Maharaji in India

Maharaji in India

On April 12, 13, and 14, Maharaji was guest of honor at a series of Knowledge-related programs in Delhi, India. More than 167,000 people attended, including 5,000 guests on the first night of the three-day event. Maharaji addressed the huge gathering nightly and also met with small groups of instructors, organizers, and ashram residents during the days. The traditional Indian festival of Hull was celebrated twice, much to the delight of those in attendance. In addition, Maharaji toured the festival site in an open jeep, periodically stopping at designated places to casually talk with attendees. During one of his evening presentations, Maharaji mentioned that he was interested in returning to India in the not-too-distant future to conduct, a series of Rejoice programs, but that it would require a lot of preparation on the part of local participants.

Tour News

Maharaji's worldwide travels have recently taken him "down under." On May 28th and 29th he conducted an Instructor Refresher course in Brisbane, Australia. From there, he flew to Adelaide, Auckland (New Zealand), and Gold Coast where he conducted a series of "Rejoice" programs. He is planning another three-city tour of the U.S. in late June or early July. After that, it's on to England and Ireland for the first series of Rejoices ever done there.

More Knowledge Sessions

Maharaji is presently considering plans to conduct a series of North American Knowledge sessions in the fall. Contact your local instructor later in the summer for more information,

U.S. Instructor Meetings

On May llth and 16th, in Miami Beach and Los Angeles, Maharaji met with U.S. instructors to update them on his current and future plans. Special attention was given to the evolving role of instructors in his work. More than 120 instructors from 24 states attended.

Photos and Videotapes

New photographs and videotapes of Maharaji are now available for purchase. For more information, write to: International Learning Center, P.O. Box 4918, Thousand Oaks, CA 91359.

Instructor Applications

Instructor/Speaker applications are now being distributed through the national organization in each country. (Completed applications are then forwarded to the International Learning Center.) To request an application in the U.S., write to:

Elan Vital
PO. Box 6130
Malibu. CA 90264
RE: Application Request

In View Subscription

If you are interested in subscribing to In View, write to: In View, P.O. Box 6130, Malibu, CA 90264.

Poetry Wanted

Have you written any poetry about Maharaji or the benefits and effect of Knowledge in your life? Consider submitting them to In View for possible publication. Be sure to include your phone number and return address.

Sponsorship Program Update

As treasurer of Elan Vital, I've had the opportunity to work closely with the North American Sponsorship program for the past two years. I've come to see how much people with Knowledge really care about Maharaji's work.

As you may recall, our effort to develop a dependable base of support officially began in 1987 with a mailing to everyone on Elan Vital's national mailing list. By the end of last year 2,453 people were participating in the program (representing 1,900 pledges), most of whom were contributing on a monthly basis.

The most recent effort to broaden the base of support took place during the first two months of 1988. A national mailing from Elan Vital was followed by letters from three regional sponsorship representatives. In addition, Raja Ji visited several North American cities and spoke in detail about the Sponsorship Program.

As a result of these efforts, an additional 550 people are now contributing on a monthly basis - bringing the total number of sponsors to 3,003.

To date, we have accomplished 80 percent of our financial goal - the goal of being able to cover the operating expenses for the Lear 55 and the basic costs of supporting Maharaji's work in North America.



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