Dear Reader, at long last, we're back. A lot has happened since December. Despite the delay, support from our readers through donations and continued subscriptions has been fantastic. We, the staff, would like to take this opportunity to thank all concerned for your help and your patience. Most of all, we look forward to hearing from all our readers and learning your response to this new issue of And It Is Divine.

David Passes
Managing Editor

The Editors: a few weeks ago a friend of mine who has recently entered your premie house in Provincetown, Mass., sent me a copy of And It Is Divine. For the most part I found your articles thoughtful and interesting and the photography stunning. Today I purchased the December issue and once again was overwhelmed by the quality of the pictures and pleased to read the well done synopsis of social/political conditions in countries comprising the centers of our civilization crisis. However I was dismayed by a paragraph in the section on the United States in which it is stated that … "the task which they face now is putting the pieces together, creating a unity which is more real than that which most Americans thought they had before the first Black man sat down in the front of a bus."

It was a Black woman. And it wasn't that she sat down but that she refused to stand up.

This may seem like a small point, but I think the fact that this incident was an act of passive resistance rather than one of aggressive resolve is important. This quiet, unplanned act by a tired woman caught and held the attention of a nation living a lie in the face of its purported ideals. As a people we were forced to look at the vast difference between what is written in our sacred Constitu-

tion and how it is in our daily lives. A great deal of what we saw was ugly and shameful. Many of us worked hard to bring the ideals to a reality - some of us found that the ideology in practice is distasteful. Since that time there have been Viet Nam, assassination, Watergate, the energy crisis and the threat of drugs - all harsh realities reminding us again and again how far apart are the American Dream and the American Way of Life. All of these things are tolerable only because they are the outcome of a great cultural change. A change that is not a revolution but an evolution. And I think it is important to recall that for most of us the significant moment of awareness began not with an overt hostile act but with one tired Black woman who very passively preferred to remain in her seat.

I believe we all strive for a gentler way of living and a sense of peace within ourself.
Gracia Berry
Seattle, Washington


Dear Sir: I have heard about this Knowledge that you are giving and I desire it with all of my being. It is what I have searched for all of my life.

I care for my 91-year-old mother and two children, but can have several days free later this year.

Please tell me if there is anyone near here - within an eight hour drive by bus - that I can contact to receive this Knowledge during these few free days I shall have. Many thanks.
Dottie Putzel
Lenoir, North Carolina

Dear Editor, recently I saw And It Is Divine magazine on the news stand. I did not resist the temptation to pick up a copy, leaf through a few pages and part with a buck.

Volume 1, issue 12 and page 35 explains that Guru Maharaj Ji has some close disciples that will show me His Knowledge. Please give me information as to where and how soon, because I am so very anxious for the Real Truth.
Jake Roberts
Pine Bank, Pa.

Dear Premies: the ways I have heard about Guru Maharaj Ji, the Perfect Master, have been unusual. But at this point, I know, more than I have ever known anything, that I want to receive Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge.

I attended the fantastic Millennium '73 in Houston and it was then that I realized how important this was to me. Although I asked to receive Knowledge while in Houston, evidently it was not yet time.

Now I am willing to go about anywhere necessary to receive Knowledge. Could you supply me with any information as to where the mahatmas will be in the coming weeks? Thank you very much.
Joe Whalen
Davenport, Iowa

Dear Brothers and Sisters, how happy I was when I first came across your book which is called Who Is Guru Maharaj Ji? feel amazed that he could secure the True Love which we are struggling for every moment. I have been meditating every day since I read this book. It proves that what I wanted exists. I want to have more satsang about this Guru Maharaj Ji.

I am a Catholic now, but I don't see any difference between other religions or their beliefs. They all tell me to put myself completely in the hands of the Infinite One. How peaceful I feel by reading your magazines. Can I have a picture of Guru Maharaj Ji?
Happy to hear from you.
With solemn gladness,
Your brother,
Matthews Agbekoh

Dear Disciple in Christ, I have purchased and read two copies of And It Is Divine which I happened to see on a magazine stand. Its message was very impressive and struck a response in my heart. I have been associated with the church and with Christians ever since I was 5 years of age. I am now 58 years. I too am seeking Wisdom. Knowledge and God- consciousness. I have been reading and studying for years to understand and experience true meditation. Guru Maharaj Ji in all his articles seems to have the message for humanity and its problems of this day. The pictures and ideas along with them give a person a feeling of peace and serenity.

Please forward any literature and advice that you think might be of help to me in my search for Oneness with God. Thank you and the Father for your service in His Name.
Yours in Christ,
Raymond Goodnough
Ontario, Canada


To the Editor, through a friend of mine I got a copy of your magazine And It Is Divine and I found it interesting reading about Guru Maharaj Ji and his beliefs.

Even though I only have a brief knowledge of the teachings of Divine Light Mission, I can see that you people are of those false prophets that the Bible mentions so often that would appear in the last days.

It is not my mean to offend you, but instead to bring you away from error to the Truth. The Bible says that those that love Jesus Christ as our saviour and show his love by obeying him (keeping his commandments, ten of them) those will have peace, real peace. Peace that you cannot buy or sell. Are you doing so? This peace only Christ can give, not Guru Maharaj Ji or anyone else but Christ dwelling in our hearts and so on.

I wish you and the leaders of your organization would pray to God to give you the true Knowledge of Christ so that you wouldn't be of those blind leading other blind.
Sincerely yours,
A true friend