Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973

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Shri Guru Maharaj Ji
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Guru Puja Special


Divine Light Volume 1 No. 2

This is the second issue of our divine magazine. You might have many other things to read but never will you be able to read about the cause of life and experience of Heaven as you can here. Our Master has given us the key to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, to experience it and to fill our restless heads with tranquillity, wisdom, love and power. Whatever you are reading now is the practical experience of a little man whose locked head has been unlocked by his Master, the Master whose picture is on the front cover. He alone is able to unlock everyone's head. Inside us the peace of love and light is hidden. Our Master removes from ourselves all those barriers which prevent us from becoming human. Jesus says "Come from the outer to the inner self". Of course we are trying to return to the inner self, but how can we? Christ answered "Come to me". But where is Christ now? Who is now able to say "Come to me"? Yes, I found Him. My Master told me what I wanted to know. He gave me the exact thing that I needed. We all need the same thing. As we breathe the same air and drink the same water, so we can be satisfied with the same God Who has created the entire universe and Who is inside everyone. Know Him, because He is all knowledge. Be with Him because He alone is your own. See Him because He alone is beautiful. Hear Him because He is the melody of life. Sway with Him because He is the universal swing of life. Drink the water of life because He is giving it to you continuously.

If a house is on fire, the one who really loves the sleeping inhabitants is not he who smiles into their dreams and thinks, "how peaceful their sleep, I shall not disturb it". It is he who wakes up the people with a shout and a shake.


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973


Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, 19th June 1971

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973

Just now Mahatma Ji told you that although Sir Isaac Newton discovered the law of gravitation he did not invent that law. He discovered it only, and discovery means that a thing existing from the first is brought into the awareness of people. In the same. way, Knowledge is everywhere, God is everywhere, you only have to discover it. I won't invent a god for you and then show you this god, I will only show you how to discover what is everywhere. You know that God is in this bowl. If we look, we can see through it, but we won't see God. Does that prove that God is not there? Look through this bowl or any clean glass and you won't be able to see God. Does that mean that God is not in it? No. God is in it, but in the form of power and not in the form of body. This power exists throughout every millimetre of the world, in the earth, sun, moon, sky and water, and our aim in this life is to realize Him, to realize that power, to realize this grace God has given us.

G O D: that means generator, operator and director. He generated us by His grace. His first grace is done; He has generated us. He is operating and directing us, but there is one thing He has not done, and which He should have done, and that is why we need a perfect Master, He has directed us to go to a path but He has not shown us where this path is. He has just told us to follow a path. Now, I know that where I am living is on a road, by the side of a road, but which road? If you ask me where is your house, where are you staying, I will say I am staying beside a road, in a house which is beside a road. My answer will be true but will you be satisfied by it? No. You will want the full address, 5 Lincoln Street and so on and so on. In the same way, God has told us to go along a path, but which path? There are many paths in this world.

You know that God is not a man–made thing; only physical and materialistic things are man–made. The property of God deals with the metaphysical, that is apart from any of these things. And what is metaphysics? It is the purest of all things and it is this we have to realize. Mind, can only realize God when it is controlled. When it is controlled, then we have realized God. Nothing else. Just as when we switch the switch on to light the bulb, we have not touched the bulb or the electricity but have only touched the switch, and by that action the bulb is lighted. In the same way, we have to do nothing but stop our mind going in different directions, and we will see God.


In this world we see that there is darkness everywhere. There is light also in this hall but besides light there is darkness too; if I become an ant and go beneath this pillow I will find that there is darkness. Why should there be? The sun is shining and the lights are on so why is there darkness? Because the rays of those lights do not reach that place. In the same way God is there, His love is shining. But the rays are not reaching your internal hearts. And that is why you are not in perfect peace. Everyone wants perfect peace but it is given only to those people who are capable of receiving it; and the capable ones are those who really want to realize it; and only those people want to realize it, who. have got love for it, who really want it and who have a real need for it. Only a thirsty man requires water, and a man who is not feeling thirsty does not require it. That is why it is said in the Indian Shastras that only the people who seek are given. The door is only opened to those who knock.

Today some people say Ram, Ram, Ram, but I have a question for those people. When Rama was alive, what name did He take, what was His personal name? Today you say Ram, Ram, Ram, and think you will escape this world of materialistic forms. But when Rama came in His time, did He call himself Ram, Ram, Ram? And when Krishna came, did He call himself Krishna, Krishna, Krishna? No. Their real name was the one indicated in the Bible, "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God". Today we read this but we don't understand it. What was that Word that is in the beginning? What was the Word that was in the beginning and which is God, and which cannot be created? Some people ask me this question, "what is Word, has it been created by somebody?" No. It is like energy, which is never created and never destroyed. This is the Holy Word and Holy Word is within us, but have you ever realized it? And if God is within you, why do you do wrong actions? Is God encouraging you to do these things? No. The fact is that you don't do what God wants you to do, you do what your mind says, because you are slaves of mind and not of God. If we want to be slaves of God we have to surrender ourselves, surrender our mind to God, and that is the only thing that we can surrender to God. But how is it possible? It is not possible by merely repeating a sentence. It cannot be through personal experience in practical life and practical affairs.

Charnanand Ji gave you the example that by saying "water, water, water," we cannot quench our thirst. For quenching our thirst we need a practical glass of water with H2O in it and then when we will drink it we can satisfy our thirst. And for the practical Knowledge of God we need a Satguru or we cannot realize it. Likewise, the alphabet is written in schoolbooks. Everything that a teacher teaches in a school comes from books. You all know this. You have all studied in schools. You have all been students. The master would tell you to open your books on such and such a page and read a sentence. He teaches you from your books. But does this mean that you give your boys these books for them to read so that they will become learned men, without sending them to school or paying fees? Of course not. Because they do not know the pronunciation, they do not know what is this thing and what is that thing. Books are not enough. They need a teacher who can teach them.

In the same way, a man is born to realize that Holy Name, but he will have to have a teacher in order to do it. And again, can you see your own face? It is with you, it is not kept in your pocket. Your nose, your mouth, can you see them? No. Only if there is a mirror can you see them. God is within you but until you have the mirror of practical Knowledge you cannot see Him, you won't be able to see Him. So who will give the mirror, who will give the practical Knowledge mirror? If somebody can give us God or the practical Knowledge, that means he is our guru. Gu means darkness and ru means light. Somebody who brings us from the darkness of this world into the light of the spirit is our Guru. If we obey him we will find it, we will find that real Knowledge. Real Knowledge is not in any outside thing, it lies within you. Even though we say that God is in ourselves, we seek Him outside. Why? Can you find Him there? Suppose you have a watch on your wrist and you look somewhere .else for it. Can you find it? You can only find it when you look at your wrist. Oh, here it is, you will say. The same way, when God is within, how can you find Him outside? He is within you. All you must do is to get hold of your mind's ideas which are flowing outwards, control. them, and put them inside. That is all.

When a car starts, what happens? The cells generate, the distributor passes the current to the plugs, firing takes place, the petrol comes, the carburettor sends the petrol on and combustion takes place. Pistons begin pumping and the car starts. It's the same thing when we receive satsang. What happens? Automatically we are enlightened. Then we receive the Knowledge. The Satguru is the carburettor and He provides the petrol of Knowledge so that combustion can take place. This body is the piston; it starts to work and we go on. If we haven't got the carburettors in our


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 cars, even if we have got everything else, how can we start the car? Only by pushing, and how many miles will you push the car?

So remember one thing, that money can be gained by physical means but the true Knowledge cannot, and until you know the true Knowledge you are imperfect. You are perfect but you are imperfect because you have got no aim, because you have not attained the perfect thing. Have you attained the perfect thing, which is the Knowledge? No. Have you seen God? You say God is your Father, yet if I ask you a simple question, have you seen your Father, you will say "I have not," and this is a shameful thing for any man to say. That our Father is alive and we haven't seen him is a matter of shame for us. So we have to realize that thing which is beyond materialism, and which has no concern with any materialistic thing in this world. All these things will finish one day, but one thing will not finish, and that is the holy and true Knowledge.

I once saw an old man who was buying a walking–stick but as he tested it, it broke. So I said, "If you want, I can give you such a stick that will never break," and he said that would be priceless. I said, ."No, it is free," and then I bestowed on him the Knowledge and then he realized. Yes, the stick of our souls is Knowledge and if we have such sticks that break, our souls will also collapse, our ideas will also collapse, and we ourselves will also collapse.

Everybody is impure, but we must become pure. When will we be pure? When we go to Satguru, when we go to the true giver of Knowledge, the true Bestower of Knowledge, He will make us pure. If we are able to make ourselves pure, then there is no need of Satguru. What was the need that made Jesus come in His time? To bestow the Knowledge, and the Knowledge He bestowed in His time is the same Knowledge. I will ask you a question, as many of you have read the Bible. Jesus said, – I am not using the actual words from the Bible–"whoever are thirsty come to me and I will give them water from within themselves". You have read the Bible? Tell me what is the meaning of this? I will give you water from within yourselves. Brahmanandji in the Indian language, and almost every saint, has said this same thing. So what is this pure water, where does it lie, where is it? Reading the Bible won't help you to find it.

Suppose I am a soldier and I know it is my duty to obey my general's order, but I do not obey him. Will I be of any use to him? I have promised to obey my general, I have taken an oath that I will obey my general, and completed every formality that I have to complete. I have completed my training for the military and I have promised that I will always obey my general. Now what use is all this training if I never obey my general? So when we read the Bible we should realize what it indicates, what is its meaning, why Jesus said and why John wrote all those things. Why is the Bible there? Why did all those saints combine those sentences and make scriptures and a beautiful book for you? Why did they compose the Gita, the Ramayana and all those scriptures and the Indian Shastras? What was the effect they wanted to obtain? They just wanted you to realize something. They refer to a word and they define it as it was in the beginning and they describe its qualities. They want you to know that Name, but do you know it? Is reading the Bible of any use to you when you have not realized the Name? Suppose I say "Ki Ao" in Hindi. "Ao" means come, but those people who do not understand Hindi do not know what it means. So, is saying "Ao Ao Ao" of any use to you? If want to call you and I say "Ao Ao Ao" is it any use to you? No. When I tell you that "Ao" means come, then you can come to me. They have referred to a word and this Word was in the beginning. And they say, "I will give you water from within yourselves". When they say that they mean there was something there. There is something there. It is the same with written histories or memorials. The people who wrote them or erected them, wanted you to realize something, they wanted you to remember those things, to feel their ideas for yourselves. It's the same thing when they tell you to know the Word. They want you to know that Word which they had realized and which Jesus gave. Just because Jesus


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973is not here, it does not mean knowing that Word is not possible. It is possible. Suppose I want to buy a watch, say a Fabaluba watch. If I cannot get it in shop A I will try in shop B, then C, D, E, F, and so on and I will get it. When I search for it I will get it. The people of America discovered certain techniques and materials and they were able to send the Apollo to the moon. Could they have done it previously? No. But when they had made their discoveries. when they tried, then they were able to send the Apollo. And when you are trying with your internal heart, you will get the Knowledge. It was very difficult to send the Apollo to the moon, sending something material so many thousands of miles away, but when they tried it they succeeded. The computer machines did not exist at first but when they tried, they were able to invent them, So if everything is possible in this world by trying, then we should only try and we will get the Know–ledge too.

We cannot find the internal peace by searching in the materialistic world. Can we drive a car sitting in the back? No. If we want to drive the car we will have to sit in the driver's seat and then we can drive the car. If we try to drive the car by only holding the door, the car won't work. We have to have the steering wheel in our hands to steer the car here and there. So if you want to get the Knowledge you have to know which means to use. You have to apply spiritual means for it, not materialistic. For making something salty you won't put sugar in it. You will use salt. Suppose you want to have your tea sweeter, you won't put chillies in it. You will put sugar in it and then it will be sweet. In the same way, if you want to realize the Knowledge you will have to apply spiritual means because Knowledge is a spiritual thing. Then you will be able to know the real Name, and when you know the real Name you will know it.

I cannot define it in words. If I slap you can you give me the experience in words? No, you can only tell me that I hurt you. Now, I know you were hurt, but what was the feeling of being hurt? Can you give rte that feeling? Can you express pain in words? No, because feelings are not contained in any vocabulary. When the Word was existing before the world began, what form was it in? If the Word was God why do you say God? You can say "Word, I want the Knowledge". Why do you say God, when it is clearly said "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God"? Don't say God. if the Word was God then don't say God, use Word instead and say "Oh Word, I want the Knowledge". But do you know your Word? No. That Word cannot be said by alphabetical means. So the word only defines it.

Suppose this man's name is Ashok and I do not know his name. I will say that he is a man, so man is an adjective for him. The noun is something else and that is Ashok. Suppose I am indicating him by a pronoun, 'he'. Is his name 'he'? Can I say "Mr He, come here"? People call you 'he' don't they? "Oh, he is sitting here", they say but do people say "Mr He come here", "Mr You come here"? No. It is only an indication for him because I do not know his name. Because this Holy Name cannot be put in alphabetical series they have used the 'Word', so we have to realise that Knowledge, that Holy Word which is within ourselves, and make our lives perfect. Suppose we are standing in the middle of a lighthouse. The waves are coming and we want to count them. Can we do it? No. Because there are several of them, and we do not know in which direction to face. The air likewise has got no sense of direction. At one moment it will blow here, at the next, there. In the same way, we have got no sense of direction to tell us where to go, to whom we should pray, or who is our God. So many questions to ask and no answer for them, so we have to realize the true God and follow Him, follow His path. We have to surrender ourselves to God so that He may guide us to the right path. Because He Himself is right, true and perfect. These spiritual discourses which I give you are not the Knowledge. I am only telling you about it. I am not giving you the Knowledge. That Knowledge, that Holy Word, cannot be put into an alphabetical sequence, so how can I tell you from this state? And, in any event, there may be several of you who are not thirsty for it. First you will have to be thirsty; be thirsty, come to me, and then I will give you the Know–


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 ledge. Be assured that if you come to me I will give you the Knowledge, the same true Knowledge.

