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Dear brothers and sisters,

I will tell you, it is so fantastic experiencing this life. I just can't believe it, sometimes, that this complete wondrousness could actually happen to me. I know I did nothing to deserve it; it is only Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, that I have understood enough to know to follow this supreme path.

This world is temporary. Everything inevitably is going to end. We are all going to leave these bodies. This is why we have to completely devote ourselves to the realization of Truth. Guru Maharaj Ji has shown us that path, and, by His Grace, He is here to enable us to realize. Our loving Father has come, and He is taking us Home inside, so we can understand why we have come here and where we are going.

This is why we have to completely devote ourselves. Otherwise, we are always thinking and not following this path of Truth. And if we don't follow this path of Truth, by remembering Holy Name, then how can we ever expect to realize this Knowledge, this peace, which is what it is all about? And, this is so fantastic, because we are alive and that is the greatest miracle ever. It is totally amazing and we now know how to appreciate this life, which is inside us all of the time.

One thing I have realized is the importance of effort. Effort is an indication of our sincerity. If we really want something, we will make effort for it. If we really want Guru Maharaj Ji, then we will control these minds by remembering with unbroken concentration the Holy Name. Shri Hans Ji Maharaj once said "true devotion comprises constant remembrance of Holy Name." And Guru Maharaj Ji said: "When you have controlled your mind, then you have realized God." So we have to make the most effort we can and merge our wills in Him. By really keeping our attention of His Name, His Holy Name. This is how we remember Guru Maharaj Ji, by remembering the Holy Name. And then inside we go, deeper and deeper, into the unfathomable depths of this Knowledge. It is so fantastic, because it is indisputably the Truth, completely real, by your own experience.

So, it has been wonderful being in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love. The premier here are so shiny and I am sure that they are ready, now, to realize this most precious Knowledge. Ages and ages have led up to now, to enable this greatest happening to happen. The enlightenment of all of the human children (or at least as many as possible). And then the world will be a perfect place for the children of tomorrow to grow and love in. All of these little kids, incarnate Saints, to further illuminate this creation. Really, the Golden Age has begun. It is now up to us to realize, the sooner the better.

Your brother in His Perfect Love

Brotherly Love newsletter

So now we've been hearing for some time about this Active Membership Program and really it's a way that any premie (whether he be a student, housewife, or just anyone) can plug directly into Guru Maharaj Ji's mission. Active Membership is simply the activity of practicing Knowledge fully in one's life. It involves doing satsang, service, and meditation, keeping the five Holy Commandments of Guru Maharaj Ji, contributing 10% of your regular income, helping to propagate Knowledge through service in Divine Light Mission whenever possible, and filling out a skills questionnaire unless national already has it on record. As you see, A.M.P. is a chance to again redefine our lives in service and dedication to Guru Maharaj Ji. If you want to apply, pick-up your application or write to: A.M.P., 4724 Baltimore Avenue, Phila., 19143. Premies who are active in a D.I.C. community or who are not part of a DUO Community should send all inquiries to: A.M.P., Divine Light Mission, Box 532, Denver, CO 80201.

If you don't receive an A.M.P. application within a month, call or write the local DUO Office. SA6-1600.

As Guru Maharaj Ji reminded us when He was last in Denver, "… The premies are really ready to get on their feet and do something, now … Look, we have been working on this organization for such a long time to develop the organization, to come to this point. And now we have come to this point, where we can do it. We have manpower, we have Grace, we have this most beautiful Knowledge, and we got everything just perfect. We can do it, I mean, so the next question is, why not? And that's not even a question!".

The quickest way to rid your mind of that old fear of want, fear of your job, fear of the power of money, is to have an absolute trust in your heavenly Father's loving care and for you to pay out gladly your last dollar for a needed thing, KNOWING that by so doing you make it possible for Him to supply you with plenty more.


It is as if your needs must keep the stream of money ever flowing, if you would not clog up its source. For money, in its true sense, is the means for the perfect expression of material life; even as the blood is the means for the perfect expression of physical health.

In both cases your mind mist not only hold true and pure thoughts--God's thoughts only--about the material life or yourself and others, and about your physical well-being, but

you must know that God's Mind is the Source of all true thoughts; and by perfect faith and trust in Him you thus keep yourself open to the free circulation of His Thoughts in your consciousness about both your affairs and your body, thus creating perfect health and harmony in both.

This has been proven by many so-called "tithers." They have created a consciousness where they know that, by using money freely in such perfect trust in God, and especially in thanksgiving and loving gratitude to Him, giving freely a percentage of their income to that part of His Work which is bringing the Truth to them, they become greatly blessed in this world's goods and are put in a position where they can help many souls to come into this same truth.

It is the pinching and holding on to your last dollar, fearing that no more will care, that actually prevents your receiving more. For giving, more than anything else, helps to open the channel so that supply, both spiritual and material, can freely flow.

