Durga Ji aka Marolyn Rawat The Button In Your Heart

Durga Ji gave this satsang at the Guru Puja Festival in Caracas, Venezuela, on July 24, 1975, the second evening of the festival.

It's like we have a button in the center of our heart, and from the moment of our birth, we're always waiting for that button to be pressed.

Dear premies, it's really so beautiful being here. It's so beautiful. When we were driving up, we could feel your love so much. That love is the love that Guru Maharaj Ji has given us.

You know, we're so fortunate, premies, to have this function, Guru Puja. It's just beautiful to be able to come together like this and be with our Guru Maharaj Ji.

This experience that he has given us is everything that we've always wanted. So what can we do? We can never thank our Guru Maharaj Ji enough. But we can come, be with him, and just bathe in his beauty.

You know, I learn so much from Premlata. She's really a gift that Maharaj Ji has given. When she's awake, she starts discovering the world around her. She touches everything, feels everything, and she wants to taste everything … It's like, she's born into this world, and now she's experiencing everything that comes before her; she's trying to experience everything around her. We all did the very same thing. Each one of us came from the womb into this world, and we started out just learning to see, learning to hear, learning to hold things, and discover. Then we keep going on, we keep growing up, keep changing, trying to find something. We keep searching.

We're searching for something so perfect; we're searching for an experience. Everything we do - everything we eat, everything we see, everything we hear - is just an experience. But there's one experience that goes beyond all others, and that is the experience of this Knowledge.

This Knowledge can't be described, but this Knowledge is like life itself. This Knowledge is infinite. This Knowledge is the experience that we've all been born for. It's like we have a button in the center of our heart, and from the moment of our birth, we're always waiting for that button to be pressed. Because that button is the button that lets us experience everything. It lets us experience this Knowledge.

We experience so many things, and maybe they're coming close to that central button. Sometimes religion brings someone very close to experiencing that central thing. Or the love of another human being. Or even, for some people, music can tune them in to it. At least, it's


bringing them close. But we never really hit that one central button, that one central point, until Guru Maharaj Ji comes and presses that button. That's when we receive Knowledge. Then that is the experience we've wanted. We know it. There's no doubt about it.

If we practice that Knowledge, if we meditate on this Knowledge, then we stay in this experience; we don't lose it, like we lose everything else in this world. Everything else we experience just goes away. It's here, but it changes, it changes, it changes. We're waiting for that experience that never changes, but that's always here.

Sometimes we wake up from a bad dream and we feel like we've just had a very negative feeling, an alone feeling. And sometimes when Premlata wakes up, she forgets where her father is, where her mother is, where her security is. We're like that, too. We're in this world, and we forget that when we really wake up, that Knowledge is always, always there; our Father is always there. And he is. He's shown us that no matter what, the Knowledge is always, always there.

He's shown us how to stay in that experience that we long to be with, that we long to be in. And that's being with Guru Maharaj Ji. He's given us a way, and that is to receive Knowledge, to do meditation, to give satsang, to do service.

It's like a train. If you have a train, and it's going down a track, you need wood to put on the fire; you need that fuel. When you have it, then it starts burning, and the smoke comes out. That's like, if you're doing meditation, everything else falls into place. Everything else just happens. Because if we're in meditation, we're with Guru Maharaj Ji. Then we long to do service, and we just can't help from giving satsang. It just comes out of us, because it's so, so incredible to sing the glories of this Knowledge.

So premies, it's very important that we put the wood on that fire, so that the train will get going. When that train is moving and everything is going smoothly on it, Guru Maharaj Ji comes and he rides that train.

Really premies, I can't even understand or comprehend how beautiful Guru Puja is. We're so fortunate that Maharaj Ji is able to come see us, to come see his children. Because, really, this is where we long to be all the time, with him.

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