Brotherly Love newsletter

Brotherly Love newsletter

Dear brothers and sisters,

As you can see, we've changed the format of Brotherly Love to cut the cost and still present something that reflects what's going on in our community.

The month of August has been one of tremendous change in Divine Light Mission, a change that represents only the growth in our consciousness as premies. For so long we've built mission activities on a false premises of manifesting ideas as a uniting force for the community. In other words, 'we'll do this certain thing in order to bring us together.' This itself is just an idea when the one real uniting force is meditation. It always comes back to meditation. Maharaj Ji constantly gives us this one directive. He tells us if we meditate sincerely then we'll know what to do with our lives and we'll be united as a premie society with the understanding of the basic purpose of life.

Our warehouse is a perfect example of the idea that if we get this warehouse, then the community will come together in service with each other. The real approach could have been or will be in the future that when we as a community realize or feel the need for such a facility to better serve Maharaj Ji in His work, then we will look into it and financially support this kind of a project as one family. It's really nice to come to this point of understanding, where we can progress at a natural pace that's determined by first getting clear on where we are as a community and then moving ahead at the rate that Maharaj Ji sets for us through the communication with each other.

One step towards finding out exactly where we stand is an idea of a community council which has come up in other cities in America. It would be a group of community premies who act as a communication medium for me to understand how the community feels on ideas that arise,on projects that we might get involved in, on W.W.A., and on everything that's happening in our lives and in the mission. You see the reason for the difficulty we've had in moving as one body is because of a lack of communication. So without your feelings and feedback on everything that's taking place then it's hard to know where we stand and then of course it's hard to move. So the community council might be a way to increase communication and understanding.

I know one thing for sure. The divine play that Maharaj Ji is directing has already been written and we are playing our parts perfectly. Sometimes we forget that He is our reason for living yet He always reminds us again and again to do satsang, service and meditation so that our focus on Him will be perfect.

Jai Satchitanand and love,


Brotherly Love newsletter

Guru Maharaj Ji has created a new arm of D.U.O. called the World Welfare Association- W.W.A. It is the organization under which all social services are organized. W.W.A. will be staffed and run by volunteers and its aim is to be completely self supporting. "Volunteers doesn't mean activities built on quicksand. We will move slowly and deliberately, building a foundation of committed people who understand the necessity of stable programs." If we realize that it is human nature to give and serve others then W.W.A. can be a reality. In organizing W.W.A., individuals or groups of premies can come up with an idea for a social service, investigate the possibility of a program and then offer the proposed project to the premie community. We must understand that it begins with those who take an interest in committing themselves to organizing and implementing a project, and it's obvious that the desire for such a responsibility comes from only one place. This premie will be called a W.W.A. project coordinator and will work closely with the overall coordinator for W.W.A. in Philadelphia "Since social services began last January, nearly a thousand premies have been to a minima of one program. Programs vary widely, and our experiences now are wide-ranged. A half year's trial and error has taught us much. Now it's time to turn the lessons into guides for our first step to W.W.A. Our "shotgun" approach to social service gives us clues to what works and what doesn't. We've come to a place where we can be more discriminating. We can concentrate our energies where people are going to be most receptive. We realize the need to choose among institutions and make long-term commitments to them. We know the need for practical programs like yoga classes, film, massage, theatre, crafts, sports, etc., to go along with satsang." Some important points to understand are:

1. W.W.A. is made up entirely of volunteers. So if you want to volunteer for a social service, please understand that you are making a comitment that will last perhaps 3 to 6 months. Your commitment might for instance be one night a week for four months, or one night every two weeks for four months. It depends on the project.

2. If you are interested at all in this avenue of service we hold Friday social services are invited to share their experiences with us so that we may learn more.

3. If you want to be a project coordinator and have some ideas please call Doc at D.U.O. and share your idea with him. He is also investigating several projects and meting with people. He might be able to help you get started.

