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Divine Light Volume 1 No. 7

Most people are so confused in their thoughts and they try to remove the confusion by reading many different books and magazines. They read day and night but, unfortunately, all they find is more confusion. Why is this so? Because the writers are putting their own confused ideas into their articles and books. But I assure you that every word in this magazine is divine; every word has come from them who have come into this world to remove people's confusion.

The magazine which you are reading now is the holiest magazine in the world. We follow a Master who is fourteen years old. He is the born Lord. The family in which He took birth is the Holiest family in the world. This is the greatness and holiness of the Holy Family, that through them the Lord came into the world to save mankind. Our Master's name is SATGURUDEV SHRI SANT JI MAHARAJ. We publish His picture in this magazine both on the front cover and on many of the pages. We also publish pictures of the Holy Family in every issue. Other than editorial and addresses of ashrams and centres, each and every word in this divine magazine comes from our Master or from the Holy Family. These are the words which made all the scriptures of the world.

So read the words in this magazine, which are for all of us; for all people who live in this modern world; The prophets who came in the past came to solve the problems of those people who were suffering at that time. He is here now, among us now to show us the way of life in the time of illusion, delusion and pollution.

So, men and women created by the Lord, try to get up from the slumber of ignorance and recognize Him who can only be recognized by men and women and not by serpents.

Just as you read many things to answer your questions, so you should read every issue of this magazine regularly, read the words of the Living Master, the remover of darkness, so that you will not spend your energy in searching and wondering. Get the real answer which you want. Save yourself from worldly craziness.


Shri Bhole Ji Divine Elder Brother of Prem Rawat

Satguru – The Highest Authority

Shri Guru Maharaj Ji speaking to Western disciples, Prem Nagar, 24th November, 1971

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973

Let us talk about the Word of God which we have all shared and which we have all known. Think of all that process you went through before taking the Knowledge. First of all you had to listen to satsang, then you had to make the crossing, then you had to ask humbly, devotedly and frankly. And then the Knowledge was given to you.

But you must understand that the first and foremost step that brought you to this Supreme Knowledge, this Supreme Consciousness, was satsang. Kabirdas said that if you go to seek sacred places you will get one type of fruit. If you go to saints you will get four types of fruit, but if you go to Guru you get all types of fruit. He is the wholesale market dealer and when you go to Him, whatever you want, that is in terms of spiritual Knowledge, in terms of consciousness, in terms of satisfaction of mind, He gives it to you. He gives it to you, He imparts this Knowledge to you. And when you receive this Knowledge you meditate upon it and eventually you are elevated.

You know that as a plane cruises higher, as it gains altitude, its speed increases more and more. Because the pressure of wind is less there, when it. is high, but it is greater down below, and so the plane starts gaining speed and goes faster than it should. When I was coming from India on this 707 it was going at 600 m.p.h. Really the speed was 580 m.p.h., but we were going at 600 m.p.h. because we were going so high. Understand? On the ground the speed will be 580 but up there with less wind pressure, same speed was 600. So if you want to go fast you have got to get high. Then you will achieve that excess satisfaction. The mind needs immediate action, it needs to be stopped, it needs to be arrested and captured. But how can this be done, what is the means, who can arrest such a thing that cannot be seen with the eyes and cannot be touched? For this purpose you need the Divine policeman, you need the cosmic constable, and this is Guru Maharaj Ji. Tell Him that there is a thief who has been working invisibly and who has stolen so much of your time. Tell Him that this thief must be arrested otherwise he will waste all your time, absolutely all of your time, and Satguru will take down your statement for He knows the statement of mind.

So if your statement is true He will first of all give you some medicine and this is satsang. He will talk to you, He will question you, He will make it


quite clear what arresting your mind means, He will make quite sure that you want your mind to be arrested. And then, when everything is clear and you are quite sure, He will take action. He will say, "Here, take this gun," and He will give you four bullets. They are enough for you. I am talking in terms of bullets because today is the world of bullets. Lord Buddha also had to be given this gun, had to be given this Knowledge, because without a Guru nobody can get Knowledge.

So this is the story of Buddha. Buddha Bhagwan was sitting under this tree, He was sitting, sitting and sitting, but He never realized this Truth. Once a girl came to Him, called Sujata, who had this Knowledge. She went up to Buddha Bhagwan who was very much fasting and said, "Oh great person, oh great saint, why are you sitting under this tree in such bad health? You look terrible, what is the matter?" Buddha Bhagwan said, "I would like to have a glimpse of that Holy Knowledge," so Sujata gave the Knowledge to Him.

If this Knowledge was available without a Guru then Buddha Bhagwan would have said nothing, He would have continued sitting in meditation, but as soon as He took this Knowledge He became enlightened. And from then on He got many disciples and gave them agya to go and spread the Holy Word of God.

Now times have changed, haven't they? Circumstances have changed, haven't they? Progress has changed. But nature hasn't changed and the Law hasn't changed. The Law of God hasn't changed because God Himself hasn't changed.

Worldly governments always change, but Divine Government never changes. There is a different government in Britain, the States and Germany. In India the system of government is different from the States and the system of government in Germany is different from the British government. The name is the same but the ways are different. But God's Government is the same everywhere. God's Laws are the same everywhere, they never change.

If a man is politically minded, every second he will tell a lie. If a man is spiritually minded, every second he will tell the truth, and Truth doesn't change. God hasn't changed, God is still there in the same form, in the same way with the same Name, He is constant and He is perfect. If God has changed, He would have been imperfect but He is perfect. God requires nothing to be added to Him, not a single creation, because He is complete, He is everything, He is perfect,

He does not change, He is constant. Oceans change. In Bombay, sometimes the sea comes right up over the road, and sometimes it goes way back. So oceans change. Sometimes a river will go in another direction, changing its course. Sometimes human beings change their way. But God is perfect and His Way is perfect. He doesn't need to change.

But even today, it is very easy to realize God. It is very, very, very easy. We have to use a process. We have to use a technique. We have to go to somebody who can show us, do you understand this? If you go to school, everything is written in the books, everything your master is going to teach you is in the books. So why do you need a master, why do you require a teacher? Everything is in the book.

So read it, and then it is done, isn't it? But why do you require a teacher?

The roll of film is there, in your hand, in your pocket. The camera is there. Your eyes are there. The scene is there. So why don't you take the photo? The film is in your pocket. The camera is in your hand. Your eyes are there and so is the scene that you want to take the photo of. So why don't you take that photograph?

your tape recorder is there, the batteries are in it. You are holding the microphone. The man is speaking. The tape is in your pocket. Why don't you start tape–recording? Everything is perfect, isn't it? The tape is there, you know, the tape recorder is there. The battery is there. The man speaking is there. Everything is there. Everything is perfect. What more do you need?

Bricks are there. Sacks of cement are there. All the tools to build the house are there. The people who are going to live in the house are there. All their furniture is there, all their cushions. Everything is there. What more is required?

The current is there. The bulb is there. The electricity is there. Everything is there. It is all O.K. So why is there darkness? Why do you need the switch to be turned on? What more is needed?

You are there. The car is there. The place where you want to go is there. You are there. The car is there. Why must you get in the car, why must the car move?

The river is there. Your legs are there. What else is needed? Why aren't you going there?


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 Here are three things. Suppose this microphone is God. Suppose I am the devotee and suppose my hand here is my devotion. Right? Just suppose. My devotion lies here, my God lies here and I lie here. Will the state of satisfaction of mind take place automatically, will it happen without me doing anything? Not at all. It can't happen. What do we need to do? By the help of Guru I must link them all together. I must join them together tightly. I must attach God to my heart with devotion and then the process is complete.

Your roll of film is there. Your camera is there. The scene is there, but you cannot take the photo until you have loaded up the camera, because only with the camera can the impression be put on that film.

(Mr. Girard Roche has a trunk call from Delhi.)

Let us take this example. Mr. Girard is here. The trunk call is there. Delhi is there. Why does he have to go over there to talk? Because the connection has to be made. These separate things are useless without the connection. So if you are devotees and God is there and your devotion is there, connect them, make the connection. And if you are feeling any difficulty, if you are sure that your devotion is genuine, if you know that God is there and still you are not getting that complete satisfaction, it means that the connection is not perfect. Once the connection is perfect, everything will be O.K.

So this is what we have to do. This' is the stage we have to reach. We have to connect these three things together. God, devotee and devotion. Stretch the lead of devotion between God and devotee, keep it tight and do

it through Knowledge. To show you how to do it, this is the work of Guru. He makes the connection and that's why there is a need, that's why there is the great need for Satguru.

Ihave got a Nikon camera. It is such an expensive camera. It has a long zoom lens and for the cost of these two things, this camera and this lens, I can buy thousands of rolls of film. How many, do you think? A thousand at least. Yet I cannot use this camera without the film. Such expensive equipment but I cannot use it without the film.

Ihave got an expensive car. The petrol is so much cheaper than the car, but without the petrol the car cannot move. Do you understand? This is the simple thing. This is the very very simple thing and this is the importance of Guru.

Suppose there is gold hidden somewhere in this hall, and I want to get that gold, but by mistake I have lost the map. I could be doing all sorts of things but I cannot find the gold. I will be searching, searching and searching. And then suppose somebody comes to me and says, "Well, what is the matter. What are you searching for?" Then you say, "There is gold in this hall and I want to find it." And he says, "Very well, I will tell you. Go to that corner there and look behind those bricks. Then you will find it." So all those days, all those months, all those years of searching are completed in just a matter of seconds or minutes or hours. You have found the gold.

By whose help? By whose help did you find it? By Satguru's help. There are many people here who are about 40 and they took Knowledge recently, about a month ago, or a couple of months. They were 40 years old but they couldn't realize God. And how many hours are there in 40 years? Can someone calculate? But when they met Satguru, in only a couple of hours, they got that God who they never got for 40 years. It was completed. It was done. It was finished. It was perfect in only a couple of hours.

So that is why there is a great, great, great need for Satguru in the world, spreading the Holy Word of God. It is written, Satguru is the bestower of Divine Light and practical Knowledge of Holy Name. He bestows it. He gives it open heartedly. Here you may see His kindness, here you may realize His kindness. How kind He is to human beings. Man has been performing sins throughout his life. Since he was created he has been performing sins. He himself is guilty for this and for every sin he did he was


A Very Young Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973separated from God by another mile. So how kind is Satguru that in just a matter of hours He removes all sin away and brings us to God. He reveals to us what is God.

So that is why all the saints have proclaimed that Satguru is the highest authority. That's why Guru is proclaimed the highest authority. And He is. He is. You know, I'll say this quite frankly that God is shy. He doesn't like to show Himself. He doesn't like to shout out, "Hey, here I am, here I am, look at me." So he utilizes the help of Satguru. Suppose you take a high authority, let's say Elizabeth. Suppose by chance Elizabeth goes to jail and is locked in. Now Elizabeth possesses a million times more authority than the jailer. But without the help of the jailer she cannot come out. She is locked in, completely locked in. The Queen can't come out. This is what I want to tell you; it is a simple fact.

Have you seen a fuse? Have you seen the fuse in a car. How small it is, so small, not bigger than that. Take it out, look at it and you will observe a very thin wire in it. There is a very thin wire in that fuse, isn't there? But if you take out that wire the whole big huge elephant car won't go. Because the wire is missing. So though it is the smallest thing it contains the highest power. Although it is the smallest thing it contains the highest power.

There are so many electric cables running from the dam to the electric house and from the electric house, there are so many electric cables running to this house, this ashram. And from the main power supply in this ashram to the bulb there are a

couple of wires. But in the bulb there is a very thin coiled wire and if that breaks, even with all those cables and

all those wires carrying all that current, the bulb won't shine. So many wires, more than a million, running here and there all along the line, but because of such a small thin coiled wire in the bulb the bulb will not shine. So that wire, so thin, so colied, contains the highest power.

Do you understand? You must understand these things for that is why Guru is claimed to be the highest authority. I think it is crystal clear for everyone why this is. I have just given you a couple of clear examples why Guru is so necessary in our life.

Now if this most necessary man, if this most necessary authority, so necessary, so authorized, has given us something, what should we do about it? We must utilize it, we must utilize it properly. So how to ultiize it? He has told you everything. He has unfold ed to you all the mysteries of the whole packed world, all the mysteries that we are trying to find out.

So remember, Guru Maharaj Ji has given us such a high thing, such a far out thing, and if we are not utilizing it in the proper way I don't think any sin could be greater than that. If we want to be perfect in every inch of our body and soul and in every second of our life, we have to meditate on this Knowledge, upon this Word that Guru Maharaj Ji has given us. Now you have received this Knowledge you must utilize it. I don't think any sin could be greater than not utilizing it. I have really seen people who have been really elevated and who really understand the importance of this Knowledge because they have really been meditating upon it.

There were two sentences, one spoken by Shankar, one spoken by Lord Rama. Lord Rama said to all the citizens, "I am saying with hands outstretched, please, without the meditation of Shankar you can never realize me." But Shankar said, "Without the revelation of Shri Hari, that is Ram Himself, you cannot realize me." Shankar was Lord Shiva and He was saying without the Knowledge of Lord Rama one could not realize Him, while Lord Rama was saying that without the Knowledge of Lord Shiva one could not realize Him.

So if you want to realize both, take this Knowledge. The same Knowledge Shiva gave, the same Knowledge Rama gave, the same Knowledge Krishna gave, the same Knowledge every saint gave. And as soon as you realize this you will realize all the teachings, and all the mysteries of the world will be explained to you.


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 So I hope you now understand why we need the Guru, because He is the one who unfolds this Knowledge to us, and the importance of this Knowledge I have just explained to you.

