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Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai!
Jagat Jnani Shri Mata Ki Jai!
Anand Kand Bhagwan Ki Jai!
Charon Raj Kumaron Ki Jai!
Sache Durbar Ki Jai!
"Hans" Bans Ki Jai!

This is a publication of the Divine Light Mission, an organization dedicated to the spreading of the Word, which is the foundation for all religions and spiritual ideologies. The gift that GURU MAHARAJ JI bears unto the true seeker of knowledge is for all people of all the world. It transcends the barriers of culture and generation and occupation and life style; it opens the heart of whoever receives it, and allows them to love for the first time in their lives, with a love that asks nothing in return. This is the gift that answers all questions, that removes worry and creates the fullest possible life. Guru Maharaj Ji is the manifestation of the power which can breathe life into all human beings. All he asks in order to reveal our true selves to us is that we come to him with a guileless heart, and truly wish to know the Truth.

not knowing where to turn, the Earth

brings blindly birth to what it

longs to learn:

not knowing whence we're borne,

   we try

to bring to bear, what soon

   must bear to die.


1560 Race St., Denver, Colorado 80206 U. S. A. Price:

25 cents of love


Hans Rawat, Perfect Master of His Time

Brief History of Divine Light Mission

During one of the darkest times of this planet, a bright shining light appeared on the Indian slopes of the Himalayas near Badrinath. A fully enlightened soul, Param Sant Yogi Raj Satgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj, walked from village to village revealing the ancient knowledge of the inner self to those who approached Him. He illumined the hearts of thousands and thousands with Divine Light and the unspeakable Holy Name of God.

Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Ram, Nanak and Mohammed came at their respective times to give the people this Knowledge. In time, the practical experience was forgotten, and the religions became based solely on various interpretations of the scriptures that had been left. The scriptures are true--but contain only a description of the Knowledge. Shri Hans Ji Maharaj bridged the essence, the seed, the religion.

He thus inspired His desciples (sic) to respect all the great saints of the world. From His youth, He devoted Hiswhole life to serve mankind, to relieve man of his sufferings, and to knit all of humanity in one Thread of Love. The devotees of Shri Hans Ji Maharaj became Divine Light Mission for the purpose of propagating this Supreme Knowledge for humanity; to bring peace to the world.

When Shri Hans Ji Maharaj left His body in 1966, he passed his spark on to his youngest son. Since then, the Divine Light Mission has expanded world wide with close to four million devotees--all under the all-compassionate Grace of Satgurudev Balyogeshwar Paramhans Sant Ji Maharaj. Guru Maharaj Ji has now come to the West, and in only four months, has spread the Knowledge of God to over 4,000 people throughout Europe and America.

Through the Divine Light Mission, He will bring Peace and Happiness to this world.



Peace Bomb

By Shri Bal Bhagwan Ji, eldest brother of Guru Maharaj Ji.

The phrase "Peace Bomb" apparently seems to be a contradiction in terms. Normally "bomb" is something which is associated with the act of destruction while "peace" is a state in which destruction is not existing. Previously the use of "bomb" has never been referred to or resulted in peace. Therefore, the "Peace Bomb" appears to be an innovation. Taking the theoretical knowledge which is given in the Vedas, the Peace Bomb is a practical solution to the problem of peace.

The Peace Bomb has exploded in New Delhi on November 8, 9, and 10, 1970 with the arrival of Balyogeshwar Paramhans Satgurudev Shri Sant Ji Maharaj at India Gate. For it is only the touch of a realized soul which causes the spiritual explosion within that has the power to relieve mankind of the evil and strife that besets it. Satgurudev Shri Sant Ji Maharaj is the personification of the Divine Knowledge, otherwise known as "Brahm Vidya".

Q: What is the Peace Bomb?

A: The Peace Bomb is the "Brahm Vidya" otherwise known as "Raja Vidya" or "Divine Knowledge" added with the Divine Spark of the Satguru. The theoretical knowledge of Brahma Vidya is given in the Vedas, but it is only the Satguru that can give it life and destroy the evils and warring tendencies which exist within man. The Peace Bomb is manifested as the highest stage of evolutionary development yet attained by man.

Q: What is the Brahm Vidya?

A: There are four essential constituents which make up the Brahm Vidya. These are separately discussed in each Veda.

Q: What are the subjects discussed in the four Vedas?

