Dear Editor,

Your article on natural childbirth was very beautiful.

We are all manifestations of the Holy Word, and childbirth is God manifesting Himself into a human being. Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge puts you in touch with the life source, and with this Knowledge I was able to experience childbirth to its fullest. I witnessed the Light of God, and His Holy Name manifest itself into the baby as she was being born. Really there are no words to describe such a beautiful and blissful experience, just as there are no words to describe the Knowledge … just experience it.

Lisa Janda

Dear Editor,

I have just finished reading your March issue. It is my hope that true knowledge will always be your guide in publishing your magazine, still I found your book review section concerning the Rosicrucians misleading and the real facts concerning the group unfortunately missing. Like most authors, Miss Yates has failed through the lack of the internal knowledge and insights into the relationship of the student and Amorc teachings, Yet, with all due respects toward her and the magazine, it is still rewarding to find that there is that natural persistancy of continued trying. Thank you for your time and may Life prove your magazine a success,

In our natural expression and the Profound Peace
which Love award, Gracefully,

Daniel H. Schmidt
a student of Amorc 6-536-178

Dear Editor,

I have been active for some time in movement politics and especially, until lately, women's rights, so when I picked up a copy of your April issue, I read the article "Women" first off. The different views of the women interviewed are very interesting, especially in juxtaposition this way–a technique I haven't seen before. It is good to see a variety of views and backgrounds, and to hear women speak for themselves on a personal level, Still, there seemed a basic fallacy running through most of the women's stories, I am not satisfied with any of the methods mentioned as direct means for women–and men–to get to and express that human quality that will unite us, Consciousness raising groups, legislative lobbying, marriage, career, celibacy; none of these seem to come to the point quickly enough to suit me.

This has been my frustration generally with 'movement' consciousness; it is not so revolutionary to really break from the straight methods of ideology, of media indoctrination, of group identity, to something NEW, like personally contacting the essence of humanity, But I am faced with the problem of how?? There is this feeling, reenforced by the popular spirituality that is growing, that there is an experience that takes any type of person with whatever identity trips (white,black, male, female, left, right) straight away to the center of his or her being, They then see that it is universal and peaceful and loving and all the rest,.and since it is within, they don't have to cling to any particular identity trip, We express what we are experi - encing, so if we are experiencing slavery, frustration and drudgery, we can't possibly practically spread liberation and fulfillment.

Anyway, I've got it all figured out that what we need to get together is what could be, finally, an actual liberation movement on a social level, but I am still stuck with not knowing how to get to this place. That's when my mind really got blown by Rennie Davis's interview at the other end of the issue. I heard him suggest on an interview on KSAN the other day: if this stuff about Guru Maharaj Ji is even possibly true, it's worth checking out; just a trial. A lot of this still has me mystified, but as long as I'm looking, this looks as good as anything to investigate. Maybe we can know what liberation is.

Linda Fitzgerald
San Francisco

Dear Editor,

Today I finally took the time to read the March issue, The changes in cover and layout really make such a positive improvement, However, I experienced a great part of the content as almost boring–dry to say the least. It seems that the articles don't have real power of energy behind them,..that they are written in a very detached sort of way, They fail, it seems to me, to really stimulate me as I read about unwed mothers, the Aztecs, and at such length about Max's zeppelin proposal. It always seems as though the articles and the magazine itself is trying to lead somewhere to indicate something; but when I finish with most of the articles it's sort of like expecting to bite into an ice cream cone, and instead getting a mouthful of cotton, The stories are pretty interesting, all right, but it just lacks the innovation or power or inspiration,

I would like to be able to give you concrete suggestions along with the criticism, but I'm not really clear enough to know, For sure, it is extremely difficult to try to make it attractive to all people, Perhaps that is part of the problem, But somehow it really feels like it is trying to be completely neutral and the result is that it reads much like Readers' Digest.

The highpoints for me were, naturally, the satsangs–very well selected and well placed; the meeting place story and the artwork and photos, I still have no idea who Rosicrucians are!

Your brother,
Rick Moody
Los Angeles