Brotherly Love newsletter

Brotherly Love newsletter

Nationally W.W.A. is administered by Rennie Davis and he has instituted something called 'national focus programs.' The idea behind it is to focus all the W.W.A. programs in certain areas of service. For example there are two national focus areas. These are prison and drug programs. The strongest response have come from these institutions so "when planning a new program, consideration should be given to the feasibility of one of these two areas. "We want to provide the best service that human hands can offer. And this requires that when we speak to each other that our communication be honest and not a glossy or exaggerated account of success. We need a truthful give and take and criticism and evaluation of what is happening. We are not PR people. We have nothing to sell. We are premies and trying to help each other be better servants in the world. I know you feel the same way. It's really nice to just be real.

I don't pretend to know the aim of W.W.A. I've given up on goals and things like that. All I feel is that I must make every moment a moment at His feet, and then what I should do is clear. I hope the World Welfare Association doesn't become a group of "service freaks." There is no frantic deadline to save the world. For premies, W.W.A. is just a beautiful path to realize how to work with Guru Maharaj Ji, how to serve Him. If we emphasize anything at all, it should be meditation. Meditation is the path to peace an earth and service to hamanity comes naturally and lovingly from the sister or brother who commits his life to meditation. Let meditation be our call in life so that Maharaj Ji's plan for love and peace can find empty vessels that can be filled with Him and can be sailed to every dark corner of the earth.

I'm really happy to be working with you."

* All quotes are from Rennie Davis July 29, 1974, in a letter to the DUO Director.

Jai Satchitanand

Brotherly Love

Here in Philadelphia, we have three ongoing projects. They are:

1. Blood donation: Every Thursday evening for the past several months, many premies have been donating a couple of hours and their priceless commodity, blood plasma, at Fitzgerald Mercy Hospital. This donation is for hemophiliacs and two types of cancer patients. We are investigating the best possible way for the premie community to serve this program and we will have further details next month.

Brotherly Love newsletter


Brotherly Love newsletter

If you are interested in participating in this service to the community and/or you have any ideas, questions or comments about this W.W.A. project please contact me, the project coordinator at 885-3830 after 5:00 p.m. Jai Satchitanand, Rich Pattison.

2. St. Lukes Hospital Drug Clinic: Every Thursday evening premies visit the patients in the drug clinic and rap about their situations and give satsang. They are very receptive to satsang because they are urgently searching for the experience behind heroin. Please contact Billy Mitchell at GE8-1657 or the D.U.O. Office.

3. Softball Team: The softball team is probably the most successful project in attracting volunteers, obviously because the brothers who play really enjoy it. Thus far we've played Holmesburg Prison, "The Drummer", and Peanuts Bar. Because of its success we're going to have other teams in the fall and winter for perhaps touch football and basketball. Randy Sklar is the coach and project coordinator for the softball team. If you know of any teams who would like to play us or if you can suggest any other social services through sports, please call Randy at IV3-8458.

The following is a letter from Gene Semon who is presently serving as the Philadelphia W.W.A. coordinator:

Growth in W.W.A, like everything else in the Mission, these days, has slowed down. However, the quality of the projects has been increasing, as premies realize more and more what selfless service and communication with people really involves. There's been little change in the projects which have been going on for several months, such as St. Likes Drug Clinic and blood donations at Fitzgerald Mercy Hospital. However, some interesting new projects have come up.

Recently, Bob Mandrodt discovered that Haverford State Hospital is eager to have volunteers to come and visit with patients. The volunteer director is very liberal and invites suggestions on what volunteers can do there. Basically, the program involves associating with a group of patients on a regular basis and getting to know them. The idea is that patients will benefit from contact with 'normal' people from the world. Getting into this project would be an opportunity for us to show compassion for people whose minds are really making them suffer.

Brotherly Love newsletter

Another interesting opportunity comes from a well known group, the Red Cross. As everyone knows from their American history, the Red Cross was always there when disaster struck. Today is no different. Jack Napoline has volunteered and he's said that the main idea is to help people who've been victimized by fires, floods or

other natural disasters. Volunteers would make sure that disaster victims are provided with the basic necessities of food, clothing, and shelter.

And finally, there's our great softball team, with big games coming up - one return match with Holmsburg Prison. We're also going to have a basketball team this winter. Anyone who knows of any team we can play or league we can get into please let me know.