A: In the Rig Veda the "Sabda Brahma" or "Holy Name" is discussed. In the Yajur Veda we are told of "Divya Jyoti" or the "Divine Light". The Sana Veda is concerned with the "Nada Brahma" or "Divine Harmony". Lastly, the Athaiva Veda deals with "Amrit Tattva" or "Holy Nectar". The Vedas are concerned only with the theoretical knowledge but are not complete until they are made practical. These four "elements" provide the raw material for the "Peace Bomb".

Q: What occurs when the Peace Bomb is detonated?

A: Whereas before we have dealt with only theoretical knowledge, with the coming of the Peace Bomb we are concerned only with its practical aspects. The practical effects of an atom bomb are:

I. Intense vibrational waves which draw all matter into its pull.
2. Intense light.
3. High volume of sound.
4. Residue or fallout.

In the detonation of the Peace Bomb we experience exactly the same phenomena but the results are just the reverse as these with the atom bomb.

Whereas the atom bomb causes by its vibration total destruction to the environment, the explosion in the Peace Bomb brings the immediate effect of spiritual stability in its vibration otherwise known as "Sabda Brahma".

The overwhelming light of the atom bomb blinds man and signals his death while the Divine Light of the Peace Bomb opens the eyes to the secrets of nature leading man to self-realization.

The fearful sound of the atom bomb exploding causes great consternation and fear while the Divine Harmony of the Peace Bomb brings calm and tranquility to the life of man.

The deadly fallout from the atom bomb causes death and poisons the land and air, while the Divine Nectar of the Peace Bomb falls like sweet rain alleviating all mental and bodily ailments rejuvenating the whole being.

The combined result of these four manifestations of the Peace Bomb is one of total transformation. Love radiates within the heart of the individual and all warring tendencies are destroyed. On the personal level the Peace Bomb works upon the evils within the heart and brings peace. It is only when this individual peace becomes a widespread real ity that worldwide harmony can be established. Working first upon the inner nature of the individual the Peace Bomb spreads to the society, the nation, and finally the world. This is the only way to establish peace on an international scale.

Q: How can this Peace Bomb be detonated?

A: The only way that the Peace Bomb can be detonated is that we find a master who is able to impart to us the practical knowledge of the Brahma Vidya or Divine Knowledge But it is to be remembered that the Peace Bomb is latently within us and it is only the personification of this knowledge, or the realized soul, who can give us the spark needed to realize our inner self.

Q: Does such a Spiritual Master exist?

A: Yes, the Peace Bomb is Balyogeshwar Paramhans Satgurudev Shri Sant Ji Maharaj himself who has "exploded" upon Delhi to bestow His divine radiation to all those who avail themselves, just like the atom bomb directly affects only that area where it explodes, only those who are receptively open to the Bomb of Peace will profit from it. But just as the radiation from the atom bomb spreads throughout the atmosphere to surrounding areas the spark of truth once ignited will spread throughout the world like wildfire--affecting all by its influence.


Four Graces

1. The human body is a grace from God, a gift freely given. The soul in an animal body is inextricably bound in nature, bound to response and reaction to stimuli, bound to give life to a body which can only follow its senses and instincts. Only in the human body can consciousness become aware of itself. The human body is priceless, the crown of creation; in the human body alone the soul can be known. Man alone has a sense of discrimination; man alone can conquer and change his nature, man alone, by the grace of God, can become free from nature. Unless he seeks the highest freedom man is nothing but an animal bound by nature.

2. The second grace is the grace of Satsang and the company of Saints. If we are always in the company of worldly people, if all our influences are worldly, then all our thoughts and desires will be worldly, nowhere will there be relief, even for the seeking soul, from sensory and intellectual desire - stimulation and satisfaction. But if by the grace of God we come into contact with people who are on the path of true religion and trying to control and overcome their desires, then we can begin on our own to tread the supreme path.

Scriptures also are a grace of God, the wisdom of ages past, the teachings of people who claim to have realized the Highest Truth stimulate the soul's yearning, increase dissatisfaction with worldly pleasures and give hope that truth may be found.

3. The grace of the Perfect Master comes to those who earnestly desire to know truth. "God chooses he who chooses Him alone." Without the grace of Satguru there can be no liberation, for it is through His grace alone that we can receive that Knowledge of our inner light which alone leads to freedom.

