Approximately every six months, each of the instructors trained by Maharaji to instruct people in the practice of Knowledge come together for a 1-3 day "refresher course." During this time, they meet with Maharaji to deepen their experience of Knowledge and increase their instructor skills. Following are excerpts from interviews with instructors in which they discuss their experience of attending the January 1987 refresher course in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

I had a great time at the refresher course. It was such a delightful form of fun, and yet, there was a lot of deep learning going on, too. Maharaji's ability to communicate so much inspiration and information was totally educational for me. It was truly eye-opening-and this despite my many years' experience as a college mathematics teacher. Maharaji showed me that communication is not just a one-way street. He fostered a dynamic interplay between himself and the instructors that was inspiring as well as instructive. I really appreciated the warmth with which he encouraged and received our input. He would become so enthused whenever someone's question or comment unexpectedly opened up a new area for discussion. He was learning and teaching at the same time. It has encouraged me so strongly to be more open to learn from the people I am helping to prepare for Knowledge. More personally, the training has helped me tune my instincts in a very beautiful way. I am learning to have more trust in the experience that Knowledge has shown me within, and to have more confidence in speaking about it. In the past, I think I had a tendency to be too mechanical and rational about it-to the point of not letting the most basic, heartfelt part of me express itself. Now I feel Much more balanced. When I speak, I feel more free to come from a deeper place, while still expressing myself in very simple terms. I learned so much on so many levels from being with Maharaji at this refresher. It was very valuable in waking me, once again, to the potential for beauty and enjoyment in my life and in the lives of the people I work with as an instructor.

The growth I have experienced at the refreshers has been tremendous. In my past, I was always led to believe that fear Pacific Instructor Conference Penang, Malaysia-April 1987 enhanced learning. But it never really worked for me. Fear only numbs and paralyzes. It does not teach. What I have appreciated most about Maharaji as a teacher is that he eliminates the fear from the learning process. I am free to let whatever happens happen, to observe it, go through it, and not fight it. He evokes so much in me just by what lie says and how he says it-things I always wanted to look at, but was never given the care and support to look into. "Those who love teaching," I once read, "help others love learning." Being with Maharaji encourages me to make the extra effort needed to grow. It's not always easy, but as they say, "the fun is in the walking."

My experience of the refresher course was one of introspection, growth, and wanting to understand my relationship to Knowledge and myself. I found out that I

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barbie had a lot to learn for this to happen. But I also felt a lot of love and a lot of care. I felt Maharaji's concern for people who have this Knowledge and for people who want it. I also got another chance to see what high standards Maharaji has. Everything he does to help people learn about and receive Knowledge is done with the highest standards. Attending the refresher course was a wonderful time in my life. It was also a very active time. I found out that the more involved I am, the more that happens. Maharaji really encourages people to be involved and ask questions, to communicate with him. I learned a lot about care, and how to do things with quality and integrity. I also learned a lot about myself. Maharaji really challenges me to grow internally. Without an internal experience and without respect for myself and the pride in what I'm doing, I don't have anything to offer people, no matter how well trained I may be. It all begins with love. One thing that was really stressed at the refresher course was inspiration-having an experience and using the tools we have all been shown. We spent a lot of time on the "how to's," but we also spent a lot of time on the basics: inspiration, love, and kindness. It was beautiful.