There is a great artist and he has a great ambition to draw very very beautiful drawings, to paint very very beautiful pictures. But he needs a brush. Only the brush prevents him from carrying out his whole ambition. Only that small brush is what is needed. Such a small thing.

So take this golden opportunity that this Knowledge has given ou, take it as far as you can. If you read those stories of people who ha e been exploring in the desert an their water is finished, what do they do then? They drink up all the water in the bottle right to the last d op, they use those very words, "T e last drop". Then they drop and the are finished. So in the same way if you really want to get all the intere t you can from the spiritual Knowledge you will have to meditate upon it to the very last drop.

Amaster can teach you so any things, science, mathematics, so many 'things. But if you want to come first in the class, how can you do that? You must study, make it absolutely thorough in your mind, go over it and over it. In my school I have the same experience. This is very far out to observe. Students who have thoroughly studied throughout the year are very happy and smiling, but the students who haven't studied, they are busy making cribs and hiding them in their shoes. But it is no use. When you are in the examination, it is impossible to cheat. And so when you are at the last moment of your life it is like Lord Krishna has said, "That man who is meditating upon my Holy Word when he leaves his body, without a doubt he comes to me." And that is what we want, that's why we come in satsang, that's why we try to realize the spiritual Knowledge. But suppose a man does not meditate throughout his life, at the time when he dies all of his functioning becomes very low, becomes very dull. He can't move, he can't write, he can't recognize, he can't move his tongue, because he feels too much pain, and at that time, that's what we call the test,

at that test moment, how is he going to meditate upon that Knowledge and be first in the class? It is impossible.

For the Lord has explained to us how to realize this Knowledge. He says if you have been chasing money all your life, if the main thing in your life has been earning money, at the last moment you will remember money; because all your life you have been collecting it now your thoughts will turn to that money, because you are leaving it. And the same with children. If


somebody all their life has been saying, "Oh my children, oh my lovely children," so at this last moment he will say, "Where are my children?"

And Tulsidas explains it in another way. If you are concentrating on, meditating on, money, you will become a snake and live on top of a treasure. Usually you'll find big snakes live on huge piles of gold. And if you are meditating upon children, then you will become a pig because pigs have such a lot of children, a whole row of children. And the man who has remained meditating upon this Knowledge, at the last moment he will try to remember this Knowledge and without any pain, with perfect calmness, he will leave the body and directly be One, without any doubt he will obtain liberation.

So now try to remove the distinction between the Ramayana and the Gita and the Bible. If you continue to distinguish you will be wasting your life and you won't be able to realize the truth which they are telling. See this truth and through meditation understand what it is.

In our science book there is a chapter on Archimedes principle. If a body is immersed in water wholly or partly it loses its weight. This apparent loss of weight is known as … and so on. In the book it is defined like this. So you read it and the master says, "Describe it in your own words," so you sit for a whole period, scratching your head, and then you see that there are only five minutes left and because you have been reading the book and doing so many other things, you write the same definition. But if he takes you to the laboratory and performs this experiment before you, you can then easily write about it in your own words. Correct?

The Ramayana describes the Word, it describes the Name. If you want to describe it in your own words you cannot, because you haven't realized it. If you are an architect and I tell you to draw a building, you could draw any type of building couldn't you? But if I show you first exactly the type of building I want, can there be any argument? Not at all. It is crystal clear in front of you and straight away you will be able to pick up the pencil and draw it.

Same thing with God. Though God is omnipresent, people can't realize what He is because they haven't seen Him, so they just have their own pictures of Shiva and Rama and Krishna and Christ and Mohammed and Guru Nanak and every other. But there was no camera when these were alive and even if there were a painting it doesn't exist any more. White ants have probably eaten it. So the pictures you see today are only people's imaginations.

So realize that Word, that Name, and give satsang to the people. If there is anybody who hasn't realized that Knowledge, this Supreme Motion, tell him he must know it, because it is the most supreme thing. This Motion completely changes our life from bad to good, from dark to light, from lie to truth. This is the complete and true Motion.

You think beauty is a physical thing. But this means that when the body is damaged the beauty is gone. If you have a beautiful boy and he gets a screwdriver in his eye, will he look beautiful? Will he? Why won't he? He is beautiful. He is still beautiful. You have not broken his beauty. You have only broken his eye. But you think beauty is made out of eyes, that's why you think that if the eyes are lost, the beauty is lost. Your body is perfect, 'agree. But true beauty is not physical. How can you understand this? By taking spiritual Knowledge. Take this spiritual Knowledge and everything will become clear.

Time and tide wait for no–one. The tide comes and goes. It doesn't matter if President Nixon is there, or Queen Elizabeth, or Prime Minister Indira Ghandi, tide will not wait for them and neither will time. Time that is past will not return and time passes quickly. So this is what I want to tell you. I can give you a straight line to follow and if you want to follow it that's very good, but if you don't want to follow it, that's also very good. It doesn't make any difference to me, because I am getting on with my work. If anybody does anything to me, it does not affect me. My work is to give this Knowledge, to give satisfaction of mind. Your work is to receive this Knowledge, to receive satisfaction of mind. The radio station relays, and the radio receives. Radio relays to you, but you can't relay to the radio, the radio cannot relay to the radio station, and the radio station cannot relay to me. It is a one way system.

A saint has said that the road of love is very narrow. Two people cannot pass at one time. When I was there, the Lord was not there, in His physical form, and now God in His physical form is there, but I am not.

People are so confused. They don't know what they want. When the Lord comes, they stop thinking about His formless form, but when they are worshipping God in His formless form they cry for Him to manifest Himself in person. At this time, because the Lord has come, they say to the other side, "We don't need you any more."


Devotees are always imagining that the Lord is at the door. When the Lord is not there they say, "Oh Lord, please come. You are formless. We want you in form." And when God comes in form, they say, "No God, we want you in your formless form."

So this is the game, this is the joke that devotees are playing with God. But without Guru we cannot receive this Knowledge. And so the sweet Guru in physical form comes, and through His physical form we can realize this Knowledge. It's because you have a physical form that you need a physical Guru to realize God. If you didn't have a physical form then you would require a formless Guru in order to receive this Knowledge. Because you are a form you need a form to give you a form. Understand? Because you have got a form, you require the form of a Guru to give you the form of a devotee. You require that.

And for that you take the help of Guru. And not only Guru – Satguru. Sat means truth and gu means darkness and ru means light. Means He who removes darkness and reveals Light on the subject of Truth. I think that now you have understood, if not all of it, then part of it. Have you? I think so.

So let's proceed further and let's look at the Scriptures. Now, in the Essene Gospel it is clearly written that you need practical Knowledge. Scriptures are dead, they cannot give you practical Knowledge. Living Guru with living Knowledge for living disciples is what you need. Dead for the dead and living for the living. A doctor needs a living patient. He cannot give medicine to a dead man. It cannot be done, and if it could, why should it be done? What use would it be? It would be useless. He needs a living patient and the patient needs a living doctor. A king needs living people, not dead people, and people need a living king and not a dead king.

Look at this picture of Lord Shiva with water flowing out of His head. This picture has been hanging here for more than a couple of years, and this hall has never been flooded. But put a real stream in this hall, and the hall would be flooded in only one hour. Right?

Look at this picture of the Himalayas. Look at all that ice and snow. Are you feeling cold? How cold are you feeling? Look at that snake there. I think there are a couple of snakes there, yes, there are a couple of snakes. Why are you still sitting there? Isn't anyone afraid of these snakes? Now if those snakes came alive, everybody would jump up and run out of this hall, quick as anything. In that photograph over there we can see Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, see, he is singing something. So let's be quiet and listen to what he is singing. What is he singing? Nothing. We can't hear a thing. There Krishna is playing His flute. Can you hear it? No. Why? Because they are pictures. They are pictures. They are not real. They are not living. And the picture will not solve your problem. You need the real thing, you need the living thing. Living for the living and dead for the dead.

Everybody in the States loved President Kennedy, they loved him more than Nixon? He was a little better than Nixon. So after President Kennedy died why did Nixon become President? What was the need for him? You Americans could have made a beautiful statue of Kennedy. You are rich, you could have made a huge statue of President Kennedy to govern you. Why did you need Nixon?

Because you need a living President not a dead President.

So that's why we need a present Guru for the present time. The past is gone, the future has not yet come. The present is the reality. From the past we can take lessons for the future. If I stepped on a banana peel, just for the experiment, just to see what would happen, I would soon learn that I shouldn't do it again. So from the past we can take warnings for the future. But what is the most important is what I am doing now, that is the important thing.

This is most important for you as well as for me. Be aware of the present, realize what you are doing now. When you go to sleep at night, even such a deep sleep that your mouth is open and you start snoring, in that deep sleep state from where is your breath coming? Just watch yourself breathing at night, in your sleep. You never made any plans to breath all through the night. You never said, "Well, I am going to sleep now, so I'd better remember to carry on breathing." You just went to sleep. But still your breathing continued, you carried on living. You did not forget to breathe.

What is the force that is keeping you breathing, that is keeping you alive in the night even when you are not conscious of it? When we realize that Word it will be quite clear what is the power behind all life, the power which is making leaves alive, what is making birds alive, what is making animals alive, what is making this whole world alive.

Whatever I am speaking is being taped. Open the Bible and see, you will see that whatever facts I have just described, more than half of them will coincide with the Bible. Take the


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 Ramayana, you will see that more than half of them combine very well. Take the Gita, they will mix beautifully. Whatever we are doing now is the result of our past actions. It rests on our remembrance of the past. But whatever we are doing now, for the future it is a warning, it is a caution. So be cautious. When these three things – past, present and future – combine, action is performed. Future dictates that action should be there. From the past comes the memory of how to perform the action. To the present belongs the performance of the action. These three combine. From past, remembrance. From future, caution. And now, the action. In the past I learned to walk. I learned when I was quite small. Now the future is saying I must walk. When the present coincides with these two things, the past memory telling me how to walk and future caution telling me now is the time it is necessary, then I will walk. 0.K, understand? These three things are there.

And remember the importance of this life, so don't waste it. This is the secret. If you want to know the secret of life, the first spoken secret of life is that life is secret, so don't waste it. But the first unspoken secret of life is the Holy Word of God. If you read the Bible, it is clearly written that you cannot speak the Word with carnal lips, and this is also written in the Gita. So now I have told you. Those of you with clear understanding will come. If someone is clever he just has to be beckoned and he will come but crazy people need to be guided at every step. You have to say to them, "First lift your left foot up, and then your right, then point your nose towards me and then move your feet, left, right, left, right, left." God has given equal opportunity to everyone, just as he gives equal breath to everyone, but


Prem Rawat's Divine Eldest Brother Bal Bhagwan Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 it is up to you how much you utilize it in the proper way so that you may go smoothly like an L.T.D. or a Citroen. Understand? Go smoothly. No shocks. If a shock does come, absorb it slowly and continue ahead. If a smooth car goes over a ditch, it doesn't bump there and then. It passes over smoothly, like this, then after it will go like this, and will slowly absorb the whole shock. You go in the same way. As time comes, pass it. But remember, utilize it in the proper way. Don't make a big fuss about it.

What I am speaking is universal. Put it in a Hindi language, put it in a Christian language, put it in a Moslem language, for no matter who says it, this is the universal basic thing. So now I think everybody has understood. Here it says there are 350,000 hours in 40 years. In so many hours you weren't able to realize the secret of your life. But in just a couple of hours you were. And only due to the assistance of the Guru is it made possible. So I hope you will continue to progress in this meditation, smoothly, with good shock absorption. Those who have not yet realized this Knowledge, should realize it in order to make their life a precious life. And if you have realized this Knowledge, then meditate upon it and make your life even more precious. Thank you very much.


Prem Rawat's Divine Eldest Brother Bal Bhagwan Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973

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Answers from Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, Fernbank, London, 28th February, 1972

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973Any questions you want to ask?

Maharaj Ji.


The voice from the sky, could that be our father?


Yeah, a voice.

Mmmm. I couldn't really understand you.

Some years ago a voice spoke from the sky and many people followed that voice. I did and I thought it was God. What was it, do you know?

See, if it was something really universal then I would have also heard it in India! Because God is universal, He is for all and everyone. He is in Africa, He is in England, He is in America, He is in India. He is at the North Pole and He is at the South Pole. Maybe there was a voice and that could be anything. But besides that, we have to believe in that internal voice that Jesus speaks about in the Aquarian Gospel. See it on page 131. The Aquarian Gospel! Jesus very clearly says that there is a light within us and He described some beautiful things. Swami Brahmanand in India has also described these things. So that is the universal thing we have to know, and that is for everyone, that is something very original, that is what we are teaching now, and it was being taught at the time of Jesus also. And even before then. So we are preaching about that, and of other voices I cannot say. But about the internal voice that I have heard and which is working in everyone, at every time, at every moment, I can say. So there is your voice – that voice came and went away – and there is the voice that is


always, always with us. And that voice is very beautiful, it is a music played within us. So we believe on that voice, and everyone has to believe on that voice because that is what is true. That voice can be heard in India, South Africa, the North Pole, the South Pole, and anywhere you go.

Guru Maharaj Ji, how can I surrender to you completely, now?

If you are hungry, and you take some grass, you will say this is not food, and you will kick it out. But suppose you are offered chapatis or a banana, and you kick it out, thinking this is not a real banana. You are making a mistake. You have to eat it fully, only then will your hunger go. Same way, only when you go into this Knowledge are you surrendered.

Maharaj Ji, what service can I do?

Well, according to Krishna, talking about this Knowledge is the superfine service.