The Perfect Master gives the "Pearl of Great Price" to those who sincerely desire it. This sacred knowledge alone can free man from nature and lead him to immortality. Without it man is in darkness; bound to the cycles of life in death. By the grace of the master we are reborn, given spiritual birth, and only then can we begin on the path of purification.

4. The fourth grace is the grace of our own efforts. Unless we determine to give all our energies to practicing meditation and using the Sacred Knowledge, we cannot progress. If we try to make progress the grace of Satguru will pour down on us. If we advance one step, He will cross the universe to meet us.

We must awaken to the power of this grace. By this grace we discover in ourselves the love with which to love him. Without this grace we can do nothing. But we must make the decision to try to draw closer to Him. We must try to use our bodies and the holy company He gives us, and His knowledge, only for liberation and His service.

Service to a Perfect Master is essential in order to attain the fourth grace of Self-realization. Service involves realizing the infinite Love within us and helping others to attain the Joy of living in Truth. We can serve this goal with our bodies, our minds, our hearts, and our souls. Karma Yoga, physical service with our bodies, is any non-attached action that is done while meditating on the Word of God. Krishna told Arjuna to go fight, do his duty, all the time with his mind fixed on the Name of God. Gyani Yoga is service of the mind and it involves coming to an intellectual understanding of what Guru Maharaj Ji is. A person serves with his mind by being open to all God's creation and by giving Satsang to all interested people. Bhakti Yoga, the service of Love, is based on an appreciation of the unity and completeness of God. By meditating on the Divine Knowledge, a person realizes his integral bond, united by Divine Light, with all other people and things in the universe. No anger or hate or fear is possible when life is lived with Love. The fourth service is Raj Yoga, which is service of the soul through meditation. Without meditation, all the other services become impossible. A man cannot do work which is free of attachment to results without establishing a stronger attachment to Truth through meditation. A person cannot give true Satsang without meditating, for all his efforts will be clouded by ignorance and egoism. A man cannot truly love unless he continually maintains his contact with the source of all Love. But on the other hand, meditation is the grace of God and can be experienced only by pleasing God through wholehearted service of the body, mind and heart. A perfect balance is necessary in order to realize the complete Joy of God.

The Young Guru Maharaj Ji, Prem Rawat

Amazing Grace

amazing grace, how sweet the sound
that saved a wretch like me
I once was lost but now I'm found
I was blind but now I see

it was grace that taught my heart to fear
and grace my fears relieved
most precious day the grace appeared
the hour I first believed

through many dangers toil and snare
we have already come
it was grace that brought us safe this far
and grace will lead us home

when we've been here ten thousand years
bright shining as the sun
we'll spend our days to sing his praise
and now we have begun

amazing grace how sweet the sound
that saved a wretch like me
I once was lost but now I'm found
I was blind but now I see


The Young Guru Maharaj Ji, Prem RawatSatsang

by Guru Maharaj Ji

What is the purpose of an individual on this earth? There is a purpose which is both individual and universal. God gives every man a universal purpose. Some are able to know what it is, and some aren't. The people who really seek the truth are able to realize that purpose, and those who are not interested in these things can't realize it. There are those people who are just running about without an aim. In India, there are sometimes tourists that roam all around the country, singing, laughing -- without any purpose. This is what is happening in this world -some people are going to the moon, others are going all different places. They can't understand life because they are so busy solving the mind's desires that they haven't got time to think over this matter of why they have come to this world.

But if you have come to this state, to this point where you can ask yourself why you have come into this world, then you should go beyond it and know why you have come. See that truth and know who you are and what your purpose is. First know who you are, and then you can know what your purpose is. We are incomplete. That is why we need to search for completeness.

But God is beyond thought. All the scientists have tried to think about it. They tried to discover all about this absolute thing, but they haven't been able to do so. They have discovered so many things, but they particularly have wanted to discover that absolute thing. They have failed, and have only discovered other things. They still can't think of what God is. We say everything in this world has been created, except God. Scientists can't think of a time when there was nothing, not even energy, so they can't think about why the energy was created and who created that energy. They can't think of the time when there was absolutely nothing, not this world, nothing -- only one Supreme Being. They devise many experiments regarding that thing, but they still can't think of it. They can't think about this Absolute Knowledge, because it is beyond words. Everything in this world is in words -- even God has been put into words But God is beyond alphabet because it is natural and it is within you.