You will never be able to pay the fees for this Knowledge. It is so valuable that if the wealth of this universe is doubled 4,000 times it still won't be enough. So it is valuable Knowledge. Your pence, pounds, shillings and dollars won't be able to make up the price; neither will rupees or paisas. It has not got fees, it is free for you. For every man who comes with real thirst it is free. The river flows but only those men who are 'thirsty know the importance of water. Rain is only important for those people who are farmers. But the Knowledge is important for everyone, and I have come to London to bestow this Knowledge. I have suffered to come from thousands and thousands of miles away to give you the true internal Knowledge and if you want it I can give it to you. It is within yourselves; I have only to show you the mirror and you will be able to see it. So if you want that true Knowledge you can get it, it is very easy to obtain, but you must try, you must come to me first. It is not such a thing that you press the button and automatically the receipt and the change come from the machine, it is not like that. And it is not such a thing that you press the button and the door opens by itself, it is not like that either. You will have to take pains and then you will get gains. Only the person who takes pains gains something. Now, what are the pains? They are that you must come to me, ask me for the Knowledge, and then I will give you the Knowledge. This Knowledge is not a football, or a small ball that I can give you from my pocket. It is not a flower that I can give you and say "Here is the Knowledge". It is not a mantra. It is not a small garland that can go around your fingers. It is something that I cannot tell you with my tongue, because it cannot be expressed in an alphabetical sequence.

So I will finish my discourse. People are feeling sleepy and I am also upset because this is not a good time for a spiritual discourse. This is the time when people rest in India. I am going to America and all those places just to bestow this Knowledge. I did not intend to come here and roam about in London. If I wanted to roam about I could roam about in India. There are many places in India where I can roam about. If I roam about here, people will see me, but in India they have places where no people can see me and I will roam about there. There are many jungles there, many lonely roads there. I have not come to roam about, I have not come to see London. Houses here are not good. They are beautiful from inside, but the outside is better in India. It is the opposite there. There is no inlook beauty in India but there is outlook beauty there; the outlook here is not beautiful but the inlook is. My purpose is not to come here and see London. Roads and cars are there in India; this rush of traffic is there in India also. No. I have only come to bestow on you this Knowledge, and that is my only purpose. When Jesus came, He did not come to roam about; He came to bestow the Knowledge and every second of His was spent bestowing the Knowledge. But He bestowed it on those who came to Him and not on those who were sitting in their houses with Dunlop pillows beneath their heads. So if you will take pains you will get something back. We have got an ashram here, you can come there and take the Knowledge and I will be very glad to give you the Knowledge if you come and seek me.

Put (sic But) first empty your tanks. Because before there was kerosene oil in your tanks and you were going very, very slowly, but now high–speed petrol is going to be put in and if it mixes with the kerosene oil it will have a bad effect on the car. If you want to gain the full effect of fast driving with high–speed petrol, first empty your tank. Will you empty your tank? Come to me. I will wash it with spiritual discourses, then I will give you the Knowledge that is the high–speed petrol, and you'll go forward at thousands of miles per hour. The speedometer of cars and the speed of cars are limited to 120 miles per hour but the speed given by my high–speed petrol is not limited, and the car can go many thousands and thousands of miles per hour. So come to me. I have told you that I do not make the Knowledge and then give it to you. It is within you yourselves. I will only help you to discover it. Thank you very much.


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 Midsummer Night at Glastonbury

I have come to tell you of that yoga which is not yoga, that yoga that generated your mind. In that yoga you must give up your mind and you will obtain the place that you are seeking. There is a Word. There is a Knowledge. There is a thing. I have got that Word. I have got that Knowledge. I have got that thing, and I tell you that I can help all mankind – everyone of you – by giving out that Knowledge. Every one of you.

And if somebody comes to me I might refuse him. Only if he has pure devotion for me, pure love for me and for the true Knowledge. If one comes with true devotion and true love and asks for true Knowledge of the true self, which you are seeking through relative forms, I can give it to you. Spiritually. The Knowledge is within you, God is within you. And I can show you God if you want to see Him. I can show you your Father, if you want to see Him and I can challenge, if you please, millions of people that I can show them that God which they are seeking in forms. If someone comes to me with pure devotion I can show them that thing but they must come with pure devotion. I have that Knowledge and I can give you that Knowledge. That is the only service I can do. My age is so little, my body is so small, I can't serve you as a military officer. I can't serve you as a police constable. The only service I can do is to help you by giving that Perfect Knowledge


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 which you are now seeking in materialism. All materialistic things are perishable. You too will perish one day. So how are you going to find God? You should know such a thing that will never perish and that is the Holy Word, the Holy Knowledge of God, and that is inside you. You only need to discover it. Isaac Newton only discovered the Law of Gravity, he didn't invent it, did he? In the same way the Knowledge is within you. I can reveal it. I cannot give it to you from somewhere else. I will tell you who you are and what is the purpose of your coming into this world. If somebody comes to me I am sure I can give him the Knowledge and he will be satisfied.

There are many devotees who are saying I preach a religion. No. Not that. I am not a religious man. I am only saying that I am a spiritual man. I never believe in religions because I believe religions divide men and divide men's ideas into separate sects. But if the True God is equal for everyone like we say Bhagwan in Hindi, God in English, Buddha in Urdu, God is the same thing and Knowledge of Him is always the same. If the formula H2O is the formula for water everywhere it means that the flavour and taste of water is the same. So if God is equal, if God is one, if God is the same then the Knowledge of Him must also be equal. And so it cannot be attained by going into different sects and religions. It is within you. You can commit your body to different sects and religions but Knowledge is not there.

To go anywhere you need some money, some pounds. To go to the picture hall you need some money for the tickets. The same anywhere. You need pounds. Now my pounds are love and devotion pounds that can only be obtained by Updesh. I have a bank and in it is the money of love and devotion. I don't like materialistic money–pounds, shillings, pence and dollars–because they are perishable. The only thing that is imperishable you already have within yourself and that is love and devotion for Knowledge. Give it to me. It's alright. I am very sure that I can give you ,what you are really seeking and what you are becoming tired of seeking in the materialistic forms of the changeable world. You can't find spiritual Knowledge in material things. Materialistic things can be attained by materialistic forms and spiritual things by spiritual forms only. So please want the Holy Knowledge. Remove all the sects, be pure and be above all sects. Fly over them, just as a plane breaks through the clouds and flies above them. If you want to reach Holy Master, Holy God, you have to escape from all sects and religions and come to me. I can show you the right path for you to follow, I will give you that Knowledge. Come to me with devotion and love.

Now the Chairman has told me to give this discourse for only a short time, then I have to go back because tomorrow I have to leave for Germany and I will be preaching there too and giving this same discourse. "Know your Master, know your Holy God." G for Generator. O for Operator. D for Director. Generator, Operator, Director.

Have you given Him something? No. What can we give Him? Only pure devotion and pure love. Everybody has it – a body, an old man, a young man. Everybody has it.

I won't keep you longer. Thank you very much.


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient

Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, Porchester Hall, 30th June 1971

Dear Premies. It is said that by the, grace of a holy man or a holy master a lame person can conquer a high mountain. Just imagine, by the grace of such a holy person, such a holy lord, a lame man can cross a high mountain. The man who has got no tongue can speak. The man who has got no eyes, who is blind, can see light, and a man who hasn't got ears can listen to immortal music. Now we say we read the scriptures but when we read them, they remain in the mind and do not flow out. They do not give you the actual Knowledge which you are seeking from those books. When a cooking book says first take the pot, put it on the stove, put some ghee or butter in it, it does not mean that the stove has raised itself before you, that the pot has been placed automatically on the stove, and the butter put into that pot. The book only indicates that you should do these things. Next it says you can put in the things that you want to cook, and put some salt and pepper in with them. Then after cooking you can test the food to see if it is cooked or not and when it is cooked you can put it on your plates and eat it. Now, when the book says these things does it mean your stomach is filled, does it mean you have eaten something? Of course not.

In the same way if I point towards the sun, this is not the sun. This is only a finger which is indicating the sun but is not itself the sun. The scriptures are guide books which can only tell us that we have to go on that road, or that this path will lead us to that place, but they haven't shown us the main thing – how to get there. They have shown us that we should go along such and such a path but they are not guiding us with their hand. We have to find such a guide, such a holy guide, who can take our hands and guide us to that path. Because if we are able to walk by ourselves on that holy path then there is no need of God. Holy scriptures can only tell us to go along the holy path. But holy Satguru is required so that He can take your hand and guide you to that immortal point.

Some people express their devotion to a person called Rama. They say, oh Rama is very good. But what is Rama? Have they realized him? Today we pay our devotions to Jesus


Christ but have we realised what Jesus Christ told us? Today we give our devotion to Krishna, but have we realized what Krishna told in his time? If a general tells a soldier to go and fight at the border, and the soldier says, "Oh my general, you are beautiful, you are clever, you are strong, our country needs such generals," but never obeys him, never goes to the border to fight, is he a capable soldier? If a student says, "Oh my teacher, you are very good, your methods are very good, your feelings and expressions are very good, you are a very holy teacher, your ideas are very holy", but if when the teacher tells him to do this homework he does something else is he a perfect student? No. When will he be a perfect student? Only when he does what his master says.

Now our Master told us in His time to be devoted to that immortal point. What did He mean? Suppose we are giving our devotion to this mike. If after a few days or after a few years, this mike is destroyed, our devotion to it will also disappear. If we love a girl, as soon as the girl dies our love towards her will also die. That's why the holy masters have told us to love, to concentrate, to give our devotion to that point which is imperishable. Such devotion created by the soul lasts forever, and only through this devotion can I attain the sacred truth.

People say that I am changing their religion. No. I am not changing their religion, all I am saying is that if you are eating your food, please have a glass of water. That's all. If you are eating food, please have a glass of water with it. When I tell you this I am not keeping you away from your food. You eat your food and I will say please have a glass of water. This is the thing you need, especially if you are eating food with chillies in it. Then you will seek that water, and you will be crying for that water. Tears will automatically stream from your eyes because you want water. This is the condition of the human being; he is going on eating food, but he is not drinking water. That is why Christ said "Come to me. I will give you water from within yourselves". That tub of water is within ourselves but have we realized it? No. Today, when scientists send Apollo to the moon, we praise them greatly: "Oh, see they have sent Apollo to the moon". But we do not praise that Holy Master who has put so much memory into such a small space. Today there are pocket radios, which work while we carry them around but we do not praise Him who has put a much greater piece of machinery into such a small space. With a small radio we have one band or two bands, but see how many automatic bands the radio has which He has put in us – automatic bands so that wherever you go your radio will receive the right station.

We must have a practical realization in order to help ourselves, in the same way that our hunger can only be satisfied when we have actually filled our stomach with food. A man's hunger cannot be satisfied by filling his wife's stomach. If that were so then he could work and work and work while his wife did the eating. The same with sleeping. The wife would be able to sleep night after night while her husband worked in the office day and night. But it isn't like that. You must eat for yourself and sleep for yourself. Whatever a man does he does for himself.

When a man realizes this holy Knowledge he will become a saint. Then it will be a practical achievement. You do not become a buffalo by colouring yourself black. All other features except the colour will remain different. Likewise with the difference between ourselves and the Holy Master. Only in superficial features do we resemble Him. For that man is sacred, and has become sacred by realizing the true Knowledge. When we have realized the Knowledge then we too will be as sacred as that man. If we want to realize that God we must become a real priest, a priest who only asks God to make him perfect.

Why do we say the Knowledge is a holy secret? Only because we have not yet realized it. Something that is open is not a secret. If everyone knows that four and four is eight, and eight is four and four, it is not a secret. But the holy Knowledge is a secret thing. It is called the secret of secrets because it is the secret behind all secrets. Every secret has a secret behind it but not this. Everything that exists in the world exists because of it. This is that immortal point that we have to realize, and if you want to realize it I have got it; the same immortal point by meditating on which you will become holy.

I have found the perfect Knowledge and I have come to London to give it to you. I have come all these thousands of miles not to see London, not to see these roads and these cars, not to see the outward show of London, but to give you that Knowledge by which you will become as … there is no word. We can say as white as snow but we cannot say as sacred as …

Whenever we write anything we must start with a point. If we want to write 'dear', as soon as we put our pen on the paper a point will be made and a whole line will follow, forming the letter 'd', then 'e' will be formed, then 'a', then 'r'. Now if we realize what is the point at which that line began and what is the point at which it ended


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973

then we will have realization of that line also. What are these points that are being created? Draw a line. It has a point at the beginning and a point will be formed again, and again, and again. Points and points and points and points will be formed. Everything is existing by Word.

Look at this microphone. It is shaped like a microphone and is fulfilling its function. But if I take this outer covering from it and place it before you and you say "hello, hello",will you call it a microphone? No you won't, because it is just the outer covering without any wires or machinery, and when you say "hello, hello" no words

come from it. But these people who think it is a mike are like the people who are trying to know that secret in open places and not in the secret place. They will not know that Word, that point by which the world was started and by which the world will end.

Even Aum and those holy words can be written, they can be expressed. Today people chant Rama Rama Rama, Krishna Krishna Krishna, but Krishna Himself said Avekto Ashad. Indian people and those who read Indian scriptures know this well. Avekto Ashad is the word that cannot be expressed, and they have tried to define that Holy Word. It is said in the Bible "In the beginning was the Word". Now in the beginning was there any language? No. Because languagewas invented by someone, but in the beginning the world was not even created. But the Holy Word was at that time, so in what alphabet can that Word be found? We have to know that alphabet that is beyond the spoken word. With aum the first letter is 'A', which comes from the stomach and the last is 'M' which comes from the mouth, and after 'M' pronunciation of Aum finishes. We have to know that Holy Word which is existing within us. We can say that the Word is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient but we cannot prove it because we have not seen Him. We have not seen His omnipotence, His omnipresence, His omniscience. Only when we realize it, will we be able to express it because the Holy Knowledge, the Holy Word, is going on in the same language that was before the world.