Jai Satchitanand
Your brother

Brotherly Love newsletter


Dear brothers and sisters,

As you may know, Paul will be leaving the co-op soon and I have been asked to assume his responsibilities as manager. Up until now, the position of manager has been a full time job but, as a householder, I also have other commitments to fulfill and will be unable to undertake the position in the same way that Paul has. So, what I am getting around to is that if this venture is to be a success, it must really be a cooperative effort. Running a food co-op is a big job if it falls on the shoulders of a few people but many hands can make it light work and joyous work for all of us.

Below is a list of the personnel needed to keep things running smoothly and also a detailed discription of exactly what each position requires. Please look it over and see where you can fit in. Perhaps two people can share some area of responsibility or a mother can do service for the co-op by watching someone else's child. There will be a food co-op meeting in the near future to discuss this and other matters. For more information about it, call Ann Petrello at VI9-5170.

Thank you. If each of us really wants this venture to succeed, by His grace, it will.

At the present time, there are only two job openings - cashiering and cleaning/inventory. If you know of anything that will help us in this service, do not hesitate to plug in.

1. Cashiering: Preferably two people. Adding up all the orders on Friday. Just being a cashier. This is also time consuming. Four to six hours on Friday.

2. Cleaning/Inventory: This is very basic. Just to put all food away and to take an inventory while doing so. Sweep and mop. Throw out trash and empty cases, etc. One to three hours late Friday afternoon.

Your sister in His service,
Jai Satchitanand

Ann Petrello

Brotherly Love newsletter

Third World Prachar has just round another month of activities filled with Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace.

On August 10th, we had our third clothing giv-a-way at the Hartranft Community Corp. Center at 2413 Germantown Ave. Byron Lee made the arrangements with the center's director and Divine Sales supplied and transported the clothes at 11:00 a.m. and when we stopped around 5:00 p.m., approximately 500 lbs of clothing for men, women, and children had been given away. Leaflets were given out by three area teenagers and about 12 premies participated. Afterwards we showed the film "Who Is Guru Maharaj Ji." Everyone experienced the bliss of this service, especially the local children who always seem to have a good time.

We had a skating party at the Elmwood Skating Rink on August 21st with live music by the band "Wire and Wood." This was a private party for premier and friends to just get together for a rock and rolling good time.

And that's exactly what happened: I rocked twice with the floor, and rolled smoothly as I could the rest of the time! Everyone again experienced the love of holy company, and we look forward to having another of these parties for premies to come together and know and love each other.

We are still grooving with the guys at St. Lukes Drug Rehabilitation Clinic every Thursday night, and all that can really be said about this is that it is a service which must be experienced to be appreciated. You can get dizzy with bliss simply by sharing your experience of this knowledge with these brothers thirsty for Truth. This service is now being directed by the newly formed World Welfare Association. New social services, in hospitals, clinics, prisons, etc. are being formed nationwide by premies who are feeling more and more of this dedication to the plan of Maharaj Ji. This is a great time to be alive, and service is an opportunity, a gift, offered by God to us, and it does not have to be this way. God and Hid universe would very well continue in its harmony and perfection without our cooperation. We are the winners on this path. We can grow and realize, and we should make every breath an opportunity to express in the Divine Plan.

Jai Satchitanand
love, your brother
Bill Mitchell

Brotherly Love newsletter

Extracts from Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang at the Denver Hilton, 17 July 1974

Then these premies send a big letter to Guru Maharaj Ji: Personal, confidential and urgent you open it up and it's seven even or eight pages and all it has is: "What am I supposed to do? What is this going on?' The thing is you have been already told, and you didn't get it … I mean a teacher teaches you for one year, goes word by word, chapter by chapter, with you through all the lessons in that, everything, with questions and answers to make sure that you understand. And you are sitting there: "Uh huh, uh huh." And when the exam time comes, this question is :"Who was Robinson Crusoe?"

"We never heard about that," you say.

But you were told about this word and the meaning was explained to you thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of times. And the word is agya - If you follow agya: no big deal, no big problem.

Because it's like, you don't have to worry then. It's like you're told to do and you do it. It's like you are a ball which is just completely jiggling around, and you don't even know where you are going. But there is a person who is above you, who knows, who can see you very clearly, and he knows that you are walking to some place where it's a dead end.