Suppose Mister XYZ has died. His body is here, but something has gone. There is no name for that. That is why Krishna says to His disciple Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita, "You cannot see me with these eyes". And Arjuna replies, "What are you saying Lord? So Krishna then tells him, "Oh Arjuna, you are seeing me with your materialistic eyes, but these materialistic eyes are themselves destructible and whatever they can see is also destructible. I am what I am. I can never be destroyed, so you need an eye that can never be destroyed." That is why we need the third eye, our Divine Eye, to look at God.

So how can you open your Third Eye? You will have to go to the Perfect Master of the time, request Him please to give you that Knowledge, and then he will open the Third Eye. This Knowledge is a technique which is the only way to perceive the Truth. Knowledge is the thing in which all the secrets in the world are written. So when you receive that Knowledge, you will know what that secret is. You should have a keen desire to know this Knowledge.

But we are all filled with doubts so when we go to the Perfect Master we receive that Knowledge. When we place our minds in that Knowledge we are like a car wash. In car washes, people take a cloth and wipe the cars off and when they are cleaned and everything is okay, then people come by and admire the beauty of the car. In this mind wash everything is automatically cleaned. You just place your mind in this Knowledge, in the Truth a true Guru is giving you, and your mind will be cleansed of all doubts.

Realized souls come to give this Knowledge so that all people may end all their sufferings. Krishna says, "When there will be a decline in true religion, I will come and form one religion, which is the Truth." Religion means realization. You are following religions in order to get peace. If you can't find peace, search somewhere else. If you want to learn ABC from a book, and you are not learning ABC from that book, then leave it. All human beings should be happy, but there are so many fights between religions. That is why the Perfect Master comes to form all people into one religion, which is


The Young Guru Maharaj Ji, Prem Rawat realization of God. The master we choose should be perfect. You should try, seek, search, and you will find Him. The mind seems to give us pleasures, but it doesn't - it takes us more and more away from God. It is a false prophet. Don't believe in the people because they often can't recognize a true prophet. When I was in London, there were many cars parked illegally, and the driver of our car also parked there illegally. I asked him, "Why are you parked on the illegal side?" He said because all the other cars were already parked there. When we came back, every car had a ticket on it. Our driver complained, "Oh why have I got a ticket?" I told him, "Every car has got a ticket, so you also have a ticket". There are so many crazy people. That is why God says, "Be individual, and then seek God".

How do we reach a true Perfect Master? People who have got fortune and try, surely reach God. If people don't try, they can't reach God. The best and easiest way to get rid of doubts is to listen to Satsang, which is Holy Discourse. This Knowledge is a hammer. Truth is a nail. Your heart is the wood and you knock the truth in. You need another nail also--Satsang, to love that Knowledge more. Am I the Perfect Master? I can't declare that. I won't declare that. I can, but I won't say that. Why? That is my secret. People in this world are so lazy that they don't want to do anything by themselves. So let them search, let them be more alert. In the Aquarian gospel, Jesus says "wait and look into you. You will see a light that is more than a noon-day sun". That is the real form of the Guru.

Jesus said that men cannot speak the Holy Word of God. He told his disciples not to speak that Word. I can only describe that Word it is exactly what will give you that internal peace. That is all I can say. First you must have faith in me, that yes, I will give you that Knowledge. Then I will give you the Knowledge and you can have faith in that which I have given you. You want a full explanation, yet just reading the instruction book is not enough.

Emotion is such a thing that when we have it, we feel it, when we don't have it we can't feel it. If God comes along, you can't sit and write down that experience because it is an emotion you were feeling not by your mind, not by your thinking power, but by your heart. Some people pray to the formless God, and other people pray to the formed God. But we pray neither to the formless or to the formed we pray to the Word. The Word is neither formless or in a form. That is why this is called the middle path. Open a seed and you won't find a tree, yet there is still a tree existing in that seed. A form has come out of a formless thing.

God means: "G" for generator; "O" for operator; and "D" for destroyer. We are born, we are living, and we die. Everything is around you, just try and you will understand it. You are useless until you see your aim because then you will surely find a way. Ignorance is only created by the mind, and the mind keeps the secret that you are something divine away from you. That is why you have to tame the mind first. The mind is a snake and the treasure is behind it. The snake lives over the treasure, so if you want that treasure, you will have to kill the snake. And killing the snake is not an easy job.