Now we wish finally to emphasize that the application and proving of this great law not only bring financial freedom and success, but it will bring also perfect health, harmony, and happiness into all departments of your life. For when you begin to think only true thoughts about yourself, then of course God's consciousness lives in your body and His thoughts rule your mind, and there can manifest only perfect health in your body and perfect harmony in all your various affairs; when naturally happiness must sing in your heart and be your daily companion.

So, dear friend, we have given you this message--one born of an intense yearning to furnish to those who are wandering in the darkness of present world conditions a sure guide to lead them back into the Light of Love, of abiding Trust, and of true Happiness.

-- The Way Out



Last November, we began organizing satellite satsangs in the community in an attempt to allow every premie to have the opportunity to attend satsang, and to absorb the needed inspiration that makes the path of Knowledge the reality in our lives. Satsang was the first step and it has been taken.

The next step is service. With many premies feeling inspired from satsang, it is important that we each have the opportunity to do service. In the past, it hasn't been so easy to do some direct service in the mission. But now we are at a stage of growth where the opportunity to serve Maharaj Ji is expanding.

The first thing that each of us can do is become an active mmber of Divine Light Mission. The article on page 2 explains more about it so I won't take time right here to get into what A.M.P. is. Beyond this however, a new avenue of service is opening up called the community committee system. It is a way of giving a lot of premies service all at one time in an organized fashion. Presently we have begun two committees. A fund raising committee and a Memorial Day Meditation Retreat committee. The fund raising committee is organizing the events during this month to raise money for Divine Light Mission and to enable us to rake the $12,000.00 down payment on the new ashram. Premies are needed to help the committee put on the various events including a film program, a video tape program, a smorgasbord dinner and a slide show night with a film clip of Premlata.

The meditation retreat committee is another opportunity for premies to get into service. This committee is going to do all the service needed to put on the three day memorial day retreat on May 24th, 25th, and 26th. The committee is broken down into four groups of service. 1. registration and housing, 2. food preparation, 3. programming, 4. W.P.C. (setup and clean-up crew). Community premies have volunteered to coordinate each of these service areas. Herb Gersenson is the committee chairman. If you would like to participate in service at the retreat, call Herb at IV3-8458 for more information.

The idea behind the committees is to give everyone the precious opportunity to volunteer an action to Guru Maharaj Ji's lotus feet.

We will be soon forming propagational committees in each area of the city through the community council. These committees will not only propagate for public programs but they'll also find ways to expose premies to the neighborhoods there and help get premies involved in community groups and social work through W.W.A. The potential is unlimited and since Maharaj Ji has made His major agya now to propagate Knowledge, these soon to be formed committees will be our first really organized way of reaching out and letting people see us. There'll be a lot more about this in the June issue of Brotherly Love,

We're just getting started now on this path of realization and by His grace the mount of work to do is endless. The important thing to remember is that each step we take has to be taken from meditation so that we proceed at His pace. Not too slow, or not too fast.

By now you should have received a letter from Rich Pattison explaining more about the fundraising committee. On page 27 are the upcoming activities happening in May. Hope to see you there. Jai Satchitanand.



-    Man with Multiple sclerosis and wife want to hear satsang at their house.

-    Very young child with brain damage needs many people for sensory and physical stimulation exercises - 'programming'.

-    PREMIE BROTHER IN PRISON would like having that connection of satsang. Please write: Joseph Baldwin W2126, Box 244, State Correctional Institution at Graterford, Graterford, PA 19426.

ALSO, anybody in the community with daytime service opportunities to offer, contact Ted. Many people with the daytime free want service.

ANOTHER THING: Anyone who would like the service of calling churches & different organizations, to find out if they have any halls available for us to use, please call Ted at SA6-1600.


April 2, 1975 A letter from a premie:

Dear H,

By Maharaj Ji's grace I was able to attend Holi Weekend in Pottstown. For me, this has been the most blissful experience, outside of meditation, since I received Knowledge two months ago. It was most beautiful to see premies gathered for the purpose of realizing their existance on this planet.

I hope Philadelphia's Divine Light Mission will continue to hold retreats such as this one in the future, and hopefully at the Fellowship Farm.

Jai Satchitanand.

Brotherly Love newsletter



As most of you know, three sisters in the center in Tallahassee, Florida, were shot about a month ago. One was killed and two, DeeDee and Lorraine, were injured. By the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji, both women have been recovering quickly. DeeDee is out of the hospital and is waiting six months for surgery to insert a plate in her skull. She is active and doing well. Lorraine is doing well and is improving constantly. She is in good spirits -- doing much meditation. However, she still has a bullet in her brain which has left her speech-ashasic and hemiplegic. What this basically means is that she has lost a good deal of her power of expression of speech, writing and signs. She is able to understand, however, much of what is communicated to her. She is partially paralyzed, hav- ing lost the use of her right side for the most part. Whether this is permanent or not, we don't know.

