HANS YOG PRAKASH: Excerpts from
the Masterwork of Shri Hans Ji Maharaj

We cannot say the Satguru is like the sky, for he is infinitely more subtle.

In the same way, we cannot compare him with the ocean, for the ocean is salty.

We cannot compare him with the high mountains, for the mountains are made of rock, while Satguru is soft with mercy for his devotees.

Nor can we compare him with the earth, for one day the earth will be destroyed, but Satguru's patience lasts forever.

The sun too has its limits, but Satguru is limitless. The light of Satguru's Knowledge is much more powerful than sunlight.

The Perfect Master is the flower on the tree of life. This world is only functioning because he is with us. It is only the power and energy which is emanating from him. Why should we even speak about seeing him, when we cannot even paint his picture without distortion?

When you look for reality in the wrong places, you can never find it. But when you seek out the company of Satguru, you will find the Truth.

How can I describe the Perfect Master? How can one as ignorant as I possibly understand him who is beyond all illusion? How can my dull wits explain that which is beyond understanding? About which even the scriptures can only say, "It's not this, it's not that." This is beyond my comprehension. Therefore I bow before it from afar.

Oh my Guru Maharaj Ji, please give me at least the strength I need to understand you. I had hoped to praise you; I wished to be able to worship you by the power of illusion, but illusion was incapable of serving you, so what could do? I have lost my faith in illusion, so, my Guru Maharaj fi, you just be as you are.

When Guru and disciples meet, they mix together like rainfall and river.

Satguru has built his castle, and decorated it with love. He makes a window of the Holy Word, so that we may also enjoy the presence of the Lord.

Satguru is a perfect Knight. He cuts you from top to bottom with firm blows. No one can see your wounds from the outside, but inside you, your ego is smashed.

Satguru is like sandalwood, and his perfume is love of the Lord. He distributes it day and night to those who come near him.

My Satguru is a fearless warrior. He strikes with the Word of God, and by throwing the bomb of love he destroys the castle of ignorance.

He who has as much devotion for his Guru as he has for God is called a great soul. His heart is illumined, afire.

Fishes love water, ambitious men love money, mothers love their sons, and devotees love the Holy Name.

Those who are not in love can rest easy, but he who has fallen in love knows no sleep at all. He is restless, he spends his night like a fish out of water.

Why should he be sad, who has the Lord dwelling in his heart? You should make more and more effort to see Him, and all will be light.

My Lord is enthroned in every heart. No one is without Him. But blessed is the heart in which He reveals His presence.


Hans Rawat aka Shri Hans Ji Maharaj
Hans Rawat aka Shri Hans Ji Maharaj

There is a hidden power in the soul which awakens when kindled by the power in another great soul.

There is a type of oyster which floats on the sea with its mouth open. When one drop of dew enters its mouth, it closes and drops to the bottom of the sea. When a diver at last retrieves it he finds the dew drop has turned into a pearl.

In the same way, the sincere seeker of Truth keeps an open mind in this world and waits for the Word of the Satguru. The moment he receives it he dives deep into meditation and practices. After this, every word he speaks is a precious pearl.

The tiny Banyan seed grows into a huge tree, but if the land is infertile it will never grow. In the same way, if a disciple's mind is full of hypocrisy and doubt, the Knowledge cannot flourish.

When someone is sick, he approaches a doctor, tells him his trouble and receives a prescription for some medicine. But he must take the medicine faithfully and regularly as prescribed until his disease is cured.

In the same way, a seeker of Truth who is suffering from the bondage of birth and death will approach the Satguru, who will give him the medicine of Knowledge. If the disciple practices the Knowledge regularly, he will be cured.

If a patient fails to take his medicine as prescribed, it cannot do him any good, and if a disciple does not follow his Guru's instructions, he will never achieve the result he is aiming for.

I am ready to sacrifice my body, mind and soul to my Guru. I will never leave my Guru. How can I ever praise him enough? We can never give him anything in return for what he has given us.

Waves of poison arose in my heart, but you stilled them with one drop of your nectar.

My heart was dark, and I could see nothing, but you kindled the lamp of Knowledge within me.

My mind was in an enchanted sleep for many long ages, but the caress of your Word awoke me.

Whatever a disciple may try to accomplish while overlooking Satguru's Word, he can only make mistakes, he can only bring himself face to face with death, says Kabir. What can his poor Guru do about it?

A disciple who concentrates on making many friends, instead of forging a strong relationship with his Satguru gets stuck midway, and never reaches the abode of Truth.

As long as you have any ties to this world, you cannot have devotion. As soon as you cut all your ties to this world, and put yourself to remember the Lord, you will be known as a devotee.

Devotion is the raft that brings salvation. One who climbs aboard is a saint. But lazy men keep on drowning one lifetime after another.

Everyone who begins on the path of devotion looks like a devotee, but he alone is worthy of the name, who continues even when hard times come upon him.

During the rainy season, there are floods everywhere. But a river is something which continues to flow, even during the dry months of summer.

There is no way you can copy devotion. Imitation devotion falls apart in time of danger, as the leaves quit the trees in winter.

If you try to grab at devotion, your grasp will soon falter. Few are those devotees, maddened by love, who can truly hold fast to the Satguru.