Many people want to go and read scriptures. They think that they will get something out of them. I think, as a matter of fact, that if you read scriptures you might end up getting more confused.

Scriptures have a build-up to this Knowledge. It's like seeing a sign which says, "Airport 5 miles," so you go. Then you go one more mile, and it says, "Airport 4 miles." Then you go one more mile, and it says, "Airport 3 miles." You go one more, "2 miles." Then, "1 mile." And then there is a big sign, "Airport." But all you can see is the sign. That's all that is there.

And that's like the build-up of all the scriptures. They are talking about many different things, they have a build-up, and then they stop. They cannot proceed any further than that. That's just the way it is.

People who just like to read story books and happen to pick up a scripture and start reading it only for that, they won't be confused. But a person who is sincerely seeking Knowledge of God, of Truth, he will certainly be confused. Because the build-up is correct, it's truthful, but where does it go? Where does it last? There is all this Knowledge, Knowledge, Knowledge … Word, Word, Word Holy Word, Holy Breath, holy this and holy that … but where is it? It's just not there, not in words.

And that build-up that you have in your heart by reading all those beautiful things and really getting excited about it has a big full stop on it. You get really blissed out, then you come to a point which is the last page of the book, unfortunately.

That is why when a Perfect Master comes, whenever He comes in this earth, He does not need any scriptures. He does not come to write scriptures. He has come to reveal Knowledge. He always comes to reveal this Knowledge to us. It is only after a Perfect Master leaves that all these scriptures are made. And then people get into the scriptures and never look for the living Perfect Master.

Like in the Gita. There are so many people in India who read the Gita. They read it seven times, eight times, a hundred times, two hundred times, three hundred times, maybe countless times. All their life they read the Gita. And in the Gita, Lord Krishna describes this Knowledge to his disciple, Arjuna. It's a very beautiful explanation and so Arjuna asks, "Lord, what is the way to receive it?"

Krishna responds, "Go to the Perfect Master of your time and rid yourself of all the desires that you have in your heart. Go with no ego in front of Him. Go with a heart like a little child, and beg Him, ask Him, request Him. He will give it to you."

It's like, "Knock and it shall be opened. Ask and it shall be given." But instead of understanding the truthful meaning of that, we get completely stuck in the scripture itself. It says to go to a Perfect Master, to go to that power that can reveal to us this Knowledge. That is why there is some significance to this Knowledge. That is why there is some significance to Guru Maharaj Ji, and that is why he comes into this world: to reveal to us this beautiful, most fantastic thing.

But if a person has ego, if our minds and hearts are filled with ego, even if we go to the Perfect Master of the time and tell him to fill our hearts up, how is he going to do it?

At some farms there are cows. And usually people have a supply of milk in their own house, but sometimes just for the sake of the walk, they will go to the farm and bring along their own bucket. They get their bucket filled, cover it up, and take it back to their home.

If you alreadytake a full bucket, and tell the farmer to fill it with milk, how is he going to do that? And that is what a man's ego is.

If we go to the Lord as a lord ourselves, He's going to say, "Sorry. I can't help you." But if we go like a servant, go like a lower being, knowing nothing, then He can fill us up.

There are so many people who went to Jesus and asked Him, "Who are you?" How come only John, only those few disciples, knew who He was and dedicated their whole lives, while others also went and asked? They also asked, "Who are you? Can you show us who you are?" But they never got anything.

Why only did those few understand? Because they went with an open heart.

So this truth that we want to realize is far beyond what our conceptions are. And now, finally, the guy who has the combination to the lock inside us has come, and he can open that lock simply because he has the combination. So go ahead - make a little step, or a big step, but go ahead to the guy who can give you the combination to the lock inside.

- Guru Maharaj