The premies in Tallahassee have begun a fund-raising campaign for DeeDee and Lorraine, and a trust fund has been set up, as neither of the women have nearly enough money to pay for their medical and extended care expenses.

We wanted to give all of you the opportunity to help these sisters in whatever way you can. By Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, Lorraine has been able to move her leg which was paralyzed and so continually we are given uplifting signs of encouragement for the future. If you wish to send a contribution towards the trust fund, the address is:

The Dee-Ann-Lorraine Recovery Fund Capital City First National Bank
P. 0. Box 900
Tallahassee, Florida 32302

Checks or money orders can be made out to: The Dee-Ann-Lorraine Fund


An interview with Guru Maharaj Ji, compiled from Question and Answer session in 1971-1972.

Q: What must I do to be ready for the Knowledge?

A: You must realize first why this Knowledge is essential. Then we must make ourselves ready for the Knowledge. When we become ready, then Satguru gives us this Knowledge. First we have to become worthy of receiving it. You don't take food at any time. When you feel hungry then you take food. So become hungry for the Knowledge so you can take it. If your stomach is full and you eat more, you will vomit. Same way, if you are not feeling hungry and you take this Knowledge, you will vomit. You won't practice it, it will get rotten and it will harm you.

Q: What does it mean to have a guileless heart?

A: A guileless heart means a hungry heart. Humbleness, how are we going to produce it? If a man is hungry, he becomes humble automatically; "Please I want to eat." Hungry heart!

Q: Can I reach God through prayer, or is it just through meditation?

A. Meditation is the direct process. Because speaking words is indirect. The idea must arise, then it goes to your thoughts, then you decide, "Yes I must use these words, and these words," and then you go to your memory to get these words.Then the words come into your mouth and then you speak them. Isn't it an indirect process? And isn't it an imperfect process? Do you thing these words are perfect?

Q: No.

A: So how can you do it? It's simple. How are you going to apply imperfect words to the perfect thing? You can't reach the perfect thing with an imperfect technique. But the Knowledge is the perfect -technique. It is the direct technique.

Q: Does the light become dim if you do something wrong?

A: It only becomes dim if you are not practicing it. It is all practice.


Q: Is Life as difficult as it sometimes seems to be?

A: Life is a tide, float on it. Go down with it and go up with it. But be detached, then it is not difficult.

Q. Guru Maharaj Ji, what is Love?

A: Love is something that cannot be spoken of. It can only be experienced practically, and real Love is only between the Lord and devotee. But today everybody is misusing it, loving their car, Loving their house and so on. Well, just try and experience the original and real thing inside yourself. This Love is only for God, nothing else in the world, only for the Supreme Almighty, because only He is capable of receiving love. Do you understand?

Q: Some people say you are a divine incarnation, and some people say other things about you. What's the truth? A: You yourself must realize what is the truth.

Q: What about our relatives that don't take the Knowledge, how can we save them?

A: There is only one way to survive, and that's by taking the Knowledge. You cannot survive by talking about sur- vival. It has to be a practical thing. So, one way, one truth, one God. If God had been stereophonic, there would have been two outputs and two inputs. There would be two paths to realization. But God is not stereophonic, God is one. And this is it. If you think there are other ways you must try them.

Q: Maharaj Ji, I'm in school and it's very hard for me to do my school work and to practice the Knowledge fully.

A: What about me? I was in the same position.. I was in school too, but I was practicing this Knowledge. You can do it. Where there is a will there is a way. No will, no way!

Q: How should we give satsang, Guru Maharaj Ji? Should we

give different kinds of satsang to different people?

A: Yes, there is a style in giving satsang and some people are not familiar with it. If I give satsang to premies, right, and then I go to my school and I give satsang to my teachers, I don't say, "Dear premies, this and that, "do I? I say, "Dear teachers," right? Of course. Now there


is one theme that I tell them, and there is a different theme that I tell premies. What I do with them is I ask them questions, I don't give them answers, I ask them questions. "What is the highest point in your life, eh?" Questions like this. But I don't ask premies, "What is the highest point in your life?" They will say, "Yes, I know that. " When I can with my teachers I ask them, and when they can't answer or they give the wrong answer, then I tell them. If he says such and such a thing, then I tell him, "No, this is it." So it is a different style. When I meet my friend, I'll tell him in a different way; and if I meet my relatives, I'll tell them in a different way; and when I meet different people, I'll tell them in a different way. Many times it happens that I'm sitting in a plane and a man walks up to me and says, "May I ask you a question?" I say, "Go ahead," and I don't know who this man is, because it's the first time I'm seeing him, right? And we both start talking. I don't talk to him too much, mostly he talks to me and I am understanding what type of man he is, because some types of people are very strange. And you want to know what kind of person they are, and they'll want to talk, so you let them talk. And what do I do? I sit quietly and let them talk and talk and talk. And then they stop, and then I'll tell them something. Everybody is ready for the introduction, but in a different style. Yes?

