There is a Knowledge

Plants need to flower. There's no getting away from it. If there was a strain of roses that just sent up thousands and thousands of yards of rose stalk, and never a bud, never a rose, then the army would buy it up, and use it as organic barbed wire. Roses are intended to flower.

The first stage of a plant's life is the stalk. And then comes rebirth. Something soft, unimaginably softer than the stalk, more colorful, full of the scents of rejoicing, takes over, bursts out. Something hidden in the heart of the stalk makes itself known, in the fullest flowering of that flower.

The Saints say that man also must flower, that he must go through a second birth. They say that every man contains a secret chamber inside him, which is higher than the mind and the heart, and provides the mind with understanding and the heart with the feelings of love. This chamber has been called the Kingdom of Heaven, the Crest Jewel, the Pearl of Great Price. What must be understood is that the great Saints open up this chamber in a man just like the sun opens up flowers.

That is why all great Saints have had disciples. The job of a disciple is the most wonderful in all the world, just as the duty of being a petal is the highest good fortune in terms of plant life. A disciple experiences the nectar, the sweet delicious fragrance of his Perfect Master in the softest and purest part of his heart, a part which cannot even begin to open up until he is ready to purify himself, refraining from building more and more defences, more and more stalk.

To be a disciple, that is, to be truly fortunate, a man needs a Master. And the test of a True Master is the fact that in His presence, the marvelous realm known as purity of heart, deepness of love, undying life, opens up within a man. When a man has this part fully open, he is portrayed with a halo around his head, a Christ, a Buddha, an Illumined one. For the petals of this divine flower, of the flowering of man, are petals of what is called "Divine Light"

Let us make this clear. If anyone is not experiencing a bright light within him which actually and continually leads the breath up and down within the body, he still does not know the purest, simplest source of all love which is inside him. He is still in the stalk stage as far as that is concerned.

Christ said, "If your eye is single, your whole body will be full of light." Mohammed said, "The light of Allah is found in the human temples." Krishna said, "I will give you Divine Sight, and you shall see my Glory shining within." And Buddha said, "Every man possesses the Bright Mirror of Illumination, this is what all the Buddhas realized."

Buddha proclaimed that the way of the illumined ones is the growth of snowdrops behind the eyes, and when Christ came, it was as if a few crocuses opened their hearts to the winter sky. But now the time has come which Christ spoke of, when the meek shall inherit the earth. Springtime is upon us, there shall be more flowering saints than stars in the Milky Way, and it is the grace of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji which shall entirely open up this world to love.

There shall be no war. We have tasted the thorns of civilization. Now we shall experience the flower.


A person may spend his life searching the whole world over for something which will give him peace. Yet he will die in despair if he fails to understand that the source of peace and truth is to be found right inside himself. Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge teaches us how to meditate on the source of peace and love inside us. It is not the sort of knowledge we can find in libraries, for it is a direct experience of something within us, not a theory. When the inner beauty of the soul is experienced we feel a deep sense of peace and bliss, as if finally we had come home to that Essence from which we were born. This meditation is shown to people by close disciples of Guru Maharaj Ji known as mahatmas. It is revealed free of charge to those who come with an open heart. For further information, call your local Divine Light Mission chapter, or write:

Knowledge - And It Is Divine
Box 6495, Denver, Colorado US 80206
or: 72 Grove Vale
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