AIID:Volume 2, Number 10, September 1975

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Changing Our Consciousness Raja Ji gave this satsang on July 27, 1975 in Los Angeles.

People are really trapped. England is in very bad shape, the Italians are also in really bad shape, and America is freaking out with fifty-five mile an hour speed limits. Everybody's getting tired of the consumer trip: aerosol cans, polyester suits ("It doesn't get wrinkled"), Woolite, Brillo, the whole trip. People are just getting tired of it. Aspirins, uncola, cola, whatever! So this is the time when people have to understand that it's not Brillo that we want to be heading for.

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We Know One Thing Guru Maharaj Ji gave this satsang at the Guru Puja festival in Caracas, Venezuela on July 24, 1975

So, all of a sudden, it was just so beautiful. Satsang just started flowing through me, and I said, "Look. One thing you've got to understand is, can you be related to yourself? Can I be my own uncle? Can I be my own father? Can I be my own sister, my own brother? No! When I am who I am, I am. You know? I am an individual, and I have no relationship with myself. A relationship is a filler between two gaps. It relates you; it connects you. I don't think I would like to be related to God, because my destination is to be one with God. Once I am one with God, I don't have to be related to God."

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The Button In Your Heart Durga Ji gave this satsang at the Guru Puja Festival in Caracas, Venezuela, on July 24, 1975

This Knowledge can't be described, but this Knowledge is like life itself. This Knowledge is infinite. This Knowledge is the experience that we've all been born for. It's like we have a button in the center of our heart, and from the moment of our birth, we're always waiting for that button to be pressed. Because that button is the button that lets us experience everything. It lets us experience this Knowledge. … Really premies, I can't even understand or comprehend how beautiful Guru Puja is. We're so fortunate that Maharaj Ji is able to come see us, to come see his children. Because, really, this is where we long to be all the time, with him.

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What's The Trouble? Guru Maharaj Ji (at the age of nine) 22 September 1967 … Prem Nagar, India

It is said, "My form is such, that even the brilliance of one thousand suns can never equal it." If His form is so magnificent and if we have such a desire to know it, what's the trouble? Know Him, Know His Name. Even though God is One He pervades everywhere. So what is His real form? If you want to know His true Name and want to see His true form, then take refuge in Guru Maharaj Ji. When you have this Knowledge, you will not need to know anything else.

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The Path Of Self-Realization? Excerpts from Hans Yog Prakash the masterwork of Shri Hans Ji Maharaj

One can only have knowledge of the soul by means of experience. This experience comes from the Knowledge of the Satguru.
The Holy Name should be received from one who himself received it from his Perfect Master, and who is presently Perfect Master in a correct spiritual succession. From ancient times the Perfect Master has channeled his spiritual power to his disciples. Since the Name comes from the same spiritual tradition, it has become very powerful. He who teaches this Name is called the Guru, and he who receives it is called the disciple.