There were two mistakes in the "Who is Guru Maharaj Ji?" article of the October And It Is Divine. The first, on page 32, gave the date of Guru Maharaj Ji's birth as December 10, 1959. The actual date, of course, is December 10, 1957. The other mistake is found on page 33. Satgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj left his mortal body on July 19, 1966, not July 29.

The editors of this magazine wish to correct any misapprehension that readers may have concerning an ad which ran in the October, 1973 issue on pages two and three.

The Natural Resources Defense Council was not involved in the creation or publication of that ad and had no prior knowledge of plans of this magazine to run it. They are not connected with Shri Hans Productions or with Guru Maharaj Ji or his movement.

We wish to take this opportunity to once again encourage our readers to lend their support to the Natural Resources Defense Council and to any other organization that is concerned with the ecology and beauty of our planet.

Guru Maharaj Ji:

As you can see from this stationery I'm writing you from prison. I hope this letter finds you and all of yours fine and in the best of health. I'm as well as can be expected under my dire circumstances.

Every once in awhile your magazine, And It Is Divine, gets into my hands. I've learned so much from these few-and-far-between issues. I want to learn more about the Knowledge. I would gladly subscribe but I am at the present time indigent. Please send me some literature to help me see something that I can get a hold on. I need very much to know who I am. For what reason I was put here on this earth.

My problem for the past 10 years is narcotics. I'm originally from Brooklyn, N.Y. I came down to Florida and received 5 years for possession of heroin. I'm 27 years old.

I tried some meditation at one time and I'm sure I went about it completely wrong. I need help along this line also.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

Respectfully yours,
Jerry Nowakowski
Raiford, Florida
Union Correctional Institution

Dear Sirs,

I am writing this letter in response to two events. The first was hearing Blue Aquarius perform here at El Reno and second was reading the October edition of And It Is Divine. All of my life I have been searching for Divine Knowledge. I have tried many movements, but I have always been left with an empty feeling. I want the same things you want - that true peace and love that can't be found in the material world. There is no way I can come to one of your missions because I am in prison. My heart is open to you, so could you please give me Divine Knowledge where I am? I realize there is no limit with Knowledge.

your brother,
Don Nichols
El Reno, Oklahoma

Good Brothers:

I have been incarcerated for some months now with an individual who has taken the Knowledge and we have been many hours in satsang concerning Satguru Maharaj Ji. We have numerous magazines (And It Is Divine) plus much written information from other premies.

I have spent many years traveling Europe, Africa, South America, and the U.S.: always searching for something to draw me in and help show a road to inner peace, but to no avail. Does a living person actually have an answer?

Now I am to be in prison for a couple years and am extremely interested in having satsang with some premies and in receiving the Knowledge. Frankly, it just sounds too wonderful.

Would you please send me some information concerning who I may contact and any reading material you may have. I would greatly appreciate this.

Thank you;
Stephen Dixon
Tucson, Arizona

Dear Editor:

My answer to the question, "Who is Guru Maharaj Ji?" that is now being asked across the universe is that he is a boy whose heart is filled with Love, Peace and understanding. He spreads his Knowledge of Truth to those with a deep, true desire to know God. He's changed many people's lives, some very close to me and all for the better. The people that have received this Knowledge have become honest, sincere people that glow with radiance when they hear the name Guru Maharaj Ji. They sing songs of Love and live in unison. How can anyone curse a boy that is only bringing Love and goodness when the world is in desperate need of just these things?

Mary Durbin
Virginia, Minnesota

Ed. Note: Mary is the mother of a disciple of Guru Maharaj Ji.


After reading the "There is a Knowledge" article in your September issue, I was curious as to how Guru Maharaj Ji's teachings and techniques of meditation compare with those of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and the International Meditation Society, which teaches the technique of transcendental meditation. Does the Divine Light Mission also teach this technique? If not, how does it go about imparting the Knowledge to others? I would also like the address and phone number of the chapter closest to where I live. This information would be greatly appreciated as soon as possible; I have no way of obtaining another issue of your magazine, as the nearest outlet is four hours' drive away, and I cannot afford a subscription, unfortunately. Reading your magazine was an interesting experience.

Amy Broderick
Ellicott City, Maryland

Dear Friends,

How may I receive Knowledge? Something inside me says that my heart is open.

Thank you, Rae Sisk
Salinas, California
P.S. Your magazine is superb.


Your magazine is very informative and creative. I know that more people should turn to God. We are in a world of society's illusions. The illusions are so strong that a person walking in "darkness" will need a lot of help to find God. Believe me, it takes tremendous courage to face the Almighty Truth. This material world is so glittery. God bless each of your writers and please send me more literature on the Savior Maharaj Ji.

Leon Toms
Los Angeles,

Dear Friends,

I once heard a little of the work of your group from one of you, and just recently have read a little more in a short article on the Knowledge of the Maharaj Ji.

The news of such Divine Knowledge has stirred within me a thirst that cannot be quenched by books or words alone. But any available information would certainly point me on the right path, the pure light to guide my way home could be seen much more clearly within.

Patrick Fitzsimmons
Erie, Pennsylvania

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