It's possible to teach a baby how to swim before it can walk. That's because, for a newborn baby, swimming is the most natural way to be. All a mother has to do is help her baby remember what it's like.

Love is more natural than fear. But the longer we live with fear - or frustration, or tension, or self-doubt - the more we forget how to be loving. We forget that it's possible to relax into a total experience of love, and we become afraid to let ourselves go. (Of course, we don't call it "fear" after the age of twenty; we call it "being realistic.")

It's a fact that love makes us happy, and the more we feel it - and give it - the happier we become. So what are we waiting for? For someone who can help us remember how.

Meditation on Knowledge has a remarkable effect of removing the time-tested thought patterns that convince a person it's not safe to love. Giving love is only a risky business when you have a limited supply. If somehow you've managed to uncover a self-regenerating love machine in your own heart, then you have nothing to fear. That's the nature of Guru Maharaj Ji. He reminds us of our natural state - a state of love - and shows us how to capture it forever.

It's a nice feeling. When you have it, you want to share it. You want to translate a loving, peaceful experience into a loving, peaceful environment. That's why people who have been meditating for awhile on the Knowledge tend to form communities. Of course it's an experiment, a trial and error kind of thing. But the astonishing part about it is that it's working. It has a lot to do with trusting each other. You just know that someone who is busy experiencing the joy of their own life isn't out to get something from you. They've got all they need.

So from Nairobi to Minneapolis, and Hong Kong to Norway, a family of love is forming. Despite all their differences of culture, religious heritage, and sometimes, national rivalry, its members have two very basic things in common: an on-going experience of harmony inside themselves and a powerful relationship to Guru Maharaj Ji.

Guru Maharaj Ji is the "father" of our family. He's the one who teaches meditation, and if we want to learn more, he teaches that, too. The more is called "learning how to take your love and use it, without losing it at the same time." If, when you're home having a nice breakfast, you feel so relaxed that you even look forward to going to work, but when you get it's a steady downhill route until the end of the day, you need something that's more powerful than your environment to connect with … something that will give you back the love you're losing. The key phrase is "more powerful than your environment." That's why headache pills, coffee breaks, and after-hours drinks don't really work. But what does is knowing how to meditate constantly, in any situation, so that your internal love machine keeps generating love. It's possible, really possible to do that. It's possible to relax your mind and let your natural ability to experience life come forth. It's possible to become strong enough in that ability so that you can take it with you into an environment based on fear and transform that environment into an experience of love. It's especially possible if you have other people helping you.

People who receive Knowledge from Guru Maharaj Ji, people who practice this meditation, are involved in that process. The result is the birth of a family of love. But the primary goal is still individual self-awareness, the rediscovery of the perfect inner state of calm. It's when a human being reaches that state that everything else that's beautiful begins to happen.

- Paul Starr