AIID:Volume 2, Number 1, June 1974

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Man Proposes, God Disposes Bal Bhagwan Ji

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I Challenge This World Guru Maharaj Ji Nov. 9, 1973, Millenium '73 festival in the Houston Astrodome

I challenge all the intellectuals of this world, I challenge all the scientists of this world to see if they can comprehend with their finite brains what this Knowledge is, to see if they can understand what I am talking about. I just challenge them to, because they just can't. It's an individual experience and they have to realize it themselves. And then it's just fantastic, it's just far out.

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Nothing But The Truth Satsang of Shri Raja Ji

If we are his devotees, we will not think it is Maharaj Ji's duty to propagate - no, it's our duty! Why? Because he is our Perfect Master; he gave us this Knowledge. Every Perfect Master comes in His time and Guru Maharaj Ji has come now in 1973. He will speak from this stage today, he won't tell us who he is, but I am telling you he is the Perfect Master, if you believe in me. Premies believe in me, non-premies don't believe in me, the people who don't have this Knowledge don't believe in me. For them I might be the biggest liar in the world.


There Is A Knowledge Lucy DuPertuis

We wanted to help the whole world, so we organized a quest for Truth. Each camel was loaded with a hundred pounds of confusion and one ounce of hope. It was called the Expedition to find Now, the hazardous search for Here. Each of us had to swear to struggle desperately, and to suffer much. After eighteen years the trail called Ritual ended at the mountain of Books. We pulled ourselves over the mountain with ropes of Austerity, but on the other side was the swamp of Blind Faith.

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