AIID:Volume I, Number 5, March 1973

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War In Your Mind

Through Knowledge we may regain the egoless state of unattachment to pain and pleasure and reach the Supreme Abode of Bliss.

God is love. Knowledge is God. Knowledge is love.

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Expanded Medical Awareness For Complete Health by Dr. John Horton M.D.

Many times when a patient comes for medical treatment, the doctor is as sick as the patient. He is overweight, he smokes cigarettes. Perhaps he is in the process of obtaining a divorce; maybe he drinks or takes drugs. Usually the patient just seems to accept this, but on another level, his confidence is shaken. The doctor can't really fool people; underneath his external demeanor the doctor knows that he doesn't really touch the root of the problem and that there isn't a healing contact. The doctor may seem very proud, enthusiastic and confident, but he may be concealing feelings of guilt, despair and frustration. He is aware that he often is not really taking care of the problems that come to him;

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Living In Light Mata Ji

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It's Not In Man's Hands Guru Maharaj Ji Answers Questions In Delhi, India, during December, 1972

Our mission is to bring peace, love and truth into this world. Man is supposed to be human, but actually he has lost his humanity. That's why there is so much frustration, so much jealousy, and so much hatred between human beings. We have started this mission and it's working very, very successfully distributing love, truth and peace so that the idea of brotherhood can come into the world.

At least five million have realized God through Divine Light Mission. And now an average of about a thousand daily are realizing Him.

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