AIID:Volume II, Number 2, December 1973



And It Is Divine magazine
And It Is Divine magazine
And It Is Divine magazine
Divine Times Magazine About Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 30

Perfect Masters Through the Ages

Socrates, the great philosopher who questioned everything. Moses, the law-giver. Buddha, renowned for his compassion. Christ, who unhesitatingly gave his life for his friends, for the whole world. Krishna and Rama, warrior Kings. Lao Tzu of China. Guru Nanak. Mahavir. They were head and shoulders above the people of their own times.

And It Is Divine magazine
And It Is Divine magazine
Divine Times Magazine About Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 36

The Luckiest People Mata Ji, Chicago, May 22 1972

There was a father who had four sons, and when the father was leaving his body the sons said, "O Father, give us some understanding of this world." So the father said, "Go get four sticks, each of you." So they got four sticks and when they brought them, their father said, "Break them." So they broke each of them easily. Then the father said, "Put all the sticks together in one group." So they did. "Now break them," said the father. And none of them could do it. They were hard and strong together.

Divine Times Magazine About Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 38

The Real Communion

That is why the role of the Satguru is very, very important in this world, and also it is very, very important in the life of a devotee. All the devotees now have a very wonderful opportunity to serve their Guru Maharaj Ji, because every time the Perfect Master comes, he has a role to play. Devotees also have a role to play, and that is to act as an instrument of the Perfect Master, who comes to establish peace.

Divine Times Magazine About Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 46

An Interview With Guru Maharaj Ji

John Wood of the Boston Globe questions Guru Maharaj Ji about the Knowledge which he is offering to mankind
Maharaj Ji: You see - here I want to be very frank - people come to me and ask me about this, and they say, "What's your opinion about a Perfect Master? Is there one, is there two?" I tell them my opinion, that there is only one Perfect Master. Because perfectness is one, not two, not three. So, there is one Perfect Master in this world. And because he is perfect, that's it. He is perfect. You just can't divide perfect. I think it's funny saying that; it's just as funny as saying that the car had tires on top, and car had tires on the bottom. That's just like saying there are two Perfect Masters. You are just dividing perfectness into two - you can't do that. There has to be one Perfect Master, because perfectness is infinite, you just can't divide it. It has to be one.


There Is A Knowledge Guru Maharaj Ji promises that his Knowledge will bring people happiness, fulfillment, and inner peace. Indeed, millions have already found that Knowledge is a practical solution to their most persistent and deep rooted problems; crippling neuroses are worked through; marriages are mended; dependence on alcohol and drugs disappears. Unemployed wanderers work enthusiastically for the first time, while those who have been limited by a boring routine are given strength to pursue the challenge of a more creative occupation.

And It Is Divine magazine
And It Is Divine magazine