The Media at Millenium '73

It's only to be expected that when any person claims to be an incarnation of God, actively promotes himself as about to initiate 1,000 years of peace on earth, hires the largest hall on the planet and invites tens of thousands of followers to join him in unveiling the details there will be a certain degree of media attention.

However if your only plan is getting people to squeeze their eyes and ears, poke their tongues backwards, think about their breathing and worship you, then the press may change from skeptical to downright dismissive and rude. The Millenium '73 Festival produced the greatset quantity of publicity that Prem Rawat has ever received and it was all pretty well identical. Every article was derisory and ridiculed him as an incompetent phony and greedy buffoon though some reporters had a few nice things to say about some of his followers.

Some newspapers also had stories about Millenium '73.