Brotherly Love newsletter

Brotherly Love newsletterPROPAGATION

The number of us at nightly satsang over the past two weeks has been a real inspiration. The power was just so evident. We all seen to have understood something more of the Knowledge and now it's so important to maintain that momentum. Nightly satsang is such a key.

Just as evident as the power at satsang was our heightened sensitivity to that vibe. Like a car at 80 m.p.h., the slightest turn of the wheel produces a big swerve. So it goes with powerful satsang gatherings, that it becomes a necessity more than ever that each one of us take responsibility for maintaining that power -- through meditation.

So propagation happens, in direct proportion to our understanding and practice of Knowledge. And again, nightly satsang is such a key, both for our own realization and for propagation. As Arthur said one evening, 'as our own mind is controlled, so are the ones around us attracted to peace. It's all so simple.


"The community is like a cell … It's like developing a cell that will develop into other cells. And all of these different programs concentrate into it. (Referring to programs of the Mission). And this community projects all these programs. We develop a strong enough community so that it can develop itself into different communities. Now our basic part there will be that it won't be in the same manner that it has been like. It will be more concentrated towards prachar. It is like, this community has been made to do prachar."

- Guru Maharaj Ji
January 22, 1975

Brotherly Love newsletter

Brotherly Love newsletter

Brotherly Love newsletter

Brotherly Love newsletterIn every human's life, there is something missing. And that something, that most important thing which he is missing, he does not even understand. He does not even know what it is. But that most important thing is this Knowledge. Really we must try to find it. Finally we are staggering along and somebody comes and says, "Well, what do you want?" And you say, "Knowledge". So he says, "OK. I can give you Knowledge."

But the thing is, premies, that now that we have understood what Knowledge is, our one and foremost duty is to make other people understand how important this Knowledge is. Then they can also share this greatest truth, this greatest secret, that we have understood, that we have realized in this lifetime. Really, you cannot describe how fantastic this Knowledge is. It is something that a person has to individually understand.

I mean, there are so many programs held and there are so many people who listen to satsang, but in spite of that, they still have to go and receive the Knowledge in order to understand, to realize, that individual experience. It's up to us. We have to make other people who are our brothers and sisters understand that: "Listen, there is something like this Knowledge. There is something that valuable; there is something that important in our lives."

Brotherly Love newsletterAll the premies are here, I am here and it's really beautiful, it's really blissful. But the thing is, if you turn around and look towards this world, it's not so beautiful. This world is in a miserable, terrible, horrible shape. You imagine it and it's happening.

Yet we are so fortunate that we have that bliss that this whole world is missing. Maybe we don't have big Phantom jets; maybe we don't have the big B52's; maybe we don't have X15's; maybe we are not rulers; or maybe we don't have a government. But we have something that is far greater, far more beautiful than what other people have, and far more reliable, far more blissful. And that is this Knowledge, that bliss that we all have. Now there's only one thing to do, there's only one thing left -- that we just turn around and take a look at ourselves, just see we are blissful; and why are we blissful? Because we have been able to understand something in our lifetime.

Premies, maybe people have beautiful bodies, maybe they have everything that they need, maybe all these nations have it. But there is one single thing they don't have and that thing is this Knowledge. Humanity is missing this Knowledge. The day everybody will be able to share this Knowledge … Sometimes it's so hard to even try to sit down and imagine what'll happen if this whole world receives Knowledge. I mean, have you ever thought about it? I tell you, I'll be, in a great mess up. I won't be able to go anywhere! Listen, I tried to get out of here this morning, and we had to just zip in and out of the traffic because all these premies were chasing us.

But anyway, can you imagine the bliss that will be there when this whole world receives the Knowledge? I mean it's gonna be so fantastic, so beautiful. And Listen, the most beautiful thing about it is that it is very, very possible. It's very, very possible. This whole world can receive Knowledge and be in that ultimate bliss in this century. I mean if we try, if all the premies try hard, really, really hard, I don't see it as being impossible for everybody to receive Knowledge.

-- Guru Maharaj Ji, London


Presently Guru Maharaj Ji is spending time in Bihar State, India with those who will be administrating His Mission there, and He is giving Darshan to the premies there. We will keep you informed of all further developments as we know them, but things are going well there now. A few days ago, Candi McNary spoke with Mahatma Rajeshwar in Tehran, Iran, and Mahatma Ji had been with Guru Maharaj Ji in Lucknow. He said that there were over 50,000 waiting to see Maharaj Ji at the program there before it was stopped. Also, in Lucknow, India, Maharaj Ji held a press conference. Below are a few of the quotes, "It is funny and ridiculous to say they have removed me from office as if it is a public office to which I was elected or appointed" … "Nobody creates a guru. He is self-existent. Nobody can make a guru except the Guru Maharaj Ji himself." … "I am not leaving my job. These accusations have not changed me. These will result in only further perfecting of the perfect master." … "But I will come back again and again to India and many other countries to spread my message" … "This time I came to set right wrong notions, ideas and feelings among my devotees. My duty is to save people and to spread happiness and peace."

