AIID:Volume 1, Number 7, May 1973

To Lift Up Our Lives Bal Bhagwan Ji eldest brother of Guru Maharaj Ji

Now, if you really see what we are doing in this world, you will simply cry. We love a chair, but not our children, not our blood. We love a big house but we don't love our children whom we ourselves have created. They are our own blood, but we hate them, you see. It's very, very surprising. But when a man goes to the spirit and knows the spirit, then the value of spirit automatically is induced in him and he realizes that he has spirit and others also have spirit. He realizes that we are all one. And then they come together, they sit together, they listen together, they drink together.

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A Little More Effort Mata Ji, mother of Guru Maharaj Ji

So this is the point that I'm trying to get across, dear people: have a little patience, practise this meditation, and you will all live happily ever after.

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The Mirror Of Knowledge Shri Guru Maharaj Ji in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on June 4, 1972

So, I want to tell people to understand and realize a way which you can know your Lord. The Lord is always manifested. Understand that form. Try to understand Him and see Him within yourselves. All right, when Jesus comes His body, maybe seeing Him doesn't matter, because God manifested everywhere, every place. But if God is everywhere, how to realize Him? This Knowledge is manifested more in plants than in rocks, even more in insects than in plants, even more in birds than in insects, even more in animals than in birds, and even more in human beings than in animals, and it is fully manifested in the Perfect Master.

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