How can we find out what is our own particular service?

Everyone has a particular service. There are many services. As in a school you see English, Mathematics, and Science, but extra to these basic subjects you can join a photographic club or another sort of club. And in this Divine school there are many types of clubs, there are many services in an Ashram. What is an Ashram? It is a place, a centre, from which we can broadcast our ideas. It is a kind of broadcasting station. You can tell people who come there about this Knowledge or you can go out from there and tell them. Because everyone must know about this Knowledge. When we know it, we must bring the same opportunity to our fellow brothers and sisters, so that they also might know it. Then they will be able to get rid of their egos and their great minds. Now their egos are just flowing about anywhere, like on the moon where there is no gravitational pull. Mind is so uncontrolled. People should be given the opportunity to understand the real Knowledge so they can bring their minds under the control of the cosmic gravity flow. This is the real service and within this service are many services. Come to the Ashram, come to the programmes, and you will start realizing what service you can do.

Maharaj Ji, what are dreams?

You see, when you sleep you lose your memory. You don't know what you are doing. Sometimes peoples' mouths open, sometimes people start talking in their sleep. Some people suddenly get up and start walking, and in the morning, if you tell them what they were doing, they say, "No, I was not walking at all, I was sleeping." So what is a dream? This is a dream!

This is all the dream! It seems so fantastic, it seems so beautiful, but one day everything will be abolished and nothing will be left.

Before I came to the Ashram, certain dreams seemed important to me, they seemed to mean something to me. Sometimes there seemed to be something divine in them. How does this work?

Yes, before you came to Knowledge you were having these dreams, but now you have reached Knowledge, why bother about them? It is very beautiful if you had dreams like this. Divine dreams are very beautiful.

Maharaj Ji, I'm in school and it's very hard for me to do my school work and to practise the Knowledge fully.

What about me? I was in the same position. I was in school too, but I was practising this Knowledge. You can do it. Where there is a will there is a way. No will, no way!

Guru Maharaj Ji, will everyone reach enlightenment within one generation?

If we try, yes. For first everyone must decide there is something to be known which they do not yet know and then they can start searching. Because, yes, there is something else. If you take a boy and put him in the first class without letting him know about the second, third, and fourth classes, B.A, M.A, and so on, and then you take him out of the school, he will say, "Yes, I'm a first class student." Because he thinks that his class is the only class. But if I tell him, "No, you're wrong. I'm from 2B. I've got more knowledge than you," then his search will start. As long as there is a will, there is a way. If you keep searching you must reach your destina tion. If you search more and more, ultimately you will reach His Feet, He who is love. Your heart becomes guileless, for you are with love and devotion, because you have reached a Perfect Master, a True Master. And then we can attain enlightenment. But it is up to us, we must go and tell people that there is something even greater than what they know. Because now people are sleeping, and we have to wake them. Many people are like plastic. They take pills to go to sleep, they take pills to wake up. To become fast they take pills, to become slow they take pills. To feel hungry they take pills, to get rid of hunger they take pills. These people are plastic people, so what can we do with them? They are sleeping. They have no knowledge of what they have to do. We are the people who have already wakened, so it is now our duty to go and waken them. Ultimately they will all know.

Guru Maharaj Ji, is embarrassment a matter of pride? Why do we get embarrassed?

A man has an ego antenna, which reaches such a great height that automatically it starts catching what is called pride. Actually, pride is far out, far away from man. But a man gets into so many ego trips that very slowly he is always rising. And he gets up to such a great height, an embarrassed height, where he gets caught in pride. And then he needs a saint to come who can unentangle him and bring him even higher, to a place where there is no pride at all. That's why saints come.

Maharaj Ji, where does emotion come from?

What type of emotion?


Emotion between people, something you can't explain.

You yourself don't know what you mean by emotion, you are not even understanding your own question. Understand that first, then ask.

Some people say you are a divine incarnation, and some people say other things about you. What's the truth?

You yourself must realize what is the truth.

What about our relatives that don't take the Knowledge, how can we save them?

There is only one way to survive, and that's by taking the Knowledge. You cannot survive by talking about survival. It has to be a practical thing. So, one way, one truth, one God. If God had been stereophonic, there would have been two outputs and two inputs. There would be two paths to realization. But God is not stereophonic, God is one. And this is it. If you think there are other ways you must try them.

If we pray for them, will it help?

Why pray? Go to them practically. Negotiate with them on the subject of Knowledge. Tell them this is the problem and this is the solution. Ultimately man will understand.

Guru Maharaj Ji, why did God create all this in the very beginning?

Go and ask God! God created this earth for a purpose, and instead of finishing that purpose, we have started to do something else. If I have got a very beautiful Rolls Royce and keep it on a steel turntable outside my house which turns three times a day so every– one will see it, what will happen to that car? Is it being put to its proper use? If you start opening it up and try to understand how it is composed, are you putting it to its proper use? No. We must realize its proper purpose.

God is Almighty and we are imperfect. God is perfect. How can we understand the workings of the perfect thing if we have got an imperfect mind? Just imagine how big the sky is, so big, so how can we see the whole sky with two eyes? Actually we try to understand God's creation, but we can never understand until we have this Third Eye. Then we will fully see it. But first we have to realize that we are imperfect, while God is perfect and always was perfect and always will be perfect. So how can we realize His aim in creating the world? And when we have realized it how can we fulfil it? That is the perfect thing that we have to do. And we cannot realize the purpose with our mind because our mind is very limited. We can reach the moon with our mind but that's just a technical thing. If a man is really so clever, then why does he die? Let him live for ever and ever if he can.

Guru Maharaj Ji, what happens if somebody takes Knowledge and doesn't practise it?

If you don't practise this Knowledge you will get rotten inside. There is so much energy contained in this Knowledge, just imagine how much harm it will be able to do you if you know it but do not use it properly. Once you know such a perfect Knowledge, what else is there apart from meditation? have what is so difficult about it? I have seen people in aeroplanes go for a whiskey or a glass of rum. They take a sip and maybe after one or two minutes they take another sip, and after fifteen sips, fifteen minutes have passed. In those fifteen minutes they could have done meditation and got something useful and valuable. How much time do we waste like this? Why don't we collect it together and use it for meditation? Just a few minutes, or just one or two minutes, we can take these opportunities to get higher and not to waste our energy in other things. So when we have got such wonderful Knowledge we must be meditating,

Guru Maharaj Ji, will you take away my pride?

Do meditation and automatically you will rise so high that you will leave pride behind. An ordinary man hasn't got any wealth and so he does not have any pride. But one day, he becomes the owner of something and then he thinks, "Oh, I am the owner of something that nobody else has got," and then he has become proud. But if he takes this Knowledge he will go somewhere where pride can never come.

Doesn't your ego become proud when you feel you are a self–realized person?

No. As you realize this Knowledge you leave pride and ego behind, and you go towards the perfect state.

If you reach a level where you are beyond your mind, people will start calling you mad.

People! People are mad! That's why they call others mad. If everyone is wearing green glasses, and one person takes his glasses off and sees the world as it really is, he can tell the others, "This world is not green, everything has got a special colour." But they'll call him crazy. Because if the majority of the people are crazy and not clever, they will automatically think they are the clever ones and the rest are crazy. But why need you


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 worry when God is with you? What about Mirabai? They gave her four cups of poison and said that they were water touched by the Holy Lotus Feet of Satguru. And she really thought that they were cups of Holy water, so she drank them, and they were poison. But the poison turned to nectar. And they put snakes in her basket and said, "These are garlands for your Guru," and she believed them. But as soon as she put her hand in the basket, garlands came out. So when God is with us, why be afraid of people? What can people do to us? People are not as high as God. God is Almighty, but people are not almighty. The worst they can do is to kill me or to kill you. And then?

So try to understand that God's world is even more beautiful than this world. This world is in darkness but God's world is all light. To go into that world is a wonderful thing.

But if we feel like this, we will be fed up all the time with this world?

What is courage then? What is courage? What is courage?

Courage means facing the world.

Face it then. And if today people are not understanding what you are telling them, if they think you are crazy, if they say you are absolutely mad, tomorrow they will understand you and will pray to you as their teacher.

Maharaj Ji, what is devotion?

Devotion is the flow of love from a devotee to his Lord, and Darshan is seeing the Lord's physical form.

What is faith, Maharaj Ji?

Faith is belief. If I believe you, I have got faith in you. But real faith is only with the Lord. Nobody is ever faithful but the Lord. Everyone deceives except the embodiment of Truth.

Does the light become dim if you do something wrong?

It only becomes dim if you are not practising it. It is all practise.

Is life as difficult as it sometimes seems to be?

Life is a tide, float on it. Go down with it and go up with it. But be detached, then it is not difficult.

Maharaj Ji, some people say it is not good to eat meat?

If you eat meat you will find you get more angry and impatient, and that is harmful to you. I have heard there was a time when saints told people to eat meat, but at that time there was no other food. Today we have got plenty of food so there is no need to kill animals. How many animals are being killed because we eat them? Very many. If the animals have died in a natural way, then it would be 0.K, maybe, but then animal doctors won't allow you to eat them.

Guru Maharaj Ji, what is love?

Love is something that cannot be spoken of. It can only be experienced practically, and real love is only between the Lord and devotee. But today everybody is misusing it, loving their car, loving their house and so on. Well, just try and experience the original and real thing inside yourself. This love is only for God, nothing else in the world, only for the Supreme Almighty, because only He is capable of receiving love. Do you understand?

Guru Maharaj Ji, I have often wondered what is the relationship between man and God after death?


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973Die and see.

Can a man and woman be married and also be devoted?

Really, if you want to ask me something, ask about the Knowledge. Why ask about these other things? I think I'll have to start a marriage council for these things! You see, I am the Master of this Knowledge, so ask me about the Knowledge. That is all.

Guru Maharaj Ji, Jesus Christ performed many cures. Can you do the same?

At His time, there were not so many doctors, that's why He did that! But I am curing mental sickness. If you have got mental sickness, come to me. And when you do meditation, you become so natural that any other diseases you have are automatically cured. That's why I tell you this Knowledge is very practical. It makes people natural, they stop being plastic, they become natural and the best way of ending disease is by nature.

Guru Maharaj Ji, are you permanently in God consciousness?

Yes, I am permanently in God consciousness.

Are other Gurus in God consciousness?

Maybe they are. If you want to know, go and find out! I am in God consciousness and .I do not bother whether anybody else is or not. But I am bothered about you, about all ordinary human beings. I want them to be in it. But when we say guru, that means he has to be in God consciousness, because that's what it means. Gu means darkness and ru means light. The man who is going to take you away from darkness and put you into

light has to be in God consciousness.

Guru Maharaj Ji, if we meditate does it mean that after death … ?

Don't think of that time, O.K? Take advantage of this life you have at the moment. When you die, then think about that. O.K?

Is the breath of grace permanent?

Yes. Permanent grace is the only kind of grace.

I have Knowledge and was meditating upon it but then I stopped. Now I am finding it very difficult to start again.

In India some boys take a matchbox and they take the tray out, and take out the matches. Then they make a hole in it and join it with two matches and a string to another tray, then you can talk into it and you can listen. But if the string is broken or a knot is tied in it, it won't work. Or if the string is touching anything, also it will not work. It must be just straight and free. If it is loose also you cannot talk.

But how does one join the string when it is broken?

If you are trying to tie a knot in it, you will not be successful at all. But Satguru has got a special machine for mending this string, and this is His grace that will join it together again, exactly the same as it was before. If He sees someone really trying to mend that string, He will come and help them and make the string the same as it was before.

Maharaj Ji, can you get Knowledge from smoking pot?

See, suppose I am living on the moon. I am not getting any hashish, I am not getting any drugs, not even a cigarette. So suppose God comes to me at that time, and says, "You must receive Knowledge." Do I say, "God, I haven't got any hashish to smoke, so how am I going to get this Knowledge?" There is only one way to receive this Knowledge and that is not by hashish or anything like that. Why? I'll tell you. Because hashish is a physical thing. You smoke it into your body and you smoke it out of your body. Its effect is a physical effect. It affects your mind after affecting your body. And any


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 process that must be applied through the body will not take you there. You can't find yourself with hashish, you can only lose yourself.

No, man you're wrong.

Let me tell you. This smoking charash has only started recently here. In India they have been smoking it for a long time, so I know about it. These sadhus, if you ever see them, they completely lose themselves. They think about different things, things come into their mind, but all these things are external, it is not the Knowledge. Of course, you get an experience, but if your car is going at 90 m.p.h. and it has a power brake and you put it on suddenly, so that you hit your head and you see light and hear music, you might think, "Oh this is divine light," and so every morning and evening you take out the car and do this. But that's not divine light. That's just a physical experience.

But when I have a good smoke, I think of love. That's all I think of.

Then continue to smoke if that is what you want. But thinking of love is not experiencing love.

But everybody who smokes, they love, you know? Those who don't smoke, they cannot love.

Maybe, but I don't smoke.

You don't smoke and you still love? Maybe you're special.

It would be far out when you get this Knowledge, because it will give you a greater experience. It will take you higher than hashish. These plants come from nature, but this Knowledge is nature. By smoking you can experience something, but with this Knowledge you will experience everything, and you don't have to smoke anything.

But Maharaj Ji, I heard that when Shiva came down, He was supposed to hold some hashish in His hand.

So you also do that. Get some hashish and take a parachute. Shiva was perfect. There was a master once, I think it was Govind Singh, who ate some fishes, so His disciples also started eating fishes. So He asked them, "Why are you eating fishes?" And the disciples said, "Because you are eating them." So the Master took the fishes alive from his body. So please don't ever compare yourself to the Perfect One. Because you are not perfect.

