Autumn/Winter 1987

iv01 REJOICE '87

More than 8,000 people from throughout North America gathered this summer "ready to learn anew," as Maharaji put it, "to approach the practice of Knowledge with a clean slate." Six programs, called "Rejoice '87," took place in four states - New York, Colorado, California, and Florida. They were intended to give participants the opportunity to have the techniques of Knowledge clarified and reviewed directly by Maharaji. "The experience is up to you," he explained, "but I want to make sure you understand how to practice the techniques. If you're doing it right, it will be confirmed. If you're doing it wrong, it will be corrected, and if you've forgotten, you'll be reminded."

Providing not only guidance but great humor, Maharaji spent long hours each day speaking before his audiences, telling stories and then succinctly giving instruction. Sessions took place in rooms seating approximately 200 people. This size afforded a more intimate atmosphere than that of previous programs and enabled Maharaji to observe personally the participants' command of the techniques. As many man as a dozen instructors also were on hand in each room to answer questions and give additional direction to those needing it.

The idea for the Rejoice '87 series stemmed from Maharaji's realization that many people were practicing the techniques incorrectly. Some were deviating from the way they were originally instructed, while others were confusing Knowledge With cultural habits learned from early instructors.

Besides cautioning against "progressive deviation" in practicing the techniques, Maharaji also stressed the importance of giving Knowledge "prime time." "Fall in love with Knowledge all over again," he urged. "Give it your best." He said it takes three things to practice Knowledge successfully: "Trust, trust, and trust. Trust in Knowledge, trust in yourself, and trust in your ability to have the experience. Of course, there's also your trust in me," he added.

Rejoice '87 required the coordination of six conventions in four different cities within little more than a month's time - an extremely challenging task. And yet the entire series of prograrns went very smoothly. In fact, the arrangements were so successful that two of the resort conference centers described the event as among the best they have ever hosted.