Thursday, April 25, 1974
25c NO. 4
Idealised portrait of Prem Rawat aka (Guru) Maharaji in 1974 KNOWLEDGE REVIEW

No matter how much we know, our minds cannot give us an answer to one question: Why am I alive? What is the secret of life? No amount of book knowledge can explain the cause of life, why we wake up each morning to experience the world until the time comes when death takes away that experience. Certainly, we can have theories about the universe and ourselves but a recipe is not the same as the practical taste of food. We have a short time in which to find out the answer. Isn't it the one answer really worth knowing?

Scientific knowledge tells us that energy is the source of life. Religious knowledge tells us that God is the cause of all creation. Scientists say that energy is infinite, cannot be created nor destroyed. Religious philosophers at least agree that God is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. The American astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, said that scientists were beginning to believe that the basis of this energy was not the hydrogen molecule but consciousness itself. William Blake, the religious mystic in love with God, proclaimed that "Energy is Eternal Delight". From two fields of study that most people regard as worlds apart, come analyses of the basic stuff of life which are strikingly similar.

Beyond Theory

But mere words are confusing. We need a knowledge that goes beyond both scientific and religious theory. We need to have a practical test of that energy or God, using the familiar channels of our five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.

Despite the great use made of them, the full power of our senses has been neglected. We have been looking outside ourselves, enjoying the universe, without imagining the universe that exists within us. We say that a sunrise gladdens our heart without realising that that feeling is happening inside us. We get a little glimpse of infinity by observing the stars, without knowing that infinite feeling which can be tapped inside the human body. In fact, by turning our senses inwards, we can experience the energy of the entire universe. And the nature of this energy is all-loving. Proof? This experience which gives peace of mind can be achieved through the Knowledge of Guru Maharaj Ji. It is not a knowledge of the mind but Knowledge that takes us beyond the mind, through the senses, into the state of pure existence where we no longer categorise, criticise, feel fear or hatred; the only feeling is universal love.

Looking Within

Guru Maharaj Ji shows us how the realisation of God, or unity with infinite energy, can be reached by looking within. His Knowledge is the secret of life and the ultimate understanding of its source. Guru Maharaj Ji gives a practical method to experience the light, sound, taste and vibration of the energy of life. This experience is available freely to all who ask. No price can buy such a precious thing. The only requirement is a sincere desire to know the meaning of life.

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Knowledge is not a religion. It is a direct experience that is transmitted by Mahatmas, close disciples of Guru Maharaj Ji, in Knowledge sessions. Although four very practical meditation techniques are given, the techniques alone cannot account for the total experience. It is the grace of the Perfect Master behind the four experiences that brings complete inner peace. People who have received Knowledge, called premies ("lovers of truth"), praise Guru Maharaj Ji as the greatest living soul because he has given them this experience. As Guru Maharaj Ji's eldest brother, Bal Bhagwan Ji, pointed out, "Many people think we worship the body. Actually, we worship the spirit."

Receiving Knowledge shows a person how to meditate on perfection. Meditation is more than just concentrating the mind; it is looking within the human body and concentrating solely on the four aspects of Knowledge.

Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge not only shows us the reason for life but makes us enjoy being alive to the fullest. It puts us in harmony with nature and our fellow man. It is the perfect means to bring peace to our planet. There is no need to believe anything that has been written. Practical proof is available. Surely a claim involving personal and world peace is worth investigating.