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In View - Autumn / Winter 1987

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) at the North American Convention Miami, Florida, 1986

The idea for the Rejoice '87 series stemmed from Maharaji's realization that many people were practicing the techniques incorrectly. Some were deviating from the way they were originally instructed, while others were confusing Knowledge with cultural habits learned from early instructors.
Rejoice '87 required the coordination of six conventions in four different cities within little more than a month's time - an extremely challenging task

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Excerpts from Maharaji's presentation at one of the six Rejoice '87 gatherings, Snowmass, Colorado, July 6, 1987

"Don't say, "I have to." Say, "I want to!" Enjoy sitting and enjoy Knowledge. Gather your strength, gather yourself, and stand erect as the Creator meant you to stand-with two very large shoulders of your own. Say to yourself, "I willaccomplish what I need and want to accomplish. Knowledge is my joy. Knowledge brings me that joy and I will gladly give it the very best in return."
It is paramount that we start understanding what a gift we have been given and how important it is to practice it deliberately rather than haphazardly."

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Once again, as you have probably noticed, it has taken us longer to produce the newsletter than we originally anticipated. We thank you for your patience and are doing everything we can to reduce the amount of time it takes us to publish the next issue. (The Spring '87 issue was the last IN VIEW published). IN VIEW is now being produced solely by volunteers.

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QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Excerpts from a question and answer session with Maharaji at a public program in Houston, Texas: February 9, 1986

"First, you need to distinguish between your job and your self. Today I was really tired. But still I flew my airplane in through some heavy weather and made an excellent landing. Part of me wanted to jump up and say, "You did a wonderful job!" Then I flashed on three things: my accomplishment, my tiredness, and then my self. There was a "me" that was neither tired nor an accomplished pilot. That "me" is always there, whether I am trying to do my job, or sleeping, or flying an airplane. Knowledge provides the tools to help you experience that self. The frustrations of the job environment can make me lose that experience. Sometimes I find myself angry and frustrated at a particular situation. Then I remember the saying, "Every time you fall, pick something up - you're down there anyway!""

INSTRUCTORS North American Convention, Miami, Florida, July 5 1986

To hear more about the experience spoken of by Maharaji, please contact any of the following instructors.

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A VERY REFRESHING EXPERIENCE North American Organizers Conference, Miami, Florida, July 7 1986

Approximately every six months, each of the instructors trained by Maharaji to instruct people in the practice of Knowledge come together for a 1-3 day "refresher course." During this time, they meet with Maharaji to deepen their experience of Knowledge and increase their instructor skills. Following are excerpts from interviews with instructors in which they discuss their experience of attending the January 1987 refresher course in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

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The ongoing financial support for Maharaji's work, is now in its second year. To date, over 1,800 contributors have pledged their support and are sending regular monthly contributions. Elan Vital is now two thirds of the way to its goal of 2,926 contributors.
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What are the future implications of the Lear 55 purchase? To begin with, there will be fixed monthly commitments. Operatng the new aircraft will cost about $1.85 million per year (including payments on the loan, insurance, fuel, handling, and hiring a co-pilot and mechanic-just to name a few). The Lear 55 will cost about 25 percent more to operate than the Lear 35-a commitment that is definitely possible to meet, given the ongoing participation of the thousands of people worldwide who pledged their financial commitment during last year's aviation fundraising drive.


Among the recent comments I've received, someone suggested that the name of the newsletter be changed from "In View" to "Out of View." That's understandable - especially when you consider how infrequently it has appeared. Well, we've decided to keep the original name - but changes are imminent.