AIID:Volume 2, Number 5, October 1974

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The Sight Master Shri Durga Ji on July 3, 1974 in Copenhagen at the Guru Puja Festival

Guru Maharaj Ji opens our inner eye - the eye to our soul, which is love, which is joy, happiness and fulfillment. It's something that some people say does not exist, because they have not experienced it. But when these people experience it, they know that this is what they've been looking for, this is what they've been hoping for all of their lives. Then all they want to do is go out and tell everyone: "Listen, there is someone here that can open the eye to your soul, to love." So it is time now that all of us go out and tell the world that our sight-master, our Perfect Master - because within us there is perfection and he reveals this to us - it is time for us to go and tell everyone that he is here now. Then this whole world will be living in harmony and peace the way they should be.

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Hans Yog Prakash Excerpts from the Masterwork of Shri Hans Ji Maharaj

How can I describe the Perfect Master? How can one as ignorant as I possibly understand him who is beyond all illusion? How can my dull wits explain that which is beyond understanding? About which even the scriptures can only say, "It's not this, it's not that." This is beyond my comprehension. Therefore I bow before it from afar.

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God Is In The heart Shri Hans Ji Maharaj in India at the Parliament of Religion on April 4, 1953

Yesterday, one seer said that there is only one real religion and suggested that we should give up all religions and take shelter in God. But it is not told how one should take shelter in God. Though all say that shelter of God should be taken, I ask, "Where are the feet of God so that we can go there and hold them?" God is in the heart. His form of Light and real Name are also only in the heart. To know and meditate on that Light and Name existing in the heart is taking shelter in God.

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His Endless Treasure Guru Maharaj Ji tells of his Father

"Love flows into me and the Lord has given me wisdom; will he not give me strength to establish peace on this earth? I have complete faith in Shri Maharaj Ji, The tears I am shedding on his birthday are not because I remember him or because I feel sad. Right now, I feel such a spirit in me, I do not know where it has come from; I feel as if I want to shake the world." "I will tell you what happened at Dehra Dun after Shri Maharaj Ji left his body. I was sleeping. I suddenly felt that there was a man. I looked closely, wondering what this was all about. Then I saw that Maharaj Ji was there. I talked with Shri Maharaj Ji about certain matters.

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One Way Or Another Shri Raja Ji on August 19, 1974 in Rome

You have to live with Knowledge and show to people that it is a thing much greater than anything in the world. It's a thing you have had the experience of, and you know. Because of that experience, it's more beautiful, there's greater love for you. When everybody experiences that love, there can be complete peace in the world. You know, Guru Maharaj Ji has given such a Knowledge and it is up to us to establish that peace. We have to work hard for it. He has given us the thing and now we have to build ourselves up strongly inside, meditate, do service, so we are strong enough inside to propagate the Knowledge of Guru Maharaj Ji and set an example for other people - that this is the Knowledge, this is the thing I have and it is such a fantastic thing.

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Within Inside Guru Maharaj Ji on August 24, 1974 in Los Angeles

But premies, understand this - that this Knowledge is within inside of you, and what I am trying to tell you is an experience. That same Knowledge that is within me is within inside of you. That experience is also attainable by you. That's what's so fantastic. That's what I'm trying to reach for. That's why I come and have so many programs and I just really - maybe I bug you all the time. But this is the reason. Why? Because I know you can get there, and I'm just saying go on, just get out there, and just be there!


There Is A Knowledge Charles Cameron

To be a disciple, that is, to be truly fortunate, a man needs a Master. And the test of a True Master is the fact that in His presence, the marvelous realm known as purity of heart, deepness of love, undying life, opens up within a man. When a man has this part fully open, he is portrayed with a halo around his head, a Christ, a Buddha, an Illumined one. For the petals of this divine flower, of the flowering of man, are petals of what is called "Divine Light" Let us make this clear. If anyone is not experiencing a bright light within him which actually and continually leads the breath up and down within the body, he still does not know the purest, simplest source of all love which is inside him.

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