Research Guide to Original Material

All the research material is by academics and authors and publishers not connected to this website in any way. The official magazines, tapes and films/videos published by Prem Rawat's organisations are faithfully reproduced as are the articles published in the Media: Newspapers, Magazines. Documentaries, etc. There is more impartial public material available for the first 15 years of his career when he was a controversial minor public figure and was actively publicising his attempts to gain more followers.

Throughout the 1970s Divine Light Mission (Prem Rawat's major organised body of devotees) published regular (often monthly) magazines. At first they were aimed at the public but as fewer people joined and more people left they were printed for the tru ne;ievers and ended up contining nothing but transcripts of Prem Rawat's speeches. These magazines have been faithfully reproduced, word for word, image for image.

And It Is Divine magazine
Divine Light magazine
Élan Vital magazine
And It Is Divine magazine
Life Force magazine
  • DLM Official Publications
    • Divine Light - A monthly magazine published in England in the early 1970's
    • Divine Times: - The major USA monthly magazine published in the 1970's
    • Élan Vital - A full color quarterly magazine published in the USA in the late 1970s and early 1980s
    • And It Is Divine - A full color quarterly magazine published in the USA in the early 1970s slanted towards an counter-culture public
    • The Golden Age - The official Australian Divine Light Mission magazine, they were published from 1973 to 1979
    • Brotherly Love - Newsletters of the Philadelphia community of Divine Light Mission in 1974-76
    • The Divine Light News - An early Australian Divine Light Mission magazine
    • Hidden Light - Newsletters of the New York community of Divine Light Mission in 1974-75
    • Light Reading - A Denver, Colorado local community newsletter and magazine from 1977 and 1978
    • In Love - An East Orange, New Jersey local community magazine 1977-78
    • Affinity - An A5 size colour magazine published by Divine Light Mission in Ireland in the 1970's
    • All Publications

In the early 1980s Prem Rawat disbanded the Divine Light Mission ashrams which had been his financial base, discontinued public meetings of his followers which provided most of the new members, changed his name, his wardrobe, his hairstyle and went underground for a few years. This had a significant effect on his finances and it took decades before he was able to spend freely on promoting himself, not as the Lord of the Universe but as a successful businessman, philanthropist and inspirational speaker and Indian Royalty

Rawat's organisations have filmed nearly all of his speeches and release many videos based on his speeches that were meant to be only seen by his devotees. I have collected nearly 100 of these videos and transcribed them and they are displayed with images and clips of these speeches. Most of these are videos Rawat does not want viewed by the general public.

Lord Of The Universe Film
Rome 1980 video

Films and Videos from the Divine Light Mission period, prior to 1984

Windows in Time video
Passages Video

Films and Videos from the Élan Vital/Words of Peace Global period, after 1984.

Perfect Mster Tape 6In the early 1970s all of Rawat's speeches were recorded and sold or distributed through the local communities so the premies could learn what to believe and how to act. Copies of official Perfect Master tapes were reproduced hand to hand. I still have hundreds that were later collected. Many are probably unplayable.

Prem Rawat SpeechifiesI have collected a database of more than 600 hundred transcripts of Prem Rawat's speeches in which he explains his teachings (banal, simplistic), displays his erudition (shallow) and reveals his personality (mean-spirited megalomaniac).

From these speeches I have gathered evidence so as to define, explain and elucidate his major teachings as coherently as that is possible

Professionally Taken Photo Of Prem Rawat aka Maharaji
Professionally Taken Photo Of Prem Rawat aka Maharaji
Professionally Taken Photo Of Prem Rawat aka Maharaji
Professionally Taken Photo Of Prem Rawat aka Maharaji
Professionally Taken Photo Of Prem Rawat aka Maharaji
Professionally Taken Photo Of Prem Rawat aka Maharaji
Professionally Taken Photo Of Prem Rawat aka Maharaji

Prem Rawat could be one of the most photographed people alive today. His inner circle have always parrotted the line that he is beautiful, the most beautiful person alive despite his obvious physical ugliness.

Living Gospel
Blue Aquarius
One Foundation
One Foundation

Prem Rawat has always had many musicians amongst his followers, some very talented, many not so much but they have never shied from writing songs with lyrics worshipping Rawat and extolling His devinity.

Circa 1980 the vogue amongst the musicians was writing and singing pseudo-Hindi bhajans that carried grovelling to Prem Rawat to new heights

Since 1984 the quality of songs dedicated to Prem Rawat have gone down the tubes. What they have gained in quantity and technology they have lost in quliaty and inspiration. They are truly representative of Prem Rawat - they are boring. But from the archives we present:

* What to call those who Believe in Prem Rawat

When Prem Rawat first came to the West his followers were called 'premies.' This was because it was said to be the Hindi word for 'lover.' At that time the name "Prem Rawat" was never mentioned. After 1980 Rawat told his followers to cease and desist using the word 'premie' and all other Hindi words they had been using. He has settled on the word 'student' but I find this a ridiculous and inappropriate word so I use whatever word spings to mind: premie, student, devotee, follower, true believer …