MIKE DONNER Appeared in court in Indianapolis Friday, 11 April. His original 4 year sentence was reduced by the judges by one year. The judge further specified that Mike's 3 year sentence should be served in an institution other than a conventional prison penitentiary. Further legal action is being taken on the reduction of suspension of Mike's sentence, and you will be notified of the outcome.

HANS JAYANTI is now definitely being planned for November in Orlando, Florida. Guy Rollins is flying to Orlando over this weekend to begin checking on the stage site and other details for the event.

MAHATMA TRAINING: Guru Maharaj Ji has officially initiated the Mahatma Training Program, and approved the first Western mahatma and mahatma trainees. There are three classifications within this program which are: 1. AM-meaning "A-Mahatma" - giving Knowledge and satsang. 2. BM-meaning "B-Mahatma" - giving satsang. 3. OT - meaning "On-Training" - in the Mahatma Training Programm


AM, and BM designations for a mahatma mean that the person is officially assigned to the service of mahatma. The "OT" designation means that the person is not officially a mahatma and may not necessarily become a mahatma, but that he is on training.

Bill Patterson has been designated by Guru Maharaj Ji as "BM" - a full fledged, satsang mahatma. Bill, who is now in San Antonio, will soon begin a satsang tour and will work towards an "AM" mahatma. In the near future, Bill will be imparting Knowledge.

Ira Woods, Arthur Brigham, and Kathy Sullivan have been approved as "OT's" by Guru Maharaj Ji. Ira and Arthur will continue their satsang tours as "OT-BM's", and Kathy will continue her work in Denver for a given period of time and then begin touring also.

I'm sure you share the excitement at this new development in Maharaj Ji's plan. Maharaj Ji has spoken in the past about the day when we would have Western Mahatmas, and soon we will see a whole new aspect in propagation begin to open up.

19 April 1975

Dear Brothers and Sister

At 6:20pm on 4 April 1975, National Airlines flight #2 departed from Miami for London. Six of its passengers planned to change planes at Heathrow Airport and board a British Airways flight to Bombay. One of those six was Guru Maharaj Ji.

He had given His command: He, Raja Ji, and four other premies, would leave for India to be followed in a few days by Durga Ji and the infant Premlata. It had been 22 months since the Perfect Master had been in India, a country whose heritage is filled with stories of Perfect Master after Perfect Master. But now the Perfect Master is reaching out far beyond the boundaries of India and winds up returning there to assume control of His Mission, a Mission whose aim is to provide the whole world with the opportunity to realize truth.


How much do any of us realize who Guru Maharaj Ji is? It struck me so much last week in Miami that after only a few short years of having Knowledge, Guru Maharaj Ji has put us through incredible spiritual growth. It seems sometimes that we often overlook it.

Before Durga Ji left for India, she expressed how strongly she felt that Premlata was not just her child, but the child of all premies, who are, afterall, Maharaj Ji's children as well.

"You know," she said to me after Holi, "It's so beautiful to see Maharaj Ji play with Premlata, to see how much joy He has for his daughter. And the thing that He keeps saying over and over again, is 'look how precious she is; she's just so, so precious."'

'But you see, when Maharaj Ji says 'see how precious she is,' what He is really saying is see how precious all human life is, and when He says to me, 'can you see that preciousness?', what He is referring to is the fact that all His premies are so very precious to Him, because Guru Maharaj Ji is more than a physical father to Premlata. He is truly the spiritual father to all of us. I prepare Prem- Lata by feeding her, raring for her, by making her ready. When she is all ready, then I give her to Guru Maharaj Ji. And in the same way, it's as if this earth is our mother, and she prepares us for our father; as we leave this world, our mother, we enter into the Kingdom of our Father."

We have experienced Father in our lives, "thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven". The grace of Guru Maharaj Ji has elevated us to such a point, that we can actually see how close we have grown to God; how much beauty lies in dedicating our lives to our Father's work. And when I see my life from that point, I reverently bow my head at the Feet of my Master, for I truly realize I am saved.

I remember Father's satsang in Denver just after the Millenium festival. He told us that we could experience every millimeter of growth in this Knowledge, if only we would place aside our conceptions, and that only by appreciating every millimeter of our growth could we understand who He is, what His Knowledge is. And each of His children wants only to experience Him.


As Maharaj Ji left for India, it seemed to me that another significant step was being taken in His unfolding plan. "There's no more time for spacing out," He told the premies who were going with Him. "We all have an important service to do."

It struck me that Maharaj Ji was not just talking to those few premies, but was speaking to every one of us. We all have an important part to play in God's plan and each part is just as vital as the next. It's a time to call upon Our Father and ask Him to give us more determination and strength to really put away our individual concerns and help Him do his work on earth of spreading Knowledge. Just as Maharaj Ji has taken his wife and child to His physical homeland--a place where the bond between man and God is permanently sealed.

