This satsang was given by Shri Raja Ji on August 19, 1974 in Rome.

Dear premies, by the grace of Guru Maharaj Ji you have received the Knowledge, which was a very essential part to be done. Now you have to live with it every day to every day, every minute to every minute, and you have to experience it. The experience is the main thing. You have to let things flow, not try to make things happen.

You have to live with Knowledge and show to people that it is a thing much greater than anything in the world. It's a thing you have had the experience of, and you know. Because of that experience, it's more beautiful, there's greater love for you. When everybody experiences that love, there can be complete peace in the world.

You know, Guru Maharaj Ji has given such a Knowledge and it is up to us to establish that peace. We have to work hard for it. He has given us the thing and now we have to build ourselves up strongly inside, meditate, do service, so we are strong enough inside to propagate the Knowledge of Guru Maharaj Ji and set an example for other people - that this is the Knowledge, this is the thing I have and it is such a fantastic thing.

Once you have the experience, it's beautiful, so keep on going for it. Why do you stop? Why do you think something else? Why don't you keep on trying to have the experience again and again and trying to be closer to Maharaj Ji, instead of going through channels, you know, and this and that? Just try to meditate a while, and live with Knowledge, not just maybe go to Sardinia, make a hut there, have a donkey there, live a very spiritual life, meditate twelve hours a day, stand on your head meditating, tie your legs to a tree meditating. No, not that. Maybe you can make it that way also, but that's not very practical.That means Knowledge is only good if you take the Knowledge, go the Himalayas or somewhere nobody is, and meditate. No.

Knowledge is something practical. You can live in this world, you can do the worldly activities, you can do anything in the world and still meditate. Like Lord Krishna in the Gita says at one time: "Meditate." But first of all he takes Arjuna's chariot into the middle of the whole Kuruksetra battle. Arjuna has requested of Lord Krishna that he wants to see everything that is happening, the people against whom he is going to fight. So he goes there and he sees the whole thing. And what he sees is all his relations, his grandmother, his grandfather, his uncle, his cousins, all standing trying to fight against him. So he drops his weapons.

Lord Krishna says,"What are you doing?" "I won't fight if the kingdom which I'm getting will be a kingdom of blood from my brothers and all these people," says Arjuna. Then Lord Krishna reveals to him the secret of life, the Knowledge. He makes Arjuna realize that he is just a puppet. They are already dead, and it is Lord Krishna's game, for the heck of it, and you've got to do it.

So Arjuna gets the Knowledge, and then he fights against them because he knows they are already dead. And Lord Krishna says, "Meditate at the same time." Lord Krishna gives him this technique and tells him to meditate and at the same time fight, which he does. And by Lord Krishna's grace, everything happens, happens, happens. They win the battle. But it was Lord Krishna through whom Arjuna won the battle, it wasn't Arjuna who won the battle. It was Lord Krishna's grace which won the battle.

So we have to experience the grace and then we have to be like Arjuna. We have already received the Knowledge fighting against this world, the same way he did. Not with arrows or with anything like that, but fighting with people's minds to have them receive the Knowledge one way or another. The people who don't receive it will never receive it. You see, the whole world might be crazy, but there are some people who are good. This Knowledge might do something good to them. Those are the people we have to go to, and ask them, and tell them about Guru Maharaj Ji. Tell them about the Knowledge; tell them about the experience we have. That's all the Knowledge is all about, the experience.

Once the connection is there, you can do anything you want in the world, just don't be attached to it. You can live without anything in the world, you can live with everything. But just be attached to one thing without which you can't live. There is only one thing in the world without which you can't live. Just be attached to Him. Don't have any attachment to anything else, and everything will be perfect for you.

If you think everything is a game, the whole thing is a game, except one thing without which you can't live, and that is the Knowledge, everything will be fine, everything will flow. So don't get uptight. Just keep on meditating.

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