Once a film came to Dehra Dun called "The Holy Bible" or something like that. The whole school went to see it, our schoolmasters took us. In that film we saw that as man was created he was speaking like this: Agh, Agh, Agh. This sound became the letter 'A'. Then 'E' came, then 'AE' and so language was gradually invented. But as soon as that man was born, which language was he speaking? Our scriptures tell us that when a baby is in the womb of his mother he is praying to God. As soon as he comes into the world and as soon as coldness or any feeling comes over his body he starts crying. Now when he is in the womb of his mother, in which language is he praying? We have to realize that language, the language by which he was praying to his Father.

G for generator, O for operator, D for destroyer. Who will take us to that place? How will we get a passport? Anyone can obtain a passport but it is getting the endorsement from the man that is difficult.

You can use expression and ideas to tell about this Knowledge, it is like this, it is like that, but you will never realize it by yourself from such descriptions. If I say the sun is very bright, it means I have seen the brightness of the sun. But if I describe the Taj Mahal to people before they see it they cannot think of the palace itself. They can only think "a building, a beautiful building". Suppose they have seen a beautiful building which is a Roman cathedral. It looked very beautiful to them, and they will think the Taj Mahal has also got similar features, a big dome, the roof looking like this. Only when they see it will they actually know. If I say that I have got a car; it is white and its length is 171/2 feet, you will fit that car in with your personal ideas; you will think of a Mercedes or a car that you like. And when I say "God", if you haven't seen God you can only imagine, and imaginary things are imaginary things. So we would have to see God, then we will know about it, then we will be able perfectly to bring God into our minds. Otherwise we imagine. Is He an animal, is He a cat or a mouse or a rat? What is He? Is God as big as an elephant, is He as large as a whale? We must see God, then we will know.

If a blind man comes along here and he is trying to find the stairs and I say "please come to this side", will he come to this side? How can he come when he has not seen the direction of my hand? Perhaps he will try this side first, then that side, then try up; then try down. But then I want him at this side so when he turns in the right direction I will say "all right, go straight on from there, go straight on". It is the same with God.

Once there were four blind men who wanted to visit an elephant. They asked the way, they went to the elephant and then said "now we cannot see the elephant so we will feel it". So as they touched it like this, in one's hand came the foot of the elephant, in the other the tail, the third one caught his trunk and the fourth felt the stomach. When they were coming back one said "that elephant is as thin as a tail". Another one said "he is not too


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 fat, he is a smooth and lengthy thing". The third one said "that elephant is just like the trunk of a tree", and the fourth said "no, it is like a big whale". But we know the the elephant is neither the tail nor the stomach, nor like a whale or a tree–trunk. Only that man who has seen an elephant really knows what an elephant is.

So it is when we see Krishna wearing certain clothes, or Rama wearing a crown and pitambri and carrying a bow and arrow. We think God looks like this but only the man who has actually seen God knows what His true features are. Now, how will you see God when it is written "only blind people can see me"? This does not mean that you people who have got eyes will never see Him. When you were in the womb your materialistic eyes were closed but your third eye was open. As soon as you came into this world then your material eyes opened but the third eye closed; and when you again try to concentrate on God these eyes will be closed but the third eye will be open. Close your eyes and concentrate. Can you, concentrate on God? No. Because we need to know that immortal point on which to concentrate. Where is that pool where blind people drink? A pool of nectar is within us.

Only people who have seen that Light, tasted that nectar, concentrated on that Word and listened to those musical instruments can understand what I am saying. If we want to play a guitar we must first pluck the strings, but Brahman in his scriptures says the immortal vibration is continuous, the immortal playing carries on and on. What is that vibration in which every vibration in the world started? We must realize this vibration, and we do this by Raj Yoga. We are learning yoga. It does not mean we lever this leg over our


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973

neck and this foot round this leg and call that yoga. Our yoga means putting our ideas into shape, not our bodies.

Raj Yoga means royal yoga, the superb yoga, the supreme yoga. This converts our ideas, turning our outward–going ideas inwards. Because, as Brahman has said, everything is within us.

I am writing a summary of all the scriptures, Indian, Muslim, Christian, old and new. And when it is published in English you will see that Mohammed in His time saw that supreme Light, that Guru Nanak also, and Krishna, and Rama, and Buddha. Did Buddha say "Buddha, Buddha; Buddha", did Rama say "Rama, Rama, Rama", did Krishna say "Krishna, Krishna, Krishna"? Lord Krishna said to Arjuna before He gave him Knowledge, "Arjuna you cannot see me". But that is not true. Arjuna replied, "I am seeing you, Krishna". And Krishna said "No, you are not seeing me. You are seeing my mortal body whith will perish one day".

So when we say a certain man was called Jesus we are not referring to the name of His soul. Because the soul has no name. Jesus is the name of the body, just as Krishna is the name of a body, not of a soul. And we have to get back to the soul, back to, the supreme creator, and this can only be done through the grace of a Holy Master.

I tell you that a master who converts your religion is not the true Master because the true Master is not concerned with your religion. When people ask if I am Hindu I say no. Or Muslem? I say no. Or Christian, or Sikh, I say no. I am none of them. I am a body, which is perishable. And my soul has got no religion. We must realize our souls for ourselves. And we can realize that through the supreme technique given by the supreme guru. And it is a yoga technique, but not external yoga; it is internal. It means just changing the direction of those ideas and thoughts that are constantly flowing out from you, so that they are directed inwards, towards yourself.

While our thinking powers, our feeling powers, our desiring powers are going out into the world we will always feel sorry. When we see something beautiful we are very sorry when we stop seeing it. But when you see God you will see Him for ever and ever and ever. If you are seeing a beautiful sunset, you are just seeing a red light coming out of the clouds. You are enjoying it, but after two, three or


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973four hours the sun goes down and the beautiful sunset is finished. But once you have seen God, you will see Him for ever and ever and ever. And when you have that spiritual technique, you can see God face to face.

If someone wants that technique I can give it to Him. It is only for this that I have come so many miles. But how will you receive it? I will just explain this to you then I will finish off my satsang. Suppose this is a tap, and the water is from here. I have got a bucket, but if I put the bucket here, above the tap, will it fill? No. The bucket must be under the tap. If you want this Knowledge you will have to come to me, and if you have any doubts come to me and I will end them. Now if you ask why 'I don't like my wife, or how much time do I spend in the office or am I earning a profit from my business, I will not answer those questions. But if you ask why are you not seeing God or can you see God, I will answer those questions. And if you want to see God I will let you see Him. So I have come here. I will be staying here and if you wish you can come to me and I will give you the Holy Name, the Name that can save you from the river of materialism.

Does this mean I am helping you? No. If I tell you to drink water, that the formula for water is H2O and that you should put the water in a cup and lift it to your lips, I am not helping you. I will bring water in a cup, give it to you, and you drink it. Now I am helping you. Come to me, you will be given the address and the telephone number. If you cannot come then contact me by telephone. And I request you to give this golden opportunity also to your brothers and sisters. I have to go to America and if you cannot find time to contact me before I go then you can come after my return. While I am away Mahatma Ashokanand Ji will be here and you can contact him.

So if you want the Knowledge come to me and I will give you the Knowledge; but please, it is not like a chocolate or a toffee that I will give you and you will be satisfied. It is a technique that you have to follow. The lighter is there and the burner is there. Now the motor is on and the gas is coming, yes, the gas is coming. Then it is sufficient to light the burner. First I will see if the motor is on or off and, if the motor is on, if the gas is coming, if I can see, yes, the gas is coming, only then will I light the lighter.

If you are sitting here and are feeling just a little thirsty you won't mind whether you are able to get water or not, you are not terrified that you will not be able to get water. But the man living in those sandy places like Rajasthan is very terrified. If the water has finished and there is no water, he becomes very terrified. So the more thirst you have the more you will feel the value of water. If you have great spiritual thirst, then the Name and the Knowledge will have much more value for you.

So I want you to take your time. Mahatma Ashokanand Ji will tell you the telephone number and address so you can come and contact me. Tomorrow I will be busy. I won't be able to meet you then but the day after tomorrow you can come And meet me. There is a programme in Birmingham .and you can come and listen to my satsang. This is all I have to say and those people who want to contact me may come and contact me. I am very glad that in this materialistic world so many people have gathered to listen to a spiritual discourse. And I will do like a priest. I am not a priest, I do not think I am a priest, but I will request from my side to God that He may bless you all and show you a way, a small way so that you can reach me, and from me there is a path and I think I am capable to show you that path and may God bless you.

"What is purity? You have to be pure not only in what you do but in thoughts, deeds, and mind, in your memory, your work, actions and in your daily way of living. And how to do that, how to perform it in practice? Saying it is very easy, doing it is very, very hard. Only by taking away your mind can you be absolutely pure. Yes, purity is very good. We should be pure. But how should we be pure? That's all."

- Shri Guru Maharaj Ji



Answers from Guru Maharaj Ji, October 1971

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 Any questions? Do not laugh, don't waste my time. If you have got anything to ask, ask, otherwise I am going.

Speak to us of universal love please.

What is universal love? What is love? What do you consider love is?

The part of God that is in our hearts.

That part of God is soul. Pure love is devotion: this is really pure. And this, which really comes out of the heart, is devotion. Other loves are all selfish. Anything in the world besides devotion. And your devotion can only be given to Guru. That love can only be generated by Guru. And it is universal love because Guru is a universal thing. Anything more? So, that is all.

Guru Maharaj Ji, why won't you give us satsang?

Nobody asked me to give satsang.

Will you give us satsang?

Yes, on 2nd November in Westminster Hall!

Will you give us satsang tonight, Guru Maharaj Ji?

What is satsang?

Company of truth … you are satsang.

I am satsang!? How can I give you myself? I am not like a tyre that is fitted.

What is the difference between the God in you and the God in anyone else?

What is God? First of all, before you speak about G O D you must know what G O D is. Is it a flower, is it a dog, is it an animal, is it a plant, is it a bird, is it a light? What is it? What do you think God is? Has God got hands? Has God got hands like me? Do you think God is like this? No. You do not know what God is. There is a complete difference. Because you know me and you do not know God, there is a complete difference. People think that God has got hands, fingers, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, tongue and everything. But God is not that. God is power and due to that power everything is living. Only due to that power. God is power. What you have seen in me? I am not power. You are seeing my body and that is not power. It contains power but it is not power. This is a container. But power is power. It is something within me which is probably more divine than anything else, and that is not me. Power is power and power belongs to nobody: it belongs to God. Anyone else is a human being. He is a reaction to that grace, a reaction to that power which is within him. He neither contains power nor is he power.

Yes, there is a great difference between Guru, God, and a human being. Somebody once asked Lord Krishna: "Who is more loving to you, who do


you love more, who is he who loves your body but through your body loves you, who loves you as a power? Whom do you love more, people who pray directly to your non-formless thing, or do you love more those devotees who pray to your form?"

He said, "I love those devotees who pray to my formless form but I love them more who pray to me in my form. Because I can see them, I can feel them, I can touch them, I can go alongside them as they go along." If a pilot is sitting here in the room, and an aeroplane is flying in the sky, he cannot experience the technical feelings which there are, but if he goes up with the aeroplane he can have the technical feeling, he can experience the plane moving and how the plane is taking off. So Lord Krishna says that those devotees who pray to my form are more pleasant to me. Because I can see them. Because I can do lilas with them. You know what lilas are? Lila. I think you know. Divine works of God, divine works of God and almost all works of God are lilas. This world is called Mahalila. This is the greatest lila God has ever created. So many small things rubbing here and here, here and here, here and here, chattering to each other there and there and there. See, Mahalila. So. He says I can do my lila here but I cannot do my lila there because there my form is formless. I am shining but I am not seeing anybody. With this form, though, I am seeing everybody and everybody is seeing me. So, this is what He means. God is, but what He is we have to realize through Guru in the form of our Guru. That is why Jesus had to come. And that is why Jesus had to say "I am the son of God". And when he walked into the temple there it was clarified who was Jesus Christ. When Jesus walked into the temple and the priests asked him "Who are you, tell us clearly today", and Jesus says "I and my father are one", that means I am God. Do you know the difference? Do you know there is a great difference between son and father? Isn't there? Is there no difference between son and father? No, there is too much difference. He is a grown up man and he is a small child. And the father is married to his mother. There is a great difference. See! But Jesus says "I and my father are one". That means that He was His father. That means that He was God. So we must realize, and we have to pray to that form which is God in form.

Is God to be found in stones?

God is not in stones. Kabirdas says instead of going to the temples and praying to statues of stones why don't you pray to your grinder which at least gives you some grain, some flour? Pray to it, it is also stone. And the grinder in your house. In India there are two big round pieces with a hole in-between and you place them like this and then they grind. They are called grinders. So he said why don't you pray to your grindstones instead of to your statues because they at least give you something, at least something, but a statue of stone gives you nothing. It is a statue. If a statue could walk, then why have the American people made Nixon the president? They could have made a statue of President Kennedy whom they bitterly love. But a statue can't walk. So these people make people crazy. When Jesus Christ came who criticized Him? Priests. When Krishna came, who criticized Him? Priests. When Rama came, who criticized Him? Priests. Priests are the first people to criticize God when he comes. Take any of the extreme leaders. First of all priests come in between. See?

Isn't God in everything?

God is in everything, right.

But You said God is not in stone.

God is in stone also, but will He give you anything? If you want to pray to stone, so why not also to your door, why not also to your chair? First thing in the morning when you rise up go to the tap. Right? Why don't you pray to the tap?

