Prem Rawat was a Boy God

In India, it is still common for children born with obvious birth defects to be worshipped as Gods.

"Godman" is an Indian colloquial term (sometimes used in a derogatory way) for a famous, charismatic guru or "Spiritual Master" in India. In today's India, they often have a high-profile media presence and attract attention and support from large sections of the population even at the highest levels of political power. Godmen, or their followers, also sometimes claim they possess paranormal powers, the most famous being Sai Baba (died 2011) who performed "miracles" that strongly resembled sleight-of-hand magic tricks. In today's competitive Godmen market, Prem Rawat is only a very minor player despite his Western financial muscle, jets, helicopters and dazzling Western technology but when he was 7 years old he was India's premiere God Boy.

Preaching On Stage
The Boy God Speaks
The Boy God Crowned

Actually he might have been the only one who had just 2 arms and 2 legs and no observable deformities. He started with all the advantages. At his birth the sky lit up in brilliant colors and sweet music was heard. When his mother carried the baby along the River Ganges, the river would rise until it touched His feet His father had a canny eye for business and was doing pretty well and the young boy was able watch and learn and practice his craft while being young and cute enough to obviate criticism. He became enlightened at 6 years old after only a few week's meditation. When his father died, he was commanded by a Voice to accept incarnation as the Satguru and with the notoriety that came with being an 8 year old Godboy he maintained his father's huge following with tours and speeches of divine bombast during his school holidays.

Being Crowned Satguru
Being Crowned Satguru

"The Perfect Master never dies. Maharaj Ji is here, amongst you now. Recognise him, obey him, and worship him." - Prem Rawat, 8 years old

In 1970 he drew a crowd of a million people to hear him speak. He declared His Incarnation and His program for world domination.

Prem Rawat's Peace Bomb speech
Prem Rawat's Peace Bomb speech
Prem Rawat's Peace Bomb speech
Prem Rawat's Peace Bomb speech

I will rule the world, and just watch how I will do it! There were lesser powers in Rama, there were lesser powers in Krishna, but I have come to the world with full powers. Accept my words, accept me. I declare that I will establish peace in the world. So obey my command, or else you will be drowned. - Prem Rawat, 12 years old

And then He came to the West and tried to establish peace and rule the world.

Lord of the Universe
Guru Is Greater Than God
I Have Come With More Power

So how did a Boy God who drew a crowd of over a million end up as a has-been minor Godman?
The usual story: sex, drugs, booze, eating too much and living high on the hog.

And then there was the competition from his brothers. Satpal of Manav Dharam who took over the Indian Divine Light Mission and Bhole Ji who runs a complementary organisation Hanslok Ashram.