If you give grace, Guru Maharaj Ji, can you take it back?

Have you seen a radar? A radar throws out rays, they hit the aeroplane and then they come back. So I throw my grace out on you and if you don't want it it gets reflected back. There is nothing more to say about it. If you need it, take it, if you don't need it, give it back to me.

Guru Maharaj Ji, does thought alone create Karma, or does it have to be put into action?

Thought is the foundation of Karma. A thought, or a desire, comes into you. As long as it is in you, it is not harmful. But because it is a thought and a desire, one day it will burst out. So it is harmful also. When you desire something or think of something, then Karma starts, and then action starts. Suppose I want to steal a lamp from this room. It is not harmful, because I am not stealing it. But it is harmful because as long as I have this desire I might steal it, I might fulfil my desire. So it is advised that you should only think those thoughts and have those desires that are helpful to you.

Is there any way to wipe out a desire once it has started, or has it got to go the full way?

You cannot wipe it out, but


you can put a gate there which can let good actions come out but not bad actions. This is one of the good things about meditation, that it only lets good thoughts and good actions come out.

Maharaj Ji, is there any limit to our spiritual development?

When you become perfect, that's the limit. The question is, how to become perfect.

How do we become perfect, Guru Maharaj Ji?

Maharaj Ji, could you tell us what is Karma?

Action. O.K?

Yes, but I mean good and bad Karma?

You should ask about consciousness, not about Karma. What is the purpose of consciousness? It is there just to indicate to you what is good and what is bad Karma. The consciousness. Maintain it by meditation, and make it stronger. Because it is consciousness which tells you what is good and what is bad, and the stronger its influence on you, the better your Karma. It really is something au tomatic, it is something really superfine that God has given us, and that is consciousness. Really it is a wonderful thing.

Guru Maharaj Ji how long will it be before the world knows the Knowledge?

The time when the world has to know this Knowledge is not far away now. It's quite near.

Maharaj Ji, what is being done about getting Knowledge into politics?

We are trying our best for the politicians to know the Knowledge. They'll get it, because politics is what keeps them busy, but if they stopped thinking with a political mind for a second, then they'll need Knowledge. Remember, politics are not bad, only when they are used in a bad way are they bad. Real politics is convincing everybody without fighting. That is political skill.

Guru Maharaj Ji, can I rely on my heart for sound judgement?

No, rely on consciousness. That will give you good judgement.

Can you tell us something about the Devil?

Well, it is just the opposite of what is good. When you realize what is good, then you will realize what is the Devil.

Guru Maharaj Ji, what is a lila?

It is something you have to experience practically.

What about re–incarnation?

You see, there is a cycle of life which all saints have described. I'm just telling you what saints have said. They say that a man does good or bad things. If he does bad things, he goes to hell, where there are 8,400,000 forms of suffering. But those who have known this Knowledge go to that place from where they do not return and that is the place of God Himself. If I do good actions all my life, I'll go to heaven, where I reap the fruit of those good actions, but when the fruit is finished I have to return. So, also, when the fruit of the bad actions is finished, then I must return. This is the complete cycle.

Maharaj Ji, what is the function of imagination?

What function can imagination possibly have? It is useless and it comes from darkness. It is a spaceship, an automatically controlled spaceship that takes you wherever you like. You can imagine you are a king and you'll be a king. A king can imagine he is a beggar and he'll become a beggar. This is imagination. It is useless.

If we imagine we are perfect devotees, do we become perfect devotees?

No. It doesn't work like that.

Guru Maharaj Ji, how can I get Knowledge, when I have doubts?

You must clear the doubts first. If you take your car to be sprayed a new colour, the painter will first of all remove the paint that is already there, then he will make it smooth, he will take out any dents. Then he will paint it, then he will polish it and make it more shiny. The more he polishes it the more shiny it becomes. O.K? Same process here. We are painted dark and Satguru is the painter and He paints us white, and that is light. His paint is like radium that shines forever. But first of all He takes away all our old paint by satsang, and this makes us smooth. Now our doubts are our dents and he removes them. Then meditation is the polish that makes it shine. If you want to make your car shiny, do more meditation. If you don't do meditation, you will become dull and you will eventually reach the same stage where you were before.

Maharaj Ji, will you forgive my sins?

This Knowledge is very powerful, it will take away all your sins.


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973


Divine Light, Volume 1, Number 8

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 Meditation comes from the Latin word medi which means middle. It is the same as the word concentration. Con, another Latin word, means with. Centre also means the middle. So both words, meditation and concentration, mean focusing all your attention into the middle of something, and when the mind is concentrated like this, then it is still, then it is rivetted. And from this stillness, this concentration, arises a feeling of peace, satisfaction and contentment. Only, therefore, through meditation does the mind find peace, for only then is it settled in something. Otherwise it is restless, always searching for something to engage it, always flitting from one thing to another. When it is not flitting, it must be settled in something, it must be at rest, it must be in peace. So everyone really, whether they realize it or not, is seeking something to meditate upon, something on which one's mind can become concentrated and hence find peace and satisfaction. At such a time the mind is completely in the present, it is neither thinking of the past nor future. Hence it is trapped in the here and now, there is no thinking, "What should I do now?" or "Wasn't it wonderful yesterday", or "I wonder what will happen tomorrow", or other thoughts that cause dissatisfaction and desires. The present moment is bringing you total fulfilment.

You do not have to be a great yogi or indulge in any special practices in order to meditate. If you are watching a jet plane moving through the sky, then for those few moments when your attention is completely con–


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 centrated on that plane, you are meditating. Nothing else is on your mind. When the plane disappears behind a building or a cloud, then the meditation is broken, and immediately the mind will think, "Where am I, what have I got to do now?"

The key to meditation is constancy or regularity of the object of the meditation. When the object is constant, then a flow is established. When it is regular, then a rhythm is established. It is easy for the mind to fix itself in either of these. This is why people find peace in contemplating clouds floating in the sky, waves breaking on the beach or fish swimming in a tank. This is why 'beat' music has become so popular. The repetition of a sequence of notes, punctuated by a regular beat, is a simple meditation technique.

So every human being surrounds himself in his life with a maze of mantras, or those objects and activities in whose regularity or constancy he finds peace. His wife and family may be one, his morning coffee another, his annual vacation another, his regular consumption of a narcotic another, his daily paper another, his regular coition another, his job satisfaction another, and, of course, the one common to all human beings, his occupation of a human body.

The word mantra is composed of two Hindi words – man, meaning mind, and tra, meaning shelter. It is something in which the mind finds shelter, and any of the above mentioned are therefore mantras. To many people, however, it has come to mean an actual word or phrase repeated to oneself, either silently or verbally, upon which one can fix one's concentration. This more limited meaning of the word has arisen because of the


increased interest over the past few years in Eastern techniques of meditation, and the spoken, repeated mantra plays a great part in many of these. There is no significance at all in the meaning of the words that are spoken in such a mantra. The effectiveness of the spoken or mentally repeated mantra lies only in its repetition, by which the mind is fixed onto a very small regular mental movement. The mantra is like a metronome. Whether you are repeating gravy gravy, or a more complicated phrase such as By repeating this sentence I shall obtain peace of mind, or one of the many words for the absolute state of peace, such as Jesus, Jesus or Buddha, Budd–. ha or Krishna, Krishna or Rama, Rama, it does not matter. One very popular Indian teacher of meditation who sells mantras gives a simple Hindi word, meaning some everyday thing such as buttermilk or water. The idea is that the Western recipient, not knowing the meaning of his mantra, will not have any excuse for his mind to wander away from the mantra. If he were repeating sunny surf, before long he would probably begin to think of many pleasing associated subjects, hence forgetting the original phrase.

In the Christian church, mantras have always played an important part. One is instructed to repeat so many times a short prayer, a Hail Mary, or Pater Noster, and in early days, and also today in some branches of Christianity, the Gregorian chant, the monotonous repetition of a single sound is meant to provide a means of getting closer to God. Also the counting of beads, another act of regular repetition, is recommended by many religions.

The principle for all these repetitive practices is the same. They fix the mind in a regular circle of movement, hence giving it concentration, stillness, and a subsequent feeling of peace, just as the body also feels rested after having lied down for some time. It has nothing to do, as some people ignorantly maintain, with what word or action is being repeated or constantly indulged in.

There is no doubt that a mantra, in its true meaning as anything in whose flow or rhythm the mind finds shelter or rest, and in its limited meaning as a verbally or mentally repeated word or phrase, brings some peace to the mind. It must do, because the less the mind is moving, the more rest it has, and peace comes from rest. The difficulty, however, with all mantras is that they are temporary, and hence the peace, satisfaction or understanding that they give rise to are also temporary. From a finite action must come a finite result, and all mantras are finite. Even that most constant and ever–present mantra, the human body, so constant and ever–present that most people take it completely for granted, is finite in its duration. Everything that comes to the individual from outside himself is contained within the duration of a human body, and that means everything that was not inherently there in the beginning and will not be inherently there in the end. This includes habits, possessions, families, religious practices, beliefs and opinions, etc. A mantra which has to be given from outside by word of mouth, or by having it written down, is also included in this. So God, eternal consciousness, permanent peace, and everlasting happiness cannot be reached or even approached in any of these ways. The way to the infinite must also be infinite. The way to God must be God. You do not get wheat by planting pebbles, only by planting wheat.

All the great saints in all the religions have spoken of a mantra which is eternal, silent, and non–physical. A never–ending flow of energy. God Himself, who flows through and therefore sustains all life. Being inherently in the heart of everything, as the life–force, He cannot be introduced into something from the outside. His nature, if it is not known, is knowable; if it is not already visible, is able to be revealed. This is the supreme mantra because it is the eternal one. In the Hindi language it is called the Maha Mantra. Maha means great. In the English version of the Bible it is called the Holy Name. Holy means whole, complete, perfect, or self–existent. In the ancient Hebrew language it is called the Magi Cabala. Magi means great; cabala means word. This is how Lord Jesus expressed it in His original sermons: "Know the Magicabala, know the Magicabala." When this is abbreviated, it forms the word magic, which is a very popular word today. Many people talk about different kinds of magic and pretend they are learned on the subject, but not many of them know the real origin or meaning of the word magic. He is the true magician who knows the Holy Name and constantly meditates upon it, and to know this you have to be a simple and pure person for the Name is simple and pure, yet wise enough not to be deceived into bead–counting or phrase–chanting, for the Name is the source of all wisdom. For the Name is God Himself. It cannot be spoken, for before there was voice, there was Holy Name. How then can it be known? Only by going to Him who can reveal it, and by becoming the true devotee of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji who is that person, and who is alive today.


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973


Divine Light Volume 1, Number 8

There was a gentleman always speaking highly of new scientific discoveries. He was so much lost in praising the modern inventions that instead of thanking God he was always thanking scientists for wonderful means of luxurious life. Once he was travelling from London to Manchester. He was in first class. It was night. The above mentioned gentleman was on the upper berth. In Birmingham he came down from the–train to see some of the scientific developments at the Railway Station, in case something happened since his last visit. In fact it was nothing, just a replacement of a little old clock which was shining brilliant with new paint. This clock was on the other side of the platform at which his train was standing. When he went to see the clock he saw the clock not only giving the time but also the date and timetable. Now the train coming from Manchester to London was also standing on the platform where he went to see the clock. The colour of the train was exactly the same and the first class compartment was just near the clock. When he looked at the other side of the platform, where his train was standing, he became confused, thinking he was never foolish enough to travel such distance to see this clock which was just above his head. Unfortunately he decided that the train going to London was his train to Manchester. He got in the train because the train was steaming off. He saw exactly the same upper berth vacant for him. Some new people were there, obviously he thought, from Birmingham. When he heard somebody saying that the train was going to reach London thirty minutes late be– cause of some mechanical defect he thought for a while, "Why was this train going to London?" Then he suddenly became extremely happy and started praying to scientists and expressed his enthusiasm to the passengers who were sitting on the lower berth. He told them what a grand age is this, where scientists have invented such a train of which the upper berth was going to Manchester and the lower berth was going to London. All the passengers started laughing on him and he was thinking they were happy with the new discoveries of science.

In this way we are becoming crazy. But our Master removes foolishness from life and reveals the Knowledge which gives real wisdom. He reveals the mystery of life which makes a person free from worldly suffering. My Master is the Master of the whole creation. This is my personal experience. This magazine publishes the words of my Master and the Holy Family into which He has descended. This is why I proclaim that this magazine is the Holiest magazine in the world. The name of our Master is BALYOGESHWAR PARAM HANS SATGURUDEV SRI SANT JI MAHARAJ. Usually He is known as Sri Guru Maharaj Ji . We love you because we love SRI GURU MAHARAJ JI.


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973

Nothing More to Know

Shri Guru Maharaj Ji speaking to Indian devotees, November 1971

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973

We are coming up to a completely new era, which is emerging from the past era of darkness, illusion and mis–directed power. What is going to happen in this Kaliyuga would never have been possible, not even in imagination, in any other age. This age is so materialistic that people are grabbing everything possible from the material side of life. And not only material things, for people are receiving the True Knowledge so quickly that one can hardly believe in the speed of its progress. That is why it is said that in Kaliyuga things will happen so fast that you will not even have to wait to get to God. You just have to know that Name and meditate on it. Only by immersing your• concentration on that Holy Name will you achieve liberation from the phenomenal world.