Once I can look at the nature of God, I can see God everywhere. Union is being always with God.

"Truly, truly, I say to you, if anyone keeps my word, he will never see death."

--John 8:51


If he is indeed wise he does not bid you enter the house of his wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind. For the vision of one man lends not its wings to another man.

Say not, "I have found the path of the soul."

Say rather, "I have met the soul walking upon my path." And if you would know God be not therefore a solver of riddles. Rather look about you and you shall see Him playing with your children.


The light is most abundant, and it shines for all; if you would see the light come to the light.

There is a Silence where the soul may meet its God, and there the fountain of Wisdom is, and all who enter are immersed in light, and filled with wisdom, love and power. The Silence is the kingdom of the soul which is not seen by human eyes. When in the Silence, phantom forms may flit before the mind; but they are all subservient to the will; the master soul may speak and they are gone.

If you would find this Silence of the soul you must yourself prepare the way; none but the pure in heart may enter here. And you must lay aside all tenseness of the mind, all business cares, all fears, all doubts and troubled thoughts.

In every part, from head to foot, are candles all in place, just waiting to be lighted by the flaming torch of love. And then the curtains part, and you are in the Holiest of all, where rests the ark of God, whose covering is the mercy seat.


Prem Rawat's Mother, Mata Ji, before She Disowned Him My arrogance is this,
not just my earth
But god-like, my strange miracle of birth.
The world I'm given … Hours

And the endlessness of flowers.
It's true
That I and you

Must die …

But look for God's sake in a human mind
And find the shape of God,
And find. And find.

Kalidasa (c. 500 A.D.)

by the grace of god we have been given
a sandpit in which to sit and build our
sandcastles, sandcastles in which to sit
and hoard our treasures, treasures over
which to quarrel with our fellows, fellows
with whom to fight our little wars

And love overcomes

even this pettiness

of fighting wars with our fellows because
we quarrel about treasures we are hoarding
in the sandcastles we have built ourselves

in our sandpit
in the playpen
which grace has given us

For love overcomes

even our childishness

grace bestowed, god revealed



Mahatmas Ramanand (big ears) and Satyanand (very dark)

I sing my praise. I sing the eternal air.
I breath, I only breathe in prayer.



If not for you, I couldn't even find the door
I couldn't even see the floor.
I'd be sad and blue, if not for you.

If not for you the night would see me wide awake;
The day would surely have to break
It would not be new; if not for you.
If not for you my sky would fall
Rain would gather too.
Without your love I'd be nowhere at all
I'd be lost if not for you.

If not for you, the winter would hold no spring
Couldn't hear a robin sing I just wouldn't have a clue,
If not for you


Mahatma Fakiranand Who Attempted to Murder Pat Halley Oh Mahatma
So Holy Brother
You are the graceful song of heart
How sweet the fruit of light


by Mahatmaji Fakiranand

My dear brothers and sisters, this human body has been given to us as a boon, as a chance. The head should always meditate on God; the hands are given to serve our Master; the eyes are meant to see the glory of God everywhere; the legs are given to carry us as we serve humanity. All has been given for the sake of true service to humanity--to do something good for the soul. Unfortunately, we have been deluded; we have forgotten our true path. The paths we are following have no destination. They are the paths of death, of mortality.

The real purpose of man is to know the name of God. God has given us everything, whether we are American, Indian, Chinese, or Japanese. The first and foremost duty is to remember Him at all times. We should be very grateful to Him! (You are following?) Now, you see, in this universe, your body is the crown of nature. You can think; you can determine; you can discriminate; you can reason for the betterment of life. The betterment of life is to get the mind controlled. Your mind is nothing but the instinct of your soul. Without the soul, the intellect is nothing; all the organs are nothing! But instincts are all the time diverted toward external things. My dear friends, unless you know the Name of God, you are missing your whole life! When the child lies in the womb of the mother, he remembers the sacred, that holy, that supreme Name Of God all the time. He is totally merged, completely subdued in that absolute place.