But I don't want anything to pray to.

So, God is omnipresent, that is right, but to get God out of something, that is impossible. God is in ground also, do not stand on God. You are sitting on God. God is troubling God now, do not sit on God. When we rise in the sky even God is in the sky also. In the air also even you are sitting on God. God is omnipresent, omniscient and imnipotent.

Why does my mind become very strong and distracting when I come to satsang, especially when I want to come here to be with you?

A man is getting strong daily, right? Now, don't give him any food. He won't become any stronger. His mind is becoming stronger daily. Don't give food to his mind and it won't become strong. Give food to his stomach but not to his mind and it won't become strong. There is an anti-fighting medicine, which is anti-mind-strength medicine, which is always fighting against the strength of the mind, It is called anti-mindstrength medicine. That is this Knowledge. Anyone who takes it regularly, one day he will become well, through this. A man who is crazy and who never takes it at the proper times gets worse and worse and worse and worse. That anti-fighting medicine. That is it. Yes. It won't help your mind to grow but it will make your mind fresher. That is all.


Prem Rawat's Divine Eldest Brother, Very Young - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973

Prem Rawat's Divine Mother Mata Ji Who Later Disowned Him - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973

Is there such a thing as evil?

I haven't got evil in my pocket so that I can show you and I haven't got it on me so that I can show you. What is the opposite to good is always evil. See, evil is a power which gives you thought. Evil is a seed and when you sow that seed it will always give you thoughts. That is all. Understand? If you perform an evil action it always causes confusion: that's bad. It is very difficult for western people to realize what is evil and what is good because they have been brought up in a very unsystematic way. Their technology, their materialistic achievements are really far out. See, their minds are filled with technological things, their speed of mind is far out but it is so great that when they try to put brakes on the car overturns. So fast. It should not be so fast. Understand?

Shri Bal Bhagwan Ji, aged 4

Does that mean that there is more than one thing?

What is that?

Is there nothing? Or is there just God?

Man is one. But when he stands up his shadow also appears. He is not shadow. Is he shadow? He is not a shadow. Shadows come because there is an object. A shadow has to come where there is an object. Right? So when God is something, that is one. One is here right, and there is the surroundings of this world, O.K? So when one thing is facing the whole world then automatically the world will be a reflection, it will only be His ego. If you stand in the moonlight He will be twice as you are. Far out. Because it one thing. Reflections are always dark. God is light, but when reflection comes it is dark. See. So one is one, the other is a shadow, and you have to take anti-mindstrength medicine that defies strength of mind and then you become low, your strength is reduced, you become O.K. and you see God.

Guru Maharaj Ji, if our hearts have many doubts, what is the best way to soften them up so that we may take Knowledge?

You give me yourself, you give me your love, and you give me your egos. Have you seen a bull fight? When man fights with bull he takes a red cloth and he shows it like this. And that bull comes flying and wants to hit the red cloth. But the bull falls right here and he crashes and he is saved. I've got a box. I stand like this with that box and you throw your egos, doubts, sufferings to me. I put the box on one side and I stand like this. Now egos and doubts come and enter that box. I take a lighter and burn that box. Box remains and egos and doubts are burned.

Catch it Guru Maharaj Ji, Catch it now.

Not only will I put your egos and everything in that box and burn it so that you won't have any sufferings, doubts, egos or anything. That is no–


thing. But also you will be a complete human person, a perfect devotee with perfect peace, perfect calmness, and perfect greatness, with bliss and consciousness.

Is there anything we need to take on the jumbo to India with us? Apart from ourselves.

Yes, you need to carry devotion and your memory, not your mind. What do you think, should smoking be allowed in the Jumbo Jet or not? I don't think so. This is a divine truth. Smoking will react against that truth. And people who are going on Jumbo jet should be smart, because when you land in India there will be all press reporters and we have to show them that we are smart people. Perfect devotees of Guru Maharaj. To show that not only have we controlled our minds, but we have also controlled our bodies and we show them. This is the thing that Indian press people like. If you co-operate with me and give good news to Indian press reporter, right, you will put good ideas into their minds and they will write a good report. And when they write a good report many people will know and they will come to me and yes they will receive Knowledge. But if you go on the same original way as many people go from here, they scatter their things, they ever scatter their bodies on the grounds, it won't give a good impression to the press reporters. And I want Divine Light Mission to be like a laser beam, a most shining thing, a most bright thing. And it is not a pretty hard thing to do. You should at least keep your body under control. If you look smart, you work smart. If you don't look smart, you don't work smart. Anyhow you must create the best impression you can on the Indian press reporters. They want to put your photos in the paper. O.K. Understand or not? Just a little bit?

Does this mean we should cut our hair Guru Maharaj Ji?

Anything you like, as long as you look smart. If you don't want to cut your hair, then don't cut it. but look smart even then. A good way and a manner. You should wear something smart so they should know who are you. It is an external impression but before you enter the temple you have to pass something external. Before you enter a country you leave a country and inbetween you have to go through no-man's land. Go from here, or go from Stuttgart to Switzerland and you will cross a border and then you will pass through no-man's land, right? Before you go to the internal expression you have to cross the external expression, because externality lies before internality. So anything going to the internal heart will have to cross the external body. Understand? Your intellect, your knowledge is lying within you, your love and your devotion is lying within you and any person who wants to seek it out, dig it up, will have to cross your body first. And the rays are the impressions of your body. So these are the first external thing which he will have to cross before he goes in. See? First thing. No smoking. And any where you want to go we are going to provide the best facilities we can. Anywhere you want to go, buses will come, you'll sit in the buses, go, visit that place, come back, sit in the buses, they will take you to another place, sit in the buses again and ultimately come back, in a gathered group, to that place. And if you are smart, I will shine. You are going in the Jumbo Jet because I came to London. I am taking you because I have given you Knowledge. If you are shining then automatically I will shine. If you aren't shining, I won't shine.

Why not?

Why not? Because before you see a face in the shiny part of the mirror the glass should be cleaned. Only then the reflection will come. That is it. You are the glass and I am the shiny part. But I am standing behind. If you are misted up nobody can see me. If you go out and start critisizing me nobody will come to me. You are devotees, I pass you something and if you create a bad impression of that thing which I have given to you, nobody will have a good impression of it. Because you are the doors for people to come to me. I am somewhere sitting down inside. Before God will come on this earth He has to create His devotees. Then only He can come. Devotees are more important than God even. Than Guru even. Because Guru cannot reveal Himself alone. He needs the devotees to reveal Himself. In the same way God cannot reveal Himself. He needs Guru to reveal Himself. Devotees carry His message. Understand? Good! Everything is clear outside but if my window, my front glass, is very dirty can I see if things are good? No. I see everything is dirty. Everything is hazy. But if my glass is good, even if it is dirty outside I can see everything clearly. But if you are dirty, even if your mind is clear, you can't see me. First thing is a clear view. And this is the cooperation I need from you western people. I don't need money. I can be anything. I can be an engineer, or I can be a doctor. It won't cost money. I can have a £1000 a year. I can purchase land and be a farmer and grow as much as I like. But I don't want money. I want only your devotion. I am hungry for somebody to obey my order. If you can give me that it is well and good. Otherwise I will leave this job which I am doing now, giving this Knowledge to people, and go and sit somewhere in the earth. God has to be bounded by His devotees. And first of all devotees have to obey the order of Guru, but if they obey it once very well and good, then Guru will obey the order of His devotees. Guru says "You have played my part, now I will play your part. Tell me what to do." And that is how Hanuman was able completely to control Ram, who was the Lord in his time. By repeating the Name and by obeying the orders of Sri Ram, Hanuman was able to take Ram in his control. Whatever Hanuman said, Ram had to do it.

A father has four children. He gives love equally to all but he will love that one most who will obey him. There are many devotees but I love only those devotees who obey my order, who love me. I can only love them because there is at least a communication. At least I am having some reflection of them in me. And I am going to see how much you obey because I'll be there to see you every moment. And I'll be there in your wrongs at every moment; after every five minutes I'll be checking to make sure that nobody is falling.

The established church makes a lot of fuss about people not getting married today. In what way should we regard it?

What do you want me to say about that?

You know, should we bother or not?

The answer is on television. Young people talk about these things. To get married or not and all that. All these things are not important. What is first, regard that. These are things which come later on. First of all, realize God and then see to the other things. For a man who gets a commission out of marriage he'll say "No, first thing is marriage and that later on." But the man who gets his commission out of


this Knowledge, he will always say "No, no, this Knowledge is first." Some get commission in money. I get commission in grace. And I get twice what they get. If someone gets $500, I get $1000. If someone gets $1000, I get $2000. Twice as much. So, that's why I always say if you really want to earn something take the permission of Maharaj Ji and start giving Knowledge. You'll be a rich man. See, I've got Knowledge, right? See, I'm a rich man. I'm so rich nobody can compete with me. I've got riches, lots of riches. But these riches are something else.

And you've made us so rich, Guru Maharaj whatever can we do for you?

Start working for me. Do some service and do some meditation. Anything more?

It seems such a small thing?

It is a small thing. You are right. If we come a thousand times and do service to Guru and meditation and whatever we can for Him, still it won't be worth what He has given us. Because what He has given is the mystery of the whole world. That cannot be, we cannot get it. Cannot give it to Him.

Guru Maharaj Ji, which people do you think need the Knowledge and how will you go about giving it to them?

I am giving it to them. You need not bother about that. Three thousand people have taken Knowledge in America, and about one thousand here. When I used to take the mike, even before I took the mike in my hand to speak, people used to look here and there, here and there, and when I started speaking, they used to go like this: "What is he saying?", because they have never heard about this thing. When they heard about a Knowledge which you can meditate on and practise even when you are sleeping they were just amazed and they used to come like, like anything, even crawl, and then they used to take Knowledge and became very, very eager. So, the water will come up when a man becomes thirsty. That is what the Lord said. So when this world needs Knowledge the Lord will come. And now this world needs Knowledge and the Lord has come, and He is giving Knowledge to people.

What happens to people who don't understand and don't practice?

Kabir says if you are standing on a boat and taking someone out of the water, if you can take him out of that river, well and good, take him out. If you can't, then give him two pushes more, otherwise he will bring you down with him. If you are standing in the boat and someone is drowning in the water, take him up if you can. If you can't then give him two pushes more!

Do you only give satsang to people who want to hear it?

Yes, only to them. Not to others. If they don't want to hear it they will misuse it. If they want to hear it they will hear it. Try to use the energy you waste on those people who don't want to hear it on those who do. It'll benefit them more. The other people need more time to become thirsty.

But you don't need to wait for people to ask you, do you?

They themselves come and ask me.

Guru Maharaj Ji, when will you make us all yours, 100%?

You have to develop yourself. You know, you have to be so high that I can catch your hand. At least you should be high enough for me to catch your hand. But I cannot bend down too much otherwise I come down.

Guru Maharaj Ji, if a devotee wants to give himself 100% to you, must he first of all understand his mind?

Not necessarily. He can do service and give himself completely. He must just give all his service to Guru Maharaj, then he'll be a 100% devotee. Put all devotion into the service of Guru Maharaj Ji. If I do service then I am a servant and if I am giving my devotion then I am a devotee.

Then Guru Maharaj Ji, why is it that sometimes we feel intellectually we want to surrender to you but in practice it is difficult?

Because your ego begins to act on you and something wrong happens. Because of circumstances, the ego becomes an obstacle. That is why I say instead of taking a difficult staircase to liberation, there is a direct staircase of devotion so you may go direct. Do not waste all your time, probably taking a wrong road which takes you half way round the world and which you will probably miss many times. Take the direct staircase of service which will not put you in circumstances of egos, doubts, confusions and so on.

Earlier you were talking about the body of man being the crown of creation. Could you explain that?

Yes. This human body is a combination, a mixture, of elements that exist in fire, water, earth and air, and so on. And these elements are composed in such a way that wnat is created from them is the body. This is not the law of evolution or something like that. It is an occurance proclaimed by all the great scriptures. What is this human body? When it dies all the elements go and join those from which they have been composed. Thus is the human body created. It is composition. And in the composition is a main thing, an important part. What is the best car in the world? Rolls-Royce? O.K, take Rolls Royce for instance. Rolls Royce is a beautiful car. But suppose it has got only a motorbike engine. What use would that be? It would not even be a car. It would be of no use. The main thing in that car, and why that car is famous, is the engine, the machinery that it contains. In the same way, this human body is famous, and is so active, just because there is an important thing in it. And this is the soul. This is part of God. This is the important part. God is a pure energy, existing everywhere. But it has got more source in a human body than in an animal, bird or insect. And there is a path existing for the human man called humanity. And a man has to roll down that path for the progress of his character, his knowledge, his faith, or what you might call his belief or his religion. Do you understand? Any questions


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 more?

If you and everybody stopped meditating, what would happen?

If! No answer to if, no question of if. Nobody will do that. The whole world will die. Nothing will be existing. What is the true meditation? You know that. What is the Word? If the Word should finish nothing will be left. It is the common thing.

What does it mean when it says through the Christ was created all life.

You see, the Christ is a pure and perfect energy. The word Christ does not refer to the body of Christ because there was no body of Christ when there was Adam and Eve. And there was no body before Adam and Eve except God. And God created Adam and Eve. And thus the Lord came on. So what was the form of Jesus Christ at that time? When this world was not created? It was perfect and pure energy, perfect and pure light, perfect and pure vibration, what you call primordial vibration. That was its form. And this vibration is so effective, so far out, that if a man sets himself on it he is automatically carried at a speed, yes, greater than anything in the world. Right to that place where he is in that consciousness where there is light. There is no world there, there is no materialistic thing there, there is no more you are my father, you are my mother, you are my sister and you are my this and you are my that and you are that and you are that and you are that. Nothing is there. Only you. You are also not there. There is only one thing existing there and that is God.