This is the mystery of the Word. Saints have said that the Word is the sky, the Word is everything and the Word is light. So all the universe is resting on one single sound, the Word. See people sleeping, how they still remain alive. How is this possible? When they are completely unconscious they are still breathing and sustaining themselves. What power is this, which is sustaining their lives? When you sleep at night your body becomes so relaxed that you cannot even think. You get completely lost, you have no consciousness of your body or of the world around you. You become completely detached from this world and still you survive and manage to get up in the morning. If you are cold or hot you don't feel it at that time. If someone cuts your throat you don't know about it. So who is it standing there and helping you at that time? Who is keeping you alive while you sleep? Who is that personality who is doing this, what is that power that if it leaves the body for one split second the body will die?

Here is a little story. Once all the parts of the body had an argument about who had the most important function to perform. "I am better than you", "I am greater than you", each proclaimed. So they decided to leave the body one at a time and see how long it could survive. So the hands went, then the legs, then the arms, and they all came back and asked how the body had survived without them. It said, "Not too bad. Not too bad at all." But when the time came for the soul to leave, all the other parts – felt themselves losing their power and their consciousness, and they


screamed out, "Not, please don't leave. If you leave we will cer–tainly be dead. It is now proved. The soul is definitely the most powerful part of the body." So who is this soul, what is this power without which no human actions can be performed? This

screamed out, "Not, please don't leave. If you leave we will cer- tainly be dead. It is now proved. The soul is definitely the most powerful part of the body." So who is this soul, what is this power without which no human actions can be performed? This is the thing that you should know and which I would like you to know, and which I can show you how to know. The Scriptures say that you can learn many things but without knowing the Truth you are nowhere, you are just illiterate. Believe me, when autumn comes it indicates that spring is not far off and right now you are having the autumn of your life. Even though you might be young, everything is falling off, becoming dry and lifeless. Everything is just falling downwards, but this just shows that spring is very near. Just believe and understand that after this autumn there is nothing but spring and spring and spring. It will be so beautiful, everything will be green and lively and lovely. That's why Krishna says in the Gita, "Whenever righteousness takes a downward path, I come and lift it up again and again, each time I come and create myself to restore the balance. When the situation arises, never fear, I will take a human form and come to you." He says it again and again, never once does He say that He will come as a cat, a dog or a donkey. He always promises to incarnate in human form. So I tell you, believe that God is here and God is spring. God is always lovely, God is always spring, and spring is here. And Krishna says, "Then I will overwhelm evil, vanquish the wrongdoers and establish the true religion again in the world." Realize that God is religion. There is no other religion. And God is one though many ways of worshipping Him have been devised. But believe me, all different ways of finding God are useless. If God is one the way must also be one, and the way must also be God.

I have found both in our society and in Western countries that there are many segregations and different religions, yet peace doesn't exist. Look at America, all the things they have there. They have gone to the moon and are doing research there. They have set up a computer research system in the air that can give you complete information on the weather. Yet still there is no peace, harmony or happiness. Why is this then? Is it because President Nixon is a very bad man? No, his ideas may be bad but he himself is human. His thinking might be terrible, but the man himself is not so bad. Thoughts and ideas differ from man to man, but his essential humanity is universal, and it is good. Different ideas and opinions cause confusion, conflict and wastage of human resources, so people must get together and harmonize and cooperate. If there were only one thought, one way, there would be no need for any Parliament or Congress. But that way must be undisputably and self–evidently the one way.

Remember in the Ramayana, there is the episode when Ram brought his wife Sita back and a sarcastic washerwoman saw them and shouted out, "Look, his wife was living with another man and yet he has taken her back. If she is his wife he should punish her." That the washerwoman could say something like that shows that Ram's kingdom was defective. But in the perfect country, no–one will want to point their finger and accuse, for everyone will be perfectly happy. It would be known that if you point one finger at other people, three fingers will be pointed towards you, and your faults will be exposed and criticized. People will be so aware of their own faults that they won't dare criticize anyone else's.

God provides everything in the world to satisfy your hunger. All the spices and vegetables. But the food does not cook itself – you have to cook it. If you don't prepare it, it will never be cooked. In the same way, God is everywhere, His workers are everywhere, His network is always present, but to realize it you have to take practical steps.

Why do countries and politicians have the urge to extend their power and the area of their control? It is because of the foolish greed and pride created by a spolied and unleashed mind. So I say control your mind, control your brain's urge to conceive designs and then to turn them into actions. And how do you do this? Just by the Name, that's all. The mind is very fast and very subtle. It is almost impossible to fix it on anything for any length of time. If you are gaining some peace from reading some beautiful scriptures and you are suddenly told that you have lost a million dollars, you do not stay sitting and reading, do you? No, your mind has suddenly become very agitated, and is consumed with this new interest. So what is the secret of keeping your mind peaceful at all times?

A king once invited a person to his palace and gave him a delicious banquet. He said, "Eat, but first


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 let me warn you about one thing. There is a big sword hanging above your head by a very thin and very weak thread. It could break at any moment and fall on your head, so remember that and now go ahead and enjoy your food!" If you were that guest, would you enjoy your food? I don't think so. No–one can enjoy anything if they know death is close by. In the same way this world is full of pleasurable activities, but how can you enjoy them when you know that disaster and danger, illness, senility and death are always right there. If you realize how precarious is the situation, how short lived are going to be the pleasures you are enjoying, you will have no taste for the diversions of this world, and you will automatically search for that inner truth of life which will make you immune from this worldly cycle of pleasure and pain, of life and death.

So colour your mind, your soul and your heart with the colour of God. God is His own paintbrush, and if your mind is somewhere else it cannot be coloured. So you have to control and organize your thought, that's all you have to do. Soak your mind in this most beautiful dye of Holy Name. That is why we say Jai Satchitanand and glorify that thing which is eternally glory, bliss and truth.

There is a musk deer, which has musk hidden in its belly button, always giving off a scent, and this scent intoxicates the deer. He is naturally attracted to it, yet does not know from where it comes. So he looks everywhere for the source and in the end in crazy frustration he jumps off from the mountain and falls and dies. You


are just like this musk deer. You run around searching for the light, the source of your life, the abode of peace and understanding, and all the time it is inside you. But you don't know it.

Children are taught to read scriptures, and if they ask any questions about what such and such a thing means, the teacher can't explain. He will say, "You don't have to know the meaning, just get on and read it." And the teachers do not know themselves, so how can they tell the children what is the meaning of truth. If a teacher knows the alphabet, only then can he teach it to you. If he doesn't know, he can't. Similarly, if you don't know how to love, how can you teach someone else to love?

There was once a parrot who knew only one sentence. This was, "Is there any doubt about it? " This was the only sentence that he knew. However, the owner of the parrot, thinking some profit might be gained, took the bird to the king, telling him that the parrot could speak like a human being. The king asked, "Do you really speak like a human being? " The parrot replied, "Is there any doubt about it? " The king was very impressed, and then asked, "Are you hungry? " The parrot replied, "Is there any doubt about it? " He was therefore given lots of fruit. But the parrot was not really hungry and didn't eat any of it. So the king said, "I've ordered all this food for you and now you are not eating it. Do you think I am mad? " The parrot replied, "Is there any doubt about it? " Naturally the king became very angry.

This is the way the world is today. The world has only learned one thing, how to demand and obtain gratification for its sensual desires. Everybody is blind to the important things. Everybody is concentrating on their stomachs. So how am I going to be able to give them the Truth which is good for the heart? People are completely relying on their brains to get what they want, even if it is something beyond the brain's capacity to obtain. But the brain is not pure, and can never obtain the pure thing, the thing for which we are really searching. That is why we are so restless.

All the religious books contain one message; "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God." In the Gita it says there is only one Name and all the scriptures say this. This is name of Ram which could save thousands of people and which Guru Granth Saheb says is the light, the sky and the earth. Everybody is running after that Word, yet the Word is inside each of them. Only they are not realizing it. Moslems call it "Pak Nam" – the Pure Name. All scriptures talk about it. But until you have a Guru you will never find it, you will never find where it is or how to get to it. Even if you learn all the scriptures off by heart you still won't find it.

Guru means that person who takes you out of the darkness into light. And we need a living Guru. Please, dear premies, understand what you have to do in this world right now, because time is very limited. By the year 2000, the whole situation of this planetary system will be very precarious and very dangerous. There is a poem by somebody which says that at the end of year 2000 death itself will appear on this earth and everything will be destroyed. The family of Hans will be the only people able to save it. This was written a long time ago, but now that time is fast approaching. We must get this Knowledge very quickly, and only the Hans family can teach it. Listen, Satguru can do everything for you. Realize who He is. He has unlimited power. He is greater than God because He reveals God. Remember the quotation from Saint Tulsidas: "If you remember Satguru's Name, you will cross the river of birth and death."

In the Ramayana, when Lord Rama wanted to cross the Ganges, the ferryman refused to row Him in his boat, because he feared the great power of Rama's Lotus Feet. He had heard that things could be turned into stone by a mere touch of Shri Rama's Feet, and the boatsman feared that his boat, being made of wood, would be converted into stone, and his livelihood lost. So he begged Lord Rama to be allowed to bathe His feet before ferrying Him across the river. The ferryman was not Satguru or even a Guru, since it was only an ordinary river Rama has to cross, but still the Lord of the Universe Himself had to beg and ask the boatman to take Him.

This is the crux of the problem. God is everywhere, but He is very shy. He does not want to show Himself to everybody all the time. This is why we have to reach Him through Guru Maharaj Ji. Whoever takes advantage of Guru Maharaj Ji can see God, and there is nothing else to do in the world. These dual eyes are good for seeing the duality of the world, but to sec the oneness of God, we need the one eye of Knowledge. We live in such duality we even make God two. One is with form, one is without form. But when


we get that one eye we will see that one thing and nothing else, only that one thing. And who is the opener of that eye? Satguru. Whatever He says, believe Him. He will open your third eye, then your third eye will shine and you will know the Truth right there and then. The power of the third eye is enormous. This eye can burn up all your gross thoughts and fears.

No politician has ever brought peace to his country. Even now, many wars are going on in the name of peace. Yet if all politicians worked in harmony and co–operation with the great Spiritual Master, and with the Truth, then world peace would be obtained in one millionth of a second. A second, not a minute. I issue this challenge! I am not a political leader, and have no right to talk about or criticize politicians. True spiritual Knowledge is my subject and this is the highest Knowledge. From this the Satguru obtains His authority. Once you know the Name there is nothing left to know.

No one is kinder or more generous than the Satguru because He gives you such a priceless thing. Even if you had eighteen lives and served Guru Maharaj J night and day, still you will not be able to repay what He has given to you. You cannot compare Satguru with an ocean because an ocean has limits, even an ocean is finite. But Satguru is unlimited, He is deathless. The ocean hides jewels, pearls and precious stones deep inside itself, but Satguru never hides anything – He gives everything He has. We cannot compare Satguru with a river because a river is sometimes dried and sometimes flooded, while the Guru's love and His Knowledge are always balanced and of a constant and equal force. It is always beneficial. That is why I am requesting you again to remember that Name. All the time, remember that Name. I have not come here to collect money. If I really wanted to earn a lot of money I could be a doctor in Los Angeles, or an engineer here. But I don't want one single penny. I really do not like money at all. I have only one desire, and that is that you should give me your love, and in return I will give you peace, real peace. I have always said the same thing and I will always say the same thing. How can a saint ask for money when He created all money, when He created the world? Guru Maharaj J is not attracted by money. He is only attracted by the service and love of His devotees.

The Knowledge is like a pinch of potassium dropped into dirty water. It makes all the dirt settle and all the water clean and clear. So the Knowledge cleans your mind. When you boil sugar cane juice to make molasses all the scum and filth rise up to the top. The Name works on the mind in the same way. We really have got a lot of bad things in our minds and they are ruining our lives, but one pinch of that Holy Name can work wonders. Suppose I have done something so bad that I shall go to hell for it. If I remember the Name, I will be alright. In the Gita Lord Krishna says, "When you remember My Name, you come to me in that place where there is no sun, no moon and no stars, only a Light which is self–effulgent. That is my supreme abode." So when I am remembering God's Name I will naturally go into that place and must therefore avoid hell. It is quite logical.

That is why I want to distrubute this Knowledge to you. For your own good. I don't have any selfish purpose. I am getting nothing out of it. It is only His blessing that I have been given such a great job to do. It is a great job. And what have I to do? I was content with my lot, but it was my great blessing that my Guru Maharaj J sent me to do something great and I am doing it. Some people say, "Well, if you don't get any wages, how do you live? How do you eat?" So I say, "When I was living in my Mother's womb, who gave me my wages then? Who paid me my pounds and dollars? The same person is supporting me now!"

So, anyway, my friends, know the Knowledge. I have come only to give you that. Next year I am returning to the Western countries to give them the Knowledge. I will give them this Knowledge. I have taken this as my Dharma. This is my virtue. I am holding it, that thing which is the Father of all Fathers, the Knowledge of all Knowledge, the Saviour of all Saviours. Ask everyone to take it and to make their lives successful.


Conquering the Mind

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 Satsang of Shri Guru Maharaj J Nirvana High School, Lenasia, South Africa, 30th April, 1972

Because we have received this human frame we possess a great opportunity. In the Ramayana the importance of the human frame is often spoken of. It says in that sacred scripture that the preciousness of the human temple is that only this can lead us to the gate of immortality. In many ways we are like animals. Even animals know what is good for them and what is bad for them. If a bomb drops, both animals and human beings will feel fear and try to find safety. Birds also will do the same. In fact the only real difference between the human and the animal world is that human beings are capable of attaining God–realization, or Divine Knowledge.

