Nothing But The Truth


Dear premies and brothers and sisters, those of us who have Knowledge now after Millennium have only one solitary aim in life. And that is to propagate the Knowledge of Guru Maharaj Ji to every corner of the world.

I am myself a student, and I use a dictionary. But if you see my dictionary, I have rubbed the word 'impossible' from it, because nothing is impossible in the world. Before I had Knowledge, I thought things were impossible. But when I saw the Light within myself, you can't believe it!

You know, if a man gives me a thousand dollars, and I keep it in my pocket and still wear poor clothes, it is my fault, it is not his fault. He has paid me the money. You work for somebody, he pays you the money, it is your duty to use it the way you want to use it-it's not his duty. His duty as far as it is, is to pay you the cash. And that's all.

In the same way, Guru Maharaj Ji's concern was to give us Knowledge. It is our concern to propagate this Knowledge of Guru Maharaj Ji because we are his soldiers, part of his body. When we take this Knowledge, we merge in him, we become one in him. And that's our aim in life. So we have got this power to spread Knowledge, we have got the potential to do it, but we are not.

In the Ramayana, there were these two people who were helping Lord Rama to make a bridge from India to Ceylon. They had this power to pick up a stone, and throw it in the water, and it would not sink; it would just float on the water. But they forgot that they had this power, so they had to be reminded of their power. And when they got reminded of this power, they did it.

In the same way, I am reminding you now of your power. This Knowledge of Guru Maharaj Ji has given me that potential to spread the Knowledge in every corner of the world. And you can spread it - I bet you that. And you will spread it, one day or the other.

Maharaj Ji wants us to spread this Knowledge, because it's perfect! I was coming on the plane, and there was this man, and I asked him, "What do you think about peace?" He told me that he knows of peace. He has this belief that everybody feels peace. Even President Nixon feels peace. He goes to his office in his limousine, sits there, sits in the chair, "Haah," and has a glass of coke or a beer or something like that, you know, and he goes back from his office, in the car, sits, and as he sits in the car, he is tired and he rests.

That's peace alright, but it's not complete peace, it's piece by piece. Peace that I get piece by piece is not complete peace. It's not constant. But Guru Maharaj Ji has given us complete peace which is constant. And that's the peace we want, not, you know, banana split. We want permanent, constant peace. And that's what Guru Maharaj Ji has given us.

So we have to meditate, on it, and realize who Guru Maharaj Ji is if we have not realized till now. It's never too late to realize. See, a time is going to come when people are going to realize this Knowledge, one day or the other.

So they should realize it now because now is the time when they can play a part in the game to spread Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge in every corner of the world. Somebody read out the proclamation of the Divine United Organization. That's a very powerful proclamation, but we have to also read a proclamation within inside, make a determination, that as long as blood is flowing in my veins, I am going to propagate Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge.

When you go to court, you say, "I swear by the Almighty I'll speak nothing but the truth and so help me God." In the same way, you have to swear, make a determination in your mind, as long as the blood is flowing in my veins, as long as there is a drop in my body, as long as I am breathing, I will spread the Knowledge of Guru Maharaj Ji in the world. And when we make that determination, when we make that thought in our mind, then only can we propagate Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge in every corner of the world.

If we are his devotees, we will not think it is Maharaj Ji's duty to propagate - no, it's our duty! Why? Because he is our Perfect Master; he gave us this Knowledge.

Every Perfect Master comes in His time and Guru Maharaj Ji has come now in 1973. He will speak from this stage today, he won't tell us who he is, but I am telling you he is the Perfect Master, if you believe in me. Premies believe in me, non-premies don't believe in me, the people who don't have this Knowledge don't believe in me. For them I might be the biggest liar in the world.

But to prove in the court of law that I am the biggest liar, the born liar in the world, they have to take this Knowledge, because they have to experience both sides of it. When they take this Knowledge they'll find that I am the biggest truthful speaker in the world, because I am speaking the truth, though it may sound a bit bad.

Maharaj Ji is the Perfect Master. So when I say Maharaj Ji is the Perfect Master of this time, he is. If you want to prove me wrong, take this Knowledge. But when you take this Knowledge, you know, you get blissed out.

The stage we are all looking for is to get one with the Lord, and when we get one with the Lord, that's the most far out thing, we merge in Him. What happens when you take this Knowledge and really meditate on it, really dig it, really get into it, what happens is we merge in Him.

Maharaj Ji has thousands of bodies. Every devotee has a body. But when a devotee meditates, really meditates, his soul and Maharaj Ji's soul become one. So it's like one soul with thousands and millions of bodies, but one energy working within every one of them. And when that happens, everybody gets blissed out, everyone says, "Wow, that's it." That's the end of the world for them. Just keep meditating, that's complete bliss.

So, brothers and sisters, that is all I have to say. Thank you very much, and may God bless all of you. Thank you.


Raja Ji Rawat