I have heard of some masters who are in etheric levels of consciousness and speak of spacecraft, UFOs, which are


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 just bodies of energy … also they are on other planets but we cannot detect them.

I would really like to drive this space-craft, it would be interesting. But listen, there is one thing more. Whether there are other planets or not, this planet is not concerned with that. This planet is concerned with God, the creator of all the planets. And that is all. This planet is going to be the highest of all the planets, higher even than gods. Even gods, without a capital, are lower than this planet. Because for the production of this planet God has to take human body and has to follow certain rules. So high is this planet. All other planets have nothing in them so interesting that a man should know it. Nobody is sure about them anyway. It is only guesswork. What you are talking about now is only guesswork, right? Like in algebra, there is x and there is y and there is z and you have to work out what is t in ten seconds. It's guesswork. Isn't it?

Well, I have been in meditation and seen these evolved people in conscious communication with higher regions, and they have channelled through men on this earth with such a vibration that I felt the presence of these third masters, and they carried specifically different vibrations. You could actually feel their presence. Who are these? How do you explain it?

Simple nonsense, that's all. This is not real. This all nonsense. If you want to feel a vibration, I can tell you of a vibration, I can make you feel a vibration, which is really a vibration, and which elevates a man to the altitude of God, where God's lotus-feets are. The elevation of this point is so high, this vibration has got such an elevation, it contains such power, such magnetic effects, that it elevates a man in a quarter of a half of a quarter of a second to that power where the lotus-feets are, where there is no darkness yet no light that has been created by sun, moon or fire. This light is the source of pure and perfect energy, where there is no pollution, illusion delusion, where there is nothing impure. There is only purity: Even if it rains the drops are also pure. Anything that drops into that vibration is always pure.

In other words the vibration that I felt was an illusory vibration?

I won't say that. Maybe sometimes you do feel vibrations. But first of all, put yourself at the point where you are capable of merging into God. If you want to merge your car into the traffic first all you have to get to that particular point where the road joins the highway, right? Only then will you be able to merge. Be at that point where it is written 'Merging Traffic'. And in this case a man has to be capable of merging himself. Before this, anything he receives is probably just illusion, and not important for him. Something came and passed away and has caused confusion, probably. Understand? There is only one vibration that is real. Where there is a tree there is grass also, but the grass is not the tree. There is a great deal of difference between the


two. So where there is the primordial vibration there are other vibrations also. But they are not true vibrations. Whatever you see is a vibration. This is a vibration. My hand is a vibration, my body is a vibration, flowers are vibrations. Everything you see is a vibration. But the question arises, can you call these vibrations true? No. You can't call them true. The true vibration is that which has made, has caused to exist, all the others. God is the perfect and pure vibration within us. Come here, know what it is, and become satisfied.

Maharaj Ji, does merely practising the Knowledge clear everything up? Does one need to take Knowledge more than once?

If you know the Knowledge you must meditate. It is a rubber that rubs, rubs, rubs, everything. Even what is illusionarily good is rubbed away also. Only spiritual good is kept back. So you have to meditate, meditate, meditate.

Maharaj Ji, is it necessary to take Knowledge before you can follow the path, or do you find the Knowledge by following the path?

You have received Knowledge? No. You don't know what Knowledge is. You are guessing. Knowledge is itself the path and also the destination. It is what it is and it is what it should be. Knowledge is the path to itself and takes us into itself, for it is that vibration we are seeking. It is everything. It is merged with everything. It is the Knowledge. It is the primordial vibration. It is the path to it. And it is it itself. This is Knowledge.

After receiving Knowledge, there is some reaction inside one. Can't that inner action begin before receiving Knowledge?

No, it cannot happen before. When sulphuric acid drops on your clothes, what will it start doing? What will be the reaction? Will the cloth first burn, and then the sulphuric acid is spilled on it? No. First the acid comes and then it starts burning. In the same way with this Knowledge. You are guessing about it. You have not received it. Have you seen the Taj Mahal? O.K. So if you say you think the Taj Mahal would be more beautiful with white stones in it you're only guessing. Taj Mahal already has white stones. Yes, it shines. You are guessing. And what Knowledge is can never be guessed by mind. Because wherever Knowledge will go it will say to mind "Get out. Get out." And then mind will be afraid and will try to torture you from outside. But if you are really full and have faith in the Knowledge you have received you will not be tortured. Knowledge will keep it away from you. And Knowledge is such a thing that as soon as it comes to you it starts its action. Immediately. Everything has a speed and speed has a time but this Knowledge has such a speed it has got no speed. As soon as it drops into you it starts its action. Digging the purity out from deep inside you. Abolishing all that is impure in you. There is not another technique to use. This is the only way. Many saints have searched for other methods and applied other methods, trying to be pure from the outside. But they can't become pure. Because the mind says "Oh, that is beautiful, this picture is very beautiful", and thus you become impure. The idea of grabbing something comes to you and you can't stop it, can you? You can't stop your mind. Mind is always there before you; even before you see it the mind is there sprinkling it. Mind reaches that particular thing and calls "You, mister, see here!" Your mind becomes attracted. But once you're with this Knowledge you don't have mind any more. You are just pure. You are absolutely pure.

How can I receive this Knowledge?

It's very easy. Once you have understood the introduction to this Knowledge, you are ready to receive it. Ask and it shall be given to you, knock and it shall be opened.

May I have this Knowledge?

Yes, sure!

Can meditation also bring the Knowledge?

What is meditation? What is eating food? Meditation is like eating food. First of all you must have the food to be able to eat it, right? Imagining that you are eating will not bring food, will it? Same with meditation. If I tell you to meditate on or concentrate on a point in this room, first of all you look at this point and say "this point is more beautiful than that because it has got a pipe nearby." Then you see another point and say "That point is more beautiful because it has got a different colour to this." Then you might say "No, that point is more beautiful because it has got a rose nearby." So you start concentrating on that point. But then you see another point and think let's see that and say "Oh, this is golden with a white colour." Ultimately you will start concentrating. But first, always first, is to have that point. And that is Knowledge. If you want to drive you don't need the road first. You cannot drive a road. You need a car. Once you get the car there is no problem. The road will come.

Some people must be born with Knowledge?

Everybody has got Knowledge in


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 him. Everybody is born with Knowledge. The children which are not born with Knowledge are dead. Everybody is born with Knowledge. But what happens? Years come and layers start building themselves up over that Knowledge. So now there is a thick layer and when you are again in search of that Knowledge you go to Guru and Guru takes a knife and cuts through. He performs the surgery. Then you can meditate.

In the Aquarian Gospel it mentions Lord Gabriel and Lord Michael. Who are these?

Well, I haven't read the Aquarian Gospel so I don't know.

You don't believe in space-crafts, is that right?

If they are there I would like to drive them. It would be very very, far out. But see, the man is everything. You should go and sit in a theatre. See a man who's dead, or a man coming with a pistol to kill a man. A certain man is waiting and a man comes behind him and does like this; he'll be killed won't he? Or something comes like a bad thing, or a hand comes; he'll start escaping from it. But after it has finished all we see is a bare white screen. Nothing else. The car came, the man came with the pistol and killed him, the car came and took him away, and that happened and that happened and that happened. And where did it all go? Vanished! Just vanished! This is the mind. It brings space-crafts, it brings gods, it brings so many, so many things, then when it goes off there is nothing there. Can't see it. There's only one thing there and this is God. Generator, Operator, Director. And He is all powerful, all merciful. He is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. That is more than enough. No space-crafts. Space-crafts won't help bring that peace within



You are saying they are an illusion and I agree, just like my hand is an illusion. What I'm asking is what created this illusion. If it is not real then who is inside these spacecraft flying them?

I'll tell you. I've explained before about this. When man was created unfortunately a desire was created, right? And this desire used to go and hit boundaries of Knowledge, the boundaries of the primordial vibration, the boundaries of whatever you call it. But God has not allowed this desire to touch that purity, because the body is illusion and the product of the body – desire – is also illusion. And you know that when two things hit each other, a third thing also is created. So when the desire hit the boundary the thing that came out was illusion.

In other words, you are saying there are no different entities, no ether masters at different levels of consciousness. You are saying the highest manifestation of man was on the planet earth, right?

And all the illusion began. And this illusion put man in many areas, made him think in these different ways. But what was real, he missed it. All because the body was created, and that was illusion. It was not perfect.

Why is there a creation? Why is there suffering?

Sufferings come. We do what we do. If today I'm a man and I don't develop myself, suppose I'm just a labourer to serve another man. I have to work the whole night through, then the whole day. And again. Dig something. Whole night. Dig something. Whole day. Dig something. And when I get in I undress and I think my whole body is bleeding. I am an educated man, an engineer. I go to my office, sit there for six hours, or three hours, or four hours of whatever. Do my work. Write things down. See what is going on. Come back and dress. Whatever I was doing before, if I had progressed hard I wouldn't have been that labourer, I would have been that engineer. You can't reap mangoes out of thorns, can you? Can you sow thorns and reap mangoes? Whatever you sow, so shall you reap. If you sow good, if you do good, you shall reap good. If you do bad, you shall reap bad. Whatever bad a man did, he gains a lot of suffering out of it. And whatever good he did, he gains all that is good.

Can we save our parents?

Sure. Who brought parents in the world?

They are our parents.

They are our parents, I know that. Who has brought them this world? There is one parent and He is the parent of everybody. He supports everybody. If someone is wrong he'll kick him, if someone is good He will raise him up. He is a transformer. Excess current is resisted, good current is given out. People are resisting my Knowledge, I am trying very hard. I am having to use both my legs today because nobody is co-operating with me. But when the world starts co-operating with me I will be able to give this Knowledge to the whole world in five seconds. I give you a challenge on this. Once this world starts co-operating with me, in five seconds the whole world will be divine. The one flag of true knowledge. Not American, Canadian, and Great Britain, South African and that: there will be only the one flag of True Name. Under it the whole world will be united, but who are cooperating?

How can we co-operate more?

By service. There was a great leader in India and he was also a guru and he used to say to people, you give me your love and I will give you peace. And that is the same thing I challenge you. I hope somebody will pick it up.

Guru Maharaj Ji, could you explain service?

If you become a servant and start doing service, you will realize what it is more than if I had explained it to you. Because I was only fortunate enough to do service for a very short time and thus I feel that I was unfortunate in that thing. I had very little time to do service, very little time, I only got about a year or two to do service, and this is not enough time. It is only a quarter of a second. And what is a quarter of a second? A quarter of a second is more than enough, but it was not even a quarter of a second. Service is so important. Service is that which makes you shine like a servant. Only service. It makes you shine like a servant. Don't think that servant is the lowerthing. Servant is very high thing. When Jesus Christ went to be baptised by John, John was the service of baptism. Christ goes there and John says "Yes, you are going to baptise me or will I baptise you?" And Jesus said, "No, no. You baptise me", and John again said "Yes, are you going to baptise me or am I going to baptise you?" So service is such a high thing that Lord of the Universe Ram had to come upon the order of a little monkey. The Lord of Universe Krishna had to be a charioteer for an ordinary man like Arjuna. So what was that that made it so? Only service. And service to Guru is service to all humanity. All humanity takes privilege out of it. They really are privileged.

There were many people who really wanted to do service and they were with Maharaj Ji, my father, and only thus was He able to do what you say. When He first left Lahore – because then Pakistan, West Pakistan and India were not separated – there were only two people with Him and He used to go and sleep on the railway station or in inns where there was only one room, and used to eat grams and used to drink water. But today, because these two people with Guru Maharaj Ji were doing service, the whole world is gaining. Then it was only India and Bihar, Bihar Estate, but today in that same Bihar where Maharaj Ji used to go and stay in the dirty inns because nobody used to clean them (they were times when everybody was so busy in what was going on there nobody used to clean those inns), today by the help of those two there stands a beautiful ashram there, an ashram much more beautiful than any


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973

of the palaces. About one million people have received Knowledge under the shadow of that huge tree that stands by it. Only by the service of those two people.

And there are lazy servants here also. They take Knowledge but don't want to do service. And so whatever they are doing, they want to throw out the illusion that they have in their mind, they want to throw it out but they haven't unwound the elastic. Means they don't want to do service, and thus illusion again comes back into them. So service is a most, most, most beautiful and recommended thing. Especially the servant. And how do we become servant? Servant is a mark of humbleness which any man can possess. But how can you be servant? By service. Once you do service, you become servant. And thus you become humble, and the humbleness you possess now is of spirituality. No more illusion.

And you are serving whom? Not a man. Not an ordinary man. Whom? Who has created the the whole universe, done everything? You are going to do service for Him and is there any wrong to do service for Him. He has done so much service for you. He has even created you. He has made you survive in your mother's stomach. He has done such a great lot of service for you, can't you even do a little bit of service for Him?

Guru Maharaj Ji, can I have your Grace to help me with my meditation and help me to do better service?

Yes. But there is a point when a man forgets what to do. If I sit in this car will it take me where I like? No. I will have to drive it. People ask for grace and sit and think that grace is like an aeroplane or a suitcase that will come to them and they will open it and the grace will flow out and take away their troubles. Grace is not like that. First you have to push yourself and then the grace will push you. Grace can only come when you are working, when you are active. So don't stop doing meditation. Go ahead and grace will follow you. And wherever there is cause for you to fall grace will prevent you from falling. That's all.