Your brother in His service,
Lou Schwartz
National Director


SAtguru 6-6927


Brotherly Love newsletter

One night, a few months ago, I saw very clearly the importance of meditation, and how everything in my life would come more together and harmoniously if I could only get my life completely in meditation. This realization came to me after I was just inspired by satsang on the experience with meditation. That night, I took a walk and I asked myself how I could improve my meditation. There has always been a lot of room for me to improve it and that night I was inspired to make more effort in just trying persistently. As I asked how I could improve meditation, three things came to me. It was like Guru Maharaj Ji was personally giving me satsang and when I put this advice to practice, my meditations greatly improved. It has improved so much that I would like to share these three suggestions with you.

The first thing was to practice the meditation correctly, the way we were taught when the mahatma gave us Knowledge. This means to sit in the meditation pose properly - still, with a straight back, and hands on the knees. So many times, I feel tired, or just plain lazy, and I sit there with a slumped back or sometimes I lean against a wall. When I sit like this, I can't even breathe properly as opposed to when I sit straight. When I sit slumped over, it feels like the energy can't flow and it seems harder to concentrate on the Holy Name. Another thing is to practice the techniques properly. Sometimes, I find myself doing the techniques the lazy way, not the way we were taught. I'm finding now that it is so important to perfectly follow all the instructions that Guru Maharaj Ji gives to us. He is a Master at this whereas we are just beginners. He knows perfectly how to bring us to that perfect experience and all we have to do is follow His instructions. Without a doubt, He'll take us to that most beautiful place that He is always talking about. If we really want that perfect experience, we will continually strive for it, and do everything correctly that will lead to it


The second suggestion that Guru Maharaj Ji gave me was that when I'm meditating, always concentrate on concentrating. So many times, I sit in meditation and my mind goes wondering off far away from the Holy Name. Then after being completely involved in some riff or fantasy for 15 or 20 minutes, I remember, "Oh yeah, I'm supposed to be meditating." Meditation is not a time when we sit down for an hour to concentrate on our thoughts, but rather meditation is a time when we sit down and try to control our minds so we can stay concentrated on the source of peace. Meditation is not a time to sit down and think because thoughts can only dwell on outer things that pertain to either the past or the future. The point of meditation is to tune us into reality and reality does not exist in the past or future but only in the moment, which is the Holy Name. So the effort that we make trying to get in touch with reality must be kept concentrated as it won't be a waste of time. Concentrate on concentrating is such an important thing because our minds are constantly wondering off. When our minds go off, then we must right away bring it back to that point of concentration. And when it goes out again bring it back again. Concentrate on keeping your mind and body still and controlled so that we can then experience the Holy Name. We have probably all realized that nothing can be experienced in meditation with a thinking mind; so all we can really do is persist on making that effort and the rest is in His hands.

The final point that was made to me that night was to enter meditation with a positive frame of mind. So many times I go into meditation with an unenthusiastic, apathetic attitude and that is exactly what I reap from my meditation. Each time we sit down to meditate we have another opportunity to merge ourselves into perfection and experience internal darshan. Guru Maharaj Ji is always giving us another chance to be in that most beautiful place that He is always talking about. So when we sit down to meditate, we must realize that this is another chance Guru Maharaj Ji is offering us. With this kind of attitude, we will try harder. When I sit down in meditation thinking 'Oh I'm so tired and sleepy,' I usually fall asleep during that meditation. Or when I approach meditation with a bored, dull attitude, I sit and get bored and my mind wonders. Entering meditation with any kind of negative attitude greatly distracts the effort that we apply. Look forward to meditation, be enthusiastic that this is an opportunity to enter His kingdom. Entering meditation with a positive attitude


will definitely help us with our effort. As devotees of Guru Maharaj Ji, it's our duty to meditate, it's our masters' main agya. If we are going to be His devotees, there is no getting away from meditation; we have to do it. But what a joy; what we have to do si concentrate on that thing that's going to lead us into complete freedom. It's so simple. What's so bad about that. Understanding that meditation is the key for making our life a lot more free and harmonious will create a good attitude when we sit down to meditate. Approaching meitation with a good attitude won't kill your meditation before you even begin. So realize that everything about meditation is beautiful, and what it has to offer when we practice it is exactly what we need.