It's like, if you are put into a puzzle, an action puzzle, if you are put into it and a guy stands up, say 100 feet high or something like that, you cannot see your way out but that person who is standing 100 feet above you, he can see clearly that which will be the best way, the shortest way, for you to get out of that puzzle.

That's what Guru Maharaj Ji is: standing 100 feet above you and saying, "Listen, you want to get out of this place?" And you say, "Of course!" Maharaj Ji says, "OK, now make a left." "Just wait a minute," you say. "Maybe … I don't know, but maybe it's not that way." Then you go like this: "I can find my own way out."

I first give you Knowledge. Knowledge has been revealed to you. And if you need grace grace is always there; you have to just let your door open and it will flow in. And satsang is to keep you encouraged, make you understand every chapter, every word, and to be able to make you .self-sufficient so that you can give the ,answer to your questions yourself.

And it's like, that was the whole thing in Copenhagen. We were having all these meetings and I said, "If you lift one of those blankets up, you'll find a different story.

They're not doing meditation, they'll be writing paper chits or playing around with paper or carving their beragons or thinking about something or taking a nap, sleeping. They are not doing meditation.

It's almost crazy to try to talk about this thing because it's so easy, but again you have to talk about it. If you are not going to be doing meditation, you are not going to understand Knowledge. You have to do meditation, you got to do meditation. If, that is if you want to understand what Knowledge is.

And if you are a lazy old freak, you might as well forget it. Because you will always be freaking out, you will always be lazy. But the thing is, when you start dying - you try to be lazy then. You won't be lazy then, because it comes at the right time and takes you at the right time.

So premies, just try to realise that this life has been given to you, and that you have been given this Knowledge. Such a beautiful thing - the most beautiful thing that could ever happen. And here it is, all set up for you - just what you wanted - now take use of it.

And this is all we have to understand, and it will all be fantastic, it will be all so beautiful. If you have confusion listen. you got yourself into confusion, so you have to solve your own problems.

Why do you put me in there? I mean, I didn't put any confusion in. You got yourself into a big mess, now take yourself out of it. Simple, huh? But you can do it, you know. You can get yourselves out of that mess as easily as you got yourselves into it. Just by agya.

It might surpise some premies, it might amaze some premies, but listen, that's the way it works. And you know it, man, it's as simple as that. I'm trying to give you that example of that puzzle and that person who is sitting 100 feet above you. And it's as straight as that …

Don't forget what I've tried to tell you. You know I don't always come to this Hilton Hotel to try to give you satsang. Sometimes I'm in LA, sometimes I'll be somewhere else, and sometimes I'll be somewhere else. Try to take advantage of what I try to tell you - maybe it'll be worthwhile.

I mean it's not bad to have some place to store your money; you might need it some day. And it's the same story here: store it; you might use it someday. So try to realise and understand. Thank you.

Brotherly Love newsletter

SINCE GURU PUJA many premies have felt a transition taking place due to structural changes in the Mission, new personnel, the emergence of DUO, and so on.

All of us have to a certain extent been dependent on the Mission but like all other organisations it also needs to grow and change, and this in turn tends to affect us in some way. But as premies, we all know peace of mind will never come out of Divine Light Mission, that it is inside us and that only by meditation can we become one with that peace.

We know this to be true, but all the same some premies have been over-reacting to the feeling of change. Instead of concentrating on satsang, service and meditation, they have been turning their senses outwards rather than inwards, by smoking, drinking and taking drugs. This may possibly be happening because premies are feeling the need to identify with people in the world so that they can talk about the Knowledge and Guru Maharaj Ji close up, rather than from a superior and saintly height. But this is no more than a confused justification.

As soon as we start deciding that only we know what is good for us, we begin to lose our humility and devotion to Guru Maharaj Ji; we become disconnected from His grace and get confused.

Like Maharaj Ji said, "When the antichrist comes it's going to be too professional, too professional. It will be right on top of their heads and they won't know if it's there or not."

And that's just how subtle our mind is, even telling you it wants to help propagate the Knowledge while leading you completely out of the shelter of Knowledge, grace and agya.