Divine Light Volume 1, No. 4

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973Once a premie asked Guru Maharaj Ji why is this universe made? Maharaj Ji smiled, answering, "Because there is God". When there is object there is shadow. There is positive power causing negative. No negative could be obtained without positive. Positive is donor while negative is acceptor. The world which is His negative is not self-existent while God is. But to think the world as real is called illusion. Once in His satsang He was explaining this illusion as a mirage. In the desert a man who gets thirsty searches for water. The sand of desert due to partial reflection of the sun's rays produces the image like water, so that a man thinks it is water and runs after it. When he searches there he finds no water but the hot sand. He then looks to the other side where he sees again water but it disappears as before. This mirage is called mrig trishna, or illusion. So, doing this he gets more thirsty and loses his life. Similarly, man is searching after the objects of senses to quench his thirst for peace. He desires something, and tries for it, but after getting it he finds no rest in that and searches for another thing. No object is sufficiently powerful and attrac tive to hold the interest of the mind but man does not understand this unreality, the phenomena of mirage. Desires are endless. But if you get the thing which is greatest of all then you come to the stage of being desireless. Only devotional love at the feet of the Spiritual Master makes us liberated from the bondage of all desires and passions. Only complete surrender. Lord Krishna said to Arjuna that only one who is completely surrendered is free of all bondages.

The Master gives Knowledge of God. The goal of Knowledge is devotion. What is devotion? Love, faith and great reverence and service to the Master. Because the supreme soul resides in His body, His body is holy and to be worshipped. His Lotus Feet are the end of all pilgrimages. That is why devotees always bow down their head to His Holy Feet. Even the dust of His Feet is so holy that it can wash all our sins when we really have a great devotion to Him.

In old days the real seeker of spiritual truth had to travel many miles for many years, undergo many hardships, crossing rivers, mountains and valleys before he found the Perfect Master who could enlighten him by revealing the Holy Name and Divine Light. Great dangers confronted him and many temptations lay in his way but he who persevered was the one who succeeded.

Today the pilgrimage is still the same; it is not a thing of the past. But now the journey is an interior one. The mountain ranges and rivers are pride and ego in their many forms, the pleasant valleys are worldly attachments. Again the qualities needed for success are strength and perseverence, and constant understanding that the Truth does not lie in the physical world, where all things are perishable or phenomenal.

That Light which we visualise within ourselves through the grace of the Perfect Master is self-dependent and self-existent. Not only is its beauty unsurpassable, but its source is itself and hence it is inextinguishable and eternal. The electric light depends for its illumination upon the flow of electricity. Once that supply is cut, then the light must cease. In the same way, the light of the sun shines only because in its centre is a vast store of the highly combustible helium gas. When this store of gas is exhausted, then the sun too will die. But this Divine Light within us is self-effulgent.


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973

The Mirror Of Truth

Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, Exeter, 29th June, 1971.

The only real thing in the world is energy and it is this energy that we call God. This energy is a light within us which we have to realize, and we cannot see anything within us until there is a mirror before us. We need the internal mirror of the Satguru and through it we will see that light which you are looking for in materialism. The mirror is given by Satguru. I should not actually use the word 'given' because it is shown by Satguru. Only Satguru can open that box, has the key to that mirror box which is within you. When that box is open and the glass is taken out, then we will see that light and hear that primordial vibration, feeling which we can have inner satisfaction in our souls.

Money is an external thing and with it we can achieve external things. But if we want to achieve anything internal we must use an internal method. Spiritual Knowledge is an internal thing and an internal method is needed to realize it. It is our internal love and it is of the soul and not the body. It lies deep within us and we have to seek Guru Maharaj J i because He can give it to us.

If I want to learn the ABC I must do it with my mind and not with my body or any of my limbs. But the mind cannot do it at once. It cannot read the ABC once and know it. It needs practice and after several readings then I will have learnt it. It is the same with the search for Knowledge; real Knowledge does not come at once, only after a search. There are many gurus in this world; it is for us to find from them the one true Master and then He will give us the eternal Knowledge for which everyone is looking.

The Knowledge is not outside, it is within us. Newton discovered, but did not invent, the law of gravitation. In the same way, the Satguru shows us that Light which is existing within us; He does not bring it from outside. Now I have this internal Word, this internal Knowledge, this inner consciousness of mind, and if somebody wants it from me I can give it to them. But only if. Everything we see with these eyes will be destroyed and if we concentrate on any materialistic thing our concentration also will be destroyed. Suppose we concentrate on this pot; as soon as this pot is destroyed our concentration also will be destroyed. Our concentration should be directed at such a point that is indestructible and this point is the Knowledge. When we achieve that Knowledge, when it is revealed to us by Satguru, we have inner concentration of mind. I can give it to you because I have it, this inner concentration for which you are searching. And not just you. Everyone. Everyone in the world is searching but they are searching in material things and inner peace will never be gained in this way.

It is within you and I know the technique by which it can be attained. If someone wants it they may come to me. It is the supreme technique because it brings supreme joy, and supreme joy is a matter of experience. It cannot be expressed or transmitted through words. If we get caned by the master at school we will feel hurt but we cannot express this momentary experience of pain in words. And the same when a feeling of extreme joy comes to us. Real joy. We say, "Oh I am so glad," but we do not transmit that extreme joy; the words are a small indication that we are in such a state of joy. But what joy this is, what is its quality and quantity, is not indicated. It cannot be put into words. It is a matter of experience, it is a personal thing; one must experience and realize it for oneself. And only those people who really find the true Satguru are able to realize that real supreme joy that comes from true Knowledge. I cannot tell you the experience I have had; you must experience for yourself and then you will understand. This is the thing. I have got true Knowledge and I have got inner consciousness; I can reveal it.

I won't take too much of your time because you have been sitting here for a long time. Only remember that I have that inner truth and I can reveal it to you. If you want, you can come to Porchester Hall tomorrow. There will be satsang there and the time of the meeting will be given to you. You can come there, listen to my satsang, and then you can come to me, discuss things with me and have your inner consciousness revealed to you. But first you must come to me. Knowledge is not a push-button thing like a cash register, where you push a button, and the bill, the amount you have to pay, automatically comes out. It's not like that. You must first make an effort and take some pains; only by searching will you find the truth and the guru who can reveal it to you. So come to London tomorrow and hear my satsang in Porchester Hall, and any questions or doubts that are in your mind you can discuss them with me.

Thank you very much.



Guru Maharaj Ji speaking to premies at Everyman Cinema, Hampstead, 31st October 1971.

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973

You are disciples now. You have received the shelter and now you' are afraid of nothing in this world. You have received the shelter of such a thing, you are wearing a bullet-proof coat, such a coat that even when bullets come to you they won't harm you. Egos come to you, they cannot touch you. So you are completely sheltered and completely protected. But now I will only say this to you, only tell you this, only give this caution to you. Always try to be in the shelter. Always try to be in the shelter. Don't, don't go out of the shelter. Otherwise this ego is ready, you cannot see the clouds of ego but you can feel the rain of ego . And this ego is always raining. As soon as you go out of the shelter you are completely drowned in egos. And you must have received the terrible experiences of these things, of egos, of suffering.

How does suffering exist do you know? Many people ask me, if God is good from where did evil come, and what is evil first of all? Evil is nothing. Evil is the ignorance of our mind. Evil is the ignorance of our mind. That is, we are ignorant of what is good. So now what is the opposite of good? Bad. And when we are ignorant of good, automatically we 'are known to bad, and bad is evil. Bad is evil. So naturally we are immersed in evil. But once we realize, once we catch a hand of Satguru, nothing now. We have got that communication which cannot break. Wherever we go, under the sea, on the moon, on the sun, on all the planets, it cannot break. This is a strong communication. Wherever we go we can just talk into this walkie-talkie and call Satguru from any distance we want. Because God is omnipresent there is no problem in calling God from anywhere you like. You have just to speak into this walkie-talkie, and everybody has got a walkie-talkie. This walkie-talkie is fixed into us at the beginning, and this is our heart. Whenever we want to call God we speak into our heart and the message is conveyed to God and God Himself comes. Whatever we say is answered.

Just try to understand what is the importance. Don't think that you are western people, don't think you are eastern people, don't think you are western people or anything. Don't think you're a southerner, northerner, easterner or westerner. You are human beings. Just understand, try to understand you are human beings, that's all. So behave like humans. Once you are a human you are really children of God. You know there are many types of flowers, some flowers have got a bright colour, some have got a dull colour, some have got a black colour. Same way, some people have got a bright colour, some have got a dull colour, some have got a black colour. That is not a problem. It is only the colour,


and colour does not make any difference, does it? If I take a Rolls Royce car and paint it black what will happen? Will you discard it? Will the price go down? Will it? Will there be something wrong with the mechanism? No. There will be nothing wrong. It'll go on. If I paint it white, will something happen to it? No. Again the same thing. If I paint it dark, will something happen to it? No. Nothing will happen to it. It will again go smoothly. Just try to understand what I'm saying.

That (sic What) is Truth? What is that existence which is making everything exist in this world? Everything is existing today because of something, so what is that something? That something is everywhere. And that something is beyond nothing. And that something is always. And that something is something. But what is this something? This is the Holy Word of God that we all have received. And if we have received it, what should we do now? We should be always obliged to him who has given it to us. Because we wouldn't have been able to get this Word by ourselves. It is by somebody's Grace that it is given. So try to oblige him. Try to be always under his guidance.

I can teach a horse how to be in rein. I can make a hole in his nose and put a rein there. And I can take that rein in my hand or I can leave it alone. Now if I leave it the horse will go wherever he likes. But if I keep that rein in my hands I won't let this horse go anywhere he likes. I will only take him on the road, on the path. I won't take him on the rocks where he will be damaged, where his body will be damaged and the chariot will also be damaged. So you've got this rein, and if you hand this rein to me I will guide you. I am ready to guide you. But if you are not ready, keep it with you. It's not a problem. Keep it with you. And don't think that this will be a problem for me, this is not a problem. If you want to give your pride to me, give. If you want to give your ego to me, give. I am ready to receive it. If you don't want to keep it with you, give it to me. I can make some utilisation of it. And what is that? I'll again convert it to something then I'll give it back to you. It will help you.

So whatever extra you have got, give it to me. And the extra thing you have got is your mind. Give it to me. I am ready to receive it. Because your mind troubles you give it to me. It won't trouble me! Just give it. And give your egos to me because egos trouble you but they don't trouble me. Give them to me. So whatever extra you have in your mind, or your mind itself even, give it to me. I can bear it. Guru Maharaj Ji has given me so much, so much resistance that I can resist everything that is bad for me. It won't effect me. So just fry to be holy and try to be a good devotee, a perfect devotee of that Guru who is Himself perfect, who is really perfect.

So I hope you all are doing meditation and if not please do. Because this good is before you. If you don't eat it, I won't miss anything. If you don't do meditation you will make a loss for yourself, not for me. Just so. If you do meditation you will gain for yourself, not for me. If you are doing meditation, far out. If you are not doing meditation, that is far out also. Because it is for you to use it, not for me. Not for me. You are doing it for yourself. So I'll just advise again, do meditation, do meditation, do meditation, do meditation, and as much as you can. Just do meditation. Then you will realize what is the point to reach; and how I was able to get to this point by meditating. I was doing meditation, meditation, meditation. And I was able to get here. Do meditation and you will elevate. The more meditation you do the more your speed increases for elevation. And the more your speed increases, the more quickly you are elevated to the supreme point of perfection. So just try to increase your speed by doing meditation. And be calm with your nature. If you cannot be calm with your nature don't be calm, but do meditation. Meditation will automatically make your nature calm.

And my blessings are always with you but if you want to take them you must have a carrier for them. My blessings don't go around on a tray. They need a special carrier and this carrier is your service. If you will do service my blessings are always with you. If you don't do service they will again come back to me. So try to do as much as you can.

Make it run faster. You'll have experienced slowness. Earth moves slow, but if you work fast it will start moving fast. People say why do you want to work so fast. I want to work so fast because the time passes so fast. If the time passes so fast then the Kingdom of Heaven will approach nearer, the faster it passes. So be active, work as fast as you can, so that the Kingdom of Heaven will approach nearer and nearer with greater speed.


9 July 1971

With this Knowledge we can be away from worldly things and live in the world like a lotus. The lotus grows in muddy waters but its colour is never muddy – it is as clear as a rose. In the same way we are in the muddy waters of the world but we will not indulge ourselves in materialism.


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973

The Priceless Gift of Human Birth

Satsang by the beloved Holy Mother of our Lord, Shri Mata Ji

Dear Premies,

There is always a contradiction of ideas amongst people which is the cause of dispute amongst them, but you have known that Light and have become the ruler of your mind by knowing that power within you. For what purpose does man come into the world? Even animals are better than man because though they might fight in order to eat and drink, they do not then fight unnecessarily. This is because they are free in these matters and regard the whole world as their own. By performing no karma their food comes to them automatically.

Therefore, O people of the world, know who you are! Saints and seers of Truth can reveal to you that very greatest thing, the essence of all scriptures. You should know that. A jeweller, because he deals in the business of diamonds and has been under the training of an expert dealer, knows the value of the diamond and how to test it. Otherwise the diamond could have been sold at the cost of glass.

Similarly the sadhu or saint knows the Sabda or Holy Word. What is the test of Sabda? There are many words but what is that Word which is the essence of the whole world, from which all words have their origin? Why does a farmer grow a harvest of sugar cane with such great labour? For the juice of the -sugar which we get from it, only for that does he work so hard. Similarly the essence of all scriptures is the Holy Word of Truth. 0 people of the world, listen. This message of Truth is delivered by those great saints who always come into this world and fight against the evil of society. They do not need weapons to fight. Weapons are used only by ignorant people, but our weapon is this True Knowledge and with this we win the hearts of men. The company of such great saints is called satsang, and the greatness and importance of satsang in our lives is beyond description. It is a gift given only for the use of man. In the Ramayana, it is said:

Sath Sudharai Satsangat Paie
Paras Paras Kudhatu Suhai

This means that the wicked man can become a gentle man by the power of satsang. Only satsang can bring a man to real life. A man ignorant of the Knowledge is like a dead man. Only when a man knows God by the grace of the living Satguru can he be called alive in the real sense, because this Light and Holy Word are the life of all things. Only after knowing them is one really alive.