I'm really grateful Guru Maharaj Ji showed me these three points. When I practice them it's a great help and when I don't put what I know into practice, I only lose out. Sooner or later, as devotees, we are destined to become centered in meditation.' Guru Maharaj Ji is not going to let us go until we become solidly firm on the Holy Name, and we have that perfect experience in meditation constantly. How long it will take us to get there is completely up to us. We can sit there morning after morning, night after night this years and experience very little. If this is happening to us, we must ask ourselves if we axe really putting forth our best effort when we meditate. Are we meditating in the correct manor, the way we were taught? Are we putting forth our best effort concentrating on the meditation, or are we letting our minds wonder? Do we approach me ditation with a positive, enthusiastic attitude? If you are having trouble with your meditation, see if these suggestions will help. Usually if we are having difficulty with our meditation, it always boils down to the same problem and that's that we are not putting forth our best effort. Meditation at first may seem very hard for us; it might be hard for us to keep our minds minds from wondering, or hard for us to sit still and straight for such a long time. But all we can do is put forth our best effort during each meditation. The more we go to Guru Maharaj Ji, the more He comes to us. What He has to offer is so incredible that we will never know it until we experience it for ourselves. He is offering us the Kingdom of Heaven. He wants to take us away from our bondage and take us to that place where we can totally be free from this world and our minds. If we aren't putting forth our best effort to strive for that, then what are we striving for. All we can do is try and the rest is by His grace.




Sunday: Larry & Joann Williams: RD 2 High Hill Rd., Swedesboro, N.J. 609 467-3617. 2:00 p.m.
Monday: George & Barbara Leighten: 68 Kosoto Trail, Medford Lakes, N.J. 609 654-2573.
Tuesday: Frank & Bobbie Farino: 4 Clay St., Delran, N.J. 609 461-7548.
Wednesday: Premdas Ray: Springfield Apts. #6-C, Monroe Path, Maple Shade, N.J.
Thursday: Barry & Marsha Blitzstein: Twin Oaks Dr., Mantua, N.J. 609 468-5635.
Frank & Bobbie Farino: 4 Clay St., Delran, N.J. 609 461-7548.
Thursday: Premdas Ray: Springfield Apts. #6-C, Monroe Path, Maple Shade, N.J.


Tuesday: Albreight College, Campus Center, Room 1, 7.30.
Thursday:Gerry & Claire Tobias: D.I.C., Wynnwood Apts. Building C-201, Wyommissing, PA 19610. 215 372-0626.
Saturday: Carmen & Debbie LaRosa: 3105 Perkiomen Ave., Reading, PA 19606. 215 779-8453•
Sunday: Pot-luck dinner: D.I.C. - 12:00 noon. (above address - Gerry & Claire's).


Monday: Holly & David McNulty: call 717 949-3835 for directions and address.
Wednesday: 608 W. Chestnut St.: no phone. for directions, call 717 949-3835.
Thursday: Lebonon- Lancaster area. Call 717 948-3835 for directions.

Brotherly Love newsletter


SPEAKERS BUREAU: Many local organizations invite speakers to discuss a variety of subjects. This year, a year of propagation, can see us utilizing this activity to inform more people of the practical consequences of direct experience with the Knowledge of truth.

Premies who feel this service to be appropiate for them are asked to leave a brief resume and short list of topics upon which they can speak, with Ted at the DUO Office. This should actually be done immediately if we are to be successful. Most organizations start booking their speakers at this time of the year.

AND IT IS DIVINE Dear readers. Write to AIID in Denver and let the staff know what you like and what other things you would like to see additionally. All suggestions appreciated-Write to: And It Is Divine, Box 2997, Denver, CO 80201.

PROPAGATION OPPORTUNITY: On Saturday, May 10, from 11 to 5, we are going to participate with other spiritual groups in a spring spiritual festival at Houston Hall. We will be able to give a lot of satsang, play music, sing, perform, and manifest our love to all our brothers and sisters searching for truth. Hope to see you there. The more, the merrier.

PROFESSIONAL BASS PLAYER--needed for band in Milwaukee, "Inward Express." Please contact PLA if interested.

MICHAEL NOURI--now appearing in soap opera "Search for Tomorrow." Please watch the show and if possible send letters about Michael.

SERVICE opportunities available at the DUO Office, anywhere from updating the computer printout, goforing, to serving food at a meditation retreat.

SPRINGTIME: The flowers are blooming again. If anyone would like to have the service of bringing flowers to the community meetings, to place at His feet, call the DUO Office.

NEEDED: a bass amplifier for premie brother. Call EV2-1983.

APARTMENT: premie is interested in sharing an apartment with another premie in center city. Call K15-1118 for more information.

GARDENS: Anyone interested in growing food for the community, call Michael Lane at 249-3942.

BROTHERLY LOVE is looking for another premie to help with the layout work. If you know you might fit into this service, call Joy at DUO. It would probably consist of coming in one day a week to help out with it.

HINDI AND SANSKRIT classes will be forming by May 15 for anyone interested. Surendra Gambhir will be teaching the summer courses. Premies will be charged $75.00 for a 8450.00 course. Contact Ginger at EV6-3790.

MORE AND MORE INSPIRATION: Mahatma Jagdeo will be here in Philly from May 24th to May 28th. He leaves for Washington D.C. on the 29th. Program schedules will be distributed at sattelite satsang and community meetings.

COOPERATION: Anyone wishing to join the food co-op may do so. Simply call Ann Lyn at IV3-8458.

