Changing Our Consciousness

Raja Ji gave this satsang on July 27, 1975 in Los Angeles.

People are really trapped. England is in very bad shape, the Italians are also in really bad shape, and America is freaking out with fifty-five mile an hour speed limits. Everybody's getting tired of the consumer trip: aerosol cans, polyester suits ("It doesn't get wrinkled"), Woolite, Brillo, the whole trip. People are just getting tired of it. Aspirins, uncola, cola, whatever! So this is the time when people have to understand that it's not Brillo that we want to be heading for.

But that's only a nice escape to blame it all on Coca-cola, or blame it all on ITT, or blame it all on the C.I.A. The problem is not there. Maybe it's a nice escape, "Let's blame the C.I.A. for everything," or, "Let's blame the F.B.I. for everything," but, no, it's not them. It's inside of our hearts.

At one point, we said, "Okay, let's do it!" We went to Chicago, we did this, we did that, just to change it. But we couldn't beat the system. The system is too powerful. All we can do is change our hearts, and by doing that, we are changing the system. We can't beat it, we can just change it, by changing our own hearts.

Prosperity, peace, love, everything, starts right here, when we experience Knowledge. Because once we have that peace, that love, right in ourselves, then we can share it. Then that love builds into a community, and finally into a city. Then that peace gets bigger and bigger, it grows, and grows, and grows. And then it takes over, slowly.

But we have to make it happen. Where there is a will there is a way. We were strong-headed before, because it was like a new wave, "Okay, let's do it. Let's get into it. Let's beat up the system." But that's difficult. The system is too powerful. We can't do that. The only way we can do it is to change it by changing our own hearts, by changing our attitude, by changing our approach. That's why Maharaj Ji is telling us to surrender, to be flexible.

Look at the Mission: we went from being freaks right to short haircuts. One of the magazines read, "If you see anybody decked out in a fifties' suit, it's one of the Guru's Mission guys." That was us. And now we are changing, slowly getting better.

And, man, we can do it. But the effort has to be there. We can't do it by changing the system. We have to change people at the heart. We have to increase the consciousness of the whole universe by changing our own consciousness, by raising ourselves. And that's all.

That's what Maharaj Ji wants us to do. He wants this world to be a better place to be. He wants it different than Woolite and Brillo and washing machines and all the whole trip. He wants a different world. We can sit in this hall, no matter what color, no matter what caste, no matter what creed, and we can be really happy, because our aim is one, our goal is one. But look at a rich man. He has the money; he has a million dollars in his pocket. "Okay, I want to buy a car," and he goes and buys a Ferrari. He can buy whatever he wants to buy. But our aim is something we can't buy. Even if I have a million, I can't buy that love. I have to walk towards it myself.

We all have that same goal. We all are walking towards this same goal of love, towards the same source of love. And we can't buy it, so we have to walk together. We have to help each other, and help the whole world.

That's all I have to say, that we have to just do it. We are sitting in this hall together, trying to ex-


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perience Maharaj Ji, trying to experience that love, and that's how we have to change the whole world - by sitting in houses, or driving on streets, or doing anything, and just experiencing that love.

The idea of a Divine City, or the Golden Age, doesn't happen overnight. It takes time for everything. It took time for America to get where it's at now. (Maybe it was towards the worse, but it still took time.) And towards good, you have to go all the way back and start over. But all of us have the same goal, so it can be really easy. If you fall down, I will carry you. If I fall down, you have to carry me. We have to have that much of a mutual understanding. Like in the army, if one guy falls, they help him out. That's the mutual understanding between you and me. Our goal is the same, so we have to just go for it, just keep on walking, and help each other there. F--11