Golden Age Magazine About Prem Rawat aka Maharaji

1   Knowledge Review

Guru Maharaj Ji shows us how the realisation of God, or unity with infinite energy, can be reached by looking within. His Knowledge is the secret of life and the ultimate understanding of its source. Guru Maharaj Ji gives a practical method to experience the light, sound, taste and vibration of the energy of life.

Knowledge is not a religion. It is a direct experience that is transmitted by Mahatmas, close disciples of Guru Maharaj Ji, in Knowledge sessions. Although four very practical meditation techniques are given, the techniques alone cannot account for the total experience. It is the grace of the Perfect Master behind the four experiences that brings complete inner peace.

Golden Age Magazine About Prem Rawat aka Maharaji

2   Good News

Perhaps the emphasis on the beauty of this Knowledge sometimes detracts from the reason for its existence at all: the Satguru. Guru Maharaj Ji is the giver of Knowledge and it is a gift of love from the Master to his devotee. Although meditation may seem impersonal and objective it is only developed in the personal relationship between Guru and devotee. Light does not come out of our intense concentration but as a gift from the Master when we render him service. When we begin to realise that Guru Maharaj Ji is our true self and that any love directed towards him is returned a thousandfold, our only desire is to serve him and love him wholeheartedly. This is the path of devotion.
2   Seed of Truth
2   Easter Festival
2   An Introduction To Divine Light Mission

Golden Age Magazine About Prem Rawat aka Maharaji
3   Aspects of Knowledge

The Four-Fold Path
DUO Proclamation

A Natural Process
Guru Maharaj Ji, after I received Knowledge I didn't really get any experience in my meditation and I lost faith to the point where I no longer had the will to meditate. So what should I do?

Golden Age Magazine About Prem Rawat aka Maharaji
4   The Perfect Master

… we need a master of perfection to lead us in the conquest of our minds and to the achievement of perfect peace and serenity.

A Perfect Master is one who has reached the highest spiritual region and is in union with God. His social status has no significance. The only test of a Perfect Master is his ability to reveal the vibration, light, music and taste which is called spiritual Knowledge.

Golden Age Magazine About Prem Rawat aka Maharaji

5   The Holy Family

With the Holy Family of Guru Maharaj Ji, this feeling of divinity is much stronger and more evident in their words and actions. Being in their presence becomes a joyous relationship between a devotee and God. The particular aspect or quality of God that each member of the family embodies is gradually revealed to the devotee both through practical actions and internal unity with their divine nature.

Golden Age Magazine About Prem Rawat aka Maharaji

6   Give Peace A Chance

Trevor: At this time there are two aims for us. One is to play music for people to bring them to Knowledge; to make them aware that things are bad and that things can become good through Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge. And the other aim is to play to Guru Maharaj Ji and both aims are really one and the same thing. There'll be more a merging on the external level as more people take Knowledge.

Trevor Wilson gave Knowledge away in the 1970's, there was no "merging on the external level"

7   Letter From Mahatma Ji

It seems by my own experience and the outward impressions of others that it is harder to meditate than to serve. There are some who cannot meditate, who do not do service and I cannot help noticing that these are at a spiritual standstill. And there are some whose meditation is weak, who do service as much as they can and these seem to be enjoying the Divine Bliss and after a very short time find themselves meditating very much by the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji. In this dark age the only souls who are able to meditate well are those who are devoted in thought, word and action to the Holy Lotus Feet, doing service and satsang.

The first Western Mahatma soon stopped writing such sycophantic mush as this as he began to become experienced in the realities of life as a follower of Prem Rawat. He is now one of Prem Rawat's most public critics.

Golden Age Magazine About Prem Rawat aka Maharaji

    Press Interview with Mahatma Rajeshwar

"Yes, certainly there is a difference. The difference is only the difference of experience. About these four aspects of Knowledge, Jesus Christ speaks in the Bible and as a matter of fact, during his whole life, he revealed this practical Knowledge to the people of his time. These four aspects of Knowledge were revealed by Buddha and that is called the four noble truths of Buddha. All the past Perfect Masters such as Lord Krishna, Lord Jesus Christ, Buddha, Prophet Muhammed revealed this Knowledge. In the present time, Guru Maharaj Ji is giving the same Knowledge with practical experience, but at other places, practical experience is lacking. In other places, they read holy scriptures they talk about holy scriptures they memorise holy scriptures but they have no practical experience."