MEDITATION night is scheduled every Wednesday night at Houston Hall in the Franklin Room, from 8 - 10. "And it's just so beautiful."

PRISONS…. Anyone having any books that helped to bring them to Knowledge could easily be used for distributor at Holmsburg Prison. Call DUO if you have problems in getting the books to us. Also, there is a very beautiful, humble premie brother who is in prison at Graterford. Please, if you have any spare time, write to this brother: Joseph Baldwin W2126, Box 244, State Correctional Institution at Graterford, Grater-ford, PA 19426.



1. Saturday May 3: "Power of Love" - a 30 minute color film of Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang made in Australia. $3.00 at the door. Houston Hall, Rehearsal Room. 8:00 p.m.

2. Saturday May 10: Video tape program - Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang - July 17th, 1974. $3.00 at the door. Germantown Community Church. 8:00 p.m.

3. Tuesday May 13: Krishna Lila performance. $3.00. Anenberg Auditorium. 8:00 p.m. Prepaid only.

4. Wednesday May 14: Krishna Lila performance. $3.00. Anenberg Auditorium. 8:00 p.m. Prepaid.

5. Saturday May 17: Smorgasbord Dinner followed by the community meeting. 55.00 at the door. Germantown Community Church. 8:00 p.m.

6. Friday May 23: History of Guru Puja slide show. Film clip of Maharaj Ji, Durga Ji & Premlata just after the birth. Two satsang cinemas - short satsang black & white movies. 15 minutes each. $3.00 at the door. Location to be announced Call SA6-6927 after May 12 for the information.

7. Memorial Day Weekend Meditation Retreat: Fellowship Farm. May 24, 25, and 26.

If you would like to do service helping with:

1. The films or video programs, call Alan Cohan at EV6-3790 after 6:00 p.m.

2. The Smorgasbord Dinner, call Sandy Lupowitz at MO 7 ----5134

3. The Meditation Retreat, call Herbie Gersenson at IV3-8458.



1. DUO Office: 4724 Baltimore Avenue, Phila., PA 19143 SA6-1600.

2. D.L.D.E.: 4038 Spruce Street, Phila., PA 19104 BA2-4558 or EV7-2085.

3. Premie House: 428 S. 42nd Street, Phila. PA 19104 EV6-3790.

4. Premie House: 2102 Brandywine Street, Phila., PA 19130 665-8490.

5. Premie House: 4506 Springfield Avenue, Phila., PA 19143 EV2-1983.

6. Premie House: 2045 Greene Street, Phila., PA 19130. CE5-2487.

7. Premie House: 3121 Huntington Pike, Bryn Athyn, PA 19009 W17-8815.

8. D.I.C.: Larry & Joann Williams, RD 2 High Hill Rd., Swedesboro, N.J. 08085. 609 467-3617.

9. D.I.C.: RD 4, Box 183, Carlisle, PA 17013. 717 243-2588.

10. D.I.C. : Gerry & Claire Tobias: Wynnwood Apts., Building C-201. Wyommissing, PA 19610. 215 372-0626,

11. Premie House: Box 369, RD 3, Nazareth, PA 18064. 215 253-0940.

Brotherly Love newsletter


Imagine a man that has been pierced by an arrow well soaked in poison, and his relatives and friends go at once to fetch a physician or a surgeon. Imagine now that this man says:

"I will not have this arrow pulled out until I know the name of the man who shot it, and the name of his family, and whether he is tall or short or of medium height; until I know whether he is black or dark or yellow; until I know his village or town. I will not have the arrow pulled out until I know about the bow that shot it, whether it was a long bow or a cross bow.

I will not have this arrow pulled out until I know about the bow-string, and the arrow, and the feathers of the arrow, whether they are feathers of vulture, or kite or peacock.

I will not have the arrow pulled out until I know whether the tendon which binds it is of an ox, or deer, or monkey.

I will not have this arrow pulled out until I know whether it is an arrow, or the edge of a knife, or a splinter, or the tooth of a calf, or the head of a javelin."

Well, that man would die, but he would die without having found out all these things.

In the same way, anyone who would say: "I will not follow the holy life of Buddha until he tells me whether the world is eternal or not; whether the life and the body are two things, or one thing; whether the one who has reached the Goal is beyond death or not; whether he is both beyond death and not beyond death; whether he is neither beyond death or is not beyond death."

Well, that man would die, but he would die without Buddha having told these things.

Because I am one who says: Whether the world is eternal or not, there is birth, and death, and suffering, and woe, and lamentation, and despair. And what I do teach is the means that lead to the destruction of these things.

Remember therefore that what I have said, I have said; and that what I have not said, I have not said. And why have I not given an answer to these questions? Because these questions are not profitable, they are not a principle of the holy life, they lead not to peace, to supreme wisdom, to Nirvana.

Brotherly Love newsletter*Buddha*

Brotherly Love newsletter

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