Jiva - premie rock groupJIVA: Rock Group

Jiva was a rock band with a much harder sound than most of the "premie" musicians and they were signed to George Harrison's vanity label Dark Horse records. Whether this was done purely on a musical basis or because Harrison was in the process of courting and marrying Olivia Arias who was a premie and friendly with the band is unknown. They had a shot at stardom as the support band for the Fleetwood Mac tour in 1975 which made superstars of Fleetwood Mac but it was not to be. I still enjoy their music 35 years after deciding that the guru that they sung about is shiite. In a 2013 interview Michael Lanning said he was was still doing Prem Rawat's meditation after 40 years though in 1975 mentioning Guru Maharaj Ji on an album or in a song was a no-no. Of course, these days virtually nobody knows who Prem Rawat is and virtually nobody remembers Guru Maharaj Ji. Nevertheless you could do a lot worse than buying these 4 albums for $25 from Bandcamp.

Jiva - premie rock group
The Holy Lotus Feet from the cover of Still Life
Jiva - premie rock group
Jiva - premie rock group
Maharaji rocks out to Jiva. How he loves dressing up.
Jiva - premie rock group
Michael Nouri, a 40 year premie
& common law wife-beater with band member

And that experience is always there, because it's infinite! And we can always achieve it. We can always be there, by going to Guru Maharaj Ji, by going to the Perfect Master. Because Perfect Master not only teaches us perfectness -- and that is why he is a Perfect Master -- but he has the key. And not only does he have the key, but that answer, that solution, that experience, lies within him. Because he is that experience. And by approaching that Master, then he unfolds, he unites yourself, that individual, that one jiva, that one soul, to himself, and thus bridges the most, most incredible barrier, crossing the most wide, most outrageous, most violent stream of all between us, crossing all factors of time, life, death, anything that's finite -- crossing all those factors -- and bringing us into that perfect harmony and that perfect unity. - Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji May 28 1978

With the release of JIVA's new album on Dark Horse Records,
we'd like to announce that we still have available
a limited number of copies of JIVA's first album,
recorded and produced for the Toronto Hans Jayanti festival.

Michael Scott Lanning - Guitar, Vocals
James Gartland Strauss - Bass, Vocals
Thomas Walter Hilton - Guitar, Vocals
Michael Randolph Reed (Reedo) - Drums, percussion

Available through Bandcamp cheap at $5

By His Grace cover art 1. 'Til I Looked In Your Eyes 02:47      
2. I Know What You Came For 04:08
3. Just For You 03:40
4. Silver Plated Cross 04:12
5. Devotion 03:25
6. He's Here 03:26
7. Ocean Of Mercy 04:29
8. Here You Are Again 02:55
9. All Is Well 02:48

Jiva coupon Michael Lanning was interviewed in May 1975 after being signed by George Harrison to his Dark Horse label.

What kind of songs are on the album? Are they songs to Guru Maharaj Ji?
They're all to Guru Maharaj Ji, but we haven't mentioned Maharaj Ji's name. That's a no-no. Of course a song like "Something's Going On Inside LA" naturally talks about Knowledge. The lead-off song on the album will probably be a song called "Take My Love." Maharaj Ji really likes that song a lot. The first time we recorded it, he suggested we do it again without the background. Then George wanted to re-record "Ocean of Mercy" off the Hans Jayanti album, because he really liked it, so it might be on our first album, too. The rest will probably be all new material. We've written 30 new songs. The album's going to be really commercial - we've cut almost everything down to under three minutes, really fast. Our first album will only have one ballad, a song that Guru Maharaj Ji likes a lot, called "Love Is A Treasure." He asked us to do it for one of his home movies.

Have you had any contact with Maharaj Ji since you found out about the contract?
No, not really. He's been very busy in India. But before he went we made him a demo tape. He wants us to do a wedding song for the movie of his wedding. We're going to go ahead and do that at the record plant at our studios. He doesn't know that yet, but if he comes home soon we'll tell him.

1975 JIVA

Something's Going' on in L.A.
The Closer I Get
Love is a Treasure
Take My Love
Hey Brother

World of Love
What You're Waiting For?
It's Time You Know
Don't be Sad
All is Well

Thomas Hilton - guitar, vocals;
Michael Lanning - guitar, vocals;
Mike Reed - drums, percussion;
James Strauss - bass, vocals

Available through Bandcamp cheap at $5  
Jiva - premie rock group

1977 MORE GRACE - (Remixed 2012)

1. Best Of Life 04:48
2. Right Inside 03:54
3. Sing Me 02:41
4. Page In My Heart 05:37
5. Shine Together 03:06
6. Love is the Feeling 04:12
7. Thief In The Night 05:44
8. Prayer 05:36
9. Alone With You 02:32
10. Moon Song 03:29

Michael Lanning, vocals, guitar, piano
Tommy Hilton, vocals, guitar, bass
Patrick Pearsall, vocals, lead guitar
Stephen Halter, vocals, keyboards
Reedo Reed, guest drummer & percussion
Judy Jacobs (Rosen), vocals

Jiva - premie rock group

Available through Bandcamp cheap at $7.50


Face The Light
Take My Love
Let It Go
Hanging On To That Sand

Just For You
That Scene Again
You Belong To Me
Love Is The Feeling

Michael Scott Lanning: Lead vocals, guitar
Patric Pearsall: Lead guitar
Thomas Walter Hilton: Bass
Steven Halter: Keyboards
Reedo: Drums, percussion

Jiva - premie rock group

2. IT'S SO EASY 03:23
5. HOME AGAIN 02:19
8. ONLY YOU 04:46
9. WHAT I SEE IN YOU 04:38
10. NEED YOUR LOVE 04:42

Jiva - premie rock group Jiva - premie rock group

Jiva - premie rock groupThey were occasionally mentioned in DLM media:

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