Following the success of the North American Rejoices, Maharaji travelled to Europe in the Fall and conducted similar events in several cities. During this same time, 11 weekend conferences were held throughout the United States to provide opportunities for people to get together and continue focussing on Knowledge and Maharaji's work. Once back in the U.S., Maharaji celebrated his birthday on December 10th by addressing approximately 2,000 people at Los Angeles' Shrine Auditorium. Two weeks later, Maharaji began meeting with small groups of people interested in receiving Knowledge - in preparation for giving Knowledge himself. After a brief holiday break, Maharaji went on to conduct an Instructor Refresher training in Los Angeles. One hundred and forty-one instructors attended, as well as 41 guests.


Plans for Maharaji to visit several cities in late February and early March are now in the final phase of development. Not only is Maharaji intending to do public programs in selected cities, he is also planning to meet with people who want to receive Knowledge, and in some cities, give Knowledge. Here's a possible scenario: Maharaji will fly into a target city and do a public program. The next day he will meet with interested people and conduct a Knowledge selection. That evening, or the next day, he will fly to the next city, do a public program, and then, on the following day, meet with people interested in receiving Knowledge. After completing the public program and Knowledge meeting phase, Maharaji will circle back a few days later and, in selected cities, conduct a three-day Knowledge session. (Two related events are currently being considered for North America from May 1-May 19: a second series of Knowledge sessions and a variety of events especially designed for people who have already received Knowledge).


This year, Maharaji intends to conduct Knowledge sessions in both North America and Europe. He is also planning Rejoice sessions in many areas of the world: South America (Feb.), Europe (March-April), Australia (May-June), New Zealand (June), United Kingdom (July-Aug.), and Ireland (July).


During the final session of Rejoice last summer, Maharaji mentioned that he would like to give Knowledge himself. He was expressing both the interest to participate in this part of his work and the desire to maintain the one-to-one contact begun during Rejoice-only this time to include people who want to receive Knowledge. The first of a series of meetings for people interested in receiving Knowledge was held in New York on December 29. The second took place a day later in Miami. The third, and most recent, was held in Los Angeles on January 6. Approximately 160 people attended, some travelling hundreds of miles. The format for these meetings was simple: Maharaji spoke for 30 minutes, answered questions for 30 minutes, and then, after a 15 minute break, fielded additional questions for another 45 minutes. Maharaji was very pleased with these events and is looking forward to more of them during his proposed upcoming tour of North America.


Selected Listening '87, an inspirational audio tape that was conceived, designed, and produced by Maharaji, is now available for purchase. This tape is appropriate both for people with Knowledge and those interested in receiving Knowledge. Side One contains excerpts from a variety of Maharaji's public presentations. Side Two contains excerpts from question and answer sessions and concludes with "Feel It," a song recent[%, written by Maharaji and performed by la Chanteuse Inconnue and Fuzzbee Morse. A variety of other cassettes and videos are also in the works. (A special mailing will soon be going out to everyone on the mailing list to explain how these additional materials can be obtained). Here's how to order Selected Listening '87. Send $8.00 per tape (includes postage and handling) to Elan Vital, PO Box 6130, Malibu, CA 90264. ATT: Selected Listening '87. Please make your check payable to Elan Vital. Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.


A variety of local meetings are now being planned for February in some parts of the country to update people on Maharaji's projects and related matters. Topics to be discussed include: upcoming public programs, Maharaji's Knowledge session plans, the Sponsorship Program, special projects, and other ways to participate in this work. Contact your local instructor for more info.


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Among the recent comments I've received, someone suggested that the name of the newsletter be changed from "In View" to "Out of View." That's understandable - especially when you consider how infrequently it has appeared. Well, we've decided to keep the original name - but changes are imminent. We will do our best to include as much news as we can-timely information about Maharaji's plans, tours, and schedule, as well as useful items about special projects and other Knowledge-related events in North America and other countries. If you have any ideas about how In View can be improved, feel free to drop us a line.