Jon Littman, M.D.
Family Practice

October 11, 1978

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Jai Satchitanand! It is very exciting to make preparations for Hans Jayanti festival - to have an opportunity to perform service for our Guru Maharaj Ji and to know that, by His Grace, we will be seeing him so very soon.

I would like to make a few requests to the premies and to the communities regarding health care. First of all, at festivals it is very easy to get burned out, but it is very hard to enjoy the most precious gift of Knowledge when our bodies are sick. Therefore, I humbly request that premies look after themselves and their children properly. Don't forget to eat regularly and get some rest. Most of you will be traveling long distances and will be arriving in an environment you are not used to, especially if you will be living in a tent. Try to plan for your journeys adequately. Those of you with children, please remember they need adequate rest, attention and love, proper food, and protection from overexposure to the sun.

I would like to ask each community to help look after elderly, physically ill, and emotionally disturbed premies from their communities by providing one helper for each person who will require assistance. Remember conveniences will be limited, and for anyone with a handicap, living in a tent will be a very demanding ordeal. It would be helpful for premies to bring their own wheelchairs, crutches and other devices. Those premies who take regular medicines, insulin, etc. should remember to take along enough to last them the entire journey. Also, please write me if you have any special medical requests or anticipate a need for special medical seating.

Here are a few recommendations for prevention and treatment of sunburn. Infants, small children, elderly and debilitated people should avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. Everyone should bring along a wide brimmed hat. Don't let yourself get dehydrated drink enough fluids. This is especially important for infants and young children. The following preparations are good sunscreens: PABA products (e.g., Pabanol, Presun), Solbar, Uval, Zinc Oxide paste. Mild sunburn may be treated with cool water, skin oils, or vaseline. Severe burns should be treated at first aid.

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Although mosquitoes are not likely to be a problem if the weather is on the cool side, you may want to bring along some insect repellent, such as Cutter's, Off, or 6-12.

Please comply with the suggestions given in other communications, such as wearing shoes and not sandals, etc. Many health problems can be avoided if we stay conscious and use common sense.

I hope you all enjoy this blessed event.

Love, your brother,