Oh my friends, our minds have created so many differences between us and God. The mind gropes in darkness. By rigidly following the narrow path of sects and religions, the mind deludes us. Everywhere humanity cries out for peace and happiness. Unless our mind is tranquil, it will not attain perfect calm. The mind is so dark, so restless, it cannot find the way to save itself. That is why the Perfect Master comes to the universe. Our Lord is perfect-- he comes to give us the right way. He says that there is such a Word of God--a Name of God that is the path of all paths. That Name is the primordial vibration of the whole universe. The Name is the source of all things. It is vibrating and reverberating in our soul at all times. When our mind follows that vibration, it attains perfect balance. It becomes totally full of Love; so blissful. So much happiness is within! When the mind is harnessed to the Name of God, any worldly work we perform will be totally good, totally truthful, totally benevolent. Without the balance of mind, your work is haphazard. We think something and we do something else. Attain this balance by uniting with the eternal Word: full of nectar, full of light, full of everything that is present within our heart.

I am very happy, my friends. You can see that this is a very dark age, and that the darkness of the people has reached a peak. Therefore, the time has come for the whole world to become illuminated. The whole world will be enlightened. Our Master, our Lord, our Savior has come; and seeing this age of darkness, he is propagating his Knowledge just like Lord Ram did centuries ago. In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says to Arjuna, "Go to the Lotus Feet of Guru. Serve him with a guileless heart and he will reveal that Word within; he will give you that Light within." You will see--then you will believe. Guru Maharaj says, "My Knowledge is a matter of seeing and believing because unless you see, how can you believe? Everywhere we want practical conceptions. Without practical conceptions we should not believe."

All the Holy scriptures are the statements of Holy persons. These Holy persons were the gurus of their times and they have proclaimed that we should come to the Lotus Feet of the Guru and ask about the Eternal Truth. The Truth is one for all.

We may have all the things in the world, but without this Word, our life is barren and meaningless--always filled with doubts, confused by its own actions. Since time immemorial the sun has risen in the East and set in the West, and yet we say we have no time for Truth. Do we think time is ours? Day and night has always been, but who controls their coming and going? Try to understand that we have been given this time in order to discover who arranged the timing of the universe. We may theorize all we want, but we will never understand. To know, we must go to the real Guru, who is recognized by the Knowledge He gives. That Knowledge is the Light within. He will give us that Eternal Nectar, and by that we will become completely satisfied.

The Guru comes for the sake of humanity; for the sake of uplifting deluded souls. We are not the body, we are the soul. In this universe there are so many teachers; there are so many gurus that we can go to. But these worldly men cannot give us what we ask for. Therefore, the Immortal Father comes in human form and gives us that Knowledge because He loves us. Saint Kabir said, "When my Guru Maharaj gives that Name to me, God is walking all around me with all His bliss and says, 'Oh Kabir, what do you want, what do you want to take?' The almighty power is moving all around myself when I remember that Name. Such is the grace of the Guru."

The Bible says: "In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God." This Word is the base of the universe and is the source of our own mind. Unless our mind is attached to that Divinity, to that self-effulgent Light, there will be no balance.

Now, my dear friends, Guru Maharaj is propagating this Knowledge and I am the witness. I am seeing that self-effulgent Light twenty-four hours a day. Guru Maharaj has opened my eye and has given everything to me. I am remembering that Word at all times. There is nothing more precious than Guru, nothing more lovely than Guru Maharaj in this whole universe for a human being.

"Receive what I can give you before you try to understand what I am. If what I give you satisfies your soul, if I can show you light, then you can know me, what I am. My theory is that you should never believe something until you have proof."



The Young Guru Maharaj Ji, Prem Rawat My Beloved Master

I am so weak, so lowly, I know that without Your Grace I would never be able to make my way back Home.

My thoughts make me unworthy of Your Love, but still You shower me with Your Loving Grace, there is none lower than me, but still You never leave me. How can I begin to tell of my love, I lack words, my heart speaks and You hear, my longing needs to be released through some method. The Door opens slowly, my Father is within, so I start up the Mountain on the long Path to Him.

He is splendor.
He is beauty.
He is all.
Oh Father, how trivial words are,

You are the only true Word.
You are the only true
You are the Only
You are

Aquarian Gospel     LEVI

Chapter 89: page 131

Now on the day before the Sabbath day, the twelve disciples who had received the call were met with one accord in Jesus' home.

2. And Jesus said to them, This is the day to consecrate yourselves unto the work of God: so let us pray.

3. Turn from the outer to the inner self; close all the doors of carnal self and wait.

4. The Holy Breath will fill this place, and you will be baptised in Holy Breath.

5. And then they prayed; a light more brilliant than the noonday sun filled all the room, and tongues of flame from every head rose high in air.