So take a bath in the holy river of satsang. It is the only pilgrimage that makes you whole, it is the only baptism which makes you pure. Other pilgrimages and bathing in rivers are not true pilgrimages. They make the skin of the body clean but this river washes the inner dirt of your heart. Your soap is the Holy Word. Rub it over the cloth of heart, and all your sins will be washed away.

This human birth is the gift of God. It is not the result of our good karma. God bestows this body upon you because He is merciful towards you without any motive or cause. Lord Rama says in the Ramayana:

Bade Bhagya Manus Tan Pawa

This means that we are greatly fortunate to have been bestowed with this human body by God and we have only received it after many births. He forgave us all evils and made us human, because this is the gateway to salvation. If you miss this gate, if you miss the opportunity to escape through it, you will enter the cycle of Chaurasi which is a countless number of non-human bodies. Guru Nanak said, "All men have received the human birth by completing this journey of many million animal bodies, so now seek Truth in this life and remember the Holy Name of God. Otherwise you are very close to falling down again."

Therefore think and understand, for whom is Guru Maharaj Ji doing all this? Is He doing it for Himself only or for the people, for the welfare of the world? When the incarnation comes in His time people do not recognize Him without Knowledge. Look at Rawan. He was so intellectually powerful that he knew all Vedas and scriptures by heart, but without the Knowledge of this Truth he could not recognize Lord Rama. Evil thoughts came into his mind due to his big ego. He thought he could do everything, and this lead to his complete destruction. To escape this fate saints urge men to know who they really are.

Whatever else you are doing besides fulfilling your true human purpose of self-realization can be done in animal bodies more freely than in human bodies. As many times and in whatever bodies you take birth in this world all these things – eating, drinking etc. – will be eternally with you, so it is not fitting for a man to lose himself in the enjoyments and pleasures of the world. Those who have not understood this will understand it many times very deeply.

Guru Maharaj Ji is sending mahatmas with His Knowledge from door to door. They are giving warrants to you from Him. If you will not listen to their message and will not practically follow what they say, the cycle of suffering and wandering in different bodies is closer than you think. You should be aware of this. By grace of Guru Maharaj Ji they have decided

A Young Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 to devote their lives to Him so they can work for the spiritual welfare of mankind.

At this present time men have forgotten the Truth and fight against it instead of fighting against evil. To hide their sins and guiles people do many things. But at the last moment they have to repent of all of them. They will say, "False teachers wasted our priceless life. We would not have followed them but we did not listen to our real saviour." There are many such false dealers of religion who tell you to meditate on God and you will obtain liberation, but when we are ignorant about who and what God is, where should we concentrate our minds in order to meditate on Him? First we should know by the True Knowledge of Guru Maharaj Ji what is His appearance, then we can meditate. No peace can come by chanting Christ Christ, Ram Ram or Krishna Krishna. God lies within you and you are trying to reach Him by practising external techniques. The wound is inside and you are bandaging yourself on the outside. How can you be cured? How can those who have no speech speak mantras? How can those who cannot walk go to temples and churches or go on pilgrimages? How can the blind read scriptures? No. The realization of God is the result of a devotional heart accompanied by Knowledge. Even a dumb and blind cripple can practice devotion by the inner technique which is the True Knowledge of the True Master.

As you probably know only the human body is praised, not that of a dog or a donkey. So why only man? There is a great mystery there. Here is a map of the Satyalok Ashram. For whom does Guru Maharaj Ji make such a large ashram? Only for you. This ashram includes a very large hall in which thousands and thousands of peo–


ple can sit and all religions are united into one reality. Today men think that God is in the church, that Allah is in the mosque, that Rama is in the temple. We have to make them understand that the abode or residence of God is not in temples, mosques or churches, but in man's own heart.

It is said that God is living in every heart, but only people with one eye recognise Him. Now you all have got two eyes looking outwards. But what is meant by that eye that sees God inside the heart? That is the Knowledge of Satguru. Without knowing that you will leave your body thirsty for peace. You come into the world with arms folded and leave it with them open. What do you bring with you at your arrival and what do you carry away at your final departure. You notice this well enough in your own families. Is there any family where nobody has died? Is there any such family? Where is your grandfather, your uncle, your grandmother? Where are they to whom you were very close at one time? Will they come to you again? Will they love you again? This is why Divine persons always make you aware that the same situation will come to you. This world is not your permanent residence. Idleness is the greatest enemy of man. It is a man's death. So leave your enemy behind. Follow the good, always reject the bad. You should not be concerned with bad.

Lord Krishna told the Kausawas not to fight. It only brings destruction, He said. But they did not obey the great advice of Lord Krishna and went ahead and fought and were destroyed. Man should always follow the Divine Teacher otherwise destruction is very certain.

Surdas, a saint, said in one of his songs that a very dangerous time of unhappiness will come to all men when it will be difficult for a man to save his life. Who said this? That power which said this from within the heart of Surdas is also within you. He is also present within you. So surrender your life before that power in the living form of Master. Also, said Surdas, only he who remembers the Holy Word of Guru Maharaj Ji will be saved. This is showing itself to be true. All around the world unhappiness and unrest is prevailing. The people are so worried by their own anxieties that only the life of a devotee is successful. The rest of the people are taking birth like plague of a locust and dying at the same rate. There is no record of worldly people. If you become firmly attached to worldly things they will become the cause of your destruction. This Knowledge is to detach you from everything leaving you attached to His Name only. You should always be ready to obey such a master because when Guru Maharaj Ji becomes pleased with us everything is. well. Otherwise you can not have any peace. He is the ruler of the mind. If you do not obey Him then your mind has no place for rest.

There were three disciples of Guru Maharaj Ji. One day pieces of broken glass were spread on the road and to know the disciples' devotion He ordered them to go through them and to come back again. One of them ran towards the road thinking that if he did it quickly Guru Maharaj Ji would be more pleased with him, and he would be proved the most obedient. So he walked over the glass and wounded his feet badly. The second also went quickly taking long jumps like a very expert soldier jumping from one horse to another. By jumping high his leg was broken. The third disciple thought that on the one hand there is the path of hard glass pieces and on the other hand is the agya (order) of Guru Maharaj Ji. He thought, "The only reason I have a body is to serve Guru Maharaj Ji and if I am wounded this body would not be able to fulfil the purpose for which Guru Maharaj Ji has given it. Likewise if my leg is broken I could not come to satsang and would be unable to obey His agya in future." So He picked his way slowly, avoiding the glass pieces with his feet and thus crossed the path of obstacles, obeying the command of his Master and saving his feet. The third one was the real devotee. The former two were showy and intellectual, lacking the real feeling of devotion. So Guru Maharaj Ji said the third disciple is my real devotee. So we should understand the mystery of agya and the importance of obeying it. Then Guru Maharaj Ji will be pleased with us.

So he who is the faithful servant or devotee of the Lord is he who does the service of his Master's lotus feet. The fruit of His service is infinite, because it is to please Him, and if. He is pleased with us we are free from the bondage of death. So, those of you who know it always remember that Holy Name and those of you who do not know it should receive the Knowledge and practise it throughout your lives.


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973

I'm Going To Make You Perfect

Answers from Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, London, October – November 1971

A Very Young Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973

Any questions you would like to ask?

Guru Maharaj Ji, what advice can you give us concerning the scriptures? Can knowing God help us to read the scriptures?

Well your eyes can help you to read the scriptures and the scriptures can help to take your memory back to an age in history but this is only a little bit of help. And probably somebody can't read the scriptures, then? How will he be helped? They give information really but it is not important information.

But many of them are beautiful writings.

Why not? They can be beautiful writings. There are beautiful essays about dogs even. Arenlet there! Beautiful essays about dogs! (ha, ha). So, anything else? You understand now?


Scriptures are beautiful I agree. And I read them and I like them, but only to a limited level. That's as much as I like them you know. Then I close them and keep them, that's all. They can help me to understand how saints were helping the people previously. But I can't apply those methods completely here. This method has to be completely new. Knowledge is the original thing, you know that. I can't change the Knowledge but the way, the method, to bring it to people, that should be absolutely changed. Because now people haven't got so much time. They haven't got so much time. They haven't got time to read the newspapers, so how can they have time to stay in an ashram for two or three years and then … you know all that. You understand!

But if one wants to read the scriptures, should one?

Please welcome. Nobody can refuse you. Anything more? Yes?

Guru Maharaj Ji, what is that precise thing that a devotee does that pleases the Guru absolutely amongst worldly things?


What kind?

Well the first thing is to be in His agya. This is the most pleasurable communication. Now, this wire of agya is so thick, you know, that Satguru Himself can get inside it and come to you. Because you always have to be in His presence and you always have to be


in His communication. When you die there will be a new agya. This is the best, best, best thing. Forever. I am talking to you personally now. This is the best thing. Nothing can be more than this that I am recommending. It is the most recommended thing. You understand?

Some people say if you really want something you won't get it, if you don't want it you will get it.

That is the case with them. They hate Knowledge, and they hate God, so they are not getting it. See? I wanted to see God, I tried for it, I got it.

Sometimes when I try to do things it makes me upset, but when I try not to think of anything except the Name and try not to do a certain thing, then it seems much more peaceful.

Yes, because you are doing nothing there. You are just idly sitting down there. You like to rest, so don't do anything, just sit down and try to remember the Word, it is really comfortable! But the thing is this, a man has to get into practice with this thing. And then that is more comfortable than sitting around. There are many people who can't sit idle. They sit idle and they get sick. So, just try to remember the Holy Word, no don't try to remember it, just remember it, you know, don't try to remember it. You know it is the most essential thing. You should be always with the Word. There is no question of trying. It must be there. It is a must. And once you are remembering that Holy Word all your work will be carrying on very nicely, you know, very beautifully.

Does this mean I should have no desires.

No, wait, you know that you must have desires. Because God has created a computer which will create desires. But this computer should not be used for other things. It just should be there. To listen to satsang, to give satsang, you know, to help a man, and so on. But desires which are extra shouldn't be there.

Oh, there are two types of desire?


Guru Maharaj Ji, why did the people kill Jesus Christ?

You know, I never killed Jesus Christ. They killed Him.

But why do you think He was crucified?

Because it had to happen. If Jesus Christ wasn't crucified nobody would have respected him. Everybody can remember Jesus Christ because he was hanging up on the cross. And that was the crucification, and if that crucification had not taken place nobody would have respected Jesus Christ.

What is the purpose of all the other teachers that are on the earth now?

When there is a tree, besides that tree there are many weeds. Right? And these weeds are unnecessary. What do they do there? They are just there. And when this tree is really going to be something it is going to abolish these weeds. Then you will find no sign of them.

Is there no purpose at all then?

None at all. None at all. They are unnecessary. They're just wasting one's time. People go to them, then it takes five years for them to decide no, no, he is not a true master, let me look for something else. And then they go to somebody else and they waste their time again. They waste five years unnecessarily. There is no use in this. To waste five years of your time. It is always unnecessary. If there is only one master, you know, everybody can rush to Him. But because there are these weeds they are stopped from coming.

Why are people doubtful, why are people so doubtful when we give satsang, when we speak to them?

The world is becoming so artificial today, so at first they think, no, no, no, this is not the real thing. But when you give them more and more satsang and when they see real reality, then they will realize "Ah, he means it". So eventually they come to their point. You know you take the iron, hammer it, and you won't put it in shape. But make it hot, red hot, and then beat it, it is easily put into its right position. So these people are crazy! First they must be put in the fire, then they must be hammered. When they are just this narrow, then give them dirt satsang to get rid of their dirt and this dirt satsang makes them feel so jealous, and all the jealousy that's in their heart comes out. And they are pure. Pure for one second. And this purity for one second lets in the satsang that you have been giving. And they think about it. So they accept it after all this. But their jealousy should come out first. And it comes out as you give satsang. Yes!

Guru Maharaj Ji, both the Buddha and Jesus Christ spoke of coming again, I don't know if other Gurus did as well. What did They in fact mean?

The thing is this, did the man who was writing the Bible talk about coming again or did Jesus Christ himself say it? Jesus Christ has written no


Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 Bible. Try to remember that. Jesus Christ wrote no Bible. But He will come again. The thing is, people make mistakes about the words.

What does that mean?

He will come again! It really means that He will again come to this western world, and He'll be laughing. He'll again come to this western world with the bright Light and He will shower this upon humanity. He means it. On this western world He probably meant. And whether it's true or not, nobody knows it. Nobody can guarantee that. But Christian people sort of try to conflict themselves, try to constrict themselves by the sentences. First of all they say He will come. But if somebody has gone out of this house only then can he come back in. If somebody is already in this house how can he come back in? Eh? So they say He will come, and then they say He never died.

Oh, but doesn't that mean that He will come back in the flesh?

Yes, He will come back again. And how will He come back? In which flesh will He come, or in which Light will He come? That is not described. This sentence hasn't got an introduction to it, it is an incomplete sentence. So be on your own. You be on your own. Try to see that which is living, not dead.

But the Bible, The New Testament, tells that Jesus is living now.

So Jesus is living, right! Jesus is living. Ram is living now, Krishna is living now, Buddha is living now, but they all have been united. All their powers have been united into one very, very, very, very powerful power. And when this power spreads it's hand, you know, like this, something is going to happen. All this, all the things that are going on wrong in this world are going to be abolished.


Will it be very long?

Very shortly. He is starting to move His hand now, you know. Try to understand. You people, not only you people, I want to say this whole world, reads the Bible and tries to understand it through their minds, right? They can't understand it. Spirituality cannot be described and it cannot be understood by the mind. Mind is imperfect. How can it understand? Whatever it understands is absolutely wrong. Absolutely wrong. Because the mind will always project what is false. Mind is a black light. And whatever is projected from it is black. No purity. Nothing pure can be projected from this mind. Just try to see how it really is.