This Knowledge is knowledge of that Word which is God and which all saints praise. Guru Nanak, the great Sikh Satguru, has said, if we translate His words, "The Word comes first, then after this the whole world comes. The Word is Light and the whole of creation rests upon this Word which plays its soft rhythm in everybody's heart. This Word is so supreme," He said, "is so far out that even Lord Rama could not praise it. Lord Rama saved only one devotee. But this Word saves millions." Only by knowing this Name will we be able to get peace of mind and satisfaction. And I suppose that satisfaction is that thing which people want most in the world. For satisfaction a man spends all day earning money. This is the reason why a man does anything, to get more satisfaction. A lieutenant will be satisfied first, but then he begins to want to be a captain, and after that he wants to be a major.Then when he is a major, still he is not satisfied and tries for a higher post. In the same way a man with a car will want a newer car and a man who has lived in his house for some time will think of building another house.

Actually we all need satisfaction. Everything we are doing today, we are doing it only to achieve satisfaction, to gain a little peace. Suppose a little boy is crying for a toy. It is because he is not satisfied. His mother gives him this toy, then he becomes satisfied. Everything's all right. He laughs and he is pleased with his mother. But after a week or so when the toy breaks, again he begins to cry. His satisfaction, his peace, was limited because the thing that created that peace was limited. It was breaking or it was about to break or it stopped having a reaction on the boy.

It is exactly the same for all materialistic things existing in the world which human beings have created. They are all limited. Whatever you buy today will have changed a little by tomorrow, it will have been used. And so on and so on until in the end it is finished, it has no more use for us and then we throw it away. So what we thought would give us peace did not give us peace. Alexander thought I will invade the whole world. He conquered one kingdom after another. He wasn't just playing with toys; they weren't just small things he was playing with. He was invading kingdoms, big kingdoms. He even invaded India too. But did he get peace from all these conquests? No he didn't. In the end he said, "Bury me with my palms facing.upwards to


show that I who conquered everything left the world with nothing." He always wanted more countries to conquer, just like a man today wants another car or a bigger house.

If you want real satisfaction then it is the mind that has to be conquered, it is the mind that has to be satisfied, and the means to do this is by using a special Knowledge, a special way, a special system, and this is the system that has been described by all the saints. A thousand suns may rise and there will still be darkness, man will still be in frustration, man will still not know, but when a man, finds the Guru then he will have the eternal Light. Three kinds of light sun, moon and fire – can be seen by everybody. Pigs, dogs, donkeys, and men, they can all see these three lights, but the Divine Light is the fourth Light and only human beings can see this, and only those human beings who go to the Master and ask to be shown it. But people give more value to their personal belongings and to their personal ideas than to ideas about God, and this makes them more frustrated, it puts them in greater darkness.

That's why He has always said, "Whenever there is a fall in the true religion, I will come in body to secure and save my disciples, and to kill those people who trouble my disciples and make them suffer." He always comes back. That's His promise. We have no need to be a Hindu and believe in the Bhagavad Gita to accept that we are the sons of God, the creation of God. God is our Father, who created us, and we all accept that it is our Father's duty to secure us and save us. If a fly is trying to bite a small child and the father sees it, he will immediately kill the fly and save his boy. And if the boy was bitten, he would give some medicine. For security reasons he will even kill the flies, and the boy can play happily again.

So we are infant children. However big we are, still we are infant children. And frustration, darkness and evil are like flies trying to bite us. And many of us get bitten by coming into the cycle of illusion and darkness. And whenever the Father notices this, if He is our Father, then it is His duty to come and save us. So He has come as Rama, He has come as Buddha, He has come as Christ, and each time He came as Holy Word. Arjuna used to call Krishna Yada – that means friend, just like any old friend. But the moment after he realized this Knowledge he said, "Excuse me, I apologise. You are the gurus' Guru. You are all. You are my Father. You are the Lord. And I apologise for calling you friend."

The Knowledge was essential then and it is essential now. The circumstances have changed but the cause of circumstance has not changed. Maybe we have conquered darkness by manufacturing all these electrical products but still the quality of darkness is the same as it always was – the setting of the sun. Maybe man is now living in a more polluted kind of circumstance, a more illusory type of circumstance. But the cause of illusion and the cause of pollution is still the same, and that is frustration and darkness inside men. And that darkness can only be removed by a really powerful light. The sun is not strong enough. It cannot light up all the earth at once. When there is day in India it is night in America. But this Knowledge is such that it can remove the darkness from all over the world at the same time.

Then we will be able to see what really is in the world, and what is the perfect thing. It is said that even if thousands and thousands of suns rise, the light will not be able to equilibrate the light of that Divine Light, so bright is it. And it cannot be seen by these eyes which perish with me. But this supreme Light, this far out Light, this psychedelic Light, this most powerful and absolutely Holiest Light in the world, is only visible through the Third Eye.

So, if you want to have peace now, we have to go to the Lotus Feet of the Master of the time, whoever He is. If He is of a low caste, it does not matter. If He is a road sweeper, it does not matter. If He is a King, it does not matter. We have to take the Knowledge from Him. Mira was a princess in India and her Guru made shoes. People used to see leather in His hands and couldn't bring themselves to go near Him. But those who really went deep, like Mira, received the full privilege of Knowledge. As long as we are looking at the outer covering of a thing we will not be able to have the inner vision of it. People who look at just the outside suffer. And he who looks inside gains the real understanding.

He who judges souls never judges the outer coverings, because every day they can be changed, and this is of no importance. But the soul doesn't change every day. Find that and you will find real satisfaction. Know this Word, this Perfect Word, and make your life really comfortable, peaceful and relaxed.


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973

No Light Without Master

Prem Rawat's Divine Mother Mata Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 Satsang of Shri Mata Ji at Panespo, Neuchatel, Switzerland, 12th March, 1972 Translated by Mahatma Rajeswaranand Ji

Mata Ji sings in Hindi

My children, the theme of this devotional song is this: a devotee of Satguru, of God, when he liquidates himself, or dissolves himself, or effaces himself on the Lotus Feet of the Lord, he makes the Lord agreeable in all respects. There is such a relationship between Lord and devotee that is so pious, that is so emotional, that when a devotee weeps he compels the Lord to weep. When a devotee cries for his Lord, the Lord is so kind that He is compelled to come before His devotee. For a devotee, the pleasure and pain, success and failure, sent by the Lord are just like gifts for the devotee.

Brothers and sisters, today is Sunday. Today you are free from your office, home, and each of you according to your faith and according to your belief, go either to the temple or mosque or church. You pray there according to your belief, but the use and utility of religion is to give perfect peace and bliss to the mind. From your infant age, from your boyhood, you then continue to go to temple, mosque, and church, according to your belief, and do prayers, but your mind is not controlled, your mind is not steady. You don't enjoy perfect peace and bliss. Why? You have to consider the reasons for this. The condition of your mind is the same as it was twenty years, thirty years, before. If a boy goes to a school, a primary school, and if he continues to go for twenty years, twenty–five years, staying in the same class, and if he does not progress, the parents would certainly say something to the boy. After so many years, after such a long time, he should have


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 attained the highest qualifications, the highest degree in the university. So isn't it strange that a man, in the name of religion, goes to a temple, a mosque or a church, yet the condition of his mind continues to be the same? There is no change. Why? Today we have to consider this question.

When human beings forget the religion of humanity, the Supreme Lord incarnates, He takes a body and comes on this earth to teach us not a new religion, but one and the same religion, that is the religion of humanity which is the same for all human beings. And what is the religion of all human beings? It is the religion of Love. But how will we learn to love all human beings? Only when we come to know practically the one and only source of love. Gentlemen, what is that one and only source of love? God is the only source of love. There is one God for the whole creation. This whole creation is created by one God, and the way to realize this

one God is one and the same for all. And realization of God within oneself is the only religion for all human beings. We should consider why human beings have become scattered in the name of religion, divided in the name of religion. What is the reason? It is because we don't know how to realize the divinity, how to realize that one God who is within all of us. This one and the same God is sustaining the whole world, He is sustaining the entire universe. Whether we are black or white, whether we are small or big, whether we are wealthy or poor, the God which is within us is one and the same for all, and the way to realize Him is one and the same for all. When human beings forget this one way, then our Lord, who is the Lord of the whole universe, comes in human body to give us practical Knowledge, the practical way of realizing Him, and that is called real religion.

So, my children, the Supreme Master does not create a new religion. Rather, He gives us the most ancient religion. This is the religion of humanity. And now the time has come when that realized God who is within us from the beginning of creation is here. The same Lord came as Vishnu, Rama, Krishna, Jesus Christ and Buddha. They preached and gave practical Knowledge of God. They spoke of one way. But, most ironically, we don't appreciate the Lord when He comes in His human body on this earth.

If you are a patient, only a living doctor can cure your disease. A photograph or statue of a doctor who is dead, who has passed away, cannot cure your disease. A king who is present and who is pleased with you can give you wealth or any position. A king who is dead, who has

passed from this world, can give you nothing. Similarly, a Satguru, a Perfect Master, a Supreme Lord of the present time who is existing in the present time can give you the practical Knowledge of the real thing, the true Knowledge of God, the true Knowledge of Truth. Because Truth is one, Truth is eternal, Truth is all–pervading, Truth is indestructible, and Truth is the same for the whole world. So, brothers and sisters, only a Living Master, only a living Perfect Master is able to enlighten all human beings.

Apractical Knowledge of divinity is Knowledge of one's own self. What is the form of God according to all holy scriptures? The form of God, the form of the Master, is Light, and that Light is self–effulgent Light. From that Light, this whole universe gets light, the sun, moon, stars, and fire – all get light from that supreme Light that is called Divine Light. And that supreme Light, the Light of God, is within all of us. But we don't know that Light, we don't know that divinity, and therefore our mind is unsteady, our mind is fickle. So when the Perfect Master comes on this earth, He gives us practical Knowledge of that Light. The same Light, the same Knowledge, has been referred to in the Bible as white stone. Jesus used to distribute this white stone. What is it? White stone is the same Light, the self–effulgent Light, which is within us. When that Supreme Power comes in human body He is called Satguru. And Satguru, only Satguru, is able to give practical Knowledge of that Light.

So, my children, if you don't go before the Supreme Master you can never get Light, you can never get that supreme Knowledge. In India, there was a Satguru, there was a Perfect Master called Lord Kabir. In a poem he says, "Everyone knows it is good to have a purpose, a destination, and work towards fulfilling it. But man, do you know your destination? Do you know your goal? First, know your goal. First, know your destination. And then walk. Then your life will be fulfilled." Similarly, human beings don't know that Light, human beings don't know that soul, human beings don't know that spirit. They read of the spirit, they talk of God, they read of God, they hear of God, but they don't know God. So God Himself comes to give practical Knowledge of His divinity, of His inner self, which is self–effulgent Light, eternal Light, all–pervading Light. That Light of God has engulfed the entire universe and the same Light, since that Light is all–pervading, is within us. And the Supreme Master, the Satguru, gives practical Knowledge of that Light, irrespective of caste, creed colour, religion or sex. As sun gives light to the whole world, similarly the Supreme Master, the Perfect Master, the real God, gives one and the same Knowledge, that is the Knowledge of Divine Light, Supreme Light, to those human individuals who bow before Him with reverence, with love, and with faith. May God bless you.


Don't Do Nothing

Answers from Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, Canada, September 1971

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 What must I do to be ready for the Knowledge?

You must realize first why this Knowledge is essential. Then we must make ourselves ready for the Knowledge. When we become ready, then Satguru gives us this Knowledge. First we have to become worthy of receiving it. You don't take food at any time. When you feel hungry then you take food. So become hungry for the Knowledge so you can take it. If your stomach is full and you eat more you will vomit. Same way, if you are not feeling hungry and you take this Knowledge, you will vomit. You won't practise it, it will get rotten and it will harm you.

So we should just be patient?

No, no, no. Don't be patient. Ask and ask for Knowledge.

No, I don't mean for me. I mean for other people, my friends and people I love. Should I just be patient with them?

You must give them satsang.

Right! And then the time will come for them?

Yes, they will become more and more hungry. See?

Guru Maharaj Ji, what is the primordial cause, the first cause?

What do you mean?

I mean cause and effect. For every effect there is a cause, so what was the first cause?

The first cause is the absolute one, the absolute state, and from that absolute a second absolute was created, only it was not so absolute. Remember in the beginning it was pure energy. And there was a work for it. This was creation. We are all little parts of that energy. That energy hasn't actually been scattered, but what happens is that so many parts drop out of it and those little drops of that energy are in us and they are our souls. And this energy which is a part of the original energy has to go and join with that. And that is the uncreated creator which created everything. It is un– created because energy cannot be created or destroyed. And when something has never been created how can it exist in time, how can it have a form, how can it be seen? But now it is here in visible form, and we have to take advantage of it. That absolute thing is here in visible form and we should take advantage of it now, and we can do that by having union, by having correct union with that absolute one. I was just sitting on my chair today and an idea came to my mind about how people want priests


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 living and God dead. This is human nature. It is because there have been many priests before. Before a pope there is another pope isn't there? They will make a statue of him and another pope will come. People need God dead. It's crazy. But that absolute one is not something in the past. It is always here, and it is here now.

What does it mean to have a guileless heart?

A guileless heart means a hungry heart. Humbleness, how are we going to produce it? If a man is hungry, he becomes humble automatically; "Please I want to eat." Hungry heart!

Why did the first cause create the second cause?

First, know the Knowledge and then you will know why. First get to know something about a subject, and then the answers will come.

Guru Maharaj Ji, I read a satsang you gave in London and you were saying you had given us two forms of transmission, automatic and manual.