We all know we have to be really one-pointed to stay on the path of Knowledge, and recent events have shown us how easy it is to get knocked off and become distracted. Now more than ever is the time for us to get into satsang, service and meditation, and not look around for any substitute, so let's do it!

Taken out of the London newsletter called 'Premies'

Jagdeo Memo

To:    ALL PERSONNEL  Date:    AUGUST 23, 1974




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Daily: City Line Ave. Ashram - 6388 City Line Ave., Phila., PA 19151; TR7-8187.

Monday: Marie Vosacek; 38 W. Phil-Ellena St., Phila., PA 19119; GE8-9197.


1. Sunday: Larry & Joann Williams; Railroad Ave.; Pedricktown, N.J.; 609 299-1082; 2:00 p.m.

2. Monday: Gerry Sooz; 245 BN 40th St.; Camden, N.J.; 609 541-3894; 8:00 p.m.

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4. Wednesday: Premdas Ray; Springfield Apts. #6-C; Monroe Path; Maple Shade, N.J.; 609 667-5246; 7:30 p.m.

5. Thursday: Barry & Marsha Blitzstein; Twin Oaks Dr.; Mantua, N.J.; 609 468-5635; 7:30 p.m.

6. Friday: Muriel Schlipstein; 80 Evergreen Dr.; Willingboro, N.J.; 609 877-6979; 7:30 p.m.

Satsang is also held regularly in Lawrenceville, N.J.; Buzz & Margaret; 24 Craven Lane; Lawrenceville; 609 896-0262.

Premie meetings will be held weekly in New Jersey at different houses. To find out where meetings will be, call Muriel or Linda Schlipstein; 609 877-6979.


Grank & Chris Spitalie; Tuesday nights; 7:30 p.m. Call 302 655- 6446 for information.


Satsang is held regularly at 1611 Hamilton St., Allentown,PA. For information call Ginger or Jim at 215 433-3666.


Satsang is held at Steve & Suzzanne Clofine located on 114 N. 9th St., Reading, PA.; For more information about community Satsang etc., call 215 488-1536.

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Brotherly Love newsletter

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2. Printing press and paper cutter for sale. 1250 Multilith press. Call Tommy at the ashram after 6:00 p.m.

3. Holy Family furniture is still available for sale at very reasonable prices. Chairs, beds, linens, clock, etc Call Brad at D.U.O.

4. A referral service is now happening at D.U.O. for anyone interested in living with other premies. Simply call Joy and she'll refer you to other premies.

5. Picnic Sunday September 15: Revelle Farm - Dublin, PA. Swimming etc. Bring your own food. Directions: Go North on route 611 through Doylestown. After the shopping center on the left, turn left onto East St. (becomes route 313). Go 5 miles to second light. Turn right onto Elephant Rd. Go one block and take the right fork. Turn left at the first street which is Twin Oaks. Turn right into second driveway on the right. Go all the way back to cottage. Come early. Jai Satchitanand.

Brotherly Love newsletter

Brotherly Love newsletterGuru Maharaj Ji,
what would you say
to a premie
who smokes dope?

"Well, the only thing I can tell him is that, look, you already have a Knowledge that is much more superior than that. It's like this: a person is in Los Angeles and he is telling everybody, "Oh, I want to go to San Francisco as soon as possible. I want to take the quickest means." And he has a Falcon jet which is A-OK; it runs, it's perfect, but all he does is take his suitcase and starts walking towards San Francisco! And that's not the quickest means.

It's no good just saying, 'Oh, I want this enlightenment to be as soon as possible,' and then, instead, going to something that is completely inferior."

"But I make extra effort to meditate, and it's fantastic …"

"It's like this. If you want to lose weight, the proper way to lose it is actually to do exercise, but all you start doing is eating dehydrating pills. Now it might lose a little weight, but each time you drink water, (you gain it back again). So to what extent can you do this?

"Knowledge is something that you have to get into it without using any external means. Understand? Like try to imagine this: that there was certainly a time when this whole earth was not created, and still God was there. And at this time I bet you that there wasn't any pot or anything like that. And still Knowledge existed and people realised it without smoking pot. I think that's the way you should do it too."

Brotherly Love newsletter
Brotherly Love newsletter