Guru Maharaj Ji, how can you help us through this game we play on this planet?

I'm going to supervise you, and stop you wherever you play wrong. That is all. I'm going to give you this Knowledge, I'm going to make you perfect in this game. And it won't be a qualifying game any more, it will be the final game. Now people are about to play a real game and this is the final. So I'm going to make you perfect for that. Just have some patience and see what happens! Just see, how far out this game is going to be, how far out will be the things that happen! Have some patience in your head, and you'll see how this little room is going to be on the other side of the river. How this world is going to float over this ocean of materialism and inhumanity and all that is here. All this world is going to float over it, and go to the other side where there is purity, purity, purity all the time. And you're going to see how it goes. Like a hovercraft but faster!

Guru Maharaj Ji, I was carrying a bill board with the poster about the ant and elephant, and this guy came up and he read it alright, and he comes up to me and he says, "I see God in everything", and I don't know what to say.

You should have congratulated him. Just congratulate him, and he'd have walked two steps away and would have said, "Well, I wanted to make a fool of him and he made a fool of me". He would just think and come back again to you.

I didn't want to make a fool of him.

You don't want to make a fool of him, but actually you are making a fool of him. Because he is telling a lie.

Making a fool of himself.

Himself, right. He is telling a lie and you are congratulating him on this lie, so he says, "I tried to fool him but he has fooled me. I should go back and probably I should apologize". Then he comes and listens to you and he's a very subdued man now and he's very good! Nothing is wrong anymore. You are all pagal, pagal. You know?

What's that?

It means mad, crazy! But really in Hindi it means Ta Liya. You've found out the great secret, that's the meaning of pagal. Just found out the great secret. Anything more you want to ask now?

Is it possible to contact the bodies of those spirits that are Dead?

You want to contact them? Take a walkie-talkie and start contacting them. Say Mr. so-and-so so-and-so, I am talking with you. These are not things that you should do. When you try just to think about these things, even then you are simply wasting your time, because these are not proper things to do. People study and experience things within witchcraft, but are just simply wasting their time. They get nothing out of it. There is nothing. People try to read books about spirits, about how ghosts come and disturb men. They get nothing out of it, so it is simply wasting their time. And at the same time serving God or searching Truth will be helped by the Knowledge about seven times more than they are being helped by studying witchcraft and all that. See?

So that is why I say this world is crazy. The world is blind, To whom should I explain? Kabirdas says that this whole world is blind, to whom should I talk? Everybody is blind. They cannot see what is the real face, what is the real feature of God, so what should the real do? Today people take a small thing and think this is God. People today go to some place and think this is God. People try to make money from God. It is life.

Once, what happened? There were four blind people and they wanted to see an elephant. And they sat beside the road to see the elephant, and a man came with elephant and he asked them "Why are you sitting here?" and they said, "We want to see an elephant;', and he said "O.K, here is the elephant. Now you can see". And they all started touching it. One took the trunk of the elephant and experienced the trunk. Then he left the elephant. Another went to the foot and he experienced that. Another went to the tail and experienced that. Another went to the tusk and experienced that. The last one went to the ear and he experienced that. They said "Thank you very much, we have seen the elephant now you can go", and the elephant man went away. And they all started discussing the nature of the elephant. One said "The elephant is a


long, thick branch".

He was the one who experienced the trunk. Another said "No! the elephant is a long, thin branch". This one had experienced the tail. Another said "No! You are both wrong; the elephant is like a tree-trunk". This one had experienced the foot. The other, who had experienced the ear, said "No! You three are wrong, the elephant is like a banana leaf". But was the elephant a trunk, a trunk of a tree, the branch of a tree or a banana leaf? No, it was not. The elephant was something else altogether, but because they had only touched that thing they could only say that the elephant was that.

So, this is the grief of people today. They think ah, this is the situation so we will do that; but no, this is the situation so they will do this; and no again, this is the situation so they will do that. So it is like the elephant. They are blind people and they see God in the sea then say this is a feature like God and they start experiencing that. Many people today have got photos of Jesus Christ in their houses and they pray to them. Many people today have got photos of Krishna today in their house and they are praying to these photos. But tell me, is that the photo of Jesus Christ, or Krishna, or Rama or anybody else, eh? There was no photographer at the time of Christ or Krishna or Ram who would take the photos and develop them. It is just artistic imagination that they are exercising in the photos of Ram, Krishna and Jesus Christ. No-one knows who was like Jesus Christ, what were his features. Today we see a photo and we believe Jesus Christ was like that. Was Jesus Christ really like that? It is artistic imagination, artistic inspiration, that is all. And that is why we have started believing that God is like a human man, and you want to see him in a form. But. God is not like that. God is divine, God is pure. God is energy. Energy which cannot be created, which cannot be destroyed. Which dwells amongst all. All dwells amongst him. It is that energy, and we, our souls, are broken parts of that energy who have eventually to go and reunite with that energy. It is the energy which was never created and which will never be destroyed. On the basis of that energy, this world is existing. And on the theory and formula of that energy everything has been created. This is the supreme and primordial vibration that was, and from that primordial vibration everything is coming out. Why don't you think what you can see is a vibration? This is a vibration; my hand is a vibration, my body is a vibration and whatever you can see is a vibration. It is a bad vibration because of the primordial vibration. And it is that primordial vibration that you have to realize. Once we have realized that we have to vibrate in the vibration.

Does evil come from our mind?

Right! Exactly. Do you know, the devil is the son of man that comes to mind, through mind, from mind.

Then it is not real?

Not at all. The thing which is real is so glorious, so glorious, it cannot be explained. After all it is real, that is why it cannot be explained. It has got so much truth in it that wherever it drops in, man is completely intoxicated there. Not with wine, not with rum, not with beer, but with that alcohol which has been created by God. That is the alcohol which Jesus Christ used to take and be intoxicated by all day and this is the alcohol that is within us. That is the alcohol which makes us intoxicated and whatever devil is within us we forget him and he goes


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 out. It is just anti-dote to that alcohol which we drink here. We just forget who we are when we drink the alcohol of the world but in this alcohol we know who we are. We forget everything outside but we know who we are. And this is divine intoxication which all the saints have taken and all the disciples take. If they do not take this intoxication they won't be existing for very much longer.

How can we completely overcome the illusion of mind?

Illusion was not created by God so it can be very easily fixed, by meditation, by service and by satsang. These three are anti-dotes. They are anti-tablets to the other three – illusion, delusion, and pollution. Whatever you call it. Same thing. If you want illusion taken away from you very quickly try three things at a time, meditation satsang and service. If you can do meditation, it is more than enough to carry your illusion from you, but it takes some time. But if you do meditation and service, all the illusion, delusion and pollution will be all carried away. Because these are the things that make the windows very misty.

Have you any questions to ask? Yes!

Is it bad to feel sad about things?

Yes. Because sadness was not created originally. The origin of anything was happiness, and sadness was created by man when Adam and Eve had to betray God. That's when sadness was created; and Adam and Eve became sad then because they had to separate from God. So why should man be sad? People are sad because somebody dies but why be sad? They aren't out of the world, they are in the world somewhere. They are not just out of something. They are in the world. Probably they are getting rest. So nobody should be sad; everybody should be happy. There is no cause for anybody to be sad within the world.

You see I was thinking when children are violent in front of you it is very difficult not to be affected.

See, when fire burns, everything is affected. Only those materials which are fireproof are not affected by fire. Why shouldn't we be sadproof? Then 13 sadness can come and touch us. We should all be sadproof.

When meditating is it possible to defeat all illness?

Why do you take Knowledge? Why do you do meditation?

To find, to find what God is.

You want to attain peace, right? So, suppose I know that this particular car can solve my purpose to take me from this place to that place. If I make it an aeroplane and if I take it to the runway and put it at full speed so that it will run and take off, can it serve the purpose of an aeroplane? So meditation is for peace; it is not a medicine to take away our illnesses. Why is illness created? Illness is created because it is a punishment given to us hand to hand. If I take my bath in a warm water and come out into cold I will have a fever, right? So that is a .punishment. It is to tell us, to indicate to us, that this absolutely wrong, that this is out of law. It shows that it is illegal in the eyes of nature to do this. But if we stay like a human being as we are supposed to stay no illness can come towards us. If we stay neat and clean, tidy, pure in heart and pure in body no illness can come to us. But because we don't stay like human beings illness just runs towards us. I don't think illnesses should come to us but they do come because we aren't pure in hearf and we aren't pure in body. That's all. And so it is good to have a punishment; welcome it because it will teach you a lesson. But once you know the lesson you shouldn't commit the mistake a second time. Understand

Guru Maharaj Ji will you tell us the story of love.

Story of love? There is no story of love. Love is something which cannot be put into stories. Love is not a story. Love is such a thing it can enable you to communicate with anything in the world. It is the most perfect communication. Even if you want to communicate with God you will have to have this love. But what is love? Love should not be selfish. Today mankind loves that thing only which can satisfy his selfish purposes completely. A man will only love those things which can give him something in return. If a cow is giving milk the man will say 'oh my cow, oh my cow'. But the next day the cow stops giving milk. Because he is selfish he will first of all kill the cow. So all these loves that human man transmits through his body are selfish loves. But the love towards God should not be selfish. Real love should not be selfish. In America if you go out today


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 you might see a pair, a couple, who will come out of the cnurch and get in the car; they both are married and they both are very happy. They go in their house, they play the grammophones or their radios and they are very happy. They go to the pictures and so on. And after a week or so the husband gets angry with his wife and they both divorce each other. And the couple finishes. This is only selfishness. Because when the husband was getting some calm and satisfaction out of his wife, he was loving her. But as soon as she got angry they were divorced. So, this is human man. He shouldn't have this type of love. Love should be permanent, consistant. Prize it. It should not descend it should ascend. It should be non-selfish love. This the main story of love.

Everlasting Peace: The Aim of Human Life

Satsang at Jaipur of Shri Bal Bhagwan Ji.

When the great procession in honour of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji was held some people were surprised, thinking why such a great amount of publicity and propagation was being done. Yet, in this city of Jaipur, see how much publicity is being produced even for little things. Wherever you go, you see posters and pictures advertising the cinema. This is just rubbish being impressed on people's minds. When the propagation of such a useless thing is allowed to happen and people do not question it, no wonder the mind becomes dull, and having a dull mind, modern people prefer all this rubbish rather than spiritual Truth.

But it is this Truth that should be publicized and spread as much as possible, because it is the same Truth that all great saints have spoken of in the simplest language and which they revealed to those who sincerely desired it. In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna said to Arjuna, "Arjuna, I am giving that Knowledge which I also gave to the sun in the very beginning, before the universe was made. Even then this Truth existed, and this Truth was the only foundation of the whole creation."

We too can have that Truth revealed by going to the shelter of the Perfect Master with a childlike and guileless heart filled with great reverence. And remember the subject of spirituality is not only theoretical but is also absolutely practical. We can see God face to face. As we reap the wheat and then eat the same seeds that we sow, so the technique of True Knowledge must be so close to God that we start with God and by following it we are also led directly to God.

Today people say that before getting Knowledge there must be some social progress. Arjuna was a coward in the fight against misconduct and evil. But when Lord Krishna revealed the True Knowledge to him, he became strong in his fight. In the same way we can only be fully victorious in our fight against the evils of society and reach real happiness and peace of mind, when we have the True Knowledge.

You have read in scriptures that Kabir went to Ramdas and Surdas went to Bhalabhacharya. What was it they received from them? True Knowledge. Swami Dayanand Ji once went to Guru Maharaj Ji to take Knowledge: It was night time and the door was firmly closed. So he knocked loudly and from inside came Guru Maharaj Ji's voice. "Who is knocking?".

Dayanand Ji replied, "If I knew who I was there would be no need for me to come to you."

Many techniques are available in this world books, scriptures and practices. The same things were also available to Dayanand Ji. But to know who he was all these techniques were of no help to him. That's why he had to go to the shelter of Satguru. The same with Arjuna. He had all the Vedas, all the shastras, but when the crucial moment came all scriptures were useless in explaining to him the Knowledge of Truth and devotion. Many people have known and know the scriptures by heart, but to know the real mystery of what they are saying we need True Knowledge from the True Master.

So for practical Knowledge we need Satguru. Our first and foremost duty is to fulfil this, the purpose of our life. This life is so short. Suppose a man lives for eighty years. Thirty of them are spent in sleeping. Of the rest ten years are spent in childhood, ten years in youth, ten years for old age, and ten years for sickness and other things. So only ten years are remaining. In this short time we have to achieve that Knowledge and practise it, otherwise the life is wasted.

Everything a man does is directed towards obtaining peace. If a man rises up to the throne of a king and yet has not been able to sleep for many nights, he would say, "Take away all this. I will not be a king. Only let me sleep peacefully." This is the desire for rest and peace. Even a man who commits suicide is doing it because he thinks he will have some peace and comfort, some release from his unhappiness, by doing this. But peace can never come through materialistic things, because the power of consciousness, communion with which bring deep and real peace, lies within these materialistic objects; they are just a reflection of it and hold no peace in themselves.

Rama means that which dwells in the heart of all. It is one thing in the heart of everybody and there can only be one Knowledge of it for everyone. Other techniques and practices are useless. Direct experience of it can only be had when Knowledge of it is obtained. Only love, faith and reverence are needed to please God, and when one comes with these qualities to Guru Maharaj Ji He will bestow upon you the True Knowledge. He will reveal to you the target for which you are aiming, but you must then direct yourself towards it. Just as if the rifle of a soldier moves when he shoots, he will always miss the target, so if the mind is not controlled during meditation you cannot have the vision of Light. So we must be able to control our minds in order to concentrate on that Light, and for that nothing is good except Perfect Knowledge. By knowing that we can have everlasting peace which is the goal of all men.


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji - Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973