And Hans Jayanti is one of the times when that love between Perfect Master and devotee is truly celebrated. As Maharaj Ji said at last year'sfestival, "We have been having this celebration for such a long time now. No matter what circumstances we have this function in, it's always so beautiful … it turns out to be the most blissful thing for all of us premies."

I. Festival Events

This year's festival will be held in Orlando, Florida, and it promises to be a larger and more intimate gathering of our spiritual family than ever before. We will be spending three full days together, with four nights accommodations. In the ballrooms and auditoriums of the hotels surrounding the main festival site, will be performances of the best of PLA: theatre, dance, and music. Continuous showings of films, slide shows, and video tapes of Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang will also be available. In addition, satsang programs are planned for each of the afternoons, with special programs geared specifically for aspirants. Each day's events will culminate with Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang and darshan at the evening programs.

This marks Guru Maharaj Ji's first public program in the States since November 1973. A state-wide propagational campaign will be launched in Florida in the weeks before the festival, and premies and aspirants alike will be freely invited to come from all over the country.

II. Registration

In order to finance the festival, it is necessary for everyone to register in advance. Pre-registration this year will be handled regionally. Upon completion of the registration form, it should be taken with your payment to the local DLM/DUO office or Divine Information Center (DIC) representative, who will forward it to the proper DLM/DUO office.

Pre-Registration ends on October 5th. If reservations are not made by then, registration and payment must be made at the festival site in Orlando. There is no guarantee, however, that accommodations will be available at that time.

Several different registration packages are available this year:

1) Registration, meals and regular housing

– $75.00 per person. This includes hotel accommodations for four nights, November 6, 7, 8 and 9; admittance to all special programs and events, 2 full course vegetarian meals on November 7, 8 and 9; and a registration fee to help cover festival production costs.

2) Registration and meals only -

$35.00 per person. Includes the same as above, only with no housing.

Other housing packages, tailored to meet families' and other special needs are available. For more information, see housing section.

These registration costs are based on a maximum attendance estimate for the festival and are designed to offer the opportunity of attending at a reasonable cost, and at the same time make the festival itself as comfortable and flowing as possible. Our costs have risen this year, but so has the quality, intimacy and depth of the program. We hope to continue to plan these programs in advance so premies have every chance to plan their schedules around them.

III. Housing

Everyone who registers for Hans Jayanti this year will be accommodated in one of the many hotels surrounding the festival site. Reservations have been made for four nights: November 6, 7, 8 and 9. This will give everyone the chance to check into their rooms, get settled and rested beforehand, leaving three full days to enjoy the festival on the 7th, 8th and 9th.

- 1 -

Anyone who has not pre-registered by October 5th, will have to register and pay at the festival site in Orlando; but we cannot guarantee that accommodations will be available at that time.)

Please return the attached Pre-Registration Form to your local Divine Light Mission/DUO office or to your Divine Information Center (DIC) representative who will forward it to the proper DLM /DUO office. For more information, please contact the DLM/DUO office from the list below which is nearest to you, or call Divine Travel Services in Denver: (303) 623-8280.


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji's Life and Career

Registration and Housing Application

(see application on back page of brochure)

  1. Please complete all sections of the form below. Forms that are not properly filled out will be returned by our hotel agent, at a cost of $1.00 charged to the applicant.
    In Section II, if you are not certain of your travel plans, check the means of travel which you are most likely to take. This will help our pre-festival planning.
    In Section III, make sure you check one of the choices (yes or no), and if "yes", list the name(s).
    In Section IV, make sure you indicate which plan is best for you, by checking the appropriate choice.
  2. Only certified checks, bank cashier's checks, or money orders can be accepted as payment. No personal checks or cash. All checks and money orders should be made payable to: Divine Light Mission.
  3. Applications and payments can be brought or mailed to the Divine Light Mission office nearest you (see list above), or brought to a Divine Information Center. All payments must be received by October 5th.
  4. If you have any questions, or need additional information, call the Divine Light Mission office nearest you, or call Divine Travel Services in Denver: (303) 623-8280.

- 3 -

There are several different housing packages available, the number of people to a room, and the cost of the package varying according to the package selected.

1. Regular housing

Individuals: 4 people per room. (Hotel regulations require that all unmarried room assignments be made by sex).

Married couples: Married couples can room together. Since the "regular" room holds 4 people, our hotel agent will assign two married couples to share each room.

Children: Hotel regulations allow one child six years or younger to share a bed with his or her parents at no additional charge. There is no need to fill out a Registration and Housing application for this child. For more than one child accompanying the family, regardless of age, a "Family Plan" must be selected.

The cost of the regular housing, including registration and meals, is $75.00 per person.

2. Special housing:

Single (1 person per room) and double rooms (2 people per room) are available on request. Simply indicate your preference on the Registration and Housing application, and pay the appropriate package price, which includes the added room fee set by our hotel agent. For double rooms, you must indicate a "roommate preference" on the application, and be sure that the person you list puts your name on his/her application as well. (Again, hotel regulations do not allow unmarried couples to share a room).

As with regular housing, one child under six is allowed to stay with his parents free; otherwise choose an appropriate "Family Plan".

A single room, including registration and meals, is $135.00.

A double room, including registration and meals, is $95.00 per person.

3. Family Plans:

This year we've set up special family packages which include registration and meals for the entire family, and housing in a private room. Indicate the appropriate family plan on the Registration and Housing application, and pay the amount listed for that package. The price listed covers all costs for the entire family. A separate application should be filled out for each member of the family, including all children, regardless of age. The applications for the entire family should then be stapled together, which will make it easier to handle your special package.

Family Plan price list

Husband, wife and one child: Total price $190.00

Husband, wife and two children: Total price $215.00

Husband, wife and three children: Total price $235.00

Husband, wife and four children: Total price $250.00

4. Additional Notes

Hotel regulations strictly prohibit pets in the hotels. Virtually no camping facilities are available in or around Orlando during the days of the festival.


The Mission will provide the entire food service for the three days of the festival. There will be two full-course vegetarian meals served on Nov. 7, 8, 9 – a mid-morning lunch and dinner.


The Mission is arranging charter flights and special group flights from major cities throughout the U.S. and Canada. For more information on these flights, call your nearest DLM/DUO office or Divine Travel Services in Denver: (303) 623-8280. (Note: the charters and group flights this year are being handled separately from the festival registration so even if you are planning to take a charter or a group flight, be sure to complete a Registration and Housing application.)

Orlando is in the heart of Florida, and easy to reach by car. Directions to the festival site will be available soon at your DLM/DUO office. There will be ample parking at the hotels, and limited parking near the main festival site.

Check In

At the beginning of October, official Hans Jayanti '75 registration passes and confirmation cards with hotel room assignment and all other necessary information will be mailed to everyone who has preregistered. Upon arrival, follow the instructions of the card and check into your assigned room.

Pre-Register Now!

In order to meet the payment schedule in our contract agreements for the facilities in Orlando, we need to have paid registrations in as quickly as possible. A registration form is attached. (Anyone

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