The Luckiest People

Shri Mata Ji, the mother of Guru Maharaj Ji, spoke at the Friends' Meeting House, Chicago, Illinois, on May 22, 1972.

Dear Premies, There was a father who had four sons, and when the father was leaving his body the sons said, "O Father, give us some understanding of this world." So the father said, "Go get four sticks, each of you." So they got four sticks and when they brought them, their father said, "Break them." So they broke each of them easily. Then the father said, "Put all the sticks together in one group." So they did. "Now break them," said the father. And none of them could do it. They were hard and strong together.

Their father told them, "This is your lesson. Always stay together. Your thoughts, your actions, and your ways of living should always be together. When you are alone, other people, other ideas, other things can break you, sway you, divert you. But if you stay together, work together, and live together, then you will be strong. You will have a powerful resistance to evil and other people cannot take your power away. Get together. Be together."

Like that, your worldly father gave you birth on this material earth to live here and to receive Knowledge. But when your real Father, the Father of your soul comes, he brings you together so that you can work against evil, against materialism and worldliness.

Both have their duties. Your earthly father also has his duty, that while you are in this world you should eat, put on clothes, work, learn, have a job, and be capable of living in this world.

You cannot forget it and say, "O.K., I am spiritual, I don't need to do anything." You cannot do it. So your material father helps you grow in this way. When you are born the nurse comes and gives you milk to drink. She makes you see the light, the music, the noise. She makes you aware and acquainted with the world. And this is very important. You should be neither completely material nor completely spiritual. You have to be both.

When you come on this earth you are absolutely pure, divine, spiritual. Your mind, your everything is with God. And the worldly people bring you down to earth to be a worldly person, a citizen of this earth.

But that doesn't mean that you completely have to forget your own personality, your own identity, absolutely dissolve into the world and become gross. When your spiritual Father comes he says, "Now enough of this world, come back to the original reality."

Maharaj Ji is your Father. He knows when to come on this earth. Had he come six years before, you wouldn't have listened to him. You were not awakened; you were with your worldly mother and father. Even if God's fire had come down, it wouldn't have helped you. So, six years ago, Guru Maharaj Ji decided to go to the Western countries. At that time you felt that you couldn't understand and couldn't work in this society. Maharaj Ji knew. Maharaj Ji gave you these feelings.

This change is coming not only to Western countries but to the whole world. There is a big generation gap, and you do not listen to the elderly people at all anymore. You don't understand them and you don't want to listen to them.

So Maharaj Ji has come exactly the way you would like him to come, the way you will understand him; of your own age, of your own generation. He knows everything because he creates everything. The Lord knows which way to come, so he came exactly the way you would like.

You are fighting the devil power; you are fighting against the negative power; you are the most powerful force of the Lord. So understand it. You should be very deep inside that. Really, we have to be the fighters of our Lord. We have to be the workers for our Lord. Love is going to come in this world, nothing else.

If you go back in history, you will see that when these great Powers come, when the God Power comes on this earth, people don't care. They don't want to follow him, they crucify him, persecute him and try to abolish him because they don't like this divine Power being on earth. But when these great Saints have finished, when they have left their bodies and become a part of past history, then people go to where the Saints lived and do research work.

They find out where he was born, what type of food he ate, what type of clothes he wore, what type of a person he was, what sort of art was there, what sort of trees were there. They research all sorts of these silly things. When these great Souls are living, they were able to give something substantial. They could show the path. They could help people, but people didn't care, the worldly people didn't care for that.

You people are the luckiest people in the universe. You have everything. Guru Maharaj Ji has come and given you the supreme thing, this Knowledge. He has given you everything.

You have only to realize the Truth and follow it. Maharaj Ji has come to open our hearts, to fill the heart with love. He has given us everything, everything possible to give to this world and to save this world. His love is with us. He has given you the light to understand, to discriminate, to know yourself, and to love yourself. Because Maharaj Ji himself is the light. He has given you everything that he could give to you, so now, it is up to you to meditate and sustain it. Do what you have to do.

People will say that peace was brought in this time. This is the supreme history, when peace covered the whole world. No restlessness, no fighting, no negativity, no misunderstanding, but peace. But how can he do it if you don't understand, if you don't do anything, if you become lazy and play around, and don't do meditation?

Get together, discipline, organize, and then you can be good soldiers of the Supreme Commander, who is going to get rid of restlessness and bring peace. He is having war; holding peace, Truth and light against restlessness, negativity and materialism. Maharaj Ji has come to bring peace on this earth. Knowledge is the proof of this power.

In India there is a rose flower called Rabidanitat which means queen of the night. One bush perfumes the whole garden. The most powerful thing about a devotee is his purity, honesty, understanding and love for Guru Maharaj Ji. This should emanate like the perfume of the Rabidanitat, then everyone will look, everyone will gather to it.

You have changed, show people that you have changed. You are new people. Look at your idealism. Look at your Maharaj Ji and open your heart, then give that love to others.


Mata Ji, mother and disinheritor of Prem Rawat