Under Construction Mahatma Jagdeo: Paedophile

Mahatmas pranaming to Prem Rawat (Maharaji) One of the most important factors in the early success of DLM were the large number of Indian 'mahatmas', supposedly celibate men and women who lived in ashrams and dedicated their lives to practice and recruitment of the "Knowledge".

The idealistic and ignorant young Westerners believed these people to be "liberated", "realised souls", "yogis", "swamis", etc. They were thought to be above normal consciousness and to exist on a higher plane. And certainly the few mahatmas that came to Australia put on a pretty convincing show in this regard.

The notorious pedophile, Mahatma Jadgdeo, with Prem Rawat and Western devotees at Rawat's Malibu mansion The mahatma who was probably closest to Prem Rawat was Mahatma Jagdeo. He lived in the Malibu mansion and for many years had a special service overseeing the educational facilities of Divine Light Mission. It was later revealed he was a paedophile who took advantage of his position to sexually abuse some of the children in these schools.

Mahatma Jagdeo, close disciple of Prem Rawat and paedophile When the organisation was challenged about these events, they first tried to ignore the accusations. Jagdeo was returned to India where he was protected within the Raj Vidya Kender infrastructure.

Jagdeo also supervised the training of the Western initiators for some years. In the photo on left he is seen at the back of an early group of Western devotees "training" to become "initiators".

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