Yes, I have offered two types of transmission, automatic and manual. For people who have dedicated their whole life to me, it is manual. For people who haven't dedicated their whole life to me, it is automatic. I explained it last night also, did you hear it?

I wasn't here last night, sorry. All I really want to know is if I desire can I have manual transmission?

You see, people who have dedicated their lives to me know I have to guide them. They are on manual. But those people who haven't dedicated their lives have to go automatically. When I give someone Knowledge they now have to meditate and carry on with their daily time–table. But the people who have dedicated their whole lives to me, I have to take over their gears. I have to tell them what to do.

Is it possible to go from automatic to manual?

Yes, of course.

Is it possible to go from manual to automatic?

From manual to automatic! That's very hard.

Does the car make the choice?

The car makes only one choice, to be manual or automatic. The choice is, do you dedicate your life or not?

Do you know your devotees before they receive Knowledge?

No, I am not concerned with them before they take Knowledge. But after they receive, I come. Yes?

Once a person asks for Knowledge and you say you'll give it to him, is he sure to receive it some time in the future?

Yes. There will be a mahatma here. I will arrange it.

Do people have to go through certain things before they receive the Knowledge?

The reason they do not take this Knowledge is because they are too lazy to think about it. Or maybe they never get told about it. That's why they don't know what Knowledge is. That's why they are not concerned with it. And some people are too lazy to search. That's why so many scriptures have been written in English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, French, every language. Now people are too lazy to read them. They should go and read those books, those scriptures. They tell you something about that omnific Word, sometimes with very clear explanations as it has been written by


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973Saint Kabir and in the Bible. Other saints have not written so clearly.

What about the people who can't read?

They should come and hear satsang.

What do you think about the Christian concept of repentance before salvation?

What do you mean by that?

I was just wondering what you think about this concept, of repentance as a prerequisite to salvation.

I say, if one kick is missed then start another kick! If this misses then kick again. And if this misses, kick yet again. In the end the motor cycle will start. If it doesn't, then push it! Do something . Don't do nothing. The thing which is gone is gone and in the future who knows what is going to happen. If you did something wrong, it was your fault. You should have been more aware of what you were doing. What is to be gained now by thinking about it, by admitting it, by saying, "Yes, I did it"?

But isn't repentance the submission of ego? That I admit I was separated from the Creator? Isn't that the nature of repentance? Isn't to admit it the submission of ego?

Even if I admit it, what difference does it make? If the judge says, "Have you murdered that man?" and I say, "Yes, I admit that I have murdered that man," it does not matter. If I did murder the man I will get sent to jail, whatever I say.

But shouldn't the sinner make his repentance?

You see, you shouldn't think about what you have done. Don't think about that. You didn't think about what you were doing at the time, you were too lazy. It was your fault. You should have thought about it then when you were making that mistake. It does no good to think about it later. That's why that crazy word has come into this world. People don't think what they are doing when they do it and then later they say, "Oh, I shouldn't have done that. I'm very sorry." And then they weep and get cross. It's no use. Kabirdas said, "Done is done. Now it can never come back again." If, suppose, I murdered Guru Charnanand Ji, he won't come alive again, just by me admitting it.

I agree that there's no sense in going back and keep thinking about something. If you think about the past, you will be in the past, I agree. But what about just being an egotist, that's not the past, so shouldn't I repent of this?

But it is also your fault that you are an egotist, so you should remove your ego. Why did you murder that man? I was very angry, that's why I murdered him. So you were angry then, and you are angry now. So don't talk about it and think about it remove your anger. Due to that anger, maybe you will murder some more men. So remove your anger now.

But repentance is just admitting the sin first, admitting that I need God's grace.

Then search for God's grace. By searching you are admitting. You won't get food by saying, "Yes, I admit that I want food." You have to go and search for food, then you have to cook it. You have to do something practically.

What is this Knowledge you are talking about?

It is the Knowledge that Jesus Christ gave, that Guru Nanak gave, that Krishna gave, that Ram gave, that Mohammed gave and which I am giving. It is the supreme Knowledge. It is the sacred Knowledge. It is top sacred! And it dwells within all of us, within every human being, but we are unable to know it without the help of a True Master. That is what I am teaching. Yes?

If everybody can have Knowledge, why doesn't everybody have Knowledge? I mean, it seems like everybody should be getting Knowledge.

The reason why it's not given is, so many people aren't worthy of taking Knowledge. That's why it's not given.


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 People think they should only push a button and everything will happen. There was an old man I saw in Germany when I was in a tape recorder shop, not very old really. He had a transistor and he was sitting in a chair. He pushed a button and the station changed. Push again and station changes. Push again and station changes. Everything has been made so easy. Always people want something even easier. They want to get everything just sitting in a chair. People want it to be like this. Press button Guru comes. Press button Knowledge comes. Press button satsang comes. Press button Satguru goes. It can't be possible like this. That is why it is not given as you say. It is the most supreme thing and it should not be scattered wildly. Let people be worthy of taking it. When people become worthy, then they are given.

Guru Maharaj Ji, why aren't we all living in the Garden of Eden, as mentioned in the Bible?

Garden of Eden …? Oh yes! I saw it in a movie, "Holy Bible Word of Creation" – something like that. What were you saying about it?

Why are we not living in such a state now, where everything is perfect?

Servants of God are living in such a state.

But why did God put us through this thing that we are going through? Why didn't He create us in Perfect Knowledge? Why are we here in this purgatory world? What is this trip?

Twelve volts is less than two hundred and fifty volts, isn't it? Why don't the car people, the people who make cars, put two hundred and fifty volts in the batteries? Because twelve is enough. More than that could be dangerous. If something went wrong the driver of the car might get electrocuted. In the same way, God made this creation from His own observations. What was necessary to be put in it, He did it. He made what had to be made. He did what He thought was right and He did it in His own way. He made it in His own way. So in His own way He made Adam and Eve and He placed them there, in their garden. It is His creation and not your creation. So are you objecting to that creation? A man was walking along and he saw a water melon growing from a vine. He thought, "Wow, such a small vine with such a big fruit." He went further and saw a great big tree with small fruit, really small fruit. He said, "Wow, such a big tree with such small fruit and over there such a little thin thing with such big fruit. God must be absolutely crazy. Tomorrow I will go and object." So that night the man slept under the big tree and during the night the wind blew very fast and that little fruit fell onto his nose. So the man said, "God, you made it very correct. If that big fruit had fallen on my nose … wow!" So do not object to His creation. If you want to object, then of course you can.


You can object to the whole thing.

So even though things are like they are, it is for the right reason?

God makes things for the right reason but people use them for the wrong reasons. Something gets made for something but it is given another use. People want to make something else out of it, so everything is going wrong.

Can't God do everything?


But can't He stop man's ego?

Yes of course. But ego belongs to man and not to God. God recommends that we should finish our ego and He can do it but only if man wants Him to.

But God can change the rules that He has set, can't He?

Whatever He wishes, He can do. He can even change the rules, if He wants. But what is happening? You see, people in a building start objecting about the building and say, "Why was this building made?" Man is living in this world and he has begun asking, "Why was this made? Why was that made? Why were we made?" That's wrong. People are more interested in knowing why this world was made than in starting to live properly in this world and taking full privilege of it. A book like the Bible is not given to you so you can ask questions about how it was written but so you can be interested in what it is saying, in what it is trying to tell you. God made this whole book, pictures and everything, not for you to ask questions about how He did it and why He did it, but to make you interested in what it's saying. So He gave you all this and you are asking questions. He gave you this not to ask questions about it. He gives you such wonderful things and all you are doing is asking questions. That's why Tulsidas, the great saint, said, "I'm absolutely the lowest man in the whole world. God gave me so many wonderful things and I started objecting to them and questioning them. I never wanted to look at their beauty. If I had only once looked at their beauty, I would have seen the creation." People in New York city and Delhi don't know what the beauty of nature is because there are no trees there, no nature, just houses, houses, and houses, and streets and mills and factories. When people come to Dehra Dun, they see the whole creation, the whole of God's nature and then they become interested.

But isn't it questioning that leads us to this?

The thing is this. I am a house owner and I am asking myself, why does this house belong to me?

Yes, that's cool. Once you know that the house belongs to you.

It's not cool. I know this house belongs to me because I signed these papers. But everything is not cool yet, because I am still asking this question, why does this house belong to me? In the same way, the creation was made for you and you are just asking this question, why was this creation made for you? You were made for some purpose and if you are not fulfilling that purpose, how can you ever know why you were made? Fulfil that purpose and then you will know why you were made. Are you fulfilling that purpose? If a soldier just sits in the field and just smokes and relaxes and bullets are coming from all sides, he has to get up. He can't start asking why was he sent into this battlefield; he must take his gun and fight and then he will know why he was sent into this field. Are you fulfilling the perfect reason why you were sent into this world? If you are doing the imperfect thing, then how can you know why you were sent. I was sent to make a phone call in this house and I started doing satsang. I lost my purpose, I lost my aim in doing another thing, and then another thing, and then another thing. How can I know why I was sent here? This is the question we ourselves can answer. We needn't ask anybody else.

Yes, but I can't answer that question until I receive Knowledge. I know I'm getting a little closer, but it's only through asking that question that has led me to you.

So carry on going. If this question is in your mind, it will be answered. The ego is the wall. Finish your ego and then see.

But how do we finish our ego? Is it really possible?

You must ask the Master how to do it. This is why that power manifests itself into body, into the Perfect Master. The Perfect Master comes and removes all the darkness and brings the Supreme Light into the world. If you find Him you will get it, if you don't find Him you won't get it. He is not in caves or mountains. Search and you will find Him.

So God cannot teach anything, except through a Master?

What is God? You don't know what God is. God cannot be a human


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 being. God is Light, God is power, God cannot talk. Electricity cannot give light, only the bulb gives light, but electricity has to be put through the wire for the bulb to give light. It's power. Power cannot do anything, it has to be put through a medium. Yes?

Is the Living Master able to reveal Knowledge?

Yes, that's why you call Him a Living Master.

Was your father a Satguru?


What's the difference between you and other Satgurus throughout history, like Jesus and Buddha and your father?

Jesus was much older than I am. Ram was a King and Krishna also was a King.

I didn't mean gross differences.

Well, they also gave the Knowledge and I also am giving the same Knowledge. They also showed that technique through which people are able to know God. I am also giving that technique. We don't think there is any difference between Ram, Krishna, and Jesus. They were all one. They taught something good for humanity. It was the best and perfect thing for humanity, showing how the human life could be perfect. They taught that it's the same message. Yes?

How do we meditate?

Start meditating on something, start knowing something and then you will know how to meditate. Do you know something on which you can meditate? Do you see anything on which you can concentrate your mind? Go into a desert and try to concen–


trate on sand. Everything is sand there. But how can you concentrate your mind on it? No, you need the Knowledge. Until you know the Knowledge you cannot meditate. Meditation means concentrating one's mind into that supreme Knowledge.

So how can you meditate if you don't know the Knowledge?

You can't meditate. That's what I am telling you.

Does meditating on the Knowledge help in the worship of God?

What is meditation? Perfect concentration upon a perfect thing is called meditation. Just remember that. For then you are making your soul and God into one, at that time you are receiving perfect communion with God. Because you have put all your mind into the Knowledge, into that peace which is God. Do you see? So you are doing everything at that time. You are worshipping, you are talking, you are seeing, you are listening, you are experiencing, you are touching, you are feeling, you are everything. When I enter this house, first of all I see the front elevation of this house, but when I have come inside and stood in the room, then I have done everything. Only in meditation do you worship. External worship is not satisfactory. External worship for external things. Internal worship for internal things. We cannot pray externally to something which is internal. External things, the external body, will perish one day, they will finish one day. Yes?

What kind of service can we do?

First of all, use your spare time. When people get spare time they get into the habit of reading comics and story books. So in that time, try to give satsang, the people who know this Knowledge, try to give satsang. For the rest of the time, go along as you are going along. This is the service I expect. And keep in contact with the ashram and help the ashram to run.

Guru Maharaj Ji, when we do that kind of service, are we on automatic or manual? I mean just keeping contact and giving satsang?

You see, you are thinking which has got more value, automatic or manual. Automatic or manual have both got value. They have got equal value, remember. In automatic and manual you have to pray to one Lord, so what is the difference? I don't see any difference. One is just dedicating his whole life while the other is doing what he has to do.

Why does a Perfect Master have to have a living body to give Knowledge? Why is it necessary?

Are you feeling thirsty? Can you see that photo of Lord Shiva? You see the water coming out from the top of His head. Drink that water. Drink, drink! Can you? You can't drink that water. It is a picture. You need everything living. If you have doubts you cannot ask Lord Krishna questions. That's why you need a Living Master, for the circumstances of the world today. When Jesus was there there were no nuclear bombs but now there are nuclear bombs and the Perfect Master, the Perfect Saviour, has come to save you from nuclear bombs.

Didn't Jesus Christ give the Holy Ghost after He was dead?

