Dear brothers and sisters,

I want to say a few words about a golden chance that we might be letting slip past us. For want of a better word it is called: SERVICE. Service is not something the ashram needs doing, it is a golden orb of bliss which the Lord provides as one if not the most effective way of purifying and controlling the mind. He allows us to imagine we help in this work but he is doing it all . No-one who tries to serve ever regrets it.

Service is for the sake of the individual soul attached to:

1 Possessions
2 Ideas and opinions
3 Freedom of action
4 Habits and ways of life

Through service, these attachments may be exchanged for attachment to:

1 Possessions of spiritual realisation and bliss
2 Clear understanding of the Truth
3 Service of Guru, God and humanity and spiritual freedom
4 A pure, happy way of life knowing God

All service really goes to the people who have not yet received Knowledge. Guru Maharaj Ji is constantly serving them.

I find it very hard to imagine how one can progress spiritually by meditation alone. It seems by my own experience and the outward impressions of others that it is harder to meditate than to serve. There are some who cannot meditate, who do not do service and I cannot help noticing that these are at a spiritual standstill. And there are some whose meditation is weak, who do service as much as they can and these seem to be enjoying the Divine Bliss and after a very short time find themselves meditating very much by the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji. In this dark age the only souls who are able to meditate well are those who are devoted in thought, word and action to the Holy Lotus Feet, doing service and satsang. It is easy to think we do service and satsang but the fruit of real service and satsang is Light, new born devotees and new ashrams, blissful opportunities for service, satsang programs and invitations for Guru Maharaj Ji's darshan.

Look into your hearts for your soul's sake. This Knowledge has the power but it takes a little time to solve all our problems and calm our mind's anxieties. It is able to get us much higher than anything else you can imagine and without any bad effects. If you find, as I have done in the past, that the soul is not progressing as it deserves, then rest on the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji. Put up the sail of service to catch the wind of Grace. Come more often, keep in touch with your brothers and sisters. Now is the time, in a few years there will be nothing left to be done. Now humanity will appreciate your service and your soul will thank you for eternity.

Do not judge by externals, we are all like tiny little children trying to help our Dad, each making his insignificant contribution to the mighty work of our Father. Give your own flavour to the service by working alongside the children of Light. This work is going at a tremendous speed till it covers the whole world with True Knowledge, with us or without us. And we see the great result of Maharaj Ji's tidal wave of Truth we will be sorry if we did not join in the work and eternally pleased if we do. When devotees do service they find themselves remembering the Word automatically. In fact, service is the fastest way of disentangling ourselves from maya.

So if you think your meditation and mind control leave some room for improvement, try exchanging attachments to possessions, habits, ideas, ways of life and actions for beneficial habits, spiritual awareness and attachment to Guru Maharaj Ji's Lotus Feet by the automatic changeover method of service. You can serve by awakening your brother and sister devotees from their dream of maya, by donating anything and by helping to spread the Word. Try letting go of a few obstacles to spiritual progress, swallow pride, roll up your sleeves and then you'll see the world improving before your very eyes.

only in love, your brother,
Mahatma Param Saphalanand