In View - Spring/Summer 1988

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In View Magazine About Prem Rawat (Maharaji)

Maharaji's North American Tour: A New Beginning

From one point of view, Maharaji's four-city tour of North America this past February and March may not have seemed unusual. After all, Maharaji has been speaking publicly about Knowledge to people in North America since 1971. It is not at all surprising that more than 6,000 people came to hear him in Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Montreal. But something unprecedented and historic did happen during this tour. In Los Angeles and Miami, for the first time ever, Maharaji personally conducted Knowledge sessions - instructing 21 people.

In View Magazine About Prem Rawat (Maharaji)

A Gift Of The Heart Excerpts from Maharaji's Presentation, Los Angeles, 21st February 1988

I'm not here to judge what's right or wrong. I'm not a preacher. I have nothing to preach. I'm not a teacher. I have nothing to teach you. All I have is a very simple message about the fundamental thing inside each human being that allows us to enjoy. What about enjoying, for a change, the very thing that allows us to enjoy all the other things of life? What is this life that you have been given? What secrets does it hold? How many times have people told you, "There's something good and wonderful inside you"? Well, it is possible to experience that thing. And the method that allows you to experience it is called "Knowledge." And that Knowledge is available. What does it take to get it? It requires a little bit of a process. What does the process require? Trust

In View Magazine About Prem Rawat (Maharaji)

Meetings With Maharaji
Maharaji made me feel very comfortable. I liked that I could meet him at my own level. When I saw that he was just a regular person, it made it easy for me to ask the type of question I wanted to ask.

Very Little
What Does Knowledge Mean To Me?

With Knowledge, I don't have to impress anybody. I don't have to be a certain way. I can get up in the morning with sleep in my eyes - it's not going to abandon me. If I wear curlers to bed, I don't have to worry about it.

The Volunteer Spirit
"Locally, I've been taking care of the mailing list. I keep it updated and help send out some of the mailings. I volunteer because giving my time even in a small way makes me feel good inside and I enjoy that feeling very much. Of course, sometimes I find myself wondering how I can fit everything into my schedule. But I usually find that once I start doing what needs to be done, its a lot of fun. It's exciting to discover that I sincerely love being involved in Maharaji's work. I think Knowledge has enhanced my ability to be more genuine in the desire to give."

Famous Premie

When I was 54

Sometimes, when I would sit by the ocean and watch the powerful waves crash against the rocks, my husband would ask me what I was thinking. All I could tell him was that I felt a loneliness and a yearning inside me. He could not understand and told me that I had everything: his love, the love of our family and friends, a beautiful home, involvement in the P.T.A. the Garden Club and other volunteer organizations.

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