6. The atmosphere of Galilee was set astir, a sound like distant thunder rolled above Capernaum, and men heard songs, as though ten thousand angels joined in full accord.

7. And then the twelve disciples heard a voice, a still, small voice, and just one word was said, a word they dared not speak; it was the Sacred name of God.

8. And Jesus said to them, By this omnific Word you may control the elements, and all the powers of air.

9. And when within your souls you speak this Word, you have the keys. of life and death; of things that were; of things that are to be.

The Tao-the Ching

The Tao described in words is not the real Tao. Words cannot describe it. Nameless, it is the source of creation; named, it is the mother of all things.

To see Tao the observer must be motiveless. Those with selfish motives see only the surface, not the innermost depths. These two kinds of observers look alike but differ in the insight of their observations.

They look alike because they are both human; within humanity is the key to the door of creation.

There is something mysterious, without beginning, without end, that existed before the heavens and earth. Unmoving; infinite; standing alone; never changing. It is everywhere and it is inexhaustible. It is the mother of all.



God lives not in the noise of tongues;
There is no way to Him from any idol shine.
God's meeting place with man is in the heart,
And in a small voice He speaks.
And he who hears is still.
And when man honors man, he honors God;
And what he does for man, he does for God
Salutation is a ladder reaching from the
Heart of man to the heart of God.

It has three steps:

1. Belief is first, and is what man thinks, perhaps is truth.

2. And faith is next, and this is what man knows is truth.

3. Fruition is last, and this is man himself. the Truth.

* If one is full of Love, he does not need commands of any kind.

* If one is full of love, he can do nothing else than worship God, for God is love.

* And Jesus said, it seems to me that Love, the golden cord that binds the ten commands in one, is strong enough to open any human door so that the Truth can enter in and cause the heart to understand.

* And so the holy ones have judged when man has needed added light a master soul Has come to earth to give that light.

And then, at last, a mighty master soul will come to earth to light the way to the throne of perfect man. When man has reached the place where he has faith in God, in nature, and in himself, he knows the word of power; his word is balm for every wound, is care for all the ills of life.

Make human hearts your altars,
And burn your sacrifices with the fire of love.
I am your brother, man just come to show you the way to God; You shall not worship man; praise God, the holy one.
By the sweet breaths of God all life is bound in one; So if you touch a fibre of a living thing, you send a thrill from centre to the other bounds of life.
Now, men and birds and beasts and creeping things Are dieties, made flesh, and how dare men kill
The universal God is wisdom, will and love.
And this God you are, each one, a priest, just
for yourself; and sacrifice of blood God does
Not want.
Just give your life in sacrificial service to the
All of life, and God is pleased.
God never made a heaven for man.
He never made a hell; we are creators
And we make our own.

Behold, I stand and knock; If any
Man hear my voice, and open the door,
I will come into Him, and will sup with
Him, and He with me.

Revelation iii, 20

"Work is the highest meditation and the best Satsang, for in the actions of the good man others find their rule of action."

--Kahlil Gibran

Meher Baba

The modern era is steeped in restlessness as man is tossed between conflicting ideals. Like mounds in a sandy desert, intellectual knowledge is mounting up without provision for the expression of the heart, which is so vitally necessary to quench the need of the spirit. It is lack of this that has checkmated man's achievements, in spite of himself and his enormous advancements in the fields of science. Unhappiness and insecurity, emotional or otherwise, are the dominant notes of the age, and mankind is engulfed in the darkness of wars, hate and fear.

Yet I say, "Have Hope."

Selfishness and lust for power tend to drag man towards brutality, which he has inherited from his evolutionary ancestry or acquired during erroneous searching through his incarnations. But there is within man the inextinguishable light of Truth, because he is essentially divine in origin and being.

Those who cleanse their hearts of the embittering poison of selfishness, hate and greed shall find God as their own true Self. When you find and realize God, the problem of selfishness and its numerous expressions melts away like mist before the sun. In God and as God, all life reveals itself as being really one and indivisible, and all separateness created by identification with human or sub-human forms is seen to be illusory.

The Truth of divine life is not a hope but a reality.

Everywhere today man is rightfully occupied with the problems of world peace. If there is war, it means nothing short of racial suicide and total destruction. But world peace cannot be insured through dogmas, however learned, or organizations, however efficient. It can be ensured only by a release of unarguing and unconquerable love which knows no fear or separateness.

The Young Guru Maharaj Ji, Prem Rawat


The Young Guru Maharaj Ji, Prem Rawat RECOGNITION

How do we recognize the living Perfect Master? We can listen to the testimony of His disciples. If they indeed have been shown light, then spontaneously they will radiate that light. We should be able to feel their excitement. But that isn't an ultimate test because the knowledge of God is very subtle and could be misunderstood or entirely missed by an unreceptive taker. If a person receives the knowledge of a Satguru expecting some phenomenal otherworldly vision to appear, he very likely will be disappointed. God is something which has existed within us all along, we just have been unaware of it, and because of our ignorance, have had to have it shown to us. God is the Life Force within us, but in our wandering we have strayed from that source, and have had to be led back. God is there in all glory and completeness, but we, have to wipe the dirt off our mind so that we can see it clearly. We have to purify our heart so that we can live in that reality. God exists, but due to our ignorance--not obviously. The name of God is a very subtle vibration, and that vibration will lead us to Peace and Understanding if we choose to follow. In San Francisco, California one can ride the cable cars. Underneath the streets of the city there is a cable which is continually moving, and when the operator of the cable car wants to move ahead he just clamps onto the cable and is pulled along. When he wants to stop, he simply releases himself from the pull of the cable. So it is with us. We are cable cars wanting to advance along our route. Subtly hidden inside us is an eternal vi-, bration which is constantly moving. If we clamp on to that vibration we move ahead. If we let go, if we ignore the vibration, we stay where we are or perhaps slip back down the hill a bit. That vibration is the Name of God and its destination is permanent bliss. We are the operator and must choose to- move or to stay. Thus we can receive some indication of whether a Perfect Master is real by observing His disciples, but we mustn't trust just that observation.

We must hear His words, listen to satsang. If God is real, His doctrine will be all-inclusive. He will not be restrictive. His solution-will be universal, and all living human beings will be able to share in His communion regardless of nationality or race or caste or education. His solution will also be open to all ways of life. His devotee will not necessarily have to be an ascetic wandering homelessly with a begging bowl. Householders and working men must not be excluded from the enjoyment of God. They must simply be willing to sever their attachment to their worldly possessions and positions in favor of devotion to the higher wealth of spirituality. The Perfect Master will know himself to be the final goal of all search, so He will not recruit devotees. He will wait for them to come to Him when they are ready. Indeed, He may even send people away telling _them to first wear out all their other desires, and then when the desire for God surfaces, to return and be initiated into the Spirit of God.

But again, God is not words, therefore words cannot be the ultimate test of God's reality. God is a living experience, a practical living. reality. Therefore, if we still are interested we must receive His. knowledge, experience the vibration of the Word and see the Light. This is the true test. But be not too hasty in judgement. Perfect understanding does not come immediately. For a long time we have been very ignorant, we have been immersed in great darkness. The Light of Truth may at first not be understandable to us. We must allow the purity of the Word to wipe at the dirt of the mirror, and then only will we be able to see our true reflection. Receive knowledge and practice the meditation. Close the mouth. Close the mind, just for a while, to let the seed start growing. Cover the awakening sprout, protect it in its infancy. Give it the aid of a healthy and secure childhood then quickly it will grow and become strong. Search the living Perfect Master, question him with guileless heart and receive His knowledge.


Only a fortunate man is granted the vision
To see the One God pervading everywhere.

O mother, I am in ecstacy, for I have found my Lord.
Yes, in a flash, I found my Lord and my mind is filled with the Music of Bliss:
Like all the jeweled angels and fairies of every region singing in chorus the song of the Word.
All who have Him enshrined in their minds, sing the Word of the Lord!

I am truly in ecstasy, for I have realized my Lord.




1. Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

2. Constantly meditate…and remember the Name.

3. Leave no room for doubt in your mind.

4. Always…have faith in God.

5. Never delay… in attending Satsang.

The accused, on hearing his acquittal order, becomes a free man even though the hand-cuffs have not been removed. Similarly, the 'Realized is free, staying in this world of bondage.

The Young Guru Maharaj Ji, Prem Rawat