And if he did, is that saving you? There are many people in India and there are even many people here in Western society who don't believe in Jesus Christ. You need a Living Master to say, "Come to me, I will give you Knowledge". Before Jesus there was Moses, so what was the need of Jesus to go there? Because the Living Master is needed. Scientists need Sat–guru very badly but they can't find Him. They are looking in their test tubes, but they can't find Satguru there. They are building Apollos to go to the moon but they can't find Sat–guru there either. But teams of scientists are producing so many things, like stereos, tape recorders, radios, gramophones, Apollos and aeroplanes. Others are still discovering. They managed to find out that water was H2O. They separated it so far, but they couldn't separate H and they couldn't separate 0. When they tried to separate, they found nothing and that is that. After something, nothing. And after nothing, nothing. But nothing is also something. There is no name for this state. But when we put the name nothing, it means something is there. There was once a Guru who told a man to go into a room where there was nothing and he told him to bring something from that room. He said, "Oh Guru, there is nothing in this room," and the Guru said, "Well, bring that." We cannot find the absolute through unabsoluteness. Dollars are paper and car is tin. We buy tin with paper, but we can't buy the absolute with the unabsolute. This whole world is hanging upon something. There is a bridge in San Francisco and the bridge is hanging upon something. Without hanging that bridge cannot stay there, and this whole world is hanging upon something. And what is that? It is out of the reach of science. They want to reach it but they can't. They are going the wrong way. Now if you want to know what this world is hanging on, then receive this Knowledge. And now I must go. Thank you very much.


If You Call, I Will Come

Mata Ji's farewell satsang, London, 26th March, 1972

Prem Rawat's Divine Mother Mata Ji Who Later Deposed Him – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 Tomorrow Guru Maharaj Ji and Holy Mother are going to New York, to America, because premies there are calling them with very much love. They are really crying in their love. It is as if there is a competition between London and New York, between England and America. Both of you love us very much. You are trying to make us stay longer, and are tying us up with your love and devotion, and they are crying for us to go to them. Really, we must go but we shall not be staying a long time.

Those who have received the Holy Knowledge and who are meditating upon the Holy Word of God see great changes come into their lives. Their lives become completely altered, but without this Knowledge no one can change his life. So do meditation and spread the Knowledge of Guru Maharaj Ji. If you do this, then you will call Mata Ji very quickly back to you.

Yesterday some premies took us to see Madame Tussauds. There were so many beautiful statues there. Some of them were of good men, and some of bad men who were punished. Because they had performed some evil actions they had been punished. Their statues were there also, some standing in prison, and one was having his head chopped off. But some other people were standing with smiling faces, and some were leaders of the world. There were statues of living people there also, but these statues cannot speak. There is even a statue of Mahatma Ghandi, who was such a wise man and loved in his time. But that statue could not speak, could not give any instructions, it could not give any spiritual discourse. A statue is no substitute for the living man. In the same way you need the Living Spiritual Master, not His image in glass or stone. People sing the praises of the good men of


Prem Rawat's Divine Mother Mata Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 the past, those who did good actions in their lives, they remember their great activity. But we must also recognise those living great men who are performing their good actions now.

This is easy to make a man's life better for a short time. Many great people have got sufficient good will to help their fellow men in such a way, but to reform a man completely, to guide a man on the path of Truth, to change his life from bad to good, is a much greater work. So this is why Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge is great, because it changes people's lives. Today, a premie's father came to me and he was very happy. He said that after receiving Knowledge his whole family had been changed for the better. And my desire is to change the great family of humanity, throughout the whole world, for the better in this way, to give every member of this great family real peace and happiness.

And it is only through this Knowledge that a man can get real peace and happiness. There is no other Knowledge, there is no other method which can bring such peace and happiness as is obtained from this Divine Knowledge. And this is the almighty grace of Guru Maharaj Ji, that, in the material world, in this dark age of ignorance, you have received this True Knowledge and are practically experiencing the peace and happiness it is bringing into your life.

So if you want to help your fellow men, and those close to you, you should tell your friends, your parents and your relatives about this Knowledge. If you do not tell them about this Knowledge, then how can you help them find real peace in their lives? It is your first great duty to speak about this Knowledge, to give satsang and to make people interested

in this most spiritual and holy subject, so that they also will be encouraged to receive the Knowledge and start bringing real peace and happiness into their life. Many people have become miserable and frustrated by their materialistic existence. They would like to have some spiritual understanding but everywhere they look they see materialism, and sometimes they feel so trapped that they try to escape by committing suicide. But by this way man can never escape from unhappiness. Only by this Knowledge can a man get real peace and achieve real freedom from this great bondage of excessive materialism.

If you have read the Ramayana, then you will know about Saint Tulsidas. He was very much attached to his wife, all the time he wanted only to be with her. One day she went to her parents' house and, that night, when Tulsidas came back to his home he found that his wife was not there. So immediately he started to walk towards her parents' home, where he was sure she had gone. It was raining hard, and on the way there was a very fast flowing river. He thought he saw a boat and he stepped onto it, but really it was a dead body. So much was his attention on his wife, so much was he thinking about she whom he loved that he never noticed he was crossing the river with the help of a dead body. Then he had to climb a high wall and he thought there was a rope, but really it was a python. So much was he thinking of his wife that he never noticed, otherwise he would never have climbed.

Anyway, he reached the house and knocked at the door, and when she opened it, she was most surprised saying, "How did you arrive here? There is a very fast flowing river, and then a high wall, so how did you come?" And he said, "Oh my wife, you love me very much, because you put a boat there for me to cross the river and you also left a rope so I could climb over the wall." But she said, "No, I did no such thing, you must be mistaken. Let us go and see."

So they went to the wall and when she saw the python, which is a very long snake, hanging from the wall, she said, "I did not put this here," and Tulsidas became frightened. And then she took him to the river and there was the dead body and Tulsidas realized that he had crossed the river by the help of this dead body, thinking it was a boat. Then his wife spoke to him. "Oh my dear," she said, "You love this body which is made of flesh, you love this flesh so much that you did not notice these strange and terrible things, or else you would never have crossed the river or climbed the wall. But one day this flesh will


Prem Rawat's Divine Mother Mata Ji Who Later Deposed Him – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 die, this body will die, then who will you love? I am not immortal. Maybe I shall die tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. I will certainly die sometime because no one is immortal in this world. Only if you get the same attachment, the same love, for God as you have for me will you attain immortailty, will you attain the deathless state. So please don't get attached like this to my physical body. Know this truth, know God and convert your love from this short–lived body to that Divine Light, to that Holy Word of God that is the source of my life, and your life and the whole world."

At once, Tulsidas realized the meaning of his wife's words, and received a great lesson from her. At once he began to search for Truth and then he started his meditation, and eventually attained enlightenment. Then he wrote the Ramayana. You can read this great book today and receive very much good advice. As it was for Tulsidas, so it is the same for you. Without the Perfect Master you cannot receive Knowledge. Without Knowledge you cannot do real meditation, and without real meditation you can never attain enlightenment.

Another great Indian saint, Saint Kabir, wrote a beautiful poem about how many men think that true happiness can be found in false pleasures and perishable things. Men will say, "This is the source of my happiness," but Kabir says, "Don't be so confused. These transitory attainments and pleasures cannot give real satisfaction. You men become so happy, so proud because you have wealth and health, name and fame, this and that. You think, 'yes spiritual truth is good, but these other things also bring me happiness.' No, whatever you have, your wife, your children, your wealth, your fame, they are all perishable. One day they will die, one day they will vanish. The Holy Name of God is the only source of real happiness. Those whom you are loving are the fruit of death. Some fruit is in the mouth already, some is in our hands, and some is still on the plate."

In the same way, many people die, some are going towards death, and some are just coming into the world. This is the cycle of birth and death, but an ignorant man thinks that he will live here all the time, that this friend, this parent, this health, this wealth or all these things will always be with him. So he forgets death. But just because we may forget death, death never forgets us. When a cat runs to kill a pigeon, the pigeon becomes frightened and foolishly closes his eyes. He thinks that because he cannot see the cat, neither can the cat see him. And he is killed. This is the mistake ignorant men make. They ignore death. They do not take precautions to find that source of eternal life that lies within them. They never think


Prem Rawat's Divine Eldest Brother Who Later Replaced Him As Satguru – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 about how all the wonderful things in this world must inevitably leave them. And so they travel on their way towards their death.

So if you want to attain realization, if you want to attain the deathless state, know that Holy Vibration, receive it from the Lotus Feet of Guru Maharaj Ji, then meditate on it. This is the root of all mantras, it is the source of all mantras. And just as a good student will listen to his teacher if he wishes to learn something, so every instruction given by Guru Maharaj Ji is there for the disciple to follow.

How can we receive liberation? The root of liberation is the Grace of the Perfect Master. He who receives the Grace of the Perfect Master receives liberation. As the sun dispels the darkness of the night, so Guru's Grace dispels ignorance, and when there is no ignorance there will be no bondage. And we His disciples, whether we live in America or England or anywhere, if we meditate upon the Holy Name of Guru Maharaj Ji, the Word which is hidden, we can communicate with our Perfect Master, through this meditation. That disciple who is meditating never forgets His Master, because the Holy Word of God is the constant and eternal communication between Master and disciple.

This life has been given to us to do something. You may be proficient in so many worldly subjects, in so many arts or sciences, but this Knowledge that Guru Maharaj Ji has given you is beyond all and you must meditate on it. You should practise it constantly, then you will be able to realize the Truth, then you will be able to understand the mystery of the Knowledge, and then one day, by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, you will be proficient in the Knowledge.

In India there was once a King named Vharteri who loved his queen, his wife, very much. One day an old brahmin brought immortal fruit that he obtained from a deity. If a man eats such fruit he becomes immortal. When the brahmin received this fruit he thought, "Yes, if I eat this fruit, I will become immortal, but what will I do then? I would not be able to help people very much. But if my king eats this fruit, he will be able to help the people because he will rule for such a long time." But when the brahmin gave the fruit to the King telling him what it was, the King thought, "If I eat this fruit and become immortal, then who will I love when my queen dies? Because for me, the queen is the only source of happiness and joy." He was very much attached to his queen. So he thought he would give this fruit to the queen so that she would become immortal, and then as long as he lived the queen would always be there for him to love. So he gave the fruit to the queen, saying, "My queen, eat this fruit and you will become immortal."

But now, the queen really loved the man who looked after the horses and she thought, "If I eat this fruit, and become immortal, when my friend dies, who will I love? So I shall give this fruit to my friend, to him who is the source of my joy and satisfaction." So she gave the fruit to the stable man. Now the stable man really did not love the queen. He was only pretending to love her for money, not for any other purpose, but really he loved a prostitute and was very attached to her. So when he received the fruit he thought, "If I eat this and become immortal, and then my friend dies, then who will I love? Better that I give this fruit to my friend, the prostitute, then no matter how long I live, she will always be there." So he offered the fruit to the prostitute.

Now the prostitute began thinking like this: "If I eat this fruit, then I will surely be immortal, and then I will commit my sin throughout my life, so it is a very very bad thing for me to eat it. It will be better if I offer this fruit to my king, because he is such a religious person, such a good person." So she brought that fruit to the King, and said, "Please eat this fruit, sir. It gives immortality, it will make you immortal. You are a good king, if you become immortal, then you will really be able to help the people." Then the King started to think. He thought, "This is the same fruit that I gave to my queen, and now it has come into the hands of this prostitute. How did this happen?" He called his queen before him and said sternly, "Queen, tell me the truth. Where is that immortal fruit that I gave you?" She said, "Oh,


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 I have eaten it. I have taken it already, as soon as you gave it to me I ate it." He said "No, tell me the truth, otherwise I will chop off your head. You know the anger of kings, so tell me, where is the fruit?" Now the queen realized that the King knew something and she began shaking and shivering, so the King brought the fruit forward and showed it to her, "This is the fruit. You said you had eaten it, but the same fruit is here, so tell me the truth, to whom did you give it?" And then she disclosed everything. She said, "I have given it to my friend, who I love." So the King called the stable man and asked, "Did you receive this fruit?" He answered, "Yes sir." So the King said, "To whom did you give it?" "To a prostitute," he answered. "Why?" said the King, "Because I love her," answered the stable man.

At once the King realized how false is this world of love. This love is empty, it is not real. Even the queen loved the stable man and he in turn, while pretending to love the queen, really was attached to the prostitute. "So who should we love in this world," he thought, "Everyone is full of guile and deceit, everyone's nature is deceitful." At once he got what we call right understanding. He realised he should love God, who is our real Father and friend, brother and lover, everything together. At once he renounced worldly delights, came to the Perfect Master of the time, received Knowledge and devoted his whole life for the sake of enlightenment. Because he realized that the nature of worldly love is false, empty and impermanent.

In every country and in every religion of the world, people get married – in churches, in mosques, in temples, and some in the courts. At that time, they promise to give their lives to each other, to love each other, to help each other and to serve each other. But they do not stand by their words, they do not keep their promises. Husbands leave wives and wives leave husbands, or, even though they stay married, they often stop loving and helping each other in the way they had promised at the time of their marriage. You all know this, you have all seen it happening in practical experience. The reason is because there is no true love between husband and wife. True love is only the love for God. That is real love. Whether you love Him or not, He will never hate you, He will never divorce you, He will always be ready to help you, to serve you and to give you food, air, water and everything.

Someone who realizes this, who receives the Knowledge, who learns what is the real nature of God's love, and who is able to share that love, he will love his friends, his parents, his fellow beings, not for any selfish motive but for the sake of love alone, because now he has got real love, he has got complete love, and this comes only from the absolute Truth, the complete and perfect God. Only perfect God can give us perfect love. Because a human being is imperfect, he can never give us perfect love. Man deceives man, but God never deceives anyone, He always inspires man to walk on the right path. He gives true love, but people do not realize His greatness and His glory.

So now I give my blessings to all of you. Now you must grow more and more spiritually, you must spread this Knowledge and tell all the people of your country about what is happening. Wherever you go, give satsang. Work hard for this Knowledge. Help the Mission by all means and you will soon see thousands, hundreds of thousands of brothers and sisters coming to listen to holy discourse and receiving the Knowledge. You are now living a happy and spiritual life, and by your efforts they also will receive the same spirit in their life. So